Many of you readers might think why a Donations button was added. Let me put those many meaningless imaginations to rest by saying this :

“These payments are basically for you guys to show your appreciation to the work we do at Demon Translations. Additionally, with your support we can rope in a few more translators and editors for our blog *cough* army, so that the chapter releases become a bit more seamless and you guys should not have to wait too long. “

Besides other than roping in translators and editors for the projects, it will also help in building the blog as it also cost some money to maintain it. These donations are not mandatory and even if you guys don’t donate, the chapter releases will continue on, albeit at a slow rate.

So, basically, there is no specific way for you all to show your appreciation. From 0 to as much as you can spare. It is completely left to your judgement. Even comments, critiques and corrections will be counted as your appreciation towards us.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Donations will be counted towards The Gate Of Good Fortune Project and also for the maintenance of the army.

As for Patreon pledges, they will be considered all at once at the end of the month so as to avoid confusion. Mostly because these pledges are on a monthly basis while PayPal is on the spot

Please note, this is the value reflected on the side bars is based on our Patreon Dashboard. If you face some confusion then please feel free to refer to this page.

For our list of sponsors, you can check out the respective chapter posts and well as our “Honorary List Of The Damned” and our “For Transparency’s Sake” list which is also displayed on the side bar of every page along with the transaction fees as it appears in my PayPal Account.

Also, this site is Ad supported to a certain extent. So, please turn off your AdBlocker and who knows you might find something interesting for yourself. Plus in the future, if we are able to generate enough Ad revenue, we will then add that amount to the Donations for more sponsored chapters for you all.

So, if you want to remain your donations to be anonymous, or want to convey some other instructions regarding the donated amount then just add a small comment when transacting to notify us or just shoot an email to [email protected].

TD – Transaction Fee deducted by PayPal for processing the payment.

Please note that transaction fee will not be counted for the queue, meaning I won’t subtract the transaction fee when I add the amount to the Progress Bar.

Also, please note that emails sent to our personal Ids might take some time reply, so it would be better if you sent your mails to [email protected] for faster replies, as there would at least be one person among us monitoring this mail at all times.

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