Chapter 0025 – Information About The Mysterious Yellow Qi

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Translated, Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller
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Chapter 0025 – Information About The Mysterious Yellow Qi

“Brother Pu, why did you stop walking?” Seeing Taoist Pu stop walking, Feng Fei Zhang asked in a puzzled voice.

Taoist Pu’s face changed slightly, but he still continued to walk forward for a kilometre and then stopped again, this time he did not wait for the rest for the people and took the initiative to speak, and said, “Brother Feng, I guess Ning Cheng and his cousin An Yi could not escape that disaster, we might as well go the Mingot City and then find a few more people, what do you say?”

The reason why Taoist Pu said this was because he saw Ning Cheng drop the two copies of the route map. He had placed a mark of a Talisman on each of the copies of the route map that he had handed out before and thus he had the confidence that he could search for them easily. Even if he saw him take away the two route maps, but because his connection to the mark of the Talisman that he had placed on them was completely cut off, he could no longer sense them, and thus he stopped.

Whether Ning Cheng and An Yi was dead or if they managed to escape, at least for now, he had no way to find out.

This Taoist Pu was very clever, since he did not leave to pick the route map that was in the possession of Ning Cheng, the remaining few people also had no suspicion towards his words. Now that this Taoist Pu said that it would be hard to find Ning Cheng, and in addition also proposed to go to the Mingot City to look for more partners, they obviously did not have any objections to it.

Taoist Pu was the one who handed out the route map, if he himself doesn’t mind to recover it, why would the others care about it?


When Ning Cheng opened his eyes, the book was almost one third finished, he immediately saw An Yi staring at him.

“An Yi, why are you looking at me like that?” Although Ning Cheng asked this, he was still immersed in the joy of studying the basic Array Formations, he now felt that he had been exposed to such a new and vast field. He finally understood what Array Formations stood for, what the so called Restrictions were, and why and how Arrays Formation operated.

“I did not think you would be able to read hundreds of millions of words in one go, you see it’s already been three days and three nights since you started studying that book, are you not hungry?” An Yi implored, when she saw that Ning Cheng had finally woken up.

Before she had only heard her master say that one can get engrossed in trying to comprehend all kinds of things to such an extent that one would even forget themselves, and today she, for the first time, saw that someone could read almost a hundred million words in one go, completely forgetting about themselves.

When Ning Cheng heard what An Yi said, he immediately felt an intense hunger hitting him, but then he immediately smelt a strange smell coming from his body. By going into a three-day retreat while at the same time gaining enlightenment regarding the Array Formations, some of the impurities and odours were automatically squeezed out of his body.

“You wait for me for a while.” Ning Cheng embarrassingly mumbled these words to An Yi, and quickly climbed out of the cave, then he proceeded to take off his clothes and cleaned them along with his body in the seawater and also using his Dust Removal Technique he had learned before, after his clothes were thoroughly cleaned and odour free, only then did he put them back on and entered the cave again.

Seeing Ning Cheng come back clean and tidy, An Yi finally let out a smile. Then she took out a few pieces of dried rations and gave them to Ning Cheng and said, “It’s better if you first eat something.”

Ning Cheng couldn’t wait anymore and immediately swallowed the food down, and once again picked up the Storage Bag.

“Big Brother Ning, the Storage Bag should have some Restrictions placed, there is no way for you in three days to……” An Yi had not yet finished speaking, when she looked at Ning Cheng with shock in her eyes, and said, “Big Brother Ning Cheng, you actually are able to open the Storage Bag?”

Ning Cheng just laughed and said, “It is not that difficult, not difficult at all. The Restriction placed on it was very simple, I just casually looked at the books you gave for a few days and was ready to go.”

An Yi sat there dumbfounded for quite a while, and then said, “Big Brother Ning, for a cultivator, Array Formations Methods are the most difficult, it is even several times more difficult than cultivation, how can you say it that it is not difficult?”

