Chapter 0026 – Formless Creation

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Translated By – DemonKiller, MeTaL MaX
Edited and Checked By – DemonKiller
Proofread By – CurlyAdi

Chapter 0026 – Formless Creation

Even if Ning Cheng’s mind was very tough, and even if his memory and comprehension ability also were incomparable to others, because so much information entered his mind, it made even him not able to adapt quickly enough to it. For a moment, Ning Cheng felt his brain was about to explode, the pain was simply intolerable.

Fortunately, over time, he knew that he could gradually sort out the matter. The place he was at, apparently was the inside of a bead, this bead was called the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

The Mysterious Yellow Bead was an object which could split the heavens and the earth and its full name was Good Fortune Mysterious Yellow Bead. Furthermore, there were four other magical treasure Artefacts on the same level as the Good Fortune Mysterious Yellow Bead, they were the Good Fortune Green Lotus, Good Fortune Jade Plate, Good Fortune Gold Leaf and the Good Fortune Indestructible Axe.

From the information he received, he came to know that the Mysterious Yellow Bead had seventeen owners till now, the one with the highest cultivation level who owned it before was called Qiang Xuang. The reason Qiang Xuang was able to have the highest cultivation level was because at the time when he had obtained the Mysterious Yellow Bead, he was still cultivating but still hadn’t stabilized his foundation.

The rest of the sixteen previous owners of the Mysterious Yellow Bead obtained the bead when they already had some small accomplishments in their cultivation, therefore they were not able to make the Mysterious Yellow Bead recognize them as its genuine master and so they were not able to enjoy the Mysterious Yellow Bead’s blessing. They were only able to get the Mysterious Yellow Bead’s Qi assistance which was specific to only to the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

The Mysterious Yellow Bead was a world in itself, it could produce the Mysterious Yellow Qi, by using which cultivators could not only improve their Spiritual Consciousness but also their Spiritual Root, it even automatically corrects the deviations of cultivator’s martial techniques. Moreover, the cultivating speed would be dozens or even hundreds of times more than the other cultivators. Not only that, spending long time in cultivating The Mysterious Yellow Qi could make one unequalled and without rival…….

Ning Cheng was quivering with excitement, but now he was fully awake. He was already extremely intelligent; then how could he not know about what he had obtained? He had obtained the Mysterious Yellow Bead, and this Mysterious Yellow Bead was able to produce the Mysterious Yellow Qi in unlimited quantity, if one was able to access it.

What was the Mysterious Yellow Qi, he originally didn’t know, but now his mind already had a plethora of information coming in like a herd of frightened cows, this let him clearly understand early on what the Mysterious Yellow Qi in the Mysterious Yellow Bead was.

“No wonder, the last time, in front of the Spiritual Root Testing Artefact, my Spiritual Root changed from a muddy yellow colour to a pale yellow colour, as it turns out, it actually because of the Mysterious Yellow Qi and was simply not my Spiritual Qi….” Ning Cheng’s heart was brimming to the full with astonishment and ecstasy, he knew that this bead was not an ordinary thing.

Ning Cheng was even more incomparably astonished from the information that he had received from within the Mysterious Yellow Bead, he almost could not believe that he had such a good luck.

Besides the Mysterious Yellow Bead, there was an even more formidable thing, and that was precisely the Mysterious Yellow Origin. If a person who had already started his cultivation and has already established his foundation, then if he/she obtained the Mysterious Yellow Bead at that point of time, they would simply be unable to become aware of the Mysterious Yellow Origin. Only those who had never cultivated before, after obtaining the Mysterious Yellow Bead and making it recognize them as its master, could they be able to obtain the Mysterious Yellow Origin.

Because Ning Cheng had never cultivated before and thus did not establish his foundation, he was able to obtain the approval of the Mysterious Yellow Origin of the Mysterious Yellow Bead. Although he still couldn’t fully utilize the Mysterious Yellow Origin, that was still okay for him as he was the first person who was truly acknowledged by the Mysterious Yellow Bead as its master. Although before him, seventeen others had owned the Mysterious Yellow Bead, but when they had obtained the Mysterious Yellow Bead, even the one who started with the lowest cultivation level, Qiang Xuang, had already established his foundation. Because Qiang Xuang had already established his foundation and thus was already cultivating Qi, he was unable to obtain the Mysterious Yellow Bead’s Origin. He could only use the Mysterious Yellow Qi, but could not gain the true approval of the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

It turns out, he was the first genuine master of the Mysterious Yellow Bead, but he didn’t know if he would be the last. Ning Cheng mumbled to himself, he was not at all clear about the real importance of the Mysterious Yellow Origin. That Qian Xiang, who had cultivated before he obtained Mysterious Yellow Bead, he was not sure if his Cultivation Method and his Qi Gathering Cultivation Level was the same with him or not.

Ning Cheng, at this moment, had completely forgotten that he was still within the Mysterious Yellow Bead, he was whole-heartedly thinking of ways to exploit this Mysterious Yellow Bead.

If Ning Cheng hadn’t obtained the information regarding the unrivalled rank of the Mysterious Yellow Bead, he might have blindly believed that this Mysterious Yellow Bead was indeed unrivalled without any peers. But the information he had obtained made him feel somewhat disdained towards this unrivalled rank. Because the previous seventeen people who had obtained this Mysterious Yellow Bead were all beheaded. If it really was of an unrivalled rank, moreover even had ‘Good Fortune’ in its name, how could those people have been killed easily?

He believed the information about the bead being unrivalled was left by the first true owner of the Mysterious Yellow Bead, otherwise how could it, on one side be unrivalled and on other side, let its owner get beheaded easily.

Ning Cheng did not know, that this information was only available to him, because he was the first genuine master of the Mysterious Yellow Bead. Other people may have obtained the Mysterious Yellow Bead in the past, but the information regarding the unrivalled rank of the Mysterious Yellow Bead was not provided to them by the Mysterious Yellow Bead, rather only by absorbing the Mysterious Yellow Qi which gave birth to their confidence.

Ning Cheng did not understand the meaning of the Bead’s Origin, but it didn’t mean that he didn’t comprehend that the Mysterious Yellow Bead could correct the Cultivation Methods with the help of the Mysterious Yellow Qi.

The Ning Clan’s Cultivation Method clearly couldn’t satisfy his current needs, He wanted to find a type of Cultivation Method which suited him through the means of the Mysterious Yellow Qi. Or, he could go find a high level Cultivation Method and correct it with the help of the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

Ning Cheng began to seek for information within his mind, he wanted to find a Cultivation Method which suited him. It was reasonable to say that since he was not the first owner of the Mysterious Yellow Bead, it was certain the predecessors would have left behind some information regarding Cultivation Methods.

However, even after half a day, Ning Cheng still didn’t find any information regarding Cultivation Methods, he was merely able to find a six-character Cultivation Method incantation, “Mysterious Yellow Formless Creation”.

[TL Note – The incantation is actually 6 characters (玄黄有形无相), but when translated to English it becomes 4 words.]

Ning Cheng did not understand what this “Mysterious Yellow Formless Creation” meant, even though his comprehension ability was one which went against the heavens, plus he was also bathed by the Mysterious Yellow Bead’s Origin and it was clear to understand. But in just a short period of time, Ning Cheng was only able to figure out what Mysterious Yellow Creation and Mysterious Yellow Formless were, but that alone was enough to shock him and had almost stood up.

Mysterious Yellow Creation, this made it so that if he come in contact with any kind of martial techniques, Magic Techniques, and through the means of cultivating within the Mysterious Yellow Bead, it could correct them and could also make them even more formidable. Although, Ning Cheng was aware of this point but he didn’t feel anything much.

What genuinely shocked Ning Cheng was the Mysterious Yellow Formless, this was the Mysterious Yellow Bead’s genuine Cultivation Method. This ‘Mysterious Yellow Formless’ was a special type of Cultivation Method, not only did it vary from person to person but also differed due to time and place. This was a type of transforming Cultivation Method, one could use the Mysterious Yellow Bead’s technique correction, but yet one could not always obtain a transforming Cultivation Method.

A Cultivation Method that could change at all times depending on the cultivators need, this was the genuine way of the heavens and earth, also called Mysterious Yellow Formless. Only by having the Mysterious Yellow Bead’s Origin, could one get the true Mysterious Yellow Formless. In other words, apart from Ning Cheng, all the previous owners only knew about Mysterious Yellow Creation.

Ning Cheng could not help being shocked, and stood up. With Mysterious Yellow Formless, he would simply not need any other Cultivation Methods, this practically was a Cultivation Method of all the other Cultivation Methods. As long as he wanted to cultivate, the Mysterious Yellow Bead would automatically provide pointers and even modify the Cultivation Method to suit his needs. All he had to do was, on one hand, absorb the Spiritual Qi and on other hand, cultivate according to the pointers provided by the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

Before Ning Cheng hadn’t cultivated, so his contact with the practice of cultivation was a short one when compared to his peers, even though he had reached Qi Gathering 4th Level, it was without anyone guiding him. If one must say that someone guided him, then that guide was the Mysterious Yellow Bead. Granted, he was not at all clear on this Mysterious Yellow Bead, but from the information he received from within it, he knew that it went against the heavens and also knew how terrifying its ability was first hand.

