Chapter 0107

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0107: Killing In Anger

This day was the day when the Tournament between the 5 Star Academies started. Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei returned from their rooms early in the morning, and were heading towards the Mo Ze Grand Plaza.

The Mo Ze City was still as lively as before, although they were out early in the morning, the streets were still filled with people coming and going.

“Ning Cheng, I’ll go buy some cloths inside.” Ji Luo Fei spoke as she pointed towards a nearby clothing store that sold clothes for women.

Ning Cheng looked at the women’s clothes shop which was filled with women coming in and out, and immediately said, “OK, you go in, I’ll wait for you here.”

Ji Luo Fei and he have been living for all these days in the rest stop in order to avoid some unnecessary matters, and as a result had not come out of the rest stop in a long while.

Standing outside, the clothing store and waiting, Ning Cheng started to look around, after he had received the basic knowledge about Alchemy, he always wanted to buy a Pill Furnace, but he had never come out till now. He wanted to find an Artefact Store around here, if there was, then after he met up with Ji Luo Fei when she came out, they would go there together.

Although Ning Cheng did not find an Artefact Store, but he saw a bald man with a cultivation of True Condensation 3rd Level. The reason why he was concerned about this particular cultivator was because felt a reaction from his Spiritual Sense from the Jade Bracelet that that bald cultivator was wearing on his wrist. This Jade Bracelet had a familiar aura to it, when Ning Cheng felt this type of aura, he immediately remembered the Imperial Jade Seal that he had obtained before. This Jade Bracelet and the Imperial Jade Seal had the same exact aura, it would only mean one thing, that both of those things came from the same place or the same source.

Ning Cheng felt his heart move, and he immediately decided to follow him, he was not that reckless as to just go up to the bald cultivator and ask from where did he obtain the Jade Bracelet on his wrist. But he could feel that this bald monk was somewhat strange, which made Ning Cheng feel a bit uncomfortable.

The bald headed cultivator kept on walking, and inquired about some prices from time to time from the roadside stalls.

When Ning Cheng finally decided to just go up to him and ask, he suddenly heard a loud burst of sound. Just as Ning Cheng turned his head to see what had happened, he saw Ji Luo Fei being forced into a corner, her veil was not only gone, but even her face had a few bloodstains.

Seeing that, anger boiled in Ning Cheng’s heart, he immediately gave up on going up to the bald cultivator to ask about his bracelet, and immediately rushed to Ji Luo Fei’s side.

When Ning Cheng turned around to rush back towards Ji Luo Fei, the bald headed cultivator unexpectedly turned to look at Ning Cheng, while simultaneously frowning. Then he looked at the Jade Bracelet around his wrist, and the corners of his mouth revealed a hint of a sneer, he immediately turned and headed towards the crowd, and instantly disappeared from view.

“You ugly bitch, you even turned a blind eye and refused Brother Yu, and even dared to spread around that Brother Yu is not good enough for you, let’s see how I, your father, teach such an arrogant bitch……” A 20-21-year-old Qi Gathering 9th Level man with small eyes and thin mouth spoke, as he grabbed at Ji Luo Fei’s clothes, it was clear that he wanted to tear of Ji Luo Fei’s clothes.

There were many people looking in their direction, but not one of them stepped forward to persuade them, and kept their act of being busy. Some people, even though they pretended to be busy, they did not dare to come near, and were only looking at the scene from a distance.

Ning Cheng arrived at the side of that Qi Gathering Cultivator, as he lifted his hand and threw a punch at him.

“Ka….” A bloody mist sprayed out, as that Qi Gathering 9th Level cultivator with small eyes, who was grabbing Ji Luo Fei, immediately flew out because of being struck by Ning Cheng’s punch.

This Qi Gathering 9th Level man let out a shrill scream, and without waiting for him to react, Ning Cheng once again raised his hands and dished out a few booming slaps to that man’s face.

“Slap Slap Slap Slap…..” This Qi Gathering 9th Level man did not even have the time to breath before all of his teeth spilled out, as blood splashed over Ning Cheng.

