Chapter 0091

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0091 – Clear Sky Command Medallion

Ning Cheng pulled aside a Qi Gathering Cultivator and asked, “Friend, I heard people say that as long as you secure 76 Points in the written exam, you will be selected to go to the Clear Sky Academy?”

This cultivator stared at Ning Cheng and was quite for a while. evidently he was speechless and said, “Did you just arrive at Mo Ze City? Do you even know what those 76 Points represent? You can go look at those big Array Formation Projection Screens that are displaying the results of the previous written rounds, then you will immediately come to know what a score of 76 Points represents.”

Ning Cheng looked in the direction of the finger pointed by the cultivator, and saw a row of 6 big screens that were actually formed from Array Formations. He walked to the front of the first Array Formation big screen, and immediately became clear on what that cultivator meant.

These 6 big screens displayed the results of the previous written exams that were conducted in the past few months. On the first big screen showed the result of the first written exam. The Array Formation screen showed the names of only 500 people. According to the rules of the preliminary round, where at each time only 5000 people could participate, the list only showed just a tenth of those participants.

The highest score for the first written exam was 71 points, while the person at the 500th place on the screen only had scored 10 points.

The second screen showed the result of the 2nd written exam, but the highest score for this round was 94 point, while the second place had only scored 63 points. It was the same with the 500th place which also had only 10 points.

Ning Cheng kept looking till the he reached the 4th screen which was showing the result of the 4th written exam, and finally discovered the person that was being talked about, the one that had scored 76 points, he had actually obtained the 3rd place in this 4th written exam.

The fifth big screen was black, because the 5th written exam had still not started yet, and so was the 6th big screen.

Ning Cheng found another person and asked, “Will this 6th big screen show the final ranking of the preliminary round? Or will the 2,500 people from the five big screens will directly enter the next round?”

“How could it be so simple? The 6th big screen will definitely show the final results of the ranking, but it isn’t like what you are thinking about. In the end, out of the previous 5 written exams which displayed the results of the 2,500 people, only the top 1,000 from them would be selected to participate in the next round. This rule of selection that they follow, is according to their scores which will be from the highest to the lowest.” The man explained.

“The topics of each of the five written exams are different, doesn’t that means the choice would be unfair to others?” Although Ning Cheng did not know that the topics for each of the several written exams were different, but he guessed that it should be different, otherwise wouldn’t the exam paper leak out already.

“Who said that it was absolutely fair? But since no one raised an objection, wouldn’t it mean that no one had a problem with it.” This person obviously did not know much.

Although Ning Cheng did not know on what topic would the questions in the preliminary written exam be, but he simply did not think much about it, there were still a couple of days before the 5th written exam begins. How could he not know how many times in his childhood had he given such written exams, the others may fear such written exams, but how could be afraid of such an exam?

At this time, he was making his way towards the Clear Sky Academy, he wanted to go ask about the Clear Sky Command Medallion if it could really be used at the Clear Sky Academy, what he wanted to ask was if he was able to represent the Clear Sky Academy in the written test if he used the Clear Sky Command Medallion. Even if he could not represent the Clear Sky Academy, there were still many stalls of various Sects and Academies in the plaza, so for him to find a spot to participate in the written exam from would be really easy.

Compared to some of the Lower Level Academies and sects that were completely overcrowded with people, there were only a very few people in front of the stalls of the big five 5 Star Academies. Everyone knew, that if you did not have a good Spiritual Root, then even standing in front of the 5 Star Academies would really be disgraceful.

“Excuse me……”

“What is the colour of your Main Spiritual Root?” Ning Cheng did not even finish what he wanted to say, when he was interrupted by a middle aged man sitting in front of the stall of for the Clear Sky Academy.

Ning Cheng had to say it, “I do not have a Main Spiritual Root……”

“Pa.” The middle aged man pounded the table, “Who let in a person who does not have a Main Spiritual Root? Do you think that a 5 Star Academy is a joke? If everyone was the same as you, then how would we even exist? Fuck off.”

