Table of Contents

Cultivation Levels in the series:

Each Realm and Sub-realm is divided into five levels, namely: Just-entered, Early-stage, Middle-stage, Late-stage and Full-circle.

  1. Qi Gathering Realm
  2. True Condensation Realm
  3. Essence Building Realm
  4. Profound Congealing Realm
  5. Profound Core Realm
  6. Soul Essence Realm
  7. Soul Sculpting Realm
  8. Sea Opening Realm
  9. Crucible Transformation Realm
  10. Plundering Life Realm
  11. Domain Realm
  12. Celestial Realm
    1. Celestial Novice Realm/Sub-Realm
    2. Celestial Shatterer Realm/Sub-Realm
    3. Celestial Gatherer Realm/Sub-Realm
  13. Celestial River Realm
    1. Celestial Bridge Realm/Sub-Realm
    2. Undead Realm/Sub-Realm
    3. Heaven’s Mandate Realm/Sub-Realm
  14. Destiny Realm
    1. Heaven Seated Realm/Sub-Realm
    2. Life and Death Realm/Sub-Realm
    3. Eternal Realm/Sub-Realm
  15. Beyond Destiny Realm
    1. Dao Confirming Realm (?)

Body Forging Cultivation Rankings:

Each grade is divided into five levels, namely: Just-entered, Early-stage, Middle-stage, Late-stage and Full-circle/peak.

  1. Grade 1 to Grade 3 – Spiritual Body
  2. Grade 4 to Grade 6 – Imperial Body
  3. Grade 7 to Grade 9 – God/Spirit Body
  4. Celestial Body (Achieved after undergoing nirvana)
  5. Celestial River Body
  6. Starry Sky Body

Spiritual Grass Ranking:

  1. Rank 1 to Rank 9 Spiritual Grasses
  2. Starry Sky Rank 1 to Starry Sky Rank 9 Spiritual Grasses
  3. ….

Different Monstrous Beasts and their Ranks:

  1. Class 1 to Class 9 Monstrous Beasts
  2. Starry Sky Class 1 to Starry Sky Class 9 Monstrous Beasts
  3. …..

Alchemist Grades and the Pills:

  1. Ordinary Pill Master [Level 1 and Level 2 Pills]
  2. True Pill Master [Level 3 and Level 4 Pills]
  3. Profound Pill Master [Level 5 and Level 6 Pills]
  4. Earth Pill Greater Master [Level 7 and Level 8 Pills]
  5. Heaven Pill Grand Master [Level 9 and above pills]
  6. Celestial Pills Master
  7. Celestial River Pill Master
  8. …..

Weapon Rankings:

Each grade is divided into four sub-categories: Low-grade, Middle-grade, High-grade, Best Quality.

  1. Ordinary Mercenary Weapons
  2. Ordinary Weapons/Artefacts
  3. Spiritual Weapons/Artefacts
  4. True Weapons/Artefacts
  5. Dao Weapons/Artefacts
  6. Spirit/Divine Weapons/Artefacts
  7. ….
  8. Primal Chaos Weapon/Artefacts
  9. Good Fortune Weapon/Artefact

Intent Realms:

  1. Elementary Realm
  2. Realm of Minor Accomplishment
  3. Realm of Major Accomplishment
  4. Realm of Partial Omniscience
  5. Realm of ‘Returning to the Void’

Table of Contents

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    1. Don’t worry we’ll put it up, eventually, truthfully all of us here are such lazy bums that we find it hard just to get out our blankets. Ha Ha, unfortunately we also have work, aaaaaaarrrggghhhh.


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