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Power Levels in the series:

  1. Qi Gathering Realm (聚气境):
  2. True Condensation Realm (凝真境)
  3. Essence Building Realm (筑元境)
  4. Profound Congealing Realm (玄液境)
  5. Profound Core Realm (玄丹境)
  6. Soul Essence Realm(元魂境)
  7. Soul Sculpting Realm(塑神境)
  8. Sea Opening Realm(辟海境)
  9. Crucible Transformation Realm(化鼎境) 

Academy Ranking In the Yi Xing Mainland:

  1. 1 Star Academy (一星学院)
  2. 2 Star Academy (二星学院)
    1. Cang Qin Academy (苍秦二星学院)
    2. Hua Yu Academy
  3. 3 Star Academy (三星学院)
    1. Clear Heart Academy (明心三星学院)
  4. 4 Star Academy (四星学院)
    1. Blue Flame Academy (苍炎四星学院)
  5. 5 Star Academy (五星学院)
    1. Falling Star Academy (陨星五星学院)
    2. Clear Sky Academy (青云五星学院)
    3. God Wind Academy
    4. Thunder Academy
    5. Luo Hua Academy
  6. 6 Star Academy (六星学院)
    1. Homeless Academy
  7. 7 Star Academy (七星学院)
    1. Celestial Globe Academy
    2. Red Heaven Academy
  8. 8 Star Academy (八星学院)
  9. 9 Star Academy (九星学院)
    1. Dragon and Phoenix Academy
    2. Wu Nian Academy
  10. Other Notable Sects and Clans:
    1. White Moon Sword Sect
    2. Yue Yu Sect

Continent Information of the Yi Xing Mainland:

  1. Low Leveled Continents
    1. Ping Continent (平洲)
    2. Hua Continent (化洲)
    3. Yuan Continent (垣洲)
  2. Intermediate Leveled Continents
    1. Jia Continent (郏洲)
    2. Feng Continent (丰州)
    3. Zhong Continent (中洲)
  3. High Leveled Continents
    1. Le Continent (乐洲)
  4. Continent outside the Yi Xing Mainland
    1. Tian (Heaven) Continent

Different Spiritual Grasses/Fruits available and their Ranks:

  1. Rank 1 Spiritual Grasses/Fruits
  2. Rank 2 Spiritual Grasses/Fruits
  3. Rank 3 Spiritual Grasses/Fruits
    1. Heaven Scented Precious Zoysia (天香琉芝) – Used for extending one’s life span by a dozen years.
    2. Golden Cicada Fruit (金蝉果) – Used for creating a True Condensation Pill that help one in significantly increasing the chances of advancing to the Qi Condensation Realm.
    3. Blue Tea Grass – One of the ingredients of True Condensation Pill.
  4. Rank 4 Spiritual Grasses/Fruits
    1. Rainbow Light Grass – Used as an ingredient of Essence Building Pill and if taken alone can even repair and replenish one’s Core Sea.
    2. Declivity Gathering Root (陀罗根) – The main component for the Declivity Spiritual Pill, and useful for cultivators being possesed by a devil.
  5. Rank 5 Spiritual Grasses/Fruits
    1. Mysterious Frost Zoysia (玄霜芝) – One of the ingredients of the Profound Replenishment Pill for Profound Core Cultivators and has a very good restorative effect on one’s injuries.
    2. Mist Orchids (烟雾芝兰) – One of the top grade Rank 5 Spiritual Grasses.
  6. Rank 6 Spiritual Grasses/Fruits
  7. Rank 7 Spiritual Grasses/Fruits
  8. Rank 8 Spiritual Grasses/Fruits
  9. Rank 9 Spiritual Grasses/Fruits

Different Medicinal/Poison Pill and Medicinal Solutions:

