Chapter 0023 – Frenzied Escape

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Chapter 0023 – Frenzied Escape

From the glimpse of the two shadows fighting against each other, Ning Cheng could only think of escaping. Originally when he had arrived at the peripheral area of the Mingot Sea, he saw the same two shadows flashing past them, the impression that those two shadows gave him was too deep.

The herculean horned beast being cut in half, creating a huge gully of several feet on the hard road, plus the terrible explosion from behind. How could Ning Cheng not know, that it was a fight between two powerful masters?

This kind of fight, if one chose to remain here, it would only result in their death, only by running far away would one be able to escape. The two masters fighting wouldn’t care about him, a measly cultivator at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, so he could only flee, the faster and farther he could go the better.

As to the direction in which he escaped, Ning Cheng knew that he would have to run away from the old man in the future. He was obviously thinking about how to escape from the business of the old man, now that had the chance, he obviously took the direction opposite to the one taken by the old man. And he was also certain that this Taoist Pu would not care to deliberately escape in his direction, he estimated that he himself would be eager to run a little faster.

After the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn, An Yi who was still in Ning Cheng’s bosom whispered in Ning Cheng’s ear, “Big Brother Ning, I can run by myself, will you release of me.”

Ning Cheng was hell bent on escaping, even now, he did not realize that he was embracing An Yi tightly in his bosom right now.

Ning Cheng released An Yi, and at the same time he was rejoicing in his heart, the two masters that were fighting did not come this way, if those two people had come their way, they most definitely would be dead.

An Yi also followed Ning Cheng as they fled, and asked, “Big Brother Ning, do you not want to form a team with Taoist Pu and the others?”

An Yi may not have understood what had happened, but she was not stupid, she was very clear that Ning Cheng was just putting up an act at that time.

Ning Cheng then remembered that he had forgotten something in the beast carriage, and rushed back to retrieve the two route maps that were thrown on the ground, wrapped them in his bag and handed it to An Yi and said, “An Yi, can you keep this bag in your Storage Bag?”

“I can” An Yi nodded, and did not think, she directly put Ning Cheng’s bag into the Storage Bag. And then she asked, “Do we still have to escape now?”

“We not only have to escape, but also have to speed up, we will change our direction a little, the farther we go the better.” Ning Cheng spoke, while he shifted his direction slightly and continued to crazily run.

Of course An Yi also followed Ning Cheng, wherever he went she would also follow immediately.

An Yi and Ning Cheng were cultivators at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, so when these two people put all their strength into rushing to escape, then their speed was extremely fast. After running for almost the entire day, the sky was already darkening, when the sound of waters hitting the reef reached them, Ning Cheng stopped and said, “We should be close to the beach, let’s not continue to run, and first find a place to hide.”

Ning Cheng had just finished speaking, when a shadow fell down from the air in front of them with a “bang” sound.

This unexpected sound, made Ning Cheng scared, and he pulled back An Yi and withdrew several meters, he could only see the back of the shadow that fell from the sky.

A wretched man was lying completely covered in blood on the beach, it was clear that this man was the shadow that fell from the air previously. His head was just half an inch away from a huge rock. He did not know if this person had a huge luck or if he had controlled his fall.

“The two of you, please do me a favour ………” This bloodstained man did not faint. On the contrary, he called out to Ning Cheng and An Yi in a weakened voice.

Ning Cheng did not move, he saw An Yi taking a step forward, and immediately pulled her back. In this world he had seen many injured people, and he was also kind to them. But this man that had landed on the beach, although he was seriously injured, but they could still not perceive his cultivation level. Ning Cheng could vaguely guess, that this person maybe even more powerful that the cultivators in the True Condensation Realm.

But there was also one other reason why Ning Cheng was not willing to come forward to help, because he could sense that this person in front of them was the same person who had killed the horned beast while fighting in the air. A fight that disregarded the lives of the innocent, he definitely was a person who was extremely cruel and merciless.

“I was plotted secretly by the other person, the two of you please look at this fellow, in turn I will also help the two of you.” This injured man still said earnestly.

Ning Cheng whispered to An Yi, “An Yi, you just follow me one step behind.”

An Yi did not question Ning Cheng, if Ning Cheng wants her to follow him, she would naturally tightly follow behind him.

The man lying on the ground who was injured, seeing Ning Cheng and An Yi come towards him, he took a deep breath and said, “Thank you, my two friends, I am a person from the Mingot City, I will surely thank the two of …….”

Ning Cheng quickly said, “It is not necessary, just as you said, we are all fellow humans, helping a kindred soul is really nothing.”

Ning Cheng was not able to determine if the person in front of him was someone who disregarded human life, his heart was also wary, but he also knew that regardless of if he really was or not, this person’s cultivation level was definitely millions of times stronger than him. Fortunately, the person in front of them was severely injured, to the point that he could not even get up.

Ning Cheng was just less than two feet away from this man, when suddenly without warning Ning Cheng pulled An Yi and fell down to the side. Two feet was the most threatening distance for a Wind Edge Technique, in Ning Cheng’s view, even if the other person was injured, even if their cultivation level was higher, the amount of Qi that was available to him was limited. He reasoned that in addition to the Wind Edge Technique and the Fireball Technique, there should not be any other spells that he could cast at the moment.

