Chapter 0021 – Golden Cicada Fruit

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Translated By – DemonKiller, MeTaL MaX
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Chapter 0021 – Golden Cicada Fruit

Both these man and woman who came over, obviously also knew Sister He.

“There is, we will be leaving shortly.” Sister He said extremely loudly.

In a very short period of time, Sister He immediately gathered the five people. Ning Cheng and An Yi, along with the other people, followed Sister He to her beast carriage. This beast carriage actually was no better than the ordinary small commercial vehicles back on his planet Earth.

Pulling the carriage weren’t horses but rather a beast which Ning Cheng had seen previously. Ning Cheng had originally seen this kind of beast in the Cang Le City, only that beast he had seen was pure white in colour, this one however was of a mixed colour. Ning Cheng had listened to Jian Su Jie whistling for her horned beast once, she seemed to call it as Xiao Shi.

This horned beast was to pull such a big carriage and furthermore, there were also many people in it, would it be able to pull it? In the beginning, Li Shao’s carriage, which they were travelling in previously, only had two horses pulling it.

“Get in, we will immediately leave.” Sister He spoke and then proceeded to occupy the driver’s seat.

Ning Cheng and An Yi, along with the other people went inside the carriage, only to find that there was already a person sitting inside it. The person was an old man, with the same cultivation level of Qi Gathering 3rd Level. Even though the old man was at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, Ning Cheng felt that this old man’s cultivation level was many times fiercer than Feng Fei Zhang’s.

The elderly man saw Ning Cheng and the five other people getting on the carriage, he merely swept a glance towards them and then continued to keep his eyes closed. In just this brief moment when this old man opened and closed his eyes, Ning Cheng felt a wave of Killing Intent. Ning Cheng knew this Killing Intent was not directed towards him or other people in here, but it was because this old man had an incorporeal Killing Intent on his body. Clearly, this person was an extremely dangerous killer and had killed many in the past.

An Yi sat right next to Ning Cheng, she had also felt that old man’s Killing Intent. She chose to sit close to Ning Cheng and didn’t dare to look at the elderly man.

Sister He sat in the seat of the driver, took out a whip and immediately whipped it in front of her, the horned beast immediately let out a loud roar, and stomping its foot on the ground it immediately rushed out. Such a large carriage was easily pulled by it, unexpectedly there wasn’t even a lag of half a minute.

Not only that, but the speed of the carriage also was not slow, the only thing a bit troubling was that the carriage was a bit bumpy. Ning Cheng and the others who were sitting in this bumpy carriage, could clearly see the scenery outside through the transparent window.

The people who were sitting in the carriage had all experienced so many life and death situations, that even their eyes were filled with matchless cruelty. Ning Cheng and An Yi understood at a glance that most of the people here had experienced killings, since these two people were going to the Mingot Sea, besides Feng Fei Zhang’s thoughts of helping them, the other three people were sneering in their hearts and minds that Ning Cheng and An Yi were just trying to court death by going there.

“This should be the virtuous husband and wife, Miao Xiu Ming and Tian Fei, right? I have heard so much about you, to sit with you in the same carriage is a great honour for this Feng.” Feng Fei Zhang said with great enthusiasm and warmth, and took the initiative to greet the man and woman sitting opposite to him and even gave them a respectful fist salute while speaking.

The man with the red scar on his face did not think that Feng Fei Zhang actually knew him, but he was not surprised. Although his cultivation was low, but coupled with his wife and working together for many years, they were not afraid of facing against even a strong Qi Gathering cultivator. Along the edges of the Mingot Sea, they had built up a bit of small fame and reputation for themselves.

“Yes, I am Miao Xiu Ming, and this here is my wife ……” the man with the red scar on his face had not finished speaking, when he noticed Ning Cheng staring at his wife. It was obvious that he was uncomfortable with others staring at his wife.

Feng Fei Zhang also found Ning Cheng to be rather rude, and quickly coughed, this made Ning Cheng come back to reality, with some awkwardness he cupped his fist, but did not explain anything. He knew that this kind of thing, there was no way he could provide a satisfactory explanation.

When he heard that the woman sitting opposite to him was named Tian Fei, he had unconsciously thought of Tian Mu Wan, after some time of being lost in his memories, he ended up staring at Tian Fei, in fact in his eye’s was not Tian Fei’s image but rather Tian Mu Wan’s.

Seeing Ning Cheng did not continue to be impolite, Miao Xiu Ming also did not attack him. But he had a heart to teach Ning Cheng a lesson, he then specifically looked at An Yi who was sitting beside Ning Cheng. An Yi had a white turban wrapped around her head and was wearing a plain blue robe, before he was basically inattentive. But when Miao Xiu Ming looked at An Yi closely, his heart suddenly started to beat faster.

According to him, An Yi was too pretty and delicate, just like a fairy in human form. She sat there quietly, just like a crystal clear white lotus. He had seen many beautiful women before, but he had not seen someone like An Yi, who was very pure looking, which made his heart beat go faster.

