Chapter 0292

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0292: The Formidable Dao Master

“Stop……” A calm voice descended, which completely crushed the powerful auras of all the Crucible Transformation Cultivators present there.

Whether it was the Red Star Sword Faction’s or the Great Change Island’s Crucible Transformation Cultivators, because this of this extremely overwhelming aura, immediately ceased activating their magical weapons. However, this aura made a deep impression on Ning Cheng; he felt that as long as he even dared to violate the intent behind this aura, the next moment, the aura itself would crush him into nothingness.

As for Tan Yun, who had the cultivation of the Soul Sculpting Realm, even if she chose not to listen to those words, she herself was completely sealed up without even being able to lift a finger. Nevertheless, at this moment, even if she wished to make a move, her body simply would not listen to her commands.

Ning Cheng was extremely shocked in his heart, such a tyrannical cultivation; the level of this kind of cultivation absolutely had surpassed the Crucible Transformation Realm. According to what he had heard from Liang Kexin, the Tian Continent’s the cultivators above the Crucible Transformation Realm have not passed through the Thunder Tribulation, however once they did surpass it, their strength would simply be extremely terrifying.

Ning Cheng had been feeling the sense of superiority towards others because of his explosive increase in strength after he obtained that piece of broken crystal like stone that had allowed him to quickly reach the late stages of the Profound Core Realm. However, after sensing that kind of incredible power, all his feelings of superiority disappeared without leaving even a shadow of a trace behind. Previously, he had compared his Profound Core Realm strength to the strength of the Soul Essence Realm; moreover, he was also not much concerned about that sickly looking Crucible Transformation Elder from the Red Star Sword Faction. As he knew that even if the sickly looking man dared to lay his hands on him in this kind of place, then he would have to first take into account the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.

However, at this moment, in the presence of such a terrifying entity, if they ended up deciding to kill him, then even if Elder Bei decided to go all out, he would not be able to stop Ning Cheng’s death.

“The Heavenly Dao Academy’s Dao Master Xiao Bisheng has arrived…” The surrounding cultivator’s whisperings were caught by Ning Cheng’s keen senses; it was only at this moment that Ning Cheng realized that the cultivator that had arrived was the Heavenly Dao Academy’s Dao Master.

After the surroundings turned completely quite, a person wearing a long blue green robe descended in the midst of everyone. But what made Ning Cheng feel a ridiculous amount of amazement, was that this person unexpectedly looked like a young man almost similar in age to himself. Although he physically looked the same age as himself, but as he stood there, causing the imposing aura around him to disperse into the surroundings, it gave others the feeling that he was in complete control of everything between the heaven and earth.

The blue green robed man, after descending looked in all four directions, before he cupped his fists in front of him and spoke, “Fellow friends. Since you all have come to my Heavenly Dao Public Square, then you all are my guests. Regardless of if there is any gratitude or grudges between you all, I cannot allow, in good faith, to settle them within my Heavenly Dao Public Square. What’s more, aren’t we also hosting the Tian Continent’s Great Meet of the Academies in this location? I hope that all of us here can give some face to the rest of the academies who came to participate here, or at the very least give some face to my Heavenly Dao Academy, if you can manage to do this, then I Xiao Bisheng would definitely give my sincerest thanks to you all.”

“Of course, if you really wish to do whatever you like on my Heavenly Dao Public Square, then my Heavenly Dao Academy will not sit idly on the sidelines.”

Although the Dao Master of this Heavenly Dao Academy spoke in a very polite manner, but it also revealed a sharp edge. The meaning behind those words was that if anybody dared to cause any sort of trouble in the Heavenly Dao Public Square, then he simply won’t bother to ask for the reason, and would directly make a move to deal with it.

“Dao Master Xiao, my younger sister was schemed against and killed by this beast, how can I not want to get revenge for this?” Tan Yun finally freed of her restraints, stood out and spoke with incomparable indignation in her words.

Xiao Bisheng sighed before he spoke, “I know that your younger sister was murdered, causing all the people here to feel distraught. It is just that the Heavenly Dao Public Square follows the rules of the Heavenly Dao Public Square, while the Great Meet of the Academies will follow the rules of the Great Meet of the Academies. Jiang Jun, although his behaviour is in line with a lowly beast, however he is still a cultivator participating in the Great Meet of the Academies who has passed through the preliminaries for the Soul Essence Realm Group. At least till the Great Meet of the Academies is concluded, no person here shall, for any reason, take the initiative to lay their hands on him, unless of course he himself has taken the initiative to battle it out with you.”

