Chapter 0019 – Ji Luo Fei’s Sadness

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Chapter 0019 – Ji Luo Fei’s Sadness

Ji Luo Fei opened her eyes in a daze, and she immediately saw a room that was not very big, there were a total of six people in the room, and she was lying on a wooden bed. Beside her, there were Zhuang Tianya, Jian Su Jie, Dan Xiang Ling, and two others she did not recognize.

“Where is this place? Is Ning Cheng here?” Ji Luo Fei reacted, she quickly sat up and asked anxiously.

Dan Xiang Ling had always been someone who didn’t talk much, and Jian Su Jie was not a stranger to Ji Luo Fei, the other two girls Ji Luo Fei was not able to recognize so she did not know what to say. Only Zhuang Tianya said, “Right now we are on an airship Type Artefact, this airship has just now crossed over the Daan Forest. In a few days we should be arriving at the Yuan Continent.”

“Yuan Continent? What about Ning Cheng?” Ji Luo Fei suddenly jumped down from the wooden bed, looking at Zhuang Tianya for an answer, she asked, “My aunt? Did she also bring Ning Cheng?”

Zhuang Tianya remained silent, Ji Luo Fei immediately knew what was had happened, she turned and tried to run out. Zhuang Tianya immediately became startled, as she hurriedly caught Ji Luo Fei’s hand in horror and said, “Do you not want to live?”

“Even if I do not, I’m going to save Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng is alone in the Cang Qin Province, he does not have the physical ……” Ji Luo Fei anxiously said, “You let me go.”

Zhuang Tianya did not let go of Ji Luo Fei, instead she just sighed and said, “Luo Fei, if you rushed out to return to the Cang Qin Province, you would not be able to live, even your aunt would be heavily punished, and besides you absolutely wouldn’t be able to return to the Cang Qin Province. Do you know how high the cultivation level of the senior operating this airship Type Artefact is? The senior is at the Profound Congealing Realm. Your aunt is just an instructor at the Academy, she can only bring you back to the Hua Continent’s Falling Star Academy, there are many things…….”

Ji Luo Fei calmed down a bit, and did not continue to pursue her desire to go out. Of course she knew that only when a person has successfully cultivated to the 9th level of the Essence Building Realm would they be then qualified to step into the Profound Congealing Realm. For a person to advance to the Profound Congealing Realm is very rare, especially in the Lower Class Continents, the people that have stepped into the Profound Congealing Realm hold a very high status and position.

The Essence Building Realm was just equivalent to casting the foundations to enter the Profound Congealing Realm. While in the cultivation of Qi, it can be said that the Essence Building Realm is the first real bottleneck that a cultivator would face. After successfully completing the nine level advancements of the Essence Building Realm and entering into the Profound Congealing Realm, the Qi would gather into a liquid form, forming a Dan Lake in one’s abdomen region also known as the Dantian. With the cultivation of the pure Qi liquid, the Dan Lake would keep on expanding, while enhancing and strengthening one’s body at the same time. Once a person forms a Dan Lake, their strength would be much stronger than a cultivator of the Essence Building Realm.

The best example for comparison of the strength between the two Realms would be, just as her aunt killed the two cultivators of the Qi Gathering 6th Level, a cultivator at the Profound Congealing Realm can also as easily kill her aunt, who was a cultivator of the Essence Building Realm, in the same manner.

Seeing Ji Luo Fei’s hand trembling, Zhuang Tianya said, “Besides, you would not be able to go out to rescue Ning Cheng, What’s more, even if you did manage to get out alone, do you think you would be able to return there?”

“How was he?” Ji Luo Fei asked in a trembling voice.

Zhuang Tianya did not hide anything and said, “While Ning Cheng was in the Academy, because Gu Fei had insulted you, he ended up clashing with Gu Fei. The result was that he challenged Gu Fei……”

Ji Luo Fei clenched her fists so hard that her hand had turned blue. In fact, Ning Cheng was most impressed by Ji Luo Fei not because he and she had lived under one roof for a number of years, but because she helped Ning Cheng by killing Xian Yuan Kui, in her memory, it was only after that incident that Ning Cheng was forced to run away.

In was only for a short period of time, but Ning Cheng gave her the impression that there was a lot more to him that met her eyes.

“Don’t be nervous……listen to me”

“Luo Fei, you already know my qualifications, remember to take revenge for me, I do not want to think that when I die there would not be anyone who would take revenge for me.”

