A short hiatus…..

Hi all

Lately I have been feeling exhausted for some reason. Maybe because of the 2 jobs and working round the clock so much so that I barely sleep for a full hr in a day.

Thankfully I managed to scrap in a bit of vacation time from all the stuff going on around me.

And honestly I do need a break and go sleep like a pig. Its really been ages since I went for a drink with freinds. Missed a lot of personal events too, which people keep reminding every single day sigh…

So Ive decided to take a short hiatus till 6th Febuary, not just from translation but from daily life in general. I’ll still be translating during this period but it will depend on mood, but the chapters will be posted after 6th.

I know you all like massive releases so just be patient till then.

See you guys on 6th Feb!!!


One comment on “A short hiatus…..

  1. don’t drink too much, enjoy mate


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