Chapter 0419

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0420: Buying insurance to escape

Such powerful spear intent……

None of the cultivators there were weak, so when Ning Cheng’s spear intent came out, the surrounding cultivators were immediately able to feel it. Each of them looked at each other with an ashen expression. If they were the ones to face this kind of spear intent, would they be able to deal with it?

The terrifying hot aura of the South Fire Beads also started to converge instantly. Then all of them saw Tang Guangxi, with his body split into seven sections, start falling towards the ground closely followed by a rain of blood. Moreover, all of Tang Gongxi’s magical weapons disappeared without a trace, even Ning Cheng who was battling against Tang Guangxi had disappeared.

Except for a few intermediate stage Crucible Transformation Cultivators that were able to see how Ning Cheng killed Tang Guangxi; the rest of the cultivators could not even perceive how Ning Cheng won the battle.

“Elder Tang died…..” A Soul Sculpting Realm Cultivator from the Red Star Sword Faction had just spoken those words when Ning Cheng arrived in front of him.

12 Cosmic True Devil Axes arranged themselves into a killing formation, surrounding more than a dozen Crucible Transformation Cultivators. The long spear in his hands also conjured up one formidable spear intent after another. These spear intents crisscrossed through the middle of the cultivators from the Red Star Sword Faction like faint flashes of light.

Bursts of screams erupted with splashes of blood flying through the air; at this moment, the place where the people from the Red Star Sword Faction stood turned into a piece of hell on earth.

Although there were some sporadic counterattacks; however, in the face of the killing formation formed from the 12 Cosmic True Devil Axes, they merely amounted to nothing at all.

In just less than an incense stick worth of time, the place finally turned utterly silent while Ning Cheng was the only one left standing atop the corpses of cultivators from the Red Star Sword Faction, bodies that fell at his hands, with a calm expression on his face. At this time, no one was able to see the 12 Small Axes, which had already disappeared, only the long spear remained in his hands, without any Spiritual Qi fluctuations.

At this moment, everyone turned utterly silent; no one could even speak as if those people had lost their voices. In the history of the Tian Continent, no, in the entire past of the Yi Xing Mainland, there had never been such a fierce Sea Opening Realm Cultivator. Even if Ning Cheng did not say anything about it, many people among themselves suspected that Ning Cheng had concealed his actual cultivation.

Yuan Qin from the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce felt chills running down her body on seeing such a scene. Thinking back to the time when Ning Cheng spoke about showing mercy to them, she finally realised that it was true. Now that she looked at Ning Cheng’s fight, didn’t Ning Cheng show more than just mercy when he came to her Profound Light Chamber of Commerce?

A smell of carnage remained in the air. Nobody spoke, nobody even moved. All the people knew that even if they decided to collaborate and kill Ning Cheng today, the place definitely would turn into an area filled with rivers of blood. If it turned bad and were not able to kill Ning Cheng, then in the future, rivers of blood might appear in their own factions.

Rui Baishan was already enough to instil dread in their hearts, but they did not expect that the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect would also produce someone like Ning Cheng.

If they knew that the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect contained such a monster, they definitely would not have come here to muddle around in these muddy waters. At this moment, none of them wanted to go forward to speak with Ning Cheng. The one to go ahead first would show their own guilty conscience, they were all afraid that maybe Ning Cheng would make them the next object of his revenge. Didn’t they just see Ning Cheng arrange a strong entrapment formation with his 12 Axes, then use the long spear in his hand to completely massacre the Red Star Sword Faction? Didn’t they notice that the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Mountain Protecting Grand Array looked wholly repaired?

A Crucible Transformation Cultivator that was able to jump levels to kills their enemy was already terrifying, but if this Crucible Transformation Cultivator happened to also be an Array Formation Grand Master, then ‘terrifying’ would not even begin to describe that existence.

Moreover, some of the Crucible Transformation Cultivators knew that Ning Cheng had a lot more than just those 12 Axes; he actually had at least 24 Axes. Only Yuan Qin, who felt chills run down her spine, knew clearly that Ning Cheng actually had a lot more than 24 Axes.

She did not understand why Ning Cheng had not used those 36 Axes of his against her at that time; properly speaking Ning Cheng should have acted like today, yet she instinctively knew that he had still not displayed his full strength.

In fact, she didn’t know that Ning Cheng had only come to her place after advancing to the 3rd Level of the Sea Opening Realm. Before that, he had just fought with Gui Ba, when he was at the 1st Level of Sea Opening Realm. Yuan Qin’s strength was a lot stronger compared to Gui Ba, combined with the four Sea Opening Realm Cultivators helping her, along with the Entrapment Formation that the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce had set up; Ning Cheng had ended up overestimating the strength of the opposite party. As such, he had brought out his 36 Axes to fight. If it was right now, with just 12 of his Axes, he could quickly take care of them, if needed.

Ning Cheng’s gaze once again swept towards the already terrified cultivators’ faces, before he spoke out in an ice-cold tone, “My Rainbow Fall Sword Sect never bullied others, but that does not mean that it is an existence that would allow being bullied by others. If anyone attacks my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect after it activated its Grand Array to seal it off, then all would end up killed without amnesty. My Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Sect Master was plotted against by Xu Anzhen and the others, so is it possible that you all thought that since my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect does not have Sect Master Rui currently, you all can bully us whenever you want?”

“I, Ning Cheng, am the current Acting Sect Master of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Anyone who tried to attack my sect’s Mountain Protecting Grand Array today will end up designated as my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s mortal enemy. I will not rest until you are completely decimated and eradicated. When I was at the Soul Essence Realm, I was already able to almost completely extinguish the Severing Emotions Dao Sect. Now that I’m only a step away from advancing to the Crucible Transformation Realm, why would I have to be afraid of some ghosts who like to fish in troubled waters? If you want to deal with my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, even if I, Ning Cheng, might not be an opponent for you today, but in the future, I will treat you all just like the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, and pay a visit to all your factions one by one…….“

Ning Cheng, to increase the deterrent force, ‘deliberately alleviated’ his cultivation level by several levels.

The surroundings were utterly silent; this was a naked threat from Ning Cheng. The roots of those Crucible Transformation Cultivators were profound and did not care about such things. Nevertheless, coming to those cultivators with low cultivation, they all had a very ugly complexion due to anger; however, it was a pity that they were not a match against Ning Cheng. At this moment, they could not even pay attention when Ning Cheng disclosed the matter regarding Xu Anzhen.

However, the words spoken by Ning Cheng were definitely not even half a bit wrong. Who among them could dare to charge into the Severing Emotions Dao Sect with just the cultivation of Soul Essence Realm? Also, despite possessing the cultivation of Crucible Transformation Realm, how could they not be afraid of doing such a thing?

Contrary to those cultivators on the outside, the nearly thousand people who were the only remaining people of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect were clenching their fist in excitement. The younger cultivators even felt their faces growing hot from the drama as warm blood gushed straight to the top of their heads. The current Rainbow Fall Sword Sect did not have any Crucible Transformation Elders, so what. There was still Sect Master Ning, someone whose pressure the opposite party could not handle, someone who could massacre the entire group from the Red Star Sword Faction by himself.

Ji Luofei stood at the entrance of the Array Formation, gently looking at Ning Cheng’s back. If there were no one here, then she would have already rushed forward and thrown herself on him. This person, who was such a significant deterrence to the top Major Academies to the point that did not even dare to move, was none other than her man.

“Good, for someone from my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect to stand up at this time, my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect would definitely not perish today……” An applauding voice arrived. Everyone found that three more people had suddenly materialised the next instant.

Ning Cheng on seeing the cultivator who spoke immediately felt his heart rejoicing. He quickly came forward and gave a salute, “Ning Cheng greets Sect Master Tantai. Since Sect Master Tantai came back, I can now relinquish my position as the Acting Sect Master.”

To be honest, there were too many factions gathered here, causing Ning Cheng to feel somewhat afraid that they would hit out in unity to extrapolate themselves from the current deadlock. Even if the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect turned even fiercer, it might not be able to cope up against these many factions ganging up on them.

Moreover, of the three people that arrived, Ning Cheng already knew two of them. One of them was Deputy Sect Master Tantai, and the other was a person with long eyebrows. The long eyebrowed man was the same old man whom he once saw at the Method Depository Pavilion.

“There is no need for that; someone used the idea of luring the tiger out of the mountain, causing us to end up trapped in a place for a while, but we already know about the general situation here. Not long ago, the people who trapped us suddenly left, which allowed us to use the Transfer Talisman to get back. Ning Cheng, I like your style. With Sect Master Rui’s whereabouts currently unknown, for you to take up the position of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Sect Master would be the most appropriate.”

Tantai Fei rejected Ning Cheng’s proposition without hesitation.

“Good, originally I still believed that you juniors would feel it beneath your dignity, looks like I was wrong about you. With your previous words, you are the perfect candidate for the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Sect Master. After Rui Baishan comes back, I’m sure he would take the initiative to give his seat to you by himself.” The long eyebrowed old man also spoke out with a delighted voice.

As soon as Ning Cheng heard those words, he realised that this long eyebrowed old man was not simple at all; his status was undoubtedly higher than even Rui Baishan’s rank.

“These two are my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Method Depository Pavilion’s Elder Taoist Elder Zhongli Ping and Elder Taoist Elder Ye Heyang. Alas, Elder Taoist Xi perished because of this matter and won’t be able to come back.” Tantai Fei sighed and introduced the others to Ning Cheng.

“Congratulations to the two Taoist Elders and Deputy Sect Master Tantai of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect for coming back. We heard that the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect needed support, so we came to have a look. Finding that the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect is currently all right, that is for the best; however, my Yin Yang Dao Sect will be taking our leave in the light of this.” A middle-aged bearded man spoke with a smile and with cupped fists.

Tantai Fei was just about to speak when he suddenly thought that Ning Cheng was now current Sect Master of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Therefore, he quickly turned his head to look at Ning Cheng and spoke, “Sect Master, this is Yin Yang Dao Sect’s Elder Ji Xiu.”

Ning Cheng understood the meaning of Tantai Fei’s words, he immediately came forward and clasped his fists and spoke out in a clear resonant voice, “I am already aware of everyone’s goal of coming here today……”

Hearing Ning Cheng voices his words like this, many of the cultivators’ faces turned a bit ugly. If this matter truly ended up exposed, then everyone’s face would genuinely not be pleasant to look at. Even if Rainbow Fall Sword Sect became even fiercer, they can’t choose to become enemies with all the factions at the same time, won’t they?

Tantai Fei was also feeling a bit anxious, he just wanted to remind Ning Cheng to not be too straightforward in exposing this matter; somethings would not bode well for them if presented openly.

Ning Cheng acted as if he did not see Tantai Fei’s meaningful glance and continued to speak in a clear and resonant voice. “Previously, just like the Little Miss of the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce spoke, everybody knew that my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect suffered a sneak attack by someone. It ended up causing the sect to lose a lot of resources; however, since you all also expressed your concerned thoughts on specifically coming forward to lend a helping hand to us. As such, on behalf of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, I thank the enthusiasm shown by the various factions here. If such a thing were to happen to any of your factions in the future, then my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect would definitely not fall behind in its duties.”

“However, since this matter has nothing to do with you all, so we also cannot make every one of our friends here to help us out with the resources, but we still will accept any contributions from your side. I would also not be able to entertain any guests today for long. Moreover, I just became the Sect Master of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect; as such, I still am not familiar with many of the factions here. I request you to at least introduce yourselves before leaving, just so that I would be able to commit you all to my memory.”

When people heard those words, then immediately understood. This was equivalent to extortion, even though not stated directly. Moreover, his words indicated that he would keep in mind the compensation put forward by the factions before leaving. Giving him the ‘compensation’, everybody was well aware that if these people did not manage to shell out something, then this Sect Master Ning would write it down in his books.

The beautiful woman from the Star Gathering Mansion was the first to stand out. She took the initiative to come before Ning Cheng before taking out a ring and spoke out with a sweet smile. “He Zhenru, on behalf of the Star Gathering Mansion, offers their support to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect in the form of 100 Million Spirit Stones, along with some other materials.”

“Many thanks, Sister He, for your generosity; this Ning Cheng would definitely accept your goodwill.” Ning Cheng received the ring without any hesitation before thanking her with a sentence.

The Star Gathering Mansion was one of the ten Major Academies, with them taking the lead, whether or not the other factions belonged to the ten Major Academies, they could not shrink back at this moment. They had no choice but to take the lead and come up with something before quickly leaving.

At this time, even if some academies did not want to put forth something, they would have to carefully think over their choice. Since everybody was taking out something and if they could not come up with something, could they even get a guarantee that the other factions would not team up with Ning Cheng to plot against them in secret? Despite that not being the case, if the others chose not to side with him, wouldn’t the others engrave this into their memories?

A person who had no scruples in attacking a behemoth like the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, would he be afraid of them?

With the factions coming forward one by one to leave behind their ‘contributions,’ it was akin to purchasing insurance against sneak attacks before going. Moreover, with the three formidable Crucible Transformation Elders of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect that just returned, everyone knew that the crisis that befell the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect had already come to a temporary end.

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