Chapter 0110

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0110 – Ning Cheng’s Total Of Two Rounds

Ning Cheng clearly knew that it was because he was acknowledged by the Mysterious Yellow Origin as its master, which is why he was able to sense those several hundreds of changes in the leather like parchment. Therefore, when it came to other people, many of them could not even perceive even a single change, while only a handful of people could experience at most 2 or 3 changes, as such Ning Cheng did not feel much surprised about it.

But when he saw the 1st Projection Array Screen, he was completely shocked in his heart.

The person who took the first position had astonishingly scored 95 points, Ning Cheng could guess that it was perhaps whoever scored that score was not able to finish writing the answer of at least one of the questions. In other words, aside from that one question, they had completely answered all the questions correctly, unexpectedly if they were given just a bit of time, then that person could have scored full points in this round.

Moreover, Ning Cheng did not expect that that one who had secured the first position was someone he knew, Falling Star Academy’s Yue Ying. On this square platform, this young girl had the lowest cultivation, but unexpectedly she managed to obtain 95 points, and was undisputedly the first for this round.

The second one was Leng Yi Yang from the Luo Hou Academy with 65 points, it was simply a far cry from the first position. However, since he had obtained the 2nd position, it was not considered disgraceful at all.

The third place was taken by Ling Naixin from the Thunder Academy, with a total of 55 points, it can be seen that she indeed displayed her abilities in the preliminary round. Unexpectedly the 4th position was taken by the Clear Sky Academy’s Situ Yu, with 45 points. Properly speaking the one who should have taken that spot from the Clear Sky Academy should have been Gong Jun, but he only managed to score just 15 points.

But what really surprised the people was the score of Ning Cheng from the God Wind Academy, Ning Cheng had taken the first place in the previous written round with an undisputed 100 points. But in the first round in the Tournament of the 5 Star Academies, he only obtained 10 points. Instead the other representative from the God Wind Academy, Meng Jing Xiu, was the one with the highest score among them, with 25 points.

When the final rankings were fully declared, it immediately caused the participants from the 5 Star Academies and the other people to go into an uproar. Unexpectedly Ning Cheng only scored 10 points, this score really made the God Wind Academy to lose face. Fortunately, at least Ning Cheng’s score was not the lowest. As there was even a person who had scored only 5 points.

“That Ning Xiao Cheng is really unworthy of his name, he only obtained a meagre 10 points. The God Wind Academy sure lost out in a big way.”

“He must have seen the topics of the previous first round before, otherwise he would definitely not have obtained those 100 points back then. You can only be lucky once, how can one expect to have good luck all the time?”

“Moreover, they are not the only one who suffered a loss of face, didn’t you see the score of that Gong Jun who is also the representative of the Clear Sky Academy? Before in the previous preliminary round he was able to obtain 76 points, but in this first round of the Tournament he was also the same as that Ning Xiao Cheng, and only obtained 15 points.”

“Also in reality, even that Yuan Liang from the Falling Star Academy also did not score too good. In the first round of this Tournament, only that Leng Yi Yang and Ling Naixin who had scored good in the preliminary round seem to have true talent, while the rest of them were just a big flop.”

“Who are Leng Yi Yang and Ling Naixin? They not only people who have Pure Spiritual Roots, but are also the core disciples of their respective 5 Star Academies. Their Pure Spiritual Roots also played a huge role when compared to others. As a result, who is genuine and who is fake eventually came out…….”


After the results of the first round came out, the people standing by the side immediately started talking. It seemed that the Clear Sky Academy fared a bit better than the God Wind Academy, and moreover that Situ Yu also stood out. But the God Wind Academy really took a huge plunge, the highest score from among them was that of Meng Jing Xiu who had scored 25 points.

On the main altar, Liu Xian had a face full of disappointment, he could not help but think hard about the untold hardships that he had taken to bring Ning Cheng back to his Academy only to not even get a decent result.

Cheng Chengxuan from the Luo Hou Academy suddenly said to Liu Xian with a face full of smiles, “Brother Liu, it looks like only a true fire can help one refine gold, it seems to be the case with your God Wind Academy. Alas…”

Saying those words with a smile on his face, he could easily see what the end result would be, which made everyone know that Cheng Chengxuan was ridiculing Liu Xian for grabbing Ning Cheng. Not to mention that they had to cough up a lot of resources to acquire him, now they also had to bear with the consequences. Fortunately, he did not know about the falling out between Ning Cheng and the Shui Clan. Bringing along an enemy to enter the God Wind Academy.