  • Qi Gathering Pills (聚气丹) – Used by cultivators in the Qi Gathering Realm to advance in levels or sometimes to even step into the Qi Gathering Realm for the first time.
  • True Condensation Pills (凝真丹) – Used by cultivators to increase their chances to enter the Qi Condensation Realm from the Peak of Qi Gathering 9th Level.
  • Spiritual Qi Restoring Solution (回气灵液) – Used by Early Stage Qi Gathering Realm Cultivators (1st – 3rd Level) to restore a part of their spiritual Qi.
  • Returning Spiritual Qi Solution (还灵液) – Used to treat minor injuries.
  • Returning Qi Pills (回气丹)
  • Rejuvenating Pills (回春丹)
  • True Returning Pills (复真丹) – Used by both cultivators of Qi Gathering and True Condensation Realm to recover a part of their Qi.
  • Essence Building Pill (筑元丹) – To increase the chance of advancing from peak of Qi Condensation 9th Level into the Essence Building Realm.
  • Bone Burning Soul Powder (骨灼魂) – A type of torturing medicine used to punish people. Once applied to exposed injuries, it would quickly seep into the bones of that person and start corroding it, causing a very painful like sensation.
  • Declivity Spiritual Pill (陀神丹) – A pill very useful for people possessed with mental demons or devils.
  • Profound Replenishment Pill (玄续丹) – One of the healing pills very useful for Profound Core Cultivators.

Different Cultivation Methods along with their ranks in the Yi Xing Mainland:

Ordinary/Low Grade (凡级) Cultivation Methods:

  1. Ning Clan’s/Modified Ning Clan’s Cultivation Practice Method
    1. Concealment Technique (匿真术) [Passive Technique] – Allows one to conceal their levels by up to 3 levels, i.e if one was at Qi Gathering 5th Level then the others would see him as Qi Gathering 2nd Level. Only useful for hiding from other cultivators of the Qi Gathering and Qi Condensation Realms.
    2. Imperial Wind Technique (御风术) [Active Technique] – Allows one to glide their bodies for a short distance.
  2. Wooden Tactic (木诀) – The original cultivation method that An Yi practiced that was given to her by her master.

True Grade (真级) Cultivation Methods

Profound Grade (玄级) Cultivation Methods:

  1. Wishful Mysterious Wood Tactics (如意玄木诀) – The wooden cultivation method obtained by Ning Cheng from Fang Jiyan which he gave to An Yi.

Heaven Grade (天级) Cultivation Methods [At the moment they are legendary existences]

Different Spells and Techniques along with their Grades and a bit if explanations:

Foundation Grade Spells/Techniques:

  1. Dust Removal Technique (去尘术) – A special kind of technique used for cleaning the impurities from one’s body immediately after advancing to a new stage. Best use for conserving water to clean one’s body.
  2. Fireball Technique (火球术) – As the name implies, cast out a fireball, the power of the technique corresponds to the cultivation level, i.e., the higher one’s level the stronger the technique.
  3. Wind Edge Technique (风刃术) – Creates a blade of wind with one’s Qi, is the strongest foundation level technique, the number of Wind Edges one is able to cast is dependent on one’s cultivation level.

Ordinary Grade (凡级) Spells/Techniques:

  1. Flame Edge Technique (火刀术) – A sightly more advanced version of the Fireball Technique, created by fusing the Fireball Technique and the Wind Edge Technique

Profound Grade (玄级) Spells/Techniques:

  1. 36 Ice Spears Technique (三十六冰枪术)
  2. 7 Pleiades Ice Needles Technique (七曜冰针术)
  3. 36 Ice Swords Technique (三十六冰剑术) – Modified from the 36 Ice Spears Technique.

Different Array Formations along with their Levels and a bit of explanation:

  1. Level 1 Array Formation
    1. Concealment Array Formation (隐匿阵法) – Used for hiding one’s presence.
  2. Level 2 Array Formation
  3. Level 3 Array Formation
    1. Broadcasting Array Formation (连音域阵法) – The array formation around the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy for broadcasting information.
  4. Level 4 Array Formation
  5. Level 5 Array Formation
  6. Level 6 Array Formation
  7. Level 7 Array Formation
  8. Level 8 Array Formation
  9. Level 9 Array Formation

Different Monstrous Beasts and their Ranks:

  1. Class 1 Monstrous Beasts (一级妖兽)
    1. Black Wolf (头狼)
  2. Class 2 Monstrous Beasts (二级妖兽)
    1. Brown Bristle Bear (头刺毛熊)
  3. Class 3 Monstrous Beasts (三级妖兽)
  4. Class 4 Monstrous Beasts (四级妖兽)
    1. One Horned Flood Dragon (独角蛟)
  5. Class 5 Monstrous Beasts (五级妖兽)
  6. Class 6 Monstrous Beasts
  7. Class 7 Monstrous Beasts
  8. Class 8 Monstrous Beasts
  9. Class 9 Monstrous Beasts

Alchemist Grades and the Pills they can concoct:

