Chapter 0373

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0373: The Five Major Experts

“Who are you? How did you get in?” Dhulandi was the first to react, as he stared at Ning Cheng and asked. Not to mention that his room had many layers of protections and monitored 24×7, just by his strength, nobody would dare to enter his room, without him knowing about it beforehand.

Moreover, of the world’s five Major Experts, there were already three inside this room.

Shelley and Monk Rui Qing were still puzzled and were wondering what was going on. After all, this was Dhulandi’s personal room. Since this person had explicitly came to Dhulandi’s room as such, they felt awkward to ask the first question. Now that Dhulandi had already spoken, the two of them immediately understood that this person had secretly broken in.

Shelley and Monk Rui Qing have been collaborating with each other for a long time, after understanding the situation, each of them just shared a glance with each other, before they suddenly struck out as they rushed forward to grab Ning Cheng. At the same time, Dhulandi also burst into action.

The speed of the three people was quite fast and had almost attacked simultaneously while they struck out Ning Cheng in unison.

Ning Cheng on seeing these three people begin immediately gleamed an estimate about the strength of the five Major Experts. This Monk Rui Qing and Dhulandi were equivalent to Late Stage True Condensation Cultivators, while this Shelley was equivalent to an Intermediate Stage True Condensation Cultivator.

However, they did not have Spiritual Consciousness; as such, they were at most similar to the most ordinary kind of True Condensation Cultivators. Even if Ning Cheng had not restored his cultivation to the Essence Building Realm, these three people would still not be his opponent, so how could they compete against him now that his strength had already recovered to the Essence Building Realm? Moreover, his Essence Building Realm was much different from ordinary Essence Building Realm. That was because when he was just at the Early Stages of Essence Building Realm, he was already able to kill Profound Congealing Cultivators.

However, in a place with a limited quantity of Spiritual Qi like the Earth, even if it was because of the Insect Nuclei, for one to be able to cultivate to the Late Stages of True Condensation Realm, it showed that these people were not simple at all. From this, the qualifications of these people were evident to be first class. These three might still be able to advance after a period under proper conditions.

Ning Cheng did not choose to make a move against them. He only stimulated his True Essence and then randomly moved one of his feet a bit, not even bringing out his Imposing Aura.

“Crash, Crash…..” It was only a slight movement of a single foot, but the three of them felt as if a mountain had crashed into them, as they fell into a pile of rubble all at once.

Ning Cheng slowly walked to the place where Dhulandi was sitting at initially. He then opened the bottle of red wine that Dhulandi had just taken out, before directly drinking a mouthful of it. He then shook his head and spoke, “It really is just a trashy drink.”

When he said this sentence, Ning Cheng suddenly wanted to laugh. He recalled Elder Brother Cang Wei’s words from the time when he drank Ning Cheng’s wine brewed from Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar. That statement carried the same sentiment. It looks like as a person grew stronger, their vision and tastes would also change.

“Don’t……” Dhulandi suddenly called out.

However, his call was too late; Shelley had already taken out a pistol and fired several shots at Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng only showed a faint smile. He lifted his hand and caught all the bullets with his bare hands. Even if Ning Cheng had not undergone Body Forging, Ning Cheng still would not have to fear these bullets. Now that he was already a Body-Forging Cultivator, letting these bullets strike his body, would it even matter?

If it were the laser wall, then Ning Cheng would be somewhat wary of it. After all, he had still not recovered his full strength. It also affected the power of his corporeal body partially. When it came to things like the laser wall, who knows if it might injure him or not? Before his cultivation reached the Profound Core Realm, he did not want to try out the laser wall. However, as for bullets, why would he care about them?

“…..” When they saw that Ning Cheng was able to catch the bullets with his bare hands and with ease, the Dhulandi trio was utterly stunned.

Although they would also be able to dodge bullets, those were just plain bullets. Moreover, they would only be able to avoid them. However, Shelley’s pistol was the latest magnetic-source pistol; as such, the shells shots out were 20 times faster than usual. Were these kind of rounds even avoidable? The answer was a big ‘NO’. As to catching them with their bare hands, which expert in this world would even be able to go up against him? Even if the world’s five Major Experts worked together, it would still not be enough to go up against a single palm from him.

