Chapter 0024 – Powerful Capabilities

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Translated By – DemonKiller, MeTaL MaX
Edited and Checked By – DemonKiller
Proofread By – CurlyAdi

Chapter 0024 – Powerful Capabilities

An Yi had been concerned about Ning Cheng, when she saw Ning Cheng’s expression change, she quickly asked, “What’s the problem?”

“I was just now circulating my Qi, when it suddenly appeared like…….” Ning Cheng did not finish his sentence, and then again said, “Now I get it.”

Then he immediately proceeded to take off his clothes, An Yi who was originally staring at Ning Cheng, seeing him suddenly take of his clothes, immediately blushed and turned her head away.

Her mind was pure, her being a young nun was not false, but it did not mean that she did not know about the distinction between the sexes. But she soon turned her head towards him once again, since she had not been together with Ning Cheng for one or two days, she completely believed and had complete faith in Ning Cheng. If Ning Cheng suddenly started to take off his clothes now, then he must have done it with some important reason.

“Indeed it is as I expected.” Ning Cheng looked and touched the black scar on his chest and said while gnashing his teeth.

“Is that a mark of a Talisman?” Although An Yi had not seen such a thing, but her master had told her about it, she could immediately discern it with a glance, that the black scar on his chest was definitely a mark of a Talisman. As long as one had this mark, even if they walked far away, the person who was marked by the symbol can be found with the help of the original Talisman.

Ning Cheng had also read about the mark of a Talisman in the Ning Clan’s Cultivation Manual, and when he had just tried to complete one circulation cycle of the Qi a moment ago, he suddenly felt uncomfortable. In his body there seemed to be a piece of something that should not exist in his body, this thing kept him from cultivating with ease.

“It really is a mark of a Talisman.” After listening to An Yi’s words, Ning Cheng was sure that he was not wrong.

This symbol on his chest was in the shape of the character Lu (箓). As long one can get their hands of this kind of Talisman, if one would even touch it, the mark would be mysteriously attached to their body, ordinary people simply would not be able to notice it.

Ning Cheng immediately became infuriated, this Talisman’s mark directly rushed from the pit of the stomach to his chest, and formed a faint black light in front of his chest. Just as the symbol rushed out, at the same time, Ning Cheng also casted a fireball on it, burning the mark of the Talisman without a trace.

Although Ning Cheng’s level of Fireball was very low, but it was enough to be able to burn down the mark of the Talisman, this also showed that the level of the symbol was also low.

“Fortunately, I was just trying to concentrate on circulating my Qi just a moment ago, otherwise if the old Taoist Pu ended up finding me, I would really not be able to escape.” Although Ning Cheng saw that the symbol mark had been burned off, he still had a lingering fear.

An Yi was astonished when she saw Ning Cheng do that and said, “Brother Ning, my master said that, there was no way to run away from the mark of the Talisman. If it was a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 7th Level, then he could be able to find it from the response of his body. But an ordinary cultivator has no way to force out the mark of the Talisman, how did you do it?”

Ning Cheng immediately thought of the modified Cultivation Method and said with some uncertainty, “My Cultivation Method is a bit special. Fortunately, it was lucky that you did not have a look at those copies of the map of Lansha Island, if you had looked at them then we would have been finished. I am sure that this mark of the Talisman was placed on me through that map, this Taoist Pu is really sinister, he was definitely scheming for something.”

An Yi also nodded and said, “Yes Big Brother Ning, if I had the symbol mark, I would certainly would not be able to find it. Maybe I would have to strip naked to let you carefully find it.”

When Ning Cheng heard An Yi speak, although An Yi was speaking about the wellbeing of both of them, it still felt a bit hilarious. How could he let An Yi strip and help her slowly find the symbol? But Ning Cheng sensed that what An Yi said, it certainly wasn’t funny, she would definitely have to undress to find the symbol, otherwise how would they be able to escape that Taoist Pu?

Seeing Ning Cheng put on his cloths, the previous awkwardness in An Yi was long gone, and she took the initiative again and put the medicinal powder on Ning Cheng’s wound,

After wearing the clothes, Ning Cheng felt helpless, if he could not raise his cultivation, then he did not know if his decision to come to the Mingot Sea was right or wrong? He had chosen to come to the Mingot Sea Area partly because his parents had gone missing here.

When he had not been reborn, he would often dream about this, as he had been living in the Cang Qin Province for his entire life. Now that dream had finally become a reality, but Ning Cheng was still a bit suspicious, it was as if the body in which he was reborn into was not that of a stranger, but rather his past life.

It was also because of this, that he in his life on Earth did not have any affection towards his parents.

Ning Cheng knew that he had acquired the Storage Bag of the man from the beach, he desperately wanted to look at what was in the Storage Bag, and thus took out the Storage Bag, but still held back the idea, and instead he first took out the Jade Card he had picked up from him.

The light in the reef cave was very weak, but the words on the Jade Card were very clear, it read, Blue Flame 4 Star Academy’s Third Elder, Xue Tai Chu.

He did not know if the status of a Third Elder in an Academy was high or not, but Ning Cheng was very clear about the status of a 4 Star Academy. A 4 Star Academy was equivalent to a true country, Cang Qin Province was just a small vessel state, forced with nowhere to go, he ended up killing an elder of a 4 Star Academy, once this was out, would he still have a chance to survive?

Ji Luo Fei’s Aunt was merely an errand teacher of the 5 Star Academy, but at Cang Qin Academy, she could go anywhere she wanted. This Xue Tai Chu was an Elder; their positions couldn’t be compared in any way.