“Hey hey, maybe Brother Liu had a great foresight for the future, and thus let that Ning Xiao Cheng to go up. Maybe in the 3rd round, they will decide to unleash their hidden strength. After all, the battle between the disciples has the bulk of the score……” One of the Falling Star Academy’s Profound Congealing Elder spoke in an extremely self-satisfied and sarcastic tone.

Moreover, he had the right to be proud of himself, after all after the first round of tournament, the Falling Star Academy, with a total of 170 points, had secured the 1st position. The Luo Hou Academy, with 120 points, took the 2nd place, and the Thunder Academy, with 108 points took the 3rd place. The Clear Sky Academy, with 105 points, was ranked 4th. But the most promising candidate for the first round, the God Wind Academy, not only failed to reduce the gap between it and the other academies, but ended up just doing the opposite i.e. increasing the gap between the scores. With only a total of 66 points, it took the last place in the rankings.

Liu Xian was already not feeling well, and now that he was being ridiculed, his face was getting uglier by the moment, even his Qi was getting chaotic. Even if that was the case, he did not have any means to refute the outcome.

Ji Luo Fei who was standing in the God Wind Academy’s stall was biting on her lip nervously, she didn’t care about the sarcastic comments being thrown at the God Wind Academy and the rest of its disciples, but was worried about Ning Cheng. She believed that Ning Cheng, who had easily obtained the first place in the preliminary round, would definitely have a good reason to do such a thing, but unfortunately at the moment she just couldn’t go and ask Ning Cheng about it.

“Lou Fei……” A slightly hoarse voice sounded behind Ji Luo Fei.

“Paternal aunt.” Ji Luo Fei turned her head and saw Ji Yao He and called out subconsciously. Then she immediately saw the two women standing behind Ji Yao He, looking at their clothing, they should be the freshmen of the Falling Star Academy.

“Luo Fei, hurry up and come with me to apologize to the Shui Clan together, and then agree to the marriage with the Shui Clan……”

Ji Yao He did not even finish her words, when she was immediately interrupted by Ji Luo Fei, “Paternal Aunt, if you still speak of such things, then we will not have any relations with each other.”

“Luo Fei, what are you talking about? Who told you to speak with your paternal aunt like that? Ning Cheng had already killed Shui Feng Gan of the Shui Clan, basically he is already a dead man walking, once the three rounds of the tournament are over, he will ultimately end up dead, but you are still stubborn about him, do you want to die that badly?” Ji Yao He said as her complexion changed.

Ji Luo Fei plainly spoke, “If you really were my paternal aunt, you would never have even brought up the topic of getting remarried when I already had a fiancé, if you continue to speak like this, then we no longer will be a family.”

Ji Yao He’s face turned pale with anger, she knew that her paternal niece had a strong temperament, but she really did not expect her to be this unreasonable.

Fortunately, she knew that this was the Stall of the God Wind Academy, even if she was feeling an immense anger, she still forced herself to calm down, “Luo Fei, do you even know what kind of person that Ning Cheng is? Just look at the score he obtained in the first round, a meagre 10 points, that is his true level. Before in the preliminary round, the reason he got the first place was most probably because he knew the answers beforehand. Of course, these are not important. What is more important, is that Ning Cheng is just an extremely profligate person. When he was in the Clear Heart Academy, he was found blatantly sleeping together with the Clear Heart Academy’s slut, Su Zhu.”

“As for who is that Su Zhu, the two people behind me, Lu Xue and Yong Gu Yun, knows her more clear than me. If you still do not believe me, then you can ask both of them, that even though he is engaged, he still sleeps around …….”

Ji Luo Fei who was suppressing herself till now, finally could not bear it any longer, as she immediately said loudly, “Ji Yao He, why are you going all out to pick on MY Ning Cheng? I will always be together with him, you come to me and keep on insulting him, just what the hell do you even know about him? Just get lost, you bitch of an aunt, I do not want to see your ugly face again in my entire life. The matter between me and Ning Cheng is our own affair, it has nothing to do with other people……”

Thinking back to all the pain that she had to endure for many years, finally finding her paternal aunt and her mother, only to be deceived by both her own mother and her paternal aunt one by one, trying to get her to leave Ning Cheng, filled Ji Luo Fei’s heart with endless grief.