“I understand, after all that is said and done. It seems that we’ll have to just suffer through this because my Great Change Island does not have an apex level expert among us. In the future, once my cultivation surpasses the Crucible Transformation Realm, then regardless of any rules or laws, I will kill this bastard.” Tan Yun spoke in a cold yet extremely tranquil manner; unexpectedly she did not continue to look for Jiang Jun to punish.

Xiao Bisheng gave a proud smile, “This custom is not something that my Heavenly Dao Academy alone has established, but rather something agreed upon by all the academies of the Tian Continent, moreover your Great Change Island is also one of them who agreed to it. Of course, if someday your cultivation is powerful enough to crush through all the academies of the Tian Continent, then you can definitely choose to set your own rules.”

Jiang Jun, at this moment, did not have the expression of grief and indignation that he had from before, rather he just coldly gave a glance towards Ning Cheng. Moreover, his eyes clearly had a completely naked killing intent towards Ning Cheng, as was observed by all the people present there.

However, Ning Cheng simply had a calm smile on his face, as if he simply did not care about all this crass. Although he was afraid of the fearsome cultivation of someone above the Crucible Transformation Realm, however against someone like Jiang Jun, who only had the cultivation of Soul Essence Realm, he simply did not care much about it. Since he did not fear Jiang Jun at the present, combined with his belief that he would only grow stronger from now on, he knew that he would only grow stronger than Jiang Jun. Moreover, this kind of self-confidence was something that came from the depths of his heart.

“Everyone please return to your own stations, and once again begin preparing for the upcoming events of the Great Meet of the Academies.” Xiao Bisheng spoke out, before his entire body turned blurry, before he soon disappeared.

The cultivators present on the public square also started to disperse in waves, not because Xiao Bisheng left, but rather all of them instinctively chose to disperse.

Ning Cheng also bowed to Elder Bei and spoke, “Many thanks to Elder Bei for helping me out once again, otherwise that sickly man would not have let me off.”

Elder Bei just gave a laugh, “Ning Cheng you truly are something alright, handling this matter just the way I like. I guess that the Red Star Sword Faction truly had to swallow the pile of manure with the flies intact this time. Oh right, let me make the introductions for you, this is my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Deputy Academy Head Tantei……”

Elder Bei did not forget to help Ning Cheng in introducing him to Tantei Fei, although Ning Cheng had stolen the show during the last assignment from the academy, he still did not have the qualifications to meet the Deputy Academy Head.

Ning Cheng had already vaguely guessed that the old man beside Elder Bei was a Deputy Academy Head, and now that Elder Bei had taken the initiative to introduce him, he also quickly gave a respectful salute and spoke, “Ning Cheng greets Deputy Academy Tantei.”

Tantei Fei gave a warm smile and a gentle nod before he spoke, “Good, the Academy Head will be returning to the station tonight, you fist go and accompany those two fairies for a chat, before returning to the station in the evening to discuss a few important things.”

Ning Cheng looked at the place where both Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdei were standing, and spoke up in a somewhat helpless manner, “Yes, this disciple will certainly be back by evening.”

“Haha, it wouldn’t matter much even if you came back late at night or not show up at all too, just go ahead and have some fun. If you find yourself in trouble, then just crush this jade talisman.” Elder Bei gave a mischievous sort of smile, before he took out a jade talisman and handed it to Ning Cheng, before he directly pulled away Deputy Academy Head Tantei, and soon disappeared from view.

“We can go and have a cup of coffee now.” Yin Kongchan’s tone was still calm and tranquil without any waves, and spoke as if she had known Ning Cheng for a long time, as she asked him to accompany her for a cup of coffee.

Ning Cheng also spoke up in a somewhat annoyed manner, “There are not a lot of coffee shops out here. Look, only because you helped me out in dealing with a talisman, I’ll take you out for a cup of spiritual tea. Sigh, it’s just too much of a headache.”

Having said that, Ning Cheng looked at Xu Yingdei standing on her other side and spoke, “You can also come together, once all the matters are resolved between us, please leave me alone and don’t follow me around like a stalker.”


Ning Cheng was currently full of worry as he walked down the streets of the Heavenly Dao Public Square, as he passed by several rest stops and spiritual tea shops, as if he simply did not care about them. Behind him, Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdei were following him like shadows without speaking, while also not reminding Ning Cheng that he had already crossed several rest stops and spiritual tea shops.