  1. Ordinary Pill Master [Level 1 and Level 2 Pills]
  2. True Pill Master [Level 3 and Level 4 Pills]
  3. Profound Pill Master [Level 5 and Level 6 Pills]
  4. Earth Pill Greater Master [Level 7 and Level 8 Pills]
  5. Heaven Pill Grand Master [Level 9 and above pills]

Weapon Rankings in the Yi Xing Mainland:

  1. Ordinary Mercenary Weapons: Weapons used by common people who are not cultivators.
  2. Ordinary Magical Weapons/Artefacts [Divided into 4 mini grades – Low, Mid, High, Best Quality]
  3. Spiritual Magical Weapons/Artefacts[Divided into 4 mini grades – Low, Mid, High, Best Quality]
  4. True Magical Weapons/Artefact [Divided into 4 mini grades – Low, Mid, High, Best Quality]

Crafting and other miscellaneous precocious materials:

  1. Amethyst Heaven Colored Glaze Essence (紫霄璃髓) – A Rank 8 Healing elixir naturally formed, that is very much suitable in repairing the torn Meridians of a cultivator. It value is placed even above some of the top quality Rank 9 Materials.
  2. Exotic Wild Extreme Essence (异荒极精) – A top grade crafting material, Rank 8 if brown in color, Rank 9 if White in color, above Rank 9 if Silver in color.



Angry Axe Lotus Flower Pond (怒斧莲花池) – The deep chasm inside the Immortal Mansion in the Angry Axe Valley that Ning Cheng uses to train his Spiritual Consciousness.


Cang Le City (苍勒城) – The capital of Can Qin Province, also the place where Ning Cheng is currently living in a small stone house that was given by Ji Luo Fei after she saved him.

Cang Qin Province (苍秦国) – A place where the Ning Clan is based, a tiny province in the Ping Continent.


Daan Forest (大安森林) – A large forest serving as a border of low leveled continents and the intermediate leveled continents. Has a large amount of monstrous beasts. Even Building Yuan Realm cultivators don’t dare to recklessly cross through the forest without a map.

Dong He Village (东合村) – The place (on Earth) from where our MC Ning Cheng (Full Name – Ning Xiao Cheng) and his younger sister Ning Ruo Lan comes from.

Dragon and Phoenix City (龙凤城) – The place where the Dragon and Phoenix 9 Star Academy was located.


Lansha Island (兰沙岛) – Island famous for the Golden Cicada Fruit in the Mingot Sea.


Mingot City (曼戈城) – A major city near the Mingot Sea, completely dog eat dog world. With no regard of human life.

First Mingot Meeting (第一曼戈会) – The largest power of the Mingot City, controls 50% of the City.

Wolf Palace (狼王) – Second largest power of the Mingot City.

Hou Hai Village (侯海庄) – The third Largest Power of the Mingot City.

Mingot Sea Area (曼戈海域) – The area all around the Mingot Sea.

Mo Ze City (莫泽城) – The city where the Falling Star Academy is located and the place where the Tournament of the 5 Star Academies was held.


Nan Yuan City (南原城) – The capital city of the Ming Ye Country and also the place where the Clear Heart Academy was located.

Ming Pu Plaza (明浦广场) – Where the First Spiritual Root Test takes place for the Clear Heart Academy’s student selection exam.

Feiyan Pill Pavilion (飞燕丹药阁) – One of the 3 big Pill Pavilions of the Nan Yuan City.


Ping Continent (平洲) – One of the lower leveled continents of the Yi Xing Mainland, having the scantest spiritual aura of all the continents, in other words, it is the most backward continent in the entire mainland.


Thunder Fall Desert (落雷) – The desert that separates the Yuan Continent and the Hua Continent.


Yi Xing Mainland (奕星大陆) – The place where this story takes place, and the one where the main character is reincarnated into.

Characters (Note: Since I cant put all characters that appear, so I will only put those that I feel are important.):


An Yi (安依) – Ning Cheng’s female companion, kind of like a little sister to him. Is heavily dependent on Ning Cheng. Also in possession of a pure wooden spiritual root.


Cang Shuo (藏铄) – A core disciple from the God Wind Academy, and the son of the Dean of the God Wind Academy, later joins the Wu Nian Academy as an outer disciple.

Chang Yan Yong (雍长焱) – Vice Principal of the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy.

Chi Zi Wen (车子文) – One of the strongest disciples from the Falling Star Academy in the True Condensation Realm.


Dan Xiang Ling (淡湘灵) – A core student of the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy.