The reason why Dhulandi had shouted ‘Don’t’ was so that Shelley would not start shooting. He wanted Shelley to threaten Ning Cheng with his pistol first before figuring out the problem. After all, in this era, having another expert on the level of Ning Cheng would definitely be a good thing. However, he had not thought that Ning Cheng simply did not even need to fear Shelley’s magnetic-source pistol bullets.

Ning Cheng raised his hand, shooting out two bullets. These two bullets directly pierced through the flesh of both of Shelley’s arms, while Shelley was still in a daze. It caused his hands to loosen up, followed by the pistol automatically flowing into Ning Cheng’s hands.

Seeing blood gushing out from both his arms, Dhulandi quickly spoke out in panic, “Senior, I hope that you could spare Shelley’s life on account of the number of insects he worked hard to kill.”

One had to say, this Dhulandi’s Mandarin was quite good. Not only was his words fast, but his words did not have even half a break between them.

The two bullets pierced Shelley’s both arms, causing his face to turn pale as he looked at Ning Cheng in horror. In his heart, he was already regretting his decision and was trembling uncontrollably. He had never seen or even heard of such a horrifying expert like Ning Cheng.

There was a flash from Ning Cheng’s hand causing the magnetic source pistol in his hand to disappear without a trace. He then squeezed his hand, and the remaining bullets turned to metal powder that flowed down to the ground.

“This was only a warning, the next time any of you dare to bring out arms against me; I might not show this kind of patience.” Ning Cheng spoke out quietly.

He did not choose to kill this Shelley, which was because when Shelley continuously fired, he had avoided all of his vital points. He aimed two of them at his arms while targeting the other three at his legs. If it were otherwise, then even if there were ten of Shelley’s, Ning Cheng would have killed each one of them. Hard work to destroy those insects? This was merely a joke to him.

These fellows rose to power by killing insects, what kind of hard work was this, at best; it would only help them get rich. Even if he chose to kill all the insects, it would just take a bit of effort on his part. However, with their abilities, if they wanted to kill off all the insects, then it was merely a dream.

“Yes, Yes……” Dhulandi quickly bowed and answered. Then he promptly took out some medicinal powder and applied it to Shelley’s wounds. They were killing insects outside all year round, as such for them to carry such type of medicinal powder; it meant that its effects were also quite good.

Monk Rui Qing quickly wiped the sweat off his forehead before cautiously taking a few steps forward and bowed down to Ning Cheng while holding up his cupped fists before speaking, “Is Senior also a person from China?”

“That’s right; I am truly someone from China.” Ning Cheng replied with a nod.

At this moment, Dhulandi had finally finished helping Shelley with his injuries. Then he, along with Shelley, arrived at the front of Ning Cheng and gave a bow.

If someone else had seen this scene, then probably his or her jaws would be touching the ground in shock. Dhulandi, Shelley, and Monk Rui Qing were three of the five Major Experts of this world. Usually, no matter where they went, it was the others bowing down to salute them, when was it ever they offering their salutes to others?

“Senior, for you to visit my Wizbon Hotel, yet this Dhulandi not coming forward to welcome you is truly a terrible sin.” Dhulandi could see that Ning Cheng was likely a bit reasonable to talk with, but he still put himself on a lower level.

Ning Cheng knocked once on the table, “My sister was put under house arrest by your hotel. I am here today to ask as to what is going on.”

Hearing Ning Cheng’s words, Dhulandi immediately broke out in cold sweat. His skill was genuinely inferior to the senior sitting in front of him. Although he looked very reasonable on the surface, with his sister actually imprisoned in his hotel, would he still choose to remain consistent in his behaviour?

Which bastard was it; at this moment, Dhulandi wished he could swallow that person alive, the person who dared to imprison Ning Cheng’s sister.

“Senior, please let me first find out the situation.” Although cold sweat was dripping onto the floor, Dhulandi did not dare to wipe it off.