“Little Gan….” a few Late Stage Qi Gathering Cultivators, wearing servant cloths, quickly approached the man with small eyes, and immediately pointed at Ning Cheng and exclaimed, “You dare to touch Little Gan, you, you….”

Whether it was due not anger or not, but he could not even complete his sentence or even speak properly.

Ning Cheng just kicked back with his foot, and the man wearing servant cloths who had pointed at him immediately flew back. Then he was just disinclined to look at the two fellows, as he stepped forward to support Ji Luo Fei.

There was a worried look in Ji Luo Fei’s eyes as she looked at Ning Cheng and said, “I’m all right, that person that you beat up a moment ago was the younger cousin of Shui Yu from the Shui Clan, and is called Shui Feng Gan. When he saw me, he immediately tried to take me away. He kept saying that I tarnished and slandered the image of his cousin Shui Yu, but I refused to go with him, and he immediately started to raise his hands on me. An elder brother, who was next to me, when he saw me getting beaten, had spoken up from the side, but he was killed on the spot by Shui Feng Gan, moreover he was even burned to ash then and there by his Fireball…….”

Before looking in the direction that Ji Luo Fei pointed, he could see that eyes were red, this person who she did not know at all had tried to help her, but in in the end this person ended up dying for her.

Ning Cheng then took note of the heap of burned bones in the place that Ji Luo Fei pointed, and his heart was immediately filled with Killing Intent. He was from Earth, the concept of hierarchy between mortals and cultivators for him was relatively weak.

He turned to look at the person who he had just kicked and found that he was supporting that injured Shui Feng Gan and were leaving, they apparently knew that staying here would not be good for them.

Ning Cheng took out a Jade Box, and raised his hands causing the ashes on the ground to fly into the Jade Box, after which he put it away, while simultaneously blocking the path of Shui Feng Gan and said, “You want to walk away from here this badly?”

“What do you want? I am a person from the Shui Clan……” Shui Feng Gan’s teeth were all slapped out by Ning Cheng, his face was completely bloody, and even spoke in a slurred speech, but the people all around him could still clearly hear what he meant.

“Are people from the Shui Clan great or something?” Ning Cheng sarcastically spoke.

That Qi Gathering Cultivator in the servant’s clothing said, “If you dare touch us, you can forever give up on the hope of leaving Mo Ze City alive.”

“Since I cannot dare to make a move on you……” Ning Cheng once again spoke with disdain.

Shui Feng Gan and his servant only had a bit of time to relax, before two Wind Edges spilt them as they heard, “Then I can only kill you.”

“Puff Puff….” both of them sprayed out blood, as Shui Feng Gan and his servant could only look at Ning Cheng as the Wind Edges chopped them apart.

All the people around them were shocked, no one thought that, there would be a person who would dare to kill a member of the Shui Clan in the Mo Ze City. Moreover, kill them in such an arrogant manner.

After Ning Cheng killed Shui Feng Gan, he knew that he would not be able to stay in this place for a long time, he must return to the God Wind Academy’s Stall as soon as possible, only then can he guarantee their safety.

Thus after Ning Cheng killed the two people from the Shui Clan, he immediately took Ji Luo Fei and departed from that place rapidly.

It was not until Ning Cheng went out of their vision, did everyone finally started to talk. Others were aware that the people from the Shui Clan will definitely come here soon, and as such no one dared to talk about Shui Clan’s people whose bodies were lying in front of them.

“When I think about it, wasn’t the man from a moment ago Ning Xiao Cheng, the one who obtained the first place in the preliminary round, that’s right, he joined the God Wind Academy later, moreover he is also a core disciple of the God Wind Academy. No wonder he did not fear the Shui Clan, he turned out to be one of the core disciples of the God Wind Academy.” Some voices from the crowd of onlookers emerged, as they recognized Ning Cheng.

“Even if he was the core disciple of the God Wind Academy, he has killed the people from the Shui Clan, they will not just sit by and do nothing.” Someone from the crowd spoke.