Elder Mu (穆老) – Manager of the cultivation practice tower at the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy.


Fang Jiyan (方一剑) – The primordial spirit that Ning Cheng and An Yi met when fleeing from Mingot City. And also the one who gave Ning Cheng a lot of compensation for trying to kill him.

Feng Fei Zhang (冯飞张) – The cultivator at the Qi Gathering 3rd Realm who helps Ning Cheng and An Yi out by paying for their travel expenses of the beast carriage.


Gu Fei (顾飞) – A student of the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy, an arrogant son of a bitch. Later killed by Ning Cheng.

Gu Yiming (顾一鸣) – Older brother of Gu Fei and also a student of Cang Qin 2 Star Academy.


He Xu Xiang (和许向) – One of the three students from the Clear Heart Academy who accompanied Le Bohong to the Mingot City.

Hou Zhuan (侯传) – A student at the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy and one of the students selected to go to the Falling Star 5 Star Academy.

Huan Yuang Bo (黄苑博) – A disciple from a 4 Star Academy who tried to back stab Ning Cheng in the Lan Yi Country ruins, even though Ning Cheng was the one who saved him earlier.


Ji Luo Fei (纪洛妃) – Fiance of Ning Cheng in the ancient world, one of the two members of the Ning Clan who survived, as she was in the Cang Qin Two Star Academy during that time. Also the only surviving member of the Ji Clan. Has a disfigured face and is always verbally abused by the previous Ning Cheng, but is always faithful to him.

Ji Xuan Zhang (纪玄章) – Son of Ji Yuan Yang, Father of Ji Luo fei and husband of Xiong Qi Hua. Died under mysterious circumstances.

Ji Yao He (纪瑶菏) – Sister of Ji Xuan Zhang and Ji Luo Fei’s Aunt.

Ji Yuan Yang (纪元英) – Clan head of the Ji Clan and also the grandfather of Ji Luo Fei. Good friend of Ning Hong Cheng, Ning Cheng’s grandfather. Died under mysterious circumstances.

Jian Su Jie (简素婕) – The fiancee of Qiu Ying Guang, and also the one Ning Cheng holds responsible for the extermination of the Ning Clan. Also known as the pearl of the Jian Clan in Cang Qin Province.

Jiang Tu (江图) – A student from the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy, taken directly as a personal disciple by Wen Ji Liu due to having a pure spiritual root.


Kou Xiu Yuan (寇修远) – Younger brother of Kou Hong.

Kou Hong (寇宏) – The one who was almost dying when he met Ning Cheng and asked him to deliver a package.


Pie Guang He (裴光赫) – A person from the North Jue Tribe that tries to kill Ning Cheng in the ruins of the Lan Yi Country.


Qian Xiang (强襄) – One of the previous owners of the Mysterious Yellow Bead and the one with the highest cultivation base out of all the owners.

Qiu Jia Gan (裘家干) – The fiance of Jan Su Jie, not much is said about him at the moment, other that the fact that he is an untouchable character.

Qiu Ying Guan (裘英光) – A student at the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy and one of the students selected to go to the Yun Xing 5 Star Academy.


Lan Yin Yue (蓝音悦) – Elder from the Clear Heart Academy who wants to eliminate Ning Cheng so that An Yi could study peacefully. Forcefully makes Ning Cheng to jump of the airship artifact into the Daan Forest.

Le Bohong (乐波鸿) – Disciple of the Clear Heart Academy and the only one of the lot who is polite with Ning Cheng.

Li Shao (李绍) – The father of the small kid that Ning Cheng rescued back in the Cnag Le City and also the person who helps him in escaping to the Mingot Sea Area.

Lian Hao Yan (连昊焱) – The ancestor of the Cang Qin Province and the only one of the Cang Qin Province who stepped into the Building Yuan Realm.

Lian Hao Lai (连昊来) – A disciple from one of the 5 Star Academies of the Hua Continent, tries to pick a fight with Ning Cheng but ultimately looses and gets killed in the 3rd round of the Tournament of the 5 Star Academies.

Lu Peng Yun (陆鹏云) – Student of the Can Qin 2 Star Academy at the Qi Gathering 4th Level, henchman of Gu Yiming.

Lu Xue (芦雪) – Disciple of the Clear Heart Academy and also one of the henchmen of Lan Yinyue.

Lu Yan (路燕) – Important person from the Hou Hai Village in Mingot City, is a lesbian.


