Chapter 0117

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0117 – Beaten Back To Their Original Place

“Hey, big brother is that really you, you also came to the Mo Ze City of the Hua Continent?” A simple and honest young man ran in front of Ning Cheng, and said with a surprise.

This young man looked very sturdy, moreover his voice also had a husky tone to it, and he was already at Qi Gathering 7th Level.

“Ha Ha, Yue Yuan Hua, long time no see.” When Ning Cheng saw that simple and honest young man, his heart was immediately filled with a bit of goodwill towards him. This young man was also the same as him, and treasured his younger sister very much, because of this, he had even agreed to part with the pair of pearl hair clips that he had purchased earlier.

“Hey, how do you know that I am called Yue Yuan Hua?” The young man scratched his head as he asked.

He had initially found Ning Cheng in the Nan Yuan City, and had asked Ning Cheng to part with the pair of pearl hair clips that he had purchased so that he could give it to his younger sister who had liked it very much, later because he had joined the Clear Heart Academy, he could not find the opportunity to thank Ning Cheng, now that he saw Ning Cheng, he immediately became happy and pleased.

Ning Cheng just lightly tapped on his shoulders as he spoke, “You and I have different Spiritual Roots, moreover your Pure Thunder Type Spiritual Root is very famous in the Nan Yuan City, how could I not know your name?”

Ning Cheng was also secretly surprised in his heart by the different speeds of cultivation for different Spiritual Roots, this time, not only Yue Ying was already at Qi Gathering 6th Level, but even Yue Yang Hua also had surpassed Qi Gathering 6th Level.

“Ning Cheng, does he really have Pure Thunder Type Spiritual Root?” Liu Xian was immediately shocked and asked, while simultaneously looking at Yue Yuan Hua with glowing eyes.

Ning Cheng just chuckled and spoke, “Deacon Liu, not only does he have a Pure Thunder Spiritual Root, but even his younger sister has a Pure Wind Spiritual Root. However, both the brother and sister are disciples of the Falling Star Academy, so for then to join our Academy is simply not possible.”

Liu Xian sighed, as he thought in his heart that even though they had found a couple of good seedlings for the God Wind Academy, but in front of someone with Pure Spiritual Roots, they were basically not worth discussing.

Yue Yang Hua did not care about the talk between Ning Cheng and Liu Xian. He immediately waved his hands at the distant Falling Star Academy’s stall. “Little Ying. Come here, I’ll introduce big brother to you.”

Although Yue Ying had joined the Falling Star Academy, but she always paid attention to her elder brother Yue Yang Hua. Her elder brother was very straightforward, but he was not as smart as her. At this time when she heard her brother’s call, she immediately hurried over from the Falling Star Academy’s Stall.

When the people from the Falling Star Academy saw Yue Ying and Yue Yuan Hua come towards the God Wind Academy, they hastily sent two people to follow them.

Ji Yao He really did not want to talk again to her niece, but she also had to follow the orders from the Seniors of the Academy, and had to come look after the brother-sister pair.

After Ning Cheng killed Shui Yu. She could affirm that Ning Cheng’s body really had a secret to it. But it was really a pity, that even if she told this secret to the Shui Clan, she would not get any benefits. She could only think, and wait for Ning Cheng to complete with this tournament, and then find Ning Cheng alone and then forcefully pry out the answer from him.

“Younger sister, the pair of pearl hair clips that I gave you was given to me by this big brother, this person is really very good.” Yue Yuan Hua seeing his younger sister Yue Ying come over, hurriedly pointed out to Ning Cheng and introduced him to his younger sister.

Yue Ying showed a faint smile and said, “I know him well, he is called Ning Cheng. We met in Nan Yuan City. At that time, you were not there.”

Initially when she saw Ning Cheng at that time, she was very surprised but a bit pleased. But after listening to Lu Xue and Yong Gu Yun about the character of Su Zhu. Her view of Ning Cheng plummeted straight down. In her mind, Lu Xue and Yong Gu Yun’s words were much more credible than Ning Cheng’s words.

Moreover, regardless of Ning Cheng’s explanation, he was found together with Su Zhu, which was none of her business.

However, Yue Ying was not a person who liked to gossip, so she did not tell her elder brother about these things.

Yue Yuan Hua frowned, and suddenly said, “Little Ying, Grandpa had always taught us to show our gratitude, moreover this matter is also not a small one. Although he only gave us the pair of pearl hair clips, but he had never asked anything in return, but rather gave what he really cherished the most to us for free, at the very least you should thank him as a family.”

Yue Ying’s face immediately turned red, she suddenly felt that her way of thinking was very wrong. Regardless of what Ning Cheng did, that was his character. But at least he had really given that pair of pearl hair clips to her elder brother himself, that too without any compensation or any kind of conditions. Before she was under the influence of the words spoken by Lu Xue and Yong Gu Yun, and as a result had actually disdained Ning Cheng, but she knew that it really was not right.

Thinking about this, Yue Ying hurriedly bowed to Ning Cheