Army Brief

First about myself (DemonKiller), I am just a happy-go-lucky kind of a guy who is very much addicted to novels. Basically, I have read so many books till now that many of the stories/plots just get mixed up in my mind and start to play out in there. From romantic classics to graphic novels I have read so much that often I get scolded by my elders for spending so much time and money on such books, both online and offline. Even my own shelves (both books one and even the cloths shelf) are so full of books that I sometimes worry that it might just beak under all the weight !!.

Recently, I got hooked onto some translated Chinese and Japanese web novels like Coiling Dragon, Battle Through The Heavens, Konjiki no Wordmaster, etc. I can’t say on behalf others, but for me they are some of the best works that I have read. They can be compared to modern bestsellers like Harry Potter or the Game Of Thrones collections. And whats more, they are even longer than them, with heavy plot twists, drops, turns and gut wrenching cliff-hangers that will make you pull out your own hair in exasperation!!

Sadly, because they are in their native languages, as such, are not known around the world. But, within their country these novels and their authors are highly famous, similar to the fame of Chetan Bhagat and his writing franchise is in India, or even George R.R. Martin and his bestseller “Game of Thrones”

Efforts are being made by many people to translate these awesome pieces of work so that other people, i.e. people who can’t understand Chinese or Japanese, can read and enjoy them. You can literally find dozens of such translating blogs all over the internet and they even have thousands of followers from all around the world. But the main problem is, translating each chapter is a slow and tedious process. It takes a couple of hours to just translate one chapter, which in itself is very long especially when real life commitments start to play out. As a result most of the translators just take up only one of such novel to translate.

I was highly influence by people like RWX and Flowerbridgetoo, the translators working on Coiling Dragon and Martial God Asura, who despite their busy schedule of work and school still manage to release 10-14 chapters per week. Well, it does have to do something with their understanding of the Chinese language.

Also, I must also thank Void, the translator working on Xian Ni, for his support and encouragement to take up translating project of The Gate Of Good Fortune. Unlike RWX or Flowerbridgetoo, I do not know Chinese and rely on online machine translators like Google, Bing and Systranet, which also makes me look up to Void as he has been machine translating Xian Ni with a translating experience of more than 150 chapters!! Plus, having the support from my siblings is really quite a help. Mostly because CurlyAdi is also leaning Chinese for the past 3 years in her college and has even taken it up as her minor, so in a way she is more of manual translator, but sadly she can only help out occasionally as being an architecture student in college, she basically does not have much time on her hands.

Personally, I myself am quite new to the concept of creating a blog. Plus, with me just starting out as a machine translator, the translations that I produce may not be up to par with other translators. But fear not, I am trying my level best to improve on it and bring you such a thing that you would be unable tell that it was machine translated. Moreover, with CurlyAdi taking over as our official translation checker, you can say that these translations are bound to be good.

Still, if any of you readers find something in the translations that slipped by us whether it is a mistranslation of something or a small grammatical mistake, feel free to comment it or mention it in the chat box (no spoilers though) or if you are a bit shy, you can even mail us your queries/comments/criticisms to our mailbox at [email protected]. Reply may be delayed, but you can rest assured that we will try to respond to every single one of your emails.

7 thoughts on “Army Brief

  1. I really appreciate your work, and all the time you have put into this!
    But at the same time you have made me realize how sad life actually is. To not be able to fully enjoy what you like because of the different languages! I have been considering trying to learn chinese for quite a while now but, it does not seem that i got the time for that even tho i want to. phew, i said something unnecessary. Anyway, i really appreciate everything you are currently doing and i hope that the god of translations bless you haha good luck man!

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