“The Restriction placed on the Storage Bag was very simple, so…….” After Ning Cheng subconsciously said this sentence, he corrected himself and said, “Well, I can’t say that it was not difficult, at the beginning when I was examining it, I thought that half an hour to an hour would be enough to successfully dispel it, but apparently it will take several days more, it seems deploying the Array Formation is a bit harder than lifting a simple Restriction.”

Listening to Ning Cheng admit that Array Formations were a bit hard, An Yi also agreed with a nod. Her thoughts were simple and pure, one would think that she was a bit stupid compared to many smart and clever people like Ning Cheng. So seeing Ning Cheng laughing through the explanation, even then she agreed to it. As for Ning Cheng’s way of speaking, she had already gotten used to it.

On the usage of the Storage Bag, Ning Cheng had already familiarised himself with it. He raised his hands and brought out hundreds of white stones. These hundreds of white stones, seemed to contain an extremely rich Qi.

“Hey, these are pure Qi Gathering Stones. At that time, I only saw a dark yellow Qi Gathering Stone, but these stones are actually milky white, this really is a new thing.” Ning Cheng held a white stone as he heaved a sigh and said.

Ji Luo Fei in order to help him get a Qi Gathering Stone, went through a lot, and even almost got killed in obtaining it. Today, he was able to acquire more than 100 of these stones, and at the same time they were pure Qi Gathering Stones.

An Yi said from the side, “Big Brother Ning, the thing that you’re holding in your hands is not a Qi Gathering Stone, but a Spirit Stone. The thing in your hand is a Low Grade Spirit Stone, my master said that Spirit Stones are a top grade commodity.”

“Spirit Stone?” this was the first time that Ning Cheng heard the word ‘Spirit Stone’, but he felt that these two words were a more appropriate name for these pieces of stone.

An Yi just humphed and said, “A Low Grade Spirit Stone can be exchanged for a hundred Qi Gathering Stones, but this is just the starting market price. Qi Gathering Stones are generally used for cultivation by low level Qi Gathering Cultivators, although they are rare, they can still be found easily. But a Spirit Stone is a bit different, the Spiritual Qi contained in it is extremely rich. This helps in raising one’s cultivation level even more, initially my master had given me a Spirit Stone. This time you were able to get so many, you would now certainly be able to raise your cultivation level by several times.”

Ning Cheng suddenly realized, no wonder that this stone did not feel like a Qi Gathering Stone, he would now no longer have to gather many Qi Gathering Stones to quicken his cultivation speed. Originally a Qi Gathering Stone was a low level stuff, then, wouldn’t he be able to get 10,000 gold coins for a single Spirit Stone?

Then Ning Cheng realized that he was just thinking blindly, according to An Yi, a Spirit Stone was very precious, how could one be such a fool as to want to exchange a Spirit Stone for gold coins. Not to mention 10,000 gold coins, perhaps even if one was to offer tens of thousands of gold coins, one wouldn’t be willing to part with it.

“So to say, a high grade Spirit Stone can be exchanged for a hundred Low Grade Spirit Stone? A high grade Spirit Stone…….” Ning Cheng began to think the value of a High Grade Spirit Stone, suddenly he felt his heart yearn for it. Even if he could not cultivate with it, to hold a High Grade Spirit Stone was something that he wanted.

An Yi just shook her head and said, “Basically, a Medium Grade Spirit Stone can only be exchanged for 10 Low Grade Spirit Stone, and a high grade Spirit Stone can only be exchanged for a minimum of 10 Medium Grade Spirit Stone”

Ning Cheng also nodded and said, “That is also very substantial.”

Then, once again, Ning Cheng took out several jade bottles, many books, some other material along with some Spiritual Grasses from the Storage Bag. In addition, there was also a Flying Sword Type Artefact.

This let Ning Cheng a bit disappointed as he could not find any Flying Type Artefact. Although he knew that with his ability, he would not be able to handle a Flying Type Artefact, but this kind of Flying Type Artefact was something he was greatly interested in.

An Yi did not know why Ning Cheng’s heart was not satisfied, and continued to explain to Ning Cheng that, “The Storage Bag is already yours, but you need to refine it yourself and then place your own Restrictions on it. The Restrictions that you can place on the Storage Bag must be based on your own understanding about Restrictions, the higher you understand about Restrictions, the higher Restriction you can set on it.”