Regardless of the Wind Edge Technique or the Fireball Technique, this two feet distance was the most threatening. No matter what the opposite party would do, he would first go into hiding. Otherwise, even if the opposite party was severely wounded, he possibly would not be able to evade it.

“Puff……” two blood coloured Wind Edges, flashed beside Ning Cheng and An Yi before dying off.

Although Ning Cheng was able to escape, but he was still too slow, a Wind Edge had bit into his waist, and blood instantly spilled out.

Ning Cheng had taken the darkest path for insurance, if it wasn’t for his smart-aleck side, then both the Wind Edges would have sliced apart Ning Cheng and also An Yi who was behind him.

After the Wind Edges flew by, Ning Cheng almost at the same time was bombed by a Flame Edge. He felt that this Flame Edge was stronger than the Wind Edge. But this time, he did not choose to escape like previously, although this guy’s cultivation level was high, it was obvious that he was seriously injured.

Ning Cheng was long since ready for this Flame Edge, as he was vigilant all the time, with his vigilance he was only hurt a bit by the Wind Edge, how could he not be prepared to deal with this Fire Edge?

After Ning Cheng dodged the first Fire Edge, An Yi also reacted, as she immediately sent out two Wind Edges.

The man who had fallen to the ground did not expect that a mere Qi Gathering 3rd Level cultivator was able to avoid him within two feet of his Wind Edge. This was completely beyond his expectations, in his view, even if it was a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 4th Level, at this distance, his sneak attack would not be avoidable. Under his shock, he had not yet made the next move, when Ning Cheng’s Fire Edge had already reached him.

The Fire Edge accurately chopped through his waist, this man originally was completely covered in blood stains, and after this moment it was thoroughly dyed in his blood.

“This….” the man had only said a word, when the two Wind Edges from An Yi simultaneously arrived.

Ning Cheng certainly would not repent for what he did, this time he already understood the rules of survival in this world, one cannot absolutely be soft hearted when dealing with the enemy. Moreover, you must take the opportunity immediately, he was almost done with the Fire Edge when in the meantime he also sent out several Wind Edges.

This number of wind blades combined with An Yi’s together, directly spilt the man into several pieces.

When Ning Cheng killed Gu Fei for the first time, his hands were shaking, but because his life was threatened he ended up forgetting the fear of killing, and now when he had had killed this man who wanted to behead him, he only felt a slight discomfort.

But An Yi turned pale, this was the first time that she saw a murder. Fortunately, she was just an accomplice. Even if that was the case, she still did not understand that why this man had to die, she and Ning Cheng were just coming to save him, why would he kill his benefactor? If not for Ning Cheng, she would have definitely been killed.

Prior to this she had also saved Ning Cheng, but why was Ning Cheng so good to her? An Yi subconsciously glanced at the pale face of Ning Cheng, she suddenly remembered that Ning Cheng was also struck by a Wind Edge, quickly took out some medicinal powder and sprinkled it on Ning Cheng’s wound.

Ning Cheng was already at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, and had already contained the bleeding, now with An Yi’s powder, the wound did not bleed anymore.

An Yi felt relieved, in this world, perhaps other than Ning Cheng there were not many people in this world like her master.

Ning Cheng walked a few steps to the front of the man he had just killed, and lifted a Storage Bag from his waist with his hands.

At the same time, he searched that man’s body a few times, and pulled out a Jade Card. Ning Cheng simply did not look at the Jade Card and handed it to An Yi and said, “An Yi, we have to cast a fireball on this guy and then hurry and get out of here.”

An Yi knew it was not the time to question Ning Cheng and the two people simultaneously casted the Fireball Techniques. They continued this till the man’s body was burnt to a crisp charcoal, once the body turned to charcoal, Ning Cheng immediately threw it into the sea.

“Brother Ning, we just now ………” An Yi watched Ning Cheng in horror, she and her master lived in heart of the temple, and never before did they see such a thing. How long ago did she come out? She knew that this kind of thing would not be their first time.

Ning Cheng said in a deep voice, “Let’s go quickly, we have to get as far as possible, the sooner the better.”

The two people changed their direction again, and started to run desperately. After running for the whole night, when dawn was about to break, the two people, Ning Cheng and An Yi, stopped.

At this point there was a boundless reef forest in front of them, Ning Cheng found a cave below a huge rock. After the two people hid in the cave, only at this time they were able to catch their breath.

From the reefs outside, the sounds of the waves crashing could be heard, and there was even a hint of light, this made Ning Cheng’s heart, that was wound tight, to slowly relax a bit. He never would have imagined, that one day he would have to run this hard for his life.

“Big Brother Ning, how were you able to dodge so fast? If it were me, I wouldn’t even be able to escape the Wind Edges.” An Yi was still scared, if not for Ning Cheng pulling her out of the harm’s way, she would definitely be dead by the Wind Edge sneak attack of the man on the beach.

Ning Cheng just sighed and said, “When I was going, I felt that there were some problems, I really did not seem to be wrong indeed. You wait for me a bit, I have some heavy injuries, I need to heal them first.”

Ning Cheng did not have any good treatment methods, after he was injured last time, he was constantly using the modified Cultivation Method to get his injuries to recover faster, he was still using the same approach.

But when Ning Cheng hadn’t even completed a single cycle of circulating his Qi, his face immediately changed.

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