Even when he was facing that Commander Level Demon Insect, Dhulandi still had not felt any kind of fear. However, standing in front of Ning Cheng, that invisible pressure coming from him had utterly terrified him to his core.

Dhulandi was not a True Cultivator but an ordinary martial artist, so of course, he did not know anything about ‘imposing aura’ or about ‘killing force’. Ning Cheng had only slightly pressured him with his imposing aura, if he could still remain calm and steady, then it would have been a strange event.

“You can go ahead and ask, but my time is limited.” After Ning Cheng finished, he took out a bottle of wine brewed from Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar and took a sip.

An indescribable scent of wine drifted out, not to mention the still standing Monk Rui Qing and Shelley who were swallowing their own saliva; even Dhulandi who was just about to leave the room was also unable to bear swallowing down a mouthful of saliva. It was no wonder this incomparably powerful senior said that his wine collection was just trash. Any other wine did not even have the qualifications of ‘trash’ in front of this wine. Just taking a whiff of the wine, he could feel his strength enhanced by a considerable margin.


Dhulandi returned quickly, he had merely gone for a few minutes, before he returned to the room once again.

“Senior, this junior had really not thought that such a thing would happen. I took the initiative to remove the manager who had collaborated with the External Domain Insect Nucleus Merchant House and is waiting for Senior to dole out the punishment. For my Wizbon Hotel to do this kind of thing, this junior was not aware of it truly. This junior is willing to take all responsibility for it.” After Dhulandi came back, he respectfully stood in front of Ning Cheng and spoke out.

Ning Cheng just gave an ‘En’ sound, then after slightly considering this matter, he once again spoke out, “Since you have already dealt with the hotel manager, then its ok. Although this time the people from your hotel colluded with others, I also have to thank you. If not for your hotel, my younger sister might have died. Sit down, oh right, the two of you can also take a seat.”

With Dhulandi’s status, it was, of course, impossible for him to participate in this kind of low-levelled managerial matters. However, if Dhulandi had even the slightest involvement in it, then Ning Cheng would not have even bothered to speak and would have already razed the Wizbon Hotel to the ground.

“Yes, thank you, Senior.” The three people on hearing Ning Cheng inviting them to sit down hurriedly gave a bow to him and expressed their thanks; there was even some excitement in their voice. If they could get on good terms with an expert like Ning Cheng, then what would it mean?

“Senior, this junior intends to gift the Hundred Bay Point’s Wizbon Hotel to Senior’s little sister as compensation.” Dhulandi thought that Ning Cheng was not that kind of ferocious person, so he chose to speak out with a natural tone after sitting down.

Ning Cheng took out a bottle of wine brewed in Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar before passing it on to Dhulandi before speaking, “Here, I don’t want to accused of being cheap. This one bottle of wine is worth more than ten thousand of such hotels.”

“Thank you, Senior.” Dhulandi was pleasantly surprised as he stood up and used both his hands to receive the bottle of wine from Ning Cheng carefully. Even if Ning Cheng had casually given away a bottle of water, he would still be delighted.

Later, when he took a sip of this wine, Dhulandi finally realised the meaning behind Ning Cheng’s words. Not to mention ten thousand Wizbon Hotels, even it was a hundred thousand Wizbon Hotels; he would never be willing to exchange this bottle of wine. Even his good friends, Monk Rui Qing and Shelley, were able to gain immense profits at someone else’s expense.

Ning Cheng just waved his hand and spoke, “You don’t need to call me as Senior. My name is Ning Cheng.”

“Yes, Senior Ning. I just received some information a moment ago that the Cheng Ruolan Company comes under the name of Senior Ning’s sister. Three days later, the Hundred Bay Point will be holding a large-scale exchange. I would like to represent the Hundred Bay Point and invite the Cheng Ruolan Company to participate in it. I don’t know if Senior Ning……” Although Dhulandi had said a ‘Yes’, he still addressed him as ‘Senior Ning’.

Ning Cheng also stood up and spoke, “Okay, three days later, I will come there to have a look.”

Dhulandi also stood up, before he personally escorted Ning Cheng to the door of the room and opened it before stepping back to let Ning Cheng pass first.

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