This woman was too pure, he must get his hands on her, Miao Xiu Ming inwardly said to himself as he clenched his fists.

“I don’t know if Brother Miao heard of the Golden Cicada Fruit?” Feng Fei Zhang quickly changed the subject, and took the initiative to speak the first sentence.

Hearing the words of Feng Fei Zhang, Miao Xiu Ming returned to reality and immediately said, “Is Brother Feng talking about the Lansha Island in the waters of the Mingot Sea where the Golden Cicada Fruit grows?”

Feng Fei Zhang laughed and said, “Brother Miao really has heard of it, truthfully if I could get a Golden Cicada Fruit, then I would not have to break my back scavenging in the Mingot Sea and could comfortably live out my entire life till I die.”

Miao Xiu Ming seemed to have forgotten about the insolent thing that Ning Cheng did, it seemed he did not mind, and said, “The Lansha Island is something that people could go in but cannot return. Recently, I heard that a team did go in, but none of them ever came out. Furthermore, Golden Cicada Fruits are something that we cannot touch. Even if one did manage to get a Golden Cicada Fruit, it would lead to him dying faster.”

Feng Fei Zhang did not know that Miao Xiu Ming had already set his eyes on An Yi, he just meant to divert his attention of Miao Xiu Ming from Ning Cheng, now that he heard Miao Xiu Ming speak, he immediately nodded and said, “True, even if we were able to obtain the Golden Cicada Fruit, and not get killed in the process, there is no way that just the Golden Cicada Fruit would help one create a True Condensation Pill.”

Ning Cheng had recently studied about all kinds of Spiritual Grasses. including the names and uses of many different Spiritual Grasses, this Golden Cicada Fruit was a type of Spiritual Fruit that he had read about. It was classified as a Rank 3 Spiritual Grass, and can be refined into a pill, by refining into a pill it could be useful to the cultivators in all the nine Qi Gathering Levels. What Feng Fei Zhang meant was that, even if an ordinary cultivator got his hands on the Golden Cicada Fruit, he would not be able to refine it into a pill. That was because where would he be able to find a Pill Master to make a pill for a Qi Gathering Realm cultivator?

In fact, Ning Cheng also realized that Feng Fei Zhang had another hidden meaning, in fact not to mention that even if there was no way for one to refine the Golden Cicada Fruit into a True Condensation Pill, it can still be refined into a medicinal elixir, but with his cultivation level how would he be able to take it? They were only cultivators of the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, while at worst only the cultivators of at the Qi Gathering 9th Level could use the refined elixir.

The old man who had his eyes closed and which were filled with Killing Intent, said, “In fact the Lansha Island is not so terrible, once you know about the Array Formations around it, you can easy and safely come and go from there. However, if you want to get the Golden Cicada Fruit, then the opportunities for that is very low.”

“What?” the old man’s words immediately attracted Feng Fei Zhang, Miao Xiu Ming, Tian Fei and the other three people, they just couldn’t believe what the old man has just said.

An Yi kept her head down, she did not hear the conversation between the couple of people clearly. Although Ning Cheng had heard it clearly, but he was not interested in it. Regardless of what this man said was true or not, even if it was true, if he got the Golden Cicada Fruit it would not be useful to him. Moreover, he had also affirmed that the old man’s words were not really dishonest.

But he also believed that Feng Fei Zhang, Miao Xiu Ming and the other people also did not believe the old man’s words, they were just surprised that the words of the old man were too far off the mark according to them.

“You may think that my words are a lie, I can tell you clearly, there is not even half a word that I spoke was false. The Lansha Island is not far away, but if you are going to search for the Golden Cicada Fruit then you need have a great luck and opportunity.” The old man continued.

Miao Xiu Ming could not help but ask, “My friend, since the Lansha Island can be easily entered, then why are so many cultivators who enter the Lansha Island are unable to come out?”

“That’s because they don’t understand the Array Formations outside and inside it, the outside of the Lansha Island is enveloped in sea fog, in fact, this fog is a Battle Array Formation. But only on the 15th day of each month can one hope to enter the island. Also one must have a person who is proficient in Array Formations with them. I was able to enter the Lansha Island many times, and was also able to come out, it is precisely because I am proficient in Array Formations.” The old man said proudly, his voice had a trace of disdain in it.

“My friend, you say that you have been to the Lansha Island a few times? The Lansha Island in the Mingot Sea?” Feng Fei Zhang could still not believe it and asked again, he felt that this old man did not seem to be lying.

After hearing Feng Fei Zhang ‘s words the old man despite having despised them, said with some decadence in his voice, “Although I have been in and out of Lansha Island many times, but it did not mean that I was able to obtain anything good. I have even seen a Golden Cicada Fruit, but I was never able to get it, urgh!”

“You have seen the Golden Cicada Fruit?” This sentence almost made Feng Fei Zhang, Miao Xiu Ming and the three others to jump out and ask.

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