Thank You!!

Thank you for your generous donation. Your transaction has been completed and a receipt for your purchase has been (probably) emailed to you on the behalf of PayPal. You may log in to your account at to view details of this transaction.

If you had any problems with the transaction, like the transaction was completed but it was failed to be updated on the donations page here within 2-3 days, them please email me at with your Transaction ID and and your name, I will look into it and update it as fast as possible.

You can also contact me regarding transaction failures, if they happen, or any other queries regading the Donations and I will try to resolve it with the PayPal staff or myself to the best of my ability.

Once the queue is filled the sponsored chapter would be out within 24-48 hrs, don’t worry it will definitely be on the days that I had marked for the Sponsored Chapters earlier, i.e. Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday. Occasionally, I may even sponsor the chapters myself. So, stay tuned.

Also, if you want your name to be anonymous or want a nick to be placed in the post rather than your Name, but failed to put in a remark during the transaction, you can also mail me about that and it will be taken care of. After all we value privacy of everyone very highly.

If you are an Indian User who is trying to donate, let me tell you first hand that Indian Users cannot donate to the paypal account of other Indian Users even if you use a Credit Card, For More information, you can visit the FAQ page here and also the RBI guidlines. Please bear with it as we try to find a workaround for this.


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