Chapter 0290

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0290: Sanctions against Ning Cheng

As to the Mirage Stone, no one dare to even enquire about it, which was still within Ning Cheng’s expectations. Although everybody here wanted the nine-coloured Mirage Stone, but all of them were aware that it was akin to a hot cake. Moreover, they wouldn’t even be able to put a price on it anyway, as an object of this level simply did not have a clear price tag attached to it.

Ning Cheng felt a bit contended as he collected his things before he patted Zhang Qian’s shoulder and spoke, “Junior Apprentice Brother Zhang, I’ll be taking my leave now. See you around in the academy. Good bye.”

Originally, Ning Cheng wanted to let Zhang Qian pass a message to Elder Bei asking for some help, but thinking that Zhang Qiang might not have the qualifications to seek an audience with someone of his level, he simply chose to omit those words.

As Ning Cheng walked out of the Exchange Hall, Ying Kongchan and Xu Yingdei also immediately followed him out just behind him. As to Jiang Jun, who had clung onto the side of Yin Kongchan, he unexpectedly did not chose to continue following them, causing Ning Cheng to feel somewhat strange.

As Ning Cheng came out of the Exchange Hall, he immediately sped up, but although he was fast, Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdei, these two people, still closely followed behind him.

Ning Cheng was just about to step out of the Heavenly Dao Public Square, when he finally stopped, as he looked back to the two female cultivators following him and spoke, “The two of you, bright people like you must not speak obscure words, otherwise this nonsense would go on incessantly without much of a justification. It would be better if you came out and spoke what you want before we separate. Yin Kongchan, I will be going into secluded cultivation currently, it would be best if you did not follow me. As for going out to drink coffee, I will ask you out for a drink some other time when I’m free.”

“And Xu Yingdei, I saved you once, while you also allowed me to obtain some advantages from you, with this regard we are even with each other, so whether we meet or not after today is irrelevant. Moreover, every scrap of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar on me was sold out, as such, there is nothing extra with me to spare for your dowry. As for the Mirage Stone, if you really want it, then you can come to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect to purchase it, in any case, I will not be able to run off with it. Now, I’m going to ask the two of you to go out and find a good home to marry into if you are only interested in marrying, just please don’t follow me, okay?”

If not for these two women, he would have already used his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Cloud to escape, before using an Escaping Talisman. But now that these two women were following him, as such he had no way to escape from this place without attracting attention.

Yin Kongchan replied in a soft voice, “Now is not the time to be discussing this, you should be looking for a way to deal with the imminent.”

Yin Kongchan’s voice had just fell, when Ning Cheng found himself surrounded by a number of cultivators, moreover as more and more cultivators arrived to surround him, he found that even the space around him was sealed up.

Ning Cheng’s expression finally changed. As he looked into the eyes of Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdei, no longer having that easy going look.

Xu Yingdei seemed to know what Ning Cheng was thinking about and spoke, “Even if we did not follow you, you would still not be able to escape far. With Jiang Jun’s personality, if he allowed you to safely exit the Heavenly Dao Public Square, it would truly be a strange thing. However for you to have stopped here, for you, it can be considered as a good thing.”

However, it had to be said that Ning Cheng was also not much worried in his heart. Ding Liang ending up dead against him was completely normal for a challenge. If the Red Star Sword Faction used this fair and square challenge as a kind of reason to persecute him, then it would only serve to prove that the Heavenly Dao Academy was simply too weak.

But for some reason Ning Cheng also couldn’t help but feel that something was wrong, as more and more cultivators gathered around him. It was as if he was being treated as the No. 1 fugitive. When did the Red Star Sword Faction enjoy this kind of appeal?

“You do not have to feel surprised about it; it is because Ding Liang is ranked within the top hundred in the preliminary round of Profound Core Realm Group in the Tian Continent’s Great Meet of the Academies. At this time, if any one of those cultivators ended up dead, all the academies of the Tian Continent would get involved in a meticulous investigation. Otherwise, the Tian Continent’s Great Meet of the Academies would become completely messed up after the preliminary round.”

Yin Kongchan’s words immediately caused Ning Cheng to sober up, if the academies, in order to secure a better ranking, specifically engaged in assassinating the strong cultivators of their opponents, it would indeed turn the tournament into a chaotic mess.

“Ning Cheng, last time you saved more than a hundred True Inheriting and Core Disciples of the Tian Continent. For that, many of the Tian Continent’s Academies are thankful to you. But why did you kill the cultivator participating in the Tian Continent’s Great Meet of the Academies?” When this voice fell, Ning Cheng immediately felt his surroundings to be filled with a powerful imposing aura, to the point that he couldn’t even move.

Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdei who were tightly following behind him till this moment were now behaving as if they were mute, unexpectedly not one of them decided to stand up and speak out to help him. At this Ning Cheng couldn’t help but curse at them in his heart, it seems that he can only rely on himself to explain in detail the events that transpired within the Exchange Hall.

“Humph, complete nonsense. In the Heavenly Dao’s Cultivator Exchange Hall, even if a duel were to break out, no one would be as vicious as you. I’m sure that this is a conspiracy concocted by your Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, using ten drops of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar to anger my Red Star Sword Faction’s Profound Core Cultivator, and then use that opportunity to kill my Red Star Sword Faction’s Profound Core Cultivator who had qualified the preliminaries. Since this place already is presided over by the Heavenly Dao Public Square’s Deacon, as well as fellow friends from the major academies, for someone who uses such despicable and dirty means, what do you all suggest on how to deal with this situation?”

When Ning Cheng saw the cultivator speaking those words, he immediately knew that his old enemy was coming back to haunt him. It was none other than the Red Star Sword Faction’s sickly looking Elder Tang Gongxi who had initially tried to force his secrets out of him, at this time that Tang Gongxi’s face had a murderous look on it. While at his side, Jiang Jun kept staring at him with a sarcastic look on his face.

“Kill him…..”

“Pinch him to death……”


Tang Gongxi, as the Red Star Sword Faction’s Crucible Transformation Elder, was immediately supported by many of the cultivators present there.

“Well, let’s just do this, I won’t kill him, rather I’ll just take out his Golden Core, as a recompense and comfort to the departed soul of my Red Star Sword Faction’s Cultivator Ding Liang. With Ding Liang’s loss, my Red Star Sword Faction’s results in the Great Meet’s Profound Core Group would surely drop by a large margin……” As Tang Guangxi spoke, he had already raised his hand to grab Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng, at this moment, could help but feel a bit anxious in his heart, as at this time, he really was not able to move at all.


“Haha… That Red Star Sword Faction’s Ding Liang was killed, killing him was good, truly good…..” At the place where the Rainbow Fall Sword sect was temporarily stationed, a Crucible Transformation Elder could be seen laughing heartily.

Bei Youfa, who was sitting on the side, gave a sigh, “Alas, although one of the cultivators of the Red Star Sword Faction who passed through the preliminaries was killed, but it would still not bring much of a benefit to our Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. The overall strength of our Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Profound Core Realm Group is truly a bit low.”

That laughing Crucible Transformation Elder disagreed, “Although those words are the painful truth, but if I looked at that prideful look on that Red Star Sword Faction’s Tang Gongxi one more time, it would only make me feel even more uncomfortable. I don’t know who killed this Ding Liang, but I have to say that their courage is truly quite high……”

This Crucible Transformation Elder’s words had not finished, when the communication pearl on Deputy Academy Head Tantei Fei, who was also sitting on one side, immediately lit up. As Tantei Fei’s spiritual consciousness fell onto the communication pearl, his face immediately changed as he stood up immediately.

“What’s the matter? Senior Apprentice Brother Tantei?” Elder Bei on seeing the expression on the Deputy Academy Head knew that something was wrong.

Tantei Fei spoke with a sinking voice, “It seems that a Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s disciple is involved in this matter, I just now heard that Ding Liang was killed by someone from our Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.”

“What? Who was it?” The laughing Crucible Transformation Elder also stood up in shock, since when did our Rainbow Fall Sword Sect have a disciple this powerful?

“I don’t know yet…..” Tantei Fei spoke, but his communication pearl once again lit up, as his spiritual consciousness swept over the communication pearl, he immediately spoke up with urgency, “It seemed that our Inner Sect Disciple Zhang Qiang was being bullied by Ding Liang in the Cultivator Exchange Hall, seeing this, the Inner Sect Disciple Ning Cheng who had just arrived at the Heavenly Dao Public Square immediately moved to show an unyielding stance towards Ding Liang. Finally, it ended up in them battling it out in the Exchange Hall’s Battle Ring, where Ning Cheng killed Ding Liang. Currently Ning Cheng is entrenched by the Heavenly Dao Public Square’s Deacon and the cultivators from the Red Star Sword Faction, and is in heavy danger……”

“Who is this Ning Cheng, to be able to defeat Ding Liang? Since when did we have such a powerful Inner Sect Disciple in our Rainbow Fall Sword Sect? Wait, I remember, was it the one from the last time……”

That laughing Crucible Transformation Cultivator’s words were immediately interrupted by Bei Youfa, “Elder Ying, I and Senior Apprentice Brother Tantei will be leaving immediately to save Ning Cheng, and you should hurry up and inform the Academy Head of this matter. That Red Star Sword Faction’s Tang Gongxi and Ning Cheng have an enmity between them, I’m afraid that he would not be showing the self-respect of an old person in this scenario……”


At the same time, a ‘bang’ sounded out; as a crater was blasted open not far from Ning Cheng.

Even if the Heavenly Dao Public Square had extremely terrifying restrictions covering it, the exploding true essence caused even the space above the restrictions to shake violently. Those with poor cultivations were also affected by the shaking restrictions, and almost caused them to vomit out blood. Even the surrounded space that was sealed up had loosened up because of the impact.

Ning Cheng also gave out a sigh of relief; unexpectedly someone did come forward to help him, which was something that he hadn’t thought of.

“Dao Friend Hu, what is the meaning of this? Not only was my Red Star Sword Faction’s cultivator killed in the Heavenly Dao Public Square, but you also want to help the murderer?” Tang Gongxi’s face was extremely ugly to look at. He found that his cultivation was not as good as the other party, as such he could only ask for accountability from the other party.

The one who had helped Ning Cheng was a middle aged cultivator with a beard, as he nonchalantly clapped his hands and spoke, “This Ning Cheng had saved the life of my disciple Li Lingfan, even if you want to lay his hands on him, you can only do so after these matters are cleared by a thorough investigation? Or is it that you are afraid that this matter is something different than what you are portraying, and would ultimately turn bad for your side?”

Ning Cheng then saw Li Lingfan, who was standing next to the bearded middle-aged cultivator, as he gave a nod in his direction. He immediately realized that it was Li Lingfan who had asked him to intervene. This man was quite slick, but at the same time he realized that he was also a person who knew how to show gratitude. Ning Cheng also cupped his fists towards Li Lingfan who was still quite far from him, as a token of gratitude.

“Hump, Tang Gongxi, I knew you would be shameless enough to bully a junior with your status. Did you think that my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect would tolerate your bullying?” A familiar voice arrived, causing Ning Cheng to feel even more relieved, as he realized that it was Elder Bei who was coming. In any case, as long as Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Crucible Transformation Cultivators came out, the sickly looking man would not dare to make a move on him.

Tang Gongxi’s face contorted with extreme rage as he roared out, “Bei Youfa, this is the public square where the Tian Continent’s Great Meet of the Academies is being held, did you think that your Rainbow Fall Sword Sect can hoodwink all the people present here? There is nothing else to say that it was Ning Cheng who took a life. As for why Ning Cheng killed him, I think that the deacon here can investigate it clearly……”

“The investigation is clear.” Tang Gongxi’s words had just finished, when the Crucible Transformation Cultivator who had stopped Ning Cheng initially spoke up.

At this time, there were more and more cultivators gathering around, apart from the ones from the major academies, even some of the rogue cultivators gathered around to watch the lively spectacle. Although many of the cultivators did not understand as to what was going on, but they were still paying attention to the words of the Crucible Transformation Cultivator in order to find the specific reason behind all this.

This Crucible Transformation Cultivator flew over and landed in between them, before he first held up his cupped fists in greeting and then spoke up, “All the Dao Friends present here, the Tian Continent’s Great Meet of the Academy is something that has always been one of the biggest events hosted in the Tian Continent, as such we will absolutely not allow anything or anyone to cause trouble. It can be said that we have the task of protecting every cultivator here, moreover under our eyes no one can make a move to kill the cultivators competing in here without any valid reason. Anyone who would dare to take the initiative to make a move and kill the cultivators participating in the competition would be killed without mercy irrespective of their background.”

A warm applause washed over following those words, as the words spoken by the Crucible Transformation Deacon resonated with the on looking cultivators.

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