An Yi also saw the sign on top of the character, she was somewhat worried and asked, “Big Brother Ning, are we in trouble?”

Ning Cheng again looked at the Jade Card, that he had just acquired, stood up, shook his head and spoke, “There is no trouble, as long as we don’t meet anyone from Blue Flame 4 Star Academy. The most important thing right now is to improve one’s own cultivation level, if there comes a day where we can surpass the Essence Building Realm, then a 4 Star Academy would also be nothing to worry about.”

Ning Cheng comforted An Yi but his own heart, however, wasn’t. He didn’t know of the capability of a 4 Star Academy, previously, a Cultivator at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level was able to put a mark of a Talisman on his body without him noticing, this 4 Star Academy’s Elder and that cultivator were clearly not on the same level, there was difference of over ten million times. Could one find two of such of existences as easily? Ning Cheng didn’t dare want to find out.

Grabbing the Storage Bag, he looked over it for a long while, only then did he ask, “An Yi, how do you open this Storage Bag?”

An Yi immediately explained, “We at the Qi Gathering Realm don’t possess a Spiritual Sense, but rather we have Spiritual Thought. We can use our Spiritual Thought to communicate with the Storage Bag, if it doesn’t open, we can slowly try lift the Restrictions put on it. However, ……”

An Yi spoke till lifting the Restrictions, she immediately recalled that lifting Restrictions required one to have some knowledge about Restriction Techniques. Whether Ning Cheng understood them or not, she was not clear on it.

Ning Cheng knew about Spiritual Thought, after An Yi finished speaking, he immediately used his Spiritual Thought to communicate with the Storage Bag in his hand. But, Ning Cheng immediately became aware that this was useless. This Storage Bag completely lacked any reaction when he tried to communicate with it through his Spiritual Thought. Afterwards, he could only try touching the strange seal, but these seals were all similar to iron locks which he could not open.

An Yi saw that Ning Cheng didn’t understand anything about Restrictions, so she simply took out a book and gave it to Ning Cheng while saying, “Big brother Ning, this is a Basic Array Formation Methods book given to me by my master, you can take a look at it.”

If it was something else, Ning Cheng would certainly not welcome it, since at present he didn’t quite even understand spell techniques, and right now, as he could not open the Storage Bag so he couldn’t know what was inside this Storage Bag. Therefore, seeing An Yi handing over the books on the Basic Array Formation Methods, Ning Cheng did not hesitate to receive it, after a moment of thought, he opened the book.


An Yi stared blankly at Ning Cheng, as Ning Cheng consecutively read the book for three hours, she could only see him unceasingly flipping over the pages of the book, he only stopped for a moment when he made some gestures with his hands, his facial expression also constantly changed as he continued to read.

These were all Array Formations, coming into contact with Array Formations for the first time, when master was teaching her, she was only able to learn up to the third page. When she was able to comprehend those three pages, her master said that she was a genius, but compared to her Big Brother Ning, just what was going on with him?

An Yi really wanted to ask Ning Cheng, but she was afraid that she would annoy him. She could only silently wait for Ning Cheng to wake from reading that book on Foundation Array Methods, only after that, could she ask him.

Ning Cheng could not know what An Yi was thinking. From the time he opened up the book, he could only see that there were various types of Array Formations, many technical terms relating to the Array Formations and also the descriptions of the positions of the various Array Flags required, their refinement and explanations including their uses………

These all naturally formed and fixed themselves in his mind, even before his consciousness appeared to correct them, allowing him to not only understand these stuffs, but also helping him in automatically correcting these Fundamental Array Formations.

At this point, in his mind, there emerged another Array Formation Method, this method was based on the original Array Formation Method. However, this newly formed method, was formed by modifying the original method and automatically correcting it to form an even more comprehensive Array Formation.

The vast knowledge of the Array Formations and Ning Cheng’s automatically correcting consciousness combined, made Ning Cheng appear as if he was a sponge soaking water.

His formidable comprehension ability and powerful memory played a very big role at this time.


At a place, several hundred kilometres away from Ning Cheng, four people were forced together in a difficult situation. These four people were exactly the ones who had travelled with Ning Cheng in the beast carriage, who were getting ready to team up to go to Lansha island together.

“Those two people fighting in the air are absolutely in the later stages of the Essence Building Realm, what a terrible power.” Feng Fei Zhang spoke with a lingering fear in his heart.

Miao Xiu Ming and Tian Fei also nodded, very much approving Feng Fei Zhang’s words. That battle in the gorge, they, together with few others had been able to see. If they had been even a little bit slow in escaping, the after-effects of that battle could have very well killed them.

“Hey, how come those two have still not returned? Could they not have been able to escape?” said Miao Xiu Ming when he saw that Ning Cheng and An Yi hadn’t arrived. Even if Ning Cheng hadn’t been able to escape, however An Yi, with her dewy like appearance, if she was killed, then it would make him feel a great sense of shame.

Taoist Pu slightly smiled and replied, “Those young people ought to be very clever, I clearly saw him rush out first, their escape should not be a problem. I was able to see the direction in which they ran, but since they have still not arrived till now, I estimate that they probably weren’t able to find us, we will continue to walk in the direction in which they escape.”

Feng Fei Zhang also nodded in agreement, the Mingot Sea was not very far, once they were able to find Ning Cheng and An Yi, they can arrive at the Mingot City in a day’s time.

When Taoist Pu spoke of locating Ning Cheng and An Yi, there was no objection from any of them, not because they were afraid of Ning Cheng. But because Ning Cheng and An Yi had a copy each of the Lansha Island’s map, if it was not taken away from Ning Cheng, then for them, it would not be a good thing.

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