New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapters 103-105

Hi All

CurlyAdi here once again, DemonKiller is as usual super busy with his work, but for some reason he simply went above and beyond today, meaning in short he went batshit crazy, as he stayed up all night to translate these three chapters before falling asleep like a dead man.

Surprisingly he still had enough energy after sleeping for just one hour, before running off to work.

That said, enjoy the triple bonanza for you all, as even I felt like releasing these three chapters together:

  1. Chapter 0103 – Mother And Daughter’s Reunion
  2. Chapter 0104 – You Must Believe
  3. Chapter 0105 – The First Time

Also, please count these as the 2nd, 3rd and 4th guaranteed chapters of this week, as DemonKiller might not be at home from tomorrow, he said something about flying to Malaysia for some work and would be back on Monday. As such there might not be any chapter on Friday. Me or SmartyMouth will keep you updated if we receive any chapters.

Also, we have received most of the mails regarding the small Editing/Proofreading test that we had sent to all the applicants. If there are still anyone who had not sent us the response, please do so by this Friday, as we have to go through all the responses. As such any responses received after 10PM(IST) this Friday, will not be considered. Please understand, that trying to go through almost a hundred similar responses to make a decision is not an easy task for us as we also have to take care of our college things.

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