Ning Cheng almost drew the Spear that he was carrying on his back, he was only a mere Qi Gathering cultivator, yet he still dared to be this arrogant.

“I would like to ask if you could join the Clear Sky Academy with the Clear Sky Command Medallion?” Ning Cheng still said with a stiff tone.

“What? Do really have the Clear Sky Command Medallion?” Surprise flashed on the face of the Qi Gathering middle aged man, as he immediately stood up, then even his tone also changed 180 degrees and said, “Can you bring out the Clear Sky Command Medallion? So that I could check it.”

Ning Cheng took out the Clear Sky Command Medallion and placed it in the hands of the middle aged man, this middle aged man kept looking at the Command Medallion in his hands over and over, as his face kept changing.

After more than ten breaths of time passed by, he finally muttered, “Where did you get this Clear Sky Command Medallion from? Did you receive it from an ancestor or did you get a hold of it accidently? Moreover, are you a rogue cultivator?”

Ning Cheng also did not want to hide it, and just said, “Yes, I indeed am a rogue cultivator, and I also obtained this Clear Sky Command Medallion by chance….”

The middles aged man’s eyes flashed with joy before it disappeared, then coughing slightly, his expression became dignified and he continued saying, “Do you have any requests?”

When Ning Cheng saw the face of the middle aged man, he could finally feel that this Clear Sky Command Medallion really had some use, and directly spoke out his thoughts, “I have a friend, and wanted to use this Clear Sky Command Medallion to let them join the Clear Sky Academy. If I may, I would like to ask, if I could use this Command Medallion to get a place to participate in the written test? If the second request is not good, then just let them join….”

“It’s OK, I know, that we can definitely satisfy your requests. I was already going to leave the Clear Sky Academy’s Stall, just fill in this form with all your details, and I’ll see to it that you have a spot to take part in the 5th written exam.” This middle aged man once again said while interrupting Ning Cheng’s words.

Ning Cheng felt that something was wrong, he had taken out the Clear Sky Command Medallion, not for a spot in the written exam, his main purpose was to use this Clear Sky Command Medallion to let Ji Luo Fei join the Clear Sky Academy. Then he would enter the Clear Sky Academy by taking the test, by doing it this way, both of them would be able to join the Clear Sky Academy, and take care of each other afterwards.

But this man just wanted to give him a spot in the written exam, and did not agree to the request of joining the Clear Sky Academy while using the quota.

Ning Cheng did not fill up the form, and once again asked a question, “My main request is not for a spot in the written test, but to join the Clear Sky Academy……”

This middle aged man gave a cold snort, and once again interrupted Ning Cheng’s words and said, “Every person who holds the Clear Sky Command Medallion, can make only one request, I have already satisfied one of your requests, if you dare cause a scene here, do not blame me to call the law enforcers here.”

Ning Cheng understood that this guy did not want to let go of the Clear Sky Command Medallion, this kind of a shameless guy, he had seen for the first time.

“Just give the Clear Sky Command Medallion back, I am not making any requests.” Ning Cheng said, although he really wanted to teach this middle aged person a lesson immediately, but he still held back his anger.

The middle aged man looked at Ning Cheng with disdain and said, “Do you think that the Clear Sky Command Medallion is child’s play? This is something that my Clear Sky Academy gives out extremely rarely, after it is used to complete a request, it will be taken back, moreover we have already agreed to your request. Hurry up and fill out the forms, otherwise just give up.”

Ning Cheng was filled with anger, in this Qi Gathering Cultivators eyes, it was clear that he was not afraid to make this affair a big one. He simply said with a crisp voice, “That being the case, then I’ll just have to rush in, and look for someone else to talk to, and see how a mere Qi Gathering Cultivator like you can make such a decision?”

