Here are the answers to some of the questions you might have.

Q: What’s your timezone?
A: GMT +5:30

Q: Location
A: Somewhere in North India, can change depending on working conditions.

Q: Can I donate?
A: Yes. This will definitely speed up the translations and also motivate us to increase our speed. If you have money to spare then you can go ahead and donate but please do not force yourself.

Q: Can I marry one of you?
A: Depends on who you like and more importantly who WE like!!

Q: Can I worship one of you/all of you?
A: Well, can’t say no to that.

Q: Can I post your Translated Chapters on _______?
A: I personally don’t really mind it but the other people working with us on the project might. But if you really want to, then drop us a mail ([email protected]) as common courtesy and discuss it with us first. And also, in case you do get a green light from all of us, then do mention where you took it from and also give the proper credits to the authors, translators, TLCers, editors, proofreaders, i.e. basically everyone who worked on the translations.

Q: Can I use your translated chapters to translate to another language?
A: Sure, knock yourself out. But then again please be sure to properly mention the source too.

Q: Does anyone actually read the FAQ?
A: Very unlikely

Q: When and how did you learn Chinese?
A: I never did fully learn this language, and only have a basic understanding of it through the basic courses than I am taking along with the help of some of my friends and family who actually knows the language much better than I do.

Q: When’s the next chapter being released?
A: The schedule can already be seen on the side widgets, but just for the curious ones:

  1. Sunday – Day of rest for us/Slave Day for Sponsored Chapters
  2. Monday -1 Regular Chapter
  3. Tuesday – 1 Sponsored Chapter (If any)
  4. Wednesday – 1 Sponsored Chapter (If any)
  5. Thursday – 1 Regular Chapter
  6. Friday – 1 Sponsored Chapter (If any)
  7. Saturday – 1 Regular Chapter

We will stick to this schedule as much as possible, if there are any changes to it we will inform you all beforehand. Plus other than the Regular and Sponsored Chapter we also do Honorary Chapters as a bonus which would be dedicated to some people (Criteria and the number of chapters for this will vary)

Q: I want to translate, can you reserve a chapter for me?
A: Sure, why not. Hell, I could really use some help here.

Q: Can you finish/edit this chapter for me?
A: It takes longer for me to do this than it does to actually translate since I would have to read the previous chapters to understand the terms right, so currently I’m against it, however if you really want me to, I won’t reject it immediately.

Q: Where can I find the webnovels?
A: Directly use google to find the raws of the novels. Also I already posted the raw links to all of the projects on my blog already.

Q: Is it easy to read translations on Google Translate?
A: Some people have commented that it’s a living hell. Personally, try to use different translators and see which one fits best for you. But in all honestly I really commend people who use these methods to read ahead.

Q: I found some mistakes in the chapter, how do I report it?
A: We created a Mistakes Page for it which we checked regularly at least 2 times a week, you can also report it through the comments, chat box and even by personally mailing to us at [email protected] (reply may be delayed because we also have other things to do besides sitting in front of the computer all day)

Q: What is your release schedule?
A: Sigh… just refer to one of the questions above.

If you have any more questions, you can comment them here or mail them directly to [email protected]

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