Chapter 0022 – Forced To Team Up

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Translated, Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller
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Chapter 0022 – Forced To Team Up

“Of course, but unless you are really lucky, even if you went to the Lansha Island and found the Golden Cicada Fruit, don’t think you would be able to get it.” Said the old man leaving no room for doubt.

“Why not?” The woman called Tian Fei could not help but ask.

The old man said in a deep voice, “That’s because the Golden Cicada Fruit tree is surrounded by a Level 5 Killing Array Formation which would kill any cultivator who coveted the Golden Cicada Fruit Tree by beheading and they would just ultimately become nutrients for the Golden Cicada Fruit Tree.”

With that, the old man looked at Feng Fei Zhang and said, “You do not have to doubt that I deceived you, the reason that I disclosed this news to you is because the map to enter the Lansha Island would be auctioned at the end of the month at the Mingot City Auction House, moreover there are only a hundred copies. Even if I did not tell you this, there would be a lot of people who would come to know about it by the end of the month.”

There were quite few people who had some doubts about this man before, but now many of them believed the words of this old man. If the map for the Lansha Island was being auctioned at the Mingot City Auction House, then it meant that the words of the old man were really true. The Mingot City Auction House in the Mingot Sea Area had, both a powerful influence and a powerful force, if they said that there were only a 100 copies, then there really only were only a 100 copies, absolutely no one would dare to copy the map from the Auction house and try to sell it. Unless they were tired of living.

“Friend, can I ask how did you get to know about the map to enter the Lansha Island, that too even before the auction?” Feng Fie Zhang asked.

The old man just nodded his head and said, “Even if you did not ask about it, I would have told you. First, this map was not something that I created, it was made by another person, presumably he, just like me, had been to the Lansha Island many times in the past. He also could not get the Golden Cicada Fruit, and chose to sell the map in the auction.”

The several people present did not speak, since the old man had said those words, it means that what he said certainly must be true, indeed it was just like that, after the old man finished speaking about that, he again continued, “I myself am well versed in Array Formations of low levels, and this time I intentionally asked high level Array Formations Master, and found out that it would require at least one Level 5 Array Formations Master to break it. But in addition to this method, there is also another way, but it requires eight people, and they must attack the Array Formation regularly and simultaneously from eight different directions, this can also help us in breaking the Killing Array Formation. But this method of breaking the Array Formation, I do not know if it would end up destroying the Golden Cicada Fruit.”

“Friend, are you indirectly inviting us to join up with you?” Miao Xiu Ming immediately asked.

The old man replied, “Indeed it is like that, I am only at Qi Gathering 3rd Level, and thus I cannot dare to invite cultivators of the Qi Gathering Middle Stage. But if we are able to procure a Golden Cicada Fruit stub, as each stub would at least contain 36 of those fruits, so even if all eight people participate, each person can get as many as four or more fruits. Here, we already have a total of 6 people, we can find two more in the Mingot City, and then after gathering the eight people together, we can then go to the Lansha Island. That said, let me first introduce myself, my name is Pu Jing Ye, everyone calls me Taoist Pu. Moreover, I am willing take an oath by the sea, that the words I spoke are completely true.”

After listening to the words of Taoist Pu, Miao Xiu Ming cupped his fists and said, “Tian Fei and I will also go, but before we go, can we ask Brother Pu to let us look at your map. Otherwise, I am afraid I would not agree to it.”

He also had some understandings about Array Formations, and had also visited the surrounding area of the Lansha Island in the past, although there was no way that he could get in, but he was clear about it from the periphery, if he was not satisfied with the map of Taoist Pu, then even if he swore an oath by the sea, he would never agree.

Feng Fei Zhang also hesitated for a moment, before clasping his fist and said, “Brother Pu count me in too, but before agreeing with your request, just as Brother Miao said, we need to look at the map that you spoke of.”