“Luo Fei, you are not ugly ah……”

It was like she could hear Ning Cheng’s voice in her ears, but where was Ning Cheng?

To truly understand a person, sometimes many years would pass, even then one may not be able to understand them clearly. Sometimes even a moment, could feel like a lifetime. Ji Luo Fei could still feel Ning Cheng’s touch for the short period of time that she had been in contact with Ning Cheng in the few days of the past, she was able to fully understand Ning Cheng.

“What happened to Ning Cheng then?” Although Ji Luo Fei knew that the odds of winning were against Ning Cheng, but she still gripped Zhuang Tianya and asked anxiously.

Zhuang Tianya could feel Ji Luo Fei’s hand trembling, she sighed in her heart, in her view, Ning Cheng was far from being a match for Ji Luo Fei. She really didn’t know why Ji Luo Fei still wanted to be closer to Ning Cheng.

Zhuang Tianya comfortingly patted Ji Luo Fei’s hand and said, “Gu Fei challenged Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng proposed to Gu Fei to compare their speeds. Ning Cheng, by proposing this wanted to escape, but the difference between his and Gu Fei’s cultivation levels was just too big, plus he also had Gu Yuming on his side.”

Ji Luo Fei was not aware that the hand that she had been clutching for so long had broken out in blood, she was very clear, although Ning Cheng’s ability to cope with things was much higher than Ji Luo Fei. But in the face of absolute power, what could Ning Cheng do?

Ning Cheng, I will avenge you, I will not die till I avenge you ……

Ji Luo Fei embedded each and every word into the deepest parts of her heart, once she successfully cultivated to a higher level in the future, she would definitely come back to kill Gu Yuming. And there was also the King of Cang Qin Province, and…….

Ji Luo Fei looked coldly at Jian Su Jie who was next to her, she was very clear that even though she was not involved with Ning Cheng, but she was definitely involved in the complete extermination of the Ning Clan. In the future, she would definitely have the opportunity to kill Jian Su Jie and Qiu Ying Guan for Ning Cheng.

Seeing Ji Luo Fei glance at her coldly, Jian Su Jie felt her body chill all over. But she quickly responded, she seemed to know what Ji Luo Fei was thinking at the moment, then she similarly looked at Ji Luo Fei and said indifferently, “You want to retaliate against me, Jian Su Jie, to help take revenge of Ning Cheng.”

“Your Jian Clan and Qiu Clan partnered up and framed Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng was not even at the Qi Gathering 1st Level at that time, how could he be rude to you? My eyes are not blind. Ning Cheng is gone, his matter I, Ji Luo Fei, would definitely complete it for him.” Ji Luo Fei said in a tone that was completely devoid of even the slightest of emotions.

Even Zhuang Tianya who was listening to her felt her heart go into shock, she had an unfounded feeling, that Ji Luo Fei changed into a person that she didn’t know, before she did not have a frozen heart, but she was still the kind Ji Luo Fei.

Jian Su Jie felt her heart quiver, but she still said, “Originally the fact Ning Cheng molested me was definitely not true, it was only later that I came to know that he was framed, but it was definitely not me. Because of that, I am also a victim here, believe it or not, I did not want to continue to kill him, but also saved him once.”

Ji Luo Fei closed her eyes and slowly sat down, she no longer paid any attention to Jian Su Jie.


After a month’s time, Ning Cheng and An Yi had taken many detours. An Yi continued to be silent, but at least she was not doing nothing. At least she knew how to cook and also knew a lot about Spiritual Grasses, but she did not eat meat. Ning Cheng brought back many a game, but An Yi never ate them.

Ning Cheng wanted to encourage An Yi to eat something, but she always ignored it, he also continuously studied the various books given to him by An Yi regarding Spiritual Grasses. At this point, he had made much progress than when he first came out of Cang Le City. He was able to at least identify half of the different Spiritual Grasses in it.

An Yi remained silent, but depended on Ning Cheng a lot. Each time Ning Cheng went out to hunt food, she would become anxious, only after Ning Cheng came back would she quite down. Her master’s death was a serious blow to her.

On this day, Ning Cheng and An Yi had climbed over a mountain. The two people were able to smell the scent of sea, and it made Ning Cheng exited. Even if everything around him was strange, the sea now and in the past, was still exactly the same, at least on the surface it was same.

Thinking about going off onto the vast and boundless sea, Ning Cheng felt his own heart become boundless. He was even eager to find the beach and then scream that he finally was able to see the sea.