Mysterious Yellow Formless and Mysterious Yellow Creation, what could these methods accomplish? If this Mysterious Yellow Bead was so difficult to deal with, what about the other Good Fortune Treasures, were they also as difficult to deal with as the Mysterious Yellow Bead?

His only regret was, that he was unable to make use of the Mysterious Yellow Origin at the moment, likewise, he was unable to make use of Mysterious Yellow Formless. Although he was aware of the Mysterious Yellow Formless, his Cultivation Method still came through the other Cultivation Methods, that was because of the Mysterious Yellow Creation. Only after the day, when he could realize the Mysterious Yellow Origin, only then could he understand this Mysterious Yellow Formless.

Currently only Mysterious Yellow Creation met his needs. But at this moment Ning Cheng felt a strong pressure, he became surprised and felt uneasy, he began to look and analyse his surroundings. Only then did he discover, that the place where he was, was not big at all, merely several kilometres of circumference, and was surrounded by a yellow mist all around.

How do I get out of this place? Ning Cheng had only just thought of going out when, in the next moment, he was already standing inside the cave in which he was cultivating.

It was the same as the last time when he woke up after researching the Array Formation Methods, An Yi was still watching him. Only it was a bit different than last time, An Yi’s eyes this time had a shocked expression in them.

“Just what’s going on?” Ning Cheng and An Yi asked each other at the same time.

Ning Cheng did not know what had happened after he entered the Mysterious Yellow Bead, An Yi seemed to have seen something, and he quickly asked again, “An Yi, what did you see just now? Will you tell me.”

“I saw you disappear, and then in your place there was a pale yellow bead suspended in the air where you were and then you suddenly appeared again, what’s all this about?” An Yi asked as she was starting to panic.

Ning Cheng hesitated for a moment, he chose to believe in An Yi and said in a very solemn tone, “An Yi, I obtained a mysterious bead, it should be the one that you just saw. This bead is very precious, once people come to know about it, I would be killed immediately for it. So I think you should not tell anyone, not even your master………”

Ning Cheng was going to say that even if you and your master shared a close relationship, you must not say anything about it. But he immediately understood the relationship between him and An Yi, and it was far away from the relationship between An Yi and her master. Besides, An Yi’s master had died, even if An Yi wanted to share this information with her, she would not be able to.

But An Yi just prudently nodded, “I know it, you are my big brother, except my master, you are the only one dearest to me, I will not tell this to any other people.”

Ning Cheng was a little relieved, and then said, “This time I do not know how long have I been training, but unexpectedly I did not feel hungry, I estimate that I will be very hungry very soon…… Hey An Yi, did you also advance to the Qi Gathering 4th Level?”

Only at this point, Ning Cheng was able to discover that An Yi had also advanced to the Qi Gathering 4th Level, just like him, this really was a good thing for both of them.

An Yi finally showed a hint of a smile on her face and said, “Yes, Big Brother Ning, I have only used 3 Spirit Stones and was able to advance to the Qi Gathering 4th Level. When I had just woken up, I immediately saw a yellow bead in front of me.”

“That’s really good, since we have Spirit Stones for our cultivation, our cultivation speed is definitely much faster……” Ning Cheng was pleasantly surprised when he said this, the effect of using a Spirit Stones was very good, he had more than 100 hundred of those, so why would he be afraid of not being able to advance?

“But although you were also able to advance to the Qi Gathering 4th Level, but it seems the Spirit Stone’s effect on you is more……” An Yi said after she pointed to the Spirit Stone powder at the feet of Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng discovered that he had nearly used up a hundred of the Spirit Stones that he had obtained for advancing from the Qi Gathering 3rd Level to the Qi Gathering 4th level, he had actually spent that much for the advancement.

Ning Cheng, in his heart was very shocked, it was too late to think about it carefully, and he hurriedly started to cultivate, he wanted to see if he could cultivate without using the Spirit Stones. This let him thoroughly down, without the Spirit Stones, although he could still feel the Mysterious Yellow Bead in his Dantian, but he was unable to cultivate.

“What should I do now?” Ning Cheng was alarmed, he knew that he was very lucky in coming across the hundred pieces of Spirit Stones. But so many Spirit Stones were used up in advancing from the Qi Gathering 3rd level to the 4th level, how would he be able to continue practice from now?

With the help of this Mysterious Yellow Qi, his cultivation was indeed very fast, but it required a terrible amount of Spirit Stones for that.

An Yi suddenly said, “Here, Big Brother Ning, I have a few more dozen pieces of Spirit Stones, but I think we should first leave from this place. Before I saw the yellow bead, it seems that some of the light might have spilled outside, I fear that people might come to know about it, and would………”

“Haha, …….really now, there really is something here.” They were able to hear a laugh coming from the outside, then a man with face full of scars appeared in front of Ning Cheng and An Yi at the entrance of the cave.

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