Taoist Pu just laughed and said, “That is for sure, before we leave, I will let you all have a look at the map. Even if you get your hands on the map from the auction, I figure that when you see my map, everybody here would also be satisfied with it.”

At this time all the people looked at Ning Cheng, they wanted to know his decision. From the behaviour before it was clear that An Yi obviously followed Ning Cheng, so they all thought that as long as they could convince him, it would be ok.

Ning Cheng just smiled and said, “Of course, I would also like to participate, it would be a disadvantage for me if I did not participate.”

Ning Cheng was just laughing on the surface, but in his heart he was very depressed, he thought that only a fool would go to the Lansha Island and participate as a team. Regardless of whether what Taoist Pu said was true or false, even if what he said was true, the Lansha Island and the Golden Cicada Fruit affair, why did he not ask the help of a High Tier Array Formation Master in the past? Even if a High Tier Array Formation Master was reluctant to help him in the past, surely the Auction House would try to invite a High Level Array master to take a look at it to verify its authenticity.

If you could get more than 30 pieces of the Golden Cicada Fruit, then the Auction House would definitely do it.

This senior in front of them was probably a High Level Array Master himself, not just a simple Taoist that he claims to be.

There may, of course, be the possibility that he really was just a simple Taoist. But Feng Fei Zhang and Miao Xiu Ming had survived around the Mingot Sea Area for several years, and thus were very shrewd in nature. They should be able to tell if this so called Taoist Pu was spouting nonsense or not. If they chose to believe in this Taoist Pu, then presumably the words spoken by him were most likely not nonsense.

But to Ning Cheng, even if it was completely true, he did not wish to participate. He was originally from Earth, and had long pursued a simple truth, that the sky would not fall out for no reason. What was an oath or a vow? On Earth, some people would make promises and vows just as easily as they would eat and drink, none of which would they fulfil.

Besides, he and An Yi had just arrived, was what they were doing a good thing? Even if it was a good thing, he could have asked the cultivators in the Late Stage Qi Gathering Realm, why did he chose someone from the Qi Gathering 3rd Level?

But no matter what, he had to agree, as Miao Xiu Ming and the so called Taoist Pu’s eyes were filled with a clear intent to kill. It was clear that if he refused, the two men would be the first to kill him. As for Feng Fei Zhang, they had met by only chance so he could not count on him.

As Ning Cheng thought about what was happening, Ning Cheng could only blame himself for not knowing how distinguished was a Level 5 Array Formations Master. To let a Level 5 Array Formations Master be invited to the Mingot Sea Area for the sake of a Golden Cicada Fruit, it was just absurd. But Ning Cheng did not know, that a Level 5 Array Formations Master was not someone who could be easily invited.

Seeing Ning Cheng agree without hesitation, Feng Fei Zhang was stupefied for a moment. He thought that as Ning Cheng had just started out, even if he did not agree, he was prepared to explain the situation to him. He would tell Ning Cheng, that what the Taoist Pu said may not necessarily be a lie. But because the auction of the map to enter the Lansha Island would take place at the end of the month, they did not know if the map that the old man claimed to have in his possession was reliable or not.

In addition, there was one other thing, this Taoist Pu was even willing to take an oath of the sea. The cultivators living at the edge of the Mingot Sea, knew how terrible the oath of the sea was, as long as they were alive, they would have to fulfil it, otherwise the only thing that awaited them was death.

“Well, since you all believe me, then I will take out the Lansha Island’s map for everyone to look at.” Said Taoist Pu as he took out five of the Lansha Island’s maps and handed them over to the five people present.

Ning Cheng just took one and said, “I and my cousin can just have a single one.”

He knew that he did not know anything about Array Formations, even if they were going, they could only follow behind the others. As for the map, he was planning on giving it to An Yi, as he could not understand it.