When her paternal aunt Ji Yao He arrived a moment ago and started to speak those words, it made the anger and grief in Ji Luo Fei’s heart to reach the critical point, she just could not suppress it any longer and finally erupted.

When she heard Ji Luo Fei directly call her out as Ji Yao He, moreover even as a bitch of an aunt, Ji Yao He pointed at Ji Luo Fei with trembling hands, as she thought, just what kind of evil had filled Ji Luo Fei’s heart? Just why does she not even listen to reason?

Although the result of Ning Cheng in the first round of the tournament was not good, but Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei were still the students of the God Wind Academy, as such one of the Essence Building Cultivators of the God Wind Academy immediately came towards Ji Yao He and spoke, “The few friends please do not cause trouble in my God Wind Academy’s stall.”

Even though Ji Yao He was brimming with anger, she directly led away Lu Xue and Yong Gu Yun as she suppressed her anger with great difficulty, she decided to ignore Ji Luo Fei. The final outcome was something she asked for it herself, there was no one else to blame.


The majestic looking man who had hosted the first round once again stood up on the stage and glanced at the results of the first round, and once again said, “Now let us proceed to the second round of the tournament, the 25 participants on the platform, please write down your understanding of the parchment that you saw in the first round, or you can just write down the contents that you saw of the changes you observed, the time is still the same, i.e., the time it takes for an incense stick to burn.”

Ning Cheng increasing became clear in his heart, so it really was just like he had predicted. The examinations conducted in the first two rounds, was clearly to look for a person who could really understand and comprehend the contents of the leather like parchment. Once they found such a person, perhaps they would be soon taken away by that person. Regardless whether the result was good or bad they would be taken away. Ning Cheng wanted to be a free bird, he had many things he had to accomplish in his life, so how could he be allowed to be taken away?

All the people immediately began to write their own understanding and whatever they remembered from the contents of the parchment, Ning Cheng also began to write, but he only wrote things that were irrelevant to the contents of the parchment, and did not write anything else.

Once he quickly wrote some bullshit, he once again started to try and comprehend the pictures that he had observed in the parchment, the images were getting clearer and clearer in his head, but Ning Cheng did not wait for others to interrupt him. So before the stick of incense finished burning, he took the initiative to stop himself from immersing himself in comprehending the contents of the parchment.

The second round of the tournament was even quicker than the first round, so after the time it takes for an incense stick to burn ended, Ning Cheng and the other participants got down from the square platform, while simultaneously the result of the 2nd round also came out.

In the 2nd round of the tournament which measured the comprehension ability of a person, Ning Cheng got an even lower score, just a single point, which made his total of 11 points. The highest scorer in the second round was still Yue Ying, who scored 51 points.

This time Ning Cheng especially paid attention to that girl called Yue Ying, he knew, that if they really discussed about their respective comprehensions in the second round, then Yue Ying may not even get a fifth of her actual score, so he estimated that that man who was hosting the round had deliberately raised her score. But even if that was the case, Yue Ying was certainly unusual. But it really was regrettable, Yue Ying really did not have much experience about this world, perhaps she might just be taken away and be used for hard labour.

“The third round is a sparring match; the round starts now.” As the result of the second round was displayed on the 2nd Projection Array Formation screen, the man who was hosting the tournament simultaneously also announced the start of the 3rd round of the tournament.

Saying that, as if it now was not a concern for him, he once again stepped back and sat on his seat, then tightly shut his eyes, and no longer spoke.

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  2. why is he failing again?


    • ecojakk says:

      Because Ning Cheng wants to be a ‘free bird’.


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        Ning Cheng already has several treasures so getting the atention of people from a intermediate level continent is no good. But like other guy said before he will probably not have a safe spot in the academy anymore… Unless he scores very high on the next round, but that would require a little of plot armor.

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        The MC didn’t get a perfect score on the selection(100/110).
        Even if someone got a high score(the MC got 100/110, not a perfect score by the way) on the selection, wich was only a memory test whose contents could have been studied by the participants beforehand, it would not necessarily mean the he/she would get a high score on this one. There were even other people, besides the MC, that got high score on the selection and low score on this test too so I don’t think that his bad result was suspicious. At least not suspicious enough to attract the atention of the “majestic looking man” and his peers, but other people might think that he cheated, that he already knew the answers, etc.


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