This Qi Gathering Cultivator saw that Ning Cheng was not at all intimidated by him, and immediately panic flashed across his eyes, at this time, a man dressed in the scholarly garments of an Essence Building Cultivator from the Clear Sky Academy arrived. This Essence Building Cultivator glanced at the two people and asked in an unhappy tone, “Just what the hell is going on here?”

“Young Master Jing, this person has no Main Spiritual Root….”

This Qi Gathering Cultivator had not even finished yet, when the cultivator called Young Master Jing stared coolly at Ning Cheng and said, “This is a 5 Star Academy, moreover you do not even have a Main Spiritual Root, if you dare continue to cause trouble here, then do not blame me for not being polite.”

Ning Cheng did not continue to argue, he was already prepared on taking back the Clear Sky Command Medallion. This Essence Building Cultivator, although looked like a gentleman, but he knew that he would not even listen to his words, plus the way this Clear Sky Academy chose this kind of person for the enrolment of students, it was obvious to him that the Clear Sky Academy was really not that good.

Just when Ning Cheng wanted to take back the Clear Sky Command Medallion, he suddenly saw Lan Yin Yue, this Lan Yin Yue was following an old man who was an Essence Building Cultivator and seems to be heading this way. Ning Cheng did not continue to argue, and turned around and walked away. To him a Clear Sky Command Medallion was not that important. Taking revenge at this moment was not that important, he knew that if he had the opportunity, he would easily be able to deal with that Qi Gathering Realm cultivator of the Clear Sky Academy.

At this time for him to join the Clear Sky Academy, he absolutely did not have any interest in it. This Clear Sky Academy was at best only a 5 Star Academy, it was simply not worth him to fawn over it.

Moreover, he and Lan Yin Yue had huge grudge between them, and although he does not fear this woman, but by her side was still an Essence Building Cultivator which he really did not want to come in contact with.

If not for that, then with this kind of major opportunity presented to him, he would have already taken Ji Luo Fei and forced his way through.

When that Qi Gathering middle aged man saw that Ning Cheng actually did not argue and even turned away, he was completely ecstatic in his heart. He had already planned it out, that if Ning Cheng really spoke out about the Clear Sky Command Medallion, that he had taken the Clear Sky Command Medallion from Ning Cheng, then he would have said that he had already carried out the one request as per the instructions of the Clear Sky Command Medallion.

Using the Clear Sky Command Medallion to get into the Clear Sky Academy, was far from being that simple. With the Clear Sky Command Medallion, not only could you join the Clear Sky Academy, but can even select a Best Quality Artefact, and even get a hold of a True Grade Cultivation Method, much to the envy of others. Although he was one of the disciples of the Clear Sky Academy, but he was only an outer court disciple, once he could obtain the Clear Sky Command Medallion, then he could immediately get promoted to an Inner Court Disciple, and can then enjoy a wide range of benefits.

Even if had to give back the Clear Sky Command Medallion into Ning Cheng’s hands, he had planned that as long as he could grasp the perfect timing, he would then go and completely eradicate that Ning Cheng.


Although each written exam can have 5,000 people participating, but in fact, it was not that much. Ning Cheng went place to place from many of the 4 Star Academies to the 3 Star Academies, and had already inquired in about 20-30 stalls, but he still couldn’t get a spot.,

Although his true cultivation level was at True Condensation Realm, but he concealed his cultivation level to look like Qi Gathering 9th Level. Although the preliminary round’s written exam was the same for both the Qi Gathering and True Condensation Cultivators, but during the final results, they would be compared separately. Once they were separated, then his cultivation of True Condensation 1st Level would undoubtedly be the worst among the True Condensation Cultivators.

“Ning Xiao Cheng?” Ning Cheng suddenly heard someone calling him from behind, he did not need to turn back, and already knew that the person who called him was Zhu Mu Er. This woman really was everywhere, listening to her happy tone, he guessed that she had already obtained a spot for the tournament.

Ning Cheng finally turned back and sure enough saw Zhu Mu Er waving her hand towards him excitedly, walking towards her with a smile he said, “Good Coincidence, Zhu Mu Er.”

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