“No, it is better if you had one more, for security purposes, just in case you end up losing the first one, it would be better if you kept it as an alternate.” said Taoist Pu as he handed back the map to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng also thought about what he just said, and he silently took the second map, but did not give it to An Yi. He accepted the two copies of the map, kept one in his bag and the other one in hand, and was preparing to look at it, if he could not understand it, he could just ask An Yi when it was convenient.

Taoist Pu just smiled at Ning Cheng and said, “You can also let your partner see it. If you do not understand anything, you can just ask me.”

Ning Cheng came to understand that it was not as simple as it looked on the outside, he had to be careful at all times. Originally, he already harboured some caution towards this Taoist Pu, but now when he said those words, Ning Cheng immediately increased his sense of vigilance. This Taoist Pu not only gave two copies of the maps to them, but he also specifically asked to give one to An Yi. Why should he be concerned with this matter?

Although Ning Cheng felt that something was wrong, he still laughed and said with a smile, “Don’t mind it, my cousin does not understand anything about Arrays Formations, plus she is also not in the mood to see it. When she is in a better mood, I’ll give it to her.”

An Yi certainly did not refute Ning Cheng’s words about Arrays Formations, Ning Cheng already knew that An Yi’s knowledge about Array Formation was much better than him, but she still did not refute Ning Cheng’s claim.

Instantly a cold light flashed in the corner of the old man’s eyes, Ning Cheng was able to catch it, it let him further strengthen the feeling that something was definitely not right.

The several people were looking at the map of the Array Formation around the Lansha Island, Ning Cheng after observing for a moment, was not able to decipher anything, he simply took the map from his hands and placed it in the back of his bag.

“I haven’t asked what name does our friend goes by?” Seeing Ning Cheng put the map away, Taoist Pu asked with a smile.

Ning Cheng just lightly said, “We are only going to cooperate to get to the Lansha Island, there is no need to ask about that.”

Taoist Pu did not get angry, he just smiled and nodded, and no longer chose to speak.

Sister He drove the carriage fast and steady, Ning Cheng even doubted if this carriage was fitted with rubber tires, with commercial vehicles in general, aren’t they known for their bumps?

After a few days of travelling, since it was the time for rest, Sister He stopped the beast carriage and got everyone out for something to eat, in addition to the usual, except for Ning Cheng and An Yi, the others were either studying the map, or asking Taoist Pu about the various situations on Lansha Island, or discussing how to enter the Island.

These sort of discussions, Ning Cheng did not attend, nor did he say more than a sentence when Ning Cheng was asked. Also because of this no one bothered Ning Cheng, they thought that when the time comes as long as he could perform the task, it was good enough. As the beast carriage moved forward, the fishy smell of the sea only became heavier.

In the past few days, Taoist Pu also did not find Ning Cheng to talk nonsense, instead he continued explaining the map to Tian Fei, but he would often look in the direction Ning Cheng and An Yi, but he did not ever find the two people talk.

When travelling in the beast carriage on the seventh day, Ning Cheng was just thinking about how not to participate in this team, when he heard a loud scream, then the carriage in which they were sitting shook violently, it seemed as if everything turned upside down.

Ning Cheng’s reaction was lightning fast, almost when the carriage started to shake, he picked up An Yi who hadn’t even reacted yet, punched open the roof and jumped out of the carriage.

At the same time that Ning Cheng came out, Taoist Pu also managed to escape from the carriage, and instantly left the carriage hundred meters away. At the same time Feng Fei Zhang and the others also came flying out similarly.

Ning Cheng was immediately able to see a dozen feet long gully in front of the beast carriage, the horned beast had been split in half, while the other half was missing. As Ning Cheng was thinking, a whistling sound came, Ning Cheng rushed out quickly with An Yi, he did not give any regard to the direction in which they were rushing.

He had just rushed out when, at the same time, they heard a sound of explosion coming from the back. There seemed to be two shadows in the sky, Ning Cheng basically did not think of anything else, and immediately with An Yi, crazily rushed to the side.

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