The Unsuspecting Journey

DemonKiller’s Synopsis:

Welcome to The Unsuspecting Journey, this is the story of John Doe, a weak Indian man forsaken by his family, and his dog Frank,  who are transported to an unfamiliar world.

Join them in their journey from being a weak and pitiful to becoming an unparalleled genius under the heavens, in a world filled with humans and other magical races, martial cultivation techniques and magical techniques.

A journey filled with ups and downs, comedy and darkness, love and betrayal, politics and betrayal….. in short a truly unsuspecting journey.

This is a kind of Xianxia type of work that I am currently writing. It still a work in progress, so please be patient, if there are errors please point them out in the comments.

I will revise the synopsis from time to time as the story progresses. Please note the updates for it will be sporadic and I cannot guarantee any fixed schedule for it, it will all depend on how much time I can get from my usual work and my translating work.

  1. Chapter 0000 – Prologue
  2. Chapter 0001 – A Strange Place
  3. Chapter 0002 – Coming Out Of The Forest
  4. Chapter 0003 – Royalty?
  5. Chapter 0004 – Heaven and Earth Flipped