Ma Qi Shui (马奇水) – The vicious person who sacrificed his own two companions to the One Horned Flood Dragon in order to poison it to death, was shortly after killed by Ning Cheng.

Meng Yu Jing (蒙于婧) – Fiance of Kou Hong from the Yun Xing 5 Star Academy.

Miao Xiu Ming (苗修明) – One of Ning Cheng’s first companions during the journey to the Mingot Sea. Forces Ning Cheng and An Yi to team up with them. Also has lustful intentions towards An Yi. Husband of Tian Fei. Presumably killed by Taoist Pu.

Min Rui (闵锐) – A person from the God Wind Academy, got killed in the Tournament of the 5 Star Academies.

Miu Li Hu (缪礼虎) – Father of Miu Wen Hong and master of the Wolf Palace of the Mingot City, in pursuit of Ning Cheng to take revenge for killing his kid.

Miu Wen Hong (缪文虹) – Someone who took fancy towards An Yi, and tries to kill Ning Cheng to rape An Yi, but was later killed by Ning Cheng along with his servant


Nalan Rue Xue (纳兰茹雪) – The purple robed woman from the Wu Nian Academy who misunderstood Ning Cheng and tries to make trouble for him on many occasions.

Ning Cheng (宁城) / Ning Xiao Cheng (宁小城) (from Earth) – The main protagonist of this story, has a pure and honest personality, likes to live live a simple life. Is the older brother of Ning Ruolan (on Earth) and the boyfriend of Tian Mu Wan (on Earth). Adopts the name of Ning Cheng after getting reincarnated in the ancient world.

Ning Cheng (宁城) (in the ancient world before reincarnating) – A scumbag who liked to what he wants, his actions ended up in completely destroying the Ning Clan, with only 2 survivors remaining. He dies and in his place the Ning Cheng from Earth is reincarnated into his body.

Ning Gao (宁高) – Housekeeper of the Ning Mansion. One of the two people from Ning Clan who who survived the extermination as he went on some trip during that time. Not much is said about him.

Ning Hong Chang (宁弘昌) – The grand father of the previous Ning Cheng, and also the clan head of the Ning Clan, doted and spoiled Ning Cheng as his parents died when he was young, did not stop him from doing evil deed, ended up paying heavily for it by loosing his life and also led to the extermination of his clan.

Ning Ruo Lan (宁若兰) – The younger sister of Ning Xiao Cheng on Earth, really loves her brother and is said to be smarter than him. Is a student at Jiangzhou Institute of Foreign Languages.


Pu Jing Ye (蒲经业) – Original name of Taoist Pu.


San Pi (皮三) – Servant of Miu Wen Hong, later killed by Ning Cheng when they tried to pursue him and An Yi.


Taoist Pu (业道人) – A deceptive old man who treis to take advantage of Ning Cheng and An Yi but ends up being killed by Ning Cheng in the Lansha Island.

Tian Fei (田霏) – Wife of Miao Xiu Ming, also forced Ning Cheng and An Yi into joining their party. Presumably killed by Taoist Pu.

Tian Mu Wan (田慕琬) – The girlfriend of Ning Xiao Cheng on Earth, ends up breaking her relationship with him due to Ji Yun’s scheming. A girl from a well to do family and also has a caring heart.


Wen Ji Liu (温奇略) – One of the Elders from the Yun Xing 5 Star Academy who came to the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy to select students to take back. Rumored to be in the Building Yuan Realm.


Xian Yuan Kui (咸元魁) – A big shot in Cang Le City, who tries to kill Ning Cheng for destroying his enjoyment by saving a young boy who was about to get trampled by his unicorn.

Xie Shao Xi (叶少希) – A core student of the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy chosen to go to the Yun Xing 5 Star Academy.

Xiong Qi Hua (熊琪华) – Mother of Ji Luo Fei and wife of Ji Xuan Zhang.

Xue Tai Chu (薛泰初) – Third Elder of the Cang Yan 4 Star Academy who was killed by Ning Cheng near the beach of the Mingot Sea.


Yan Yuan Kai (阎元恺) – The President of the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy and also the rare few people of the Cang Qin Province who stepped into the Qi Condensation Realm.

Yin Wen Guang (印文光) – One of the three students from the Clear Heart Academy who accompanied Le Bohong to the Mingot City.

Yong Gu Yun (雍谷云) – Disciple of the Clear Heart Academy and also the henchmen of Lan Yin Yue. Always tries to cause trouble for Ning Cheng.