Ning Cheng nodded, leaving aside the jade bottles and the Spirit Stones, he put all the other stuff into the Storage Bag. He then took 20 of the Spirit Stones and giving them to An Yi said, “An Yi, if we want to go adventure in the Mingot Sea, our cultivation level currently is too low. Now I am going to use the Spirit Stones to begin cultivating, you can also use these Spirit Stones for your cultivation. Once we have a person promoted to the Qi Gathering 4th Level, then we would not have to be afraid of that Taoist Pu. These bottles, see which of them can be of use to you, I would like to continue cultivating now, you must not disturb me in my cultivation.”

Ning Cheng was fully aware that his cultivation level was very poor, but now with the help of the Spirit Stones, he was anxious to know if he could advance to the Qi Gathering 4th Level. If the Spirit Stones could not help him get through, then he really would have no way of advancing.

So he took the Spirit Stones, after giving 20 of them to An Yi, he immediately began to cultivate. He did not even get up to block the entrance of the cave, nor did he even arrange an Array Formation.

An Yi’s experience when compared to Ning Cheng was still low, Ning Cheng did not remember to arrange an Array Formation, but that did not mean she would not know about it. But she deeply agreed with the words of Ning Cheng, that indeed their cultivation levels were very low.

So after getting the Spirit Stones, they began to cultivate. Thus, these two inexperienced people, in this unsuspecting place started their closed door cultivation without closing the doors.


Ning Cheng was deeply immersed in the joy of absorbing the rich Qi from the Spirit Stones, how long ago did he feel such a sensation of letting him lose himself in cultivation.

But this was not what surprised him the most, what surprised him the most was that the Cultivation Method that he was practicing was revised again in his mind. The Qi that had not appeared in his Meridians for a long time appeared again

This continuous circulation of Qi in the Meridians, let Ning Cheng vaguely feel that his Qi was steadily increasing. After continuously circulating the Qi for a day, his Meridians constantly developed and expanded. Although it just expanded a little bit, it gave Ning Cheng the feeling as if it opened up a completely new world for him.

In his mind, because of the new and improved Cultivation Method, it made Ning Cheng completely abandon the Ning Clan’s Cultivation Method, and get immersed in this new world.

Ning Cheng did not know how long he had been sitting while cultivating, Ning Cheng could hear his body giving out a crisp and resounding sound “Bang”, strong Qi started circulating in his Meridians, this allowed Ning Cheng to know that he successfully advanced to the Qi Gathering 4th Level.

Between the Qi Gathering 3rd Level and the 4th Level was a sort of barrier, making a lot of people unable to break through even with the help of Spiritual Grasses and other medicines, but unexpectedly he was able to break through. This made Ning Cheng filled with joy, at the same time he started to consolidate his cultivation level, while continuing to absorb the Qi as he continued to circulate it throughout his body.

Suddenly a faint yellow light appeared in his mind, which made Ning Cheng surprised, he felt a hint of familiarity with this yellow light. It seemed to be mellow, yet it seems to be filled with vicissitudes of life, but at the same time also gave a comfortable feeling which was difficult to describe. Prior to this when he felt his Qi, his Qi now felt somewhat different.

As Ning Cheng focused all his attention on the yellow light before him in his mind, he felt his body shake, the next moment, he unexpectedly appeared in a world which was filled with a yellow mist.

“What is this place? An Yi, An Yi…….” just when Ning Cheng appeared in this place, he immediately woke up and hurriedly shouted for An Yi.

At this time, as if from an ancient time this information automatically entered and was directly imprinted in the mind of Ning Cheng, “The Mysterious Yellow Qi buried in the heavens and earth, flooding the universe……… It seemed like a truth, but looks like a tool……………… It filled the cracks of day and night, and spread through the stars…………………. It was said to be a divine truth……….”

At this moment, whether Ning Cheng was able to understand it or not, a heavy amount of information flew into the brain of Ning Cheng, letting him have no leeway for refusal.

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