Although there were many discussions, but no one dared to speak that the thing that the people from the Shui Clan did was wrong.


Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei quickly arrived at the Mo Ze Grand Plaza, but this time the number of people gathered here were countless times more that the day when the preliminary round for the disciple selection was held.

Although today was no longer the day that the 5 Star Academy picked their disciples through the second round, but rather today was actually a much more important day as it marked the start of the Tournament between the five 5 Star Academies. The Hua Continent was expected to elect one of them as the 6 Star Academy, which would then command over the entire Lower Class Continents, moreover because the Angry Axe Valley was opening in advance, so the Tournament of the 5 Star Academies was also taking place much earlier than scheduled.

Most people were now aware, that the main reason why the Tournament between the 5 Star Academies was taking place this early, was to elect the 6 Star Academy as early as possible. Since the Angry Axe Valley was opening ahead of time, they also had to start selecting their students to fill up the quota in advance. As the quota for the 6 Star Academy was the largest, so the resources that they would be able to obtain would surely be the most.

Once a 6 Star Academy was elected, then along with the resources they would obtain from the Angry Axe Valley, this 6 Star Academy would slowly be able to rise above the remaining few 5 Star Academy, and then finally tower over the entire Lower Class Continents.

After they arrived at the Mo Ze Grand Plaza, Ji Luo Fei was still very much worried that she would no longer be able to stay together with Ning Cheng for a long time, as she knew how powerful the Shui Clan was.

Now that Ning Cheng had gone and killed those people from the Shui Clan, she was worried that the Shui Clan would resort to every means at their disposal to take revenge on Ning Cheng.

“Luo Fei, do not worry. The Shui Clan will not entangle with the God Wind Academy just for the sake of a mere Qi Gathering Cultivator. Didn’t Liu Xian also say, to not to be afraid of the Shui Clan, why fear the hand to fear the foot? Even if the God Wind Academy is not ranked among the top, we are still the disciples of the God Wind Academy, so the God Wind Academy would definitely would not just sit by and watch. As long as we stay close to them, once the Tournament of the 5 Star Academies is completed, we can immediately go to the God Wind Academy, and also would not have to worry about the retaliation from the Shui Clan. The Shui Clan may be good, but is it capable enough to invite the scorn of the God Wind Academy?”

Not to mention that Ning Cheng knew that he would certainly be fine even if he killed Shui Feng Gan, but since the Mo Ze City is currently hosting the Tournament, the Shui Clan would definitely not make a move at this time and cause trouble for the God Wind Academy. If the Shui Clan really causes trouble, then Ning Cheng would just threaten to give up on the match. He was sure that the people from the Intermediate Class Continent that had come to host the event here, would definitely not let this happen, and in case such a thing really happened, the Shui Clan would definitely be removed from Mo Ze City immediately.

Moreover, even if Ning Cheng did know beforehand that the guy he had killed was from the Shui Clan, he would still not hesitate to kill that guy, and then together with Ji Luo Fei flee to the Thunder Fall Desert.

Someone tried to bully Ji Luo Fei in front of him, just how could he endure this? The reason why he did not go to the Shui Clan to settle the accounts beforehand, was because his strength was not enough. If he had enough strength, then after he had killed Shui Feng Gan, he would immediately seek out the Shui Clan and demand compensation.

When he was growing up with his younger sister Ning Rou Lan, they were also bullied a lot during that time. However, Ning Cheng would always fight back very hard every time it happened, he was very clear on the truth, if he never spoke up when he was bullied the first time, the second time he would definitely be bullied even more severely. That was why he was not always the person who ended up crying, anybody who dared to bully him or his younger sister, he would completely go all out and fought hard.

Although Ji Luo Fei was worried, but she was never worried about herself, but rather she was worried about Ning Cheng. Being together with Ning Cheng, she felt immense joy from the deepest parts of heart and soul, she simply did not want any accidents to happen to Ning Cheng. If she was not worried about him, she would definitely not have killed that Xian Yuan Kui in Cang Le City to vent Ning Cheng’s anger.

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