Yong Rui Li (雍芮丽) – A core student of the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy.

Yong Ying Rui (雍英锐) – A core student of the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy chosen to go to the Yun Xing 5 Star Academy.

Yong Zhang Yan (雍长焱) – Vice Principal of the Can Qin 2 Star Academy.

Yu Hong Feng (虞鸿风) – The youth with a pure gold spiritual root picked up by the Clear Heart Academy students before An Yi.

Yue Ying (越莺) – A disciple of the Falling Star Academy, later transferred to the 9 Star Academy. Initially misunderstood Ning Cheng, but later grew fond of him. Younger sister of Yue Yuan Hua.

Yue Yuan Hua (越元化) – Elder brother of Yue Ying, an honest and kind man with a straight forward personality.


Zha Zhi Yi (査志义) – Some minor character with money, who likes to show off, has been continuously trying to get close to Tian Mu Wan.

Zheng Ji Yun (曾霁芸) – The best friend of Tian Mu Wan, really likes Ning Cheng, tries to make the relationship between Tain Mu Wan and Ning Xiao Cheng to break so that she could grab Ning Cheng for herself.

Zhong Yi (钟义) – A core student of the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy chosen to go to the Yun Xing 5 Star Academy.

Zhu Chen Jun (褚晨钧) – A student of Cang Qin 2 Star Academy, one of the disgusting people of the Academy.

Zhu Hong Wen (祝鸿文) – The steward of Xiong Qi Hua and also her lover. Tries to instigate Qi Hua to break up Ji Luo Fei and Ning Cheng by fabricating vicious lies.

Zhuang Tianya (庄恬雅) – A core student of the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy chosen to go to the Falling Star 5 Star Academy and a friend of Ji Luo Fei, as such tries to look out for Ning Cheng in small ways while she actually despises Ning Cheng.

Miscelaneous Terms:


Artifacts (法器) – Special weapons and devices used by cultivators. Comes in different shapes and sizes ranging from a thin and tiny needles to airships as large as a football field.


Dantian (丹田) – The special place in a person’s body where Qi is stored. It is very essential for any cultivator.


Fighting Pot (斗锅) – The name of the fighting arena in the back market of the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy.


Ling Shi/Spirit Stone (灵石) – A special type of stone that is rich in Qi, can be considered as a high tiered version of the Qi Gathering Stone.


Mysterious Yellow Bead (玄黄珠) – A small and mysterious yellow colored bead that was the cause of Ning Cheng’s rebirth and many secrets that are slowly unraveled.

Mysterious Yellow Qi (玄黄信息) – The Qi from the Mysterious Yellow Bead that is much thicker and purer than the Qi in the atmosphere.

Mysterious Yellow Origin (玄黄本源) – The ‘core’ of the Mysterious Yellow Bead, till now only Ning Cheng has been acknowledge as its master.

Mysterious Yellow Shaping (玄黄有形) – A cultivation incantation part of the Mysterious Yellow Bead that can correct any kind of cultivation method, technique, etc, just by using the Mysterious Yellow Qi.

Mysterious Yellow Appearance (玄黄无相) – The ever changing cultivation practice method of the Mysterious Yellow Bead that changes from person to person and time to time depending on what was suitable for the owner of the Mysterious Yellow Bead.


Primordial Spirit (元神) – Not much is said about it at the moment other that it being similar to a soul. Fang Jiyan is introduced as the Primordial Spirit.


Qi Gathering Stone (聚气石) – A special stone, that helps a person in their Qi cultivation, also used as a form of payment in certain shops and stores. (1 Qi Gathering Stone ~ 100 gold coins)


Sound Transmission Jade Tablets (音圭) – Used for communication over large distances, similar to mobile phones back on Earth.

Soul Soldiers (魂兵) – The souls of the cultivators who died tragically in the Mingot Sea Area.

Spiritual Essence Spring (灵髓泉) – The spring that Ning Cheng found in the One Horned Flood Dragon’s lair, which helped him to advance to the Qi Gathering 8th Level.

Spiritual Grasses (灵草) – Special kinds of plants available that can help in once cultivation practice.

Spiritual Root (灵根) – An innate qualification of a person which determines if they could cultivate or not. It plays a major role in the story as without a spiritual root one would not be able to cultivate no matter what. Broadly divided into two categories – Primary Spiritual Root and Support Spiritual Root.

(More will be updated as the chapters are added)

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