Important announcement!!

Hi All

It is with great pain that I write this post. A few hours ago, I had recieved news that a team mate of ours, MissLucifer, passed away in an accident a few days ago.

She was quite an energetic girl and liked to tease others a bit, and at the same time, a really good friend who would help out at every thing.

Over the months that we had worked together, she had really come close to all of us as a family. I wont deny that it was also because of her that we all were able to work and bond much more seamlessly even when we all were living in different corners of the world.

Whatever she might have been out in the real world, she for us was and will remain an irreplacable friend.

R.I.P. MissLucifer.

DemonKiller, CurlyAdi, YourdaiCa, WhizzMaster, SteamRoller


6 comments on “Important announcement!!

  1. drgnblu says:

    my sincere condolences


  2. agila0212 says:

    OMG :O Rest In Peace MissLucifer 😦 ……….


  3. Max says:

    May my condolences bring you comfort and may my prayers ease the pain of this loss.


  4. sorenknight says:

    My condolences to her friends and family


  5. sigh*** may she born in the immortal world, hope her soul travel to through space and time and born in a different universe.


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