Seeing two outstandingly beautiful female cultivators following behind Ning Cheng, moreover two female cultivators with extraordinary backgrounds to boot, coupled with Ning Cheng, caused the three people to quickly become the centre of attention on the streets. Causing many people to point at them and pass whispers amongst themselves.

Yin Kongchan behaved as if these discussions were simply something ordinary, even Xu Yingdei’s face was calm, without even a hint of surprise.

However, only Ning Cheng had his mind wandering around, as he thought of other things.

Only after a good long while, Ning Cheng sobered up, sensing many eyes staring in their direction, he immediately knew that all of his actions were being carefully recorded and scrutinized. Causing him to hasten in finding a way out of this predicament between the three of them. At this time, he unexpectedly saw a somewhat familiar name.

“Hey, this place even has Starbucks?” Ning Cheng stared at the words in front of him with wide eyes, as his thoughts once again travelled back to a very faraway place.

“Do you come to this place frequently?” Xu Yingdei interrupted Ning Cheng’s thoughts.

Ning Cheng walked into the rest stop, before he shook his head and spoke, “No, a long time ago, when I was still in school, I saw a coffee shop and it had a similar name.”

The waiter in the rest stop, seeing the Ning Cheng trio enter, did not ask anything before he took the initiative to usher the three of them towards a quiet booth upstairs. Although the waiter did not know the identities of the three of them, but his intuition told him that these three people were definitely not simple.

“You said something about drinking coffee, is this place that coffee shop?” Yin Kongchan asked.

Ning Cheng gave a sigh before speaking, “I’ve never been to a coffee shop before as the prices are simply too high. I just used to buy some of the cheapest ones in the market, before coming back home and washing it down with some hot water.”

“With your net worth, what coffee can you not drink?” Xu Yingdei suddenly spoke up.

“My hometown deals in paper money, not in spirit stones, can’t you understand? If you understand then stop talking nonsense.” Ning Cheng’s mood suddenly became worse.

“Is your hometown far away?” Yin Kongchan still pressed on.

Ning Cheng frowned, before he waved his hand and spoke, “We’re here to not talk nonsense, everyone into the booth now. Just directly say what you want to say, and be done with it once and for all, before we can then each go our separate ways.”

Saying that, Ning Cheng took the initiative to enter the booth first. As for the waiter, after he brought a pot of spiritual tea, he also carefully backed out from the booth.

Ning Cheng raised his hands and shot out several restrictions, before he spoke up, “Just say what you want directly, otherwise you will just follow me around wherever I go. Don’t you know that it only makes me feel that I don’t have even a shred of privacy anymore?”


At this time, in the temporary meeting hall where the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect was stationed at, it was currently filled with lots of cultivators. Other than a few Crucible Transformation Cultivators, there were even many Sea Opening Cultivators, coupled with two Soul Essence Cultivators, and three Profound Core Cultivators standing in the middle of them.

Sitting at the seat of honour was a middle aged man wearing an impeccable and pure white robe, with a profound look in his eyes; it was as if there could be no secret that would remain hidden from them. This was none other than the Academy Head of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect who had just returned to the station, Rui Baishan.

“Zhang Qian, please explain the situation in detail once again.” The Academy Head looked at the Profound Core 7th Level Cultivator standing in front of him from top to bottom as he spoke.

The Profound Core 7th Level Cultivator immediately came forward and carefully spoke, “Yes, headmaster. At that time, I had gone to the Cultivator Exchange Hall, and had prepared ten drops of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar for the exchange…..”

Zhang Qian spoke with every detail that he could describe; even the words spoken by Ning Cheng before he entered the battle ring, he repeated them in almost the same manner.

“You mean to say that once Ning Cheng entered the battle ring, then all you saw were a few flashes, as he easily dodged Ding Liang’s Cloud Isolating Claw Shadows, before he shot out a long spear, which ultimately led to the death of Ding Liang?” Rui Baishan’s tone became somewhat stern.

“Yes, this disciple does not dare to lie at all. Senior Apprentice Brother Ning’s cultivation is definitely a lot higher than mine; as such this disciple is ashamed that I could not speak out Senior Apprentice Brother Ning’s movements in a clear cut manner.” Zhang Qiang replied in the most respectful manner that he could reply.

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