Just when Ning Cheng looked back and saw the still silent An Yi, his passionate impulse faded rapidly, he looked at An Yi and smilingly asked, “An Yi, why did your master say that you can’t get married?”

Ning Cheng was afraid that An Yi would continue in be depressed for a long time. An Yi did not understand this, but it did not mean that he also would not understand it.

“I don’t know, master said that I can’t get married, so I won’t get married. Didn’t you also tell me that you also couldn’t marry?” An Yi looked at Ning Cheng with her big eyes and said.

Ning Cheng looking at her pure and matchless eyes, he felt that An Yi has lost some brightness in them, he felt a bit sorry for her in his mind. He then put those emotions aside and still smiled and said to An Yi, “An Yi, from where I am, the priests can also get married and have a family.”

“Big Brother Ning Cheng, do you want me to marry you?” An Yi immediately asked, being together with Ning Cheng, she could never hide the questions in her heart. She had been living together with Ning Cheng for almost over a month, in this period of time the status of Ning Cheng in An Yi’s heart rose to the level of Big Brother.

Ning Cheng scratched his head in distress, and said, “No, I already have a girlfriend, I mean……”

An Yi just smiled and said, “Big Brother Ning, you don’t have to worry about me, thank you for taking care of me. My master has already passed away, and because of this my heart was sad. Now I have gradually realized, you do not have to devote yourself to comfort me.”

Ning Cheng stared at An Yi, who said this little nun was stupid, he just had to get impatient with her. An Yi always knew what he was thinking, but was reluctant to speak out.

Seeing Ning Cheng’s awkward gaze, An Yi suddenly said, “Big Brother Ning, I will always be grateful to you in my heart, after my master passed away, I really did not know what to do.”

With that, she took the initiative to speak first and said, “Big Brother Ning, you said you had a girlfriend, and then your girlfriend broke up with you after a little fight, are you also going to look for her?”

Ning Cheng did not expect that An Yi would remember this sentence, he initially said those words to An Yi’s master so that she would keep An Yi safe with her, who knew An Yi who was in such a sad situation, would still be able to remember it. Sure enough, you never know what a woman was thinking, it didn’t matter if the woman in question was a nun or not.

“No, and besides I can’t find her now.” said Ning Cheng as he shook his head.

An Yi asked again, “Big Brother Ning, if you are able to find her, would you not look for her?”

Ning Cheng remained silent, Tian Mu Wan left him without any explanation, and so did he.

A woman showing a bit of temper was nothing, but Tian Mu Wan should not have given the pearl hair clip to Zha Zhi Yi. Not only did Zha Zhi Yi take it, he even threw it into the sewers, Tian Mu Wan also said that he could just buy her a new one. No matter what Tian Mu Wan was thinking, Ning Cheng would have found it difficult to go back and treat her the same way as before.

At that time, he had bought two pearl hair clips, for the two people that were the closest to him, he regarded Tian Mu Wan as close to his heart as his younger sister Ruo Lan, the same as family. When Tian Mu Wan discarded the pearl hair clips through Zha Zhi Yi’s hands, it was equal to discarding his sincerity towards Mu Wan.

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  1. oww~ Ji Luofei is such a sweet heart…Hope Ning Chen just forget about Tian Muwan and start paying attention to Ji! (add little nun in the harem too XD )


  2. Lol, but I feel bad for Tian Muwan. She didn’t think that her best friend would lie to her. I mean… it was her fault for not even meeting up with the Ning Chen… but really though… she can’t be completely blamed.


    1. I have to say that I disagree with you and I just had a big wall of text which is now gone so I will just say that her own arrogance and assumptions has cost her her boyfriend which made her more happy than she was the decade before or something like that and now had to pay the price and unfortunately his sister too

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      1. Exactly, she didn’t even take the time to ask him for an explanation and instead humiliate him in the worst posssible way, she don’t deserve him at all and I’m really glad by this last chapter’s line. Hopefully we will never see again, his sister though is another story, pretty sad; would’ve liked to see them discovering his corpse.

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  3. As usual the harem is rushed and handled badly but the story itself is still interesting so I’ll just look over that. I’m still kind of waiting for the story to hit its charm point though.

    The cultivation seems like the usual and the MC isn’t anyone special. The biggest asset of the novel so far are the developments outside of the romance area. They’ve been slightly less generic even if the MC almost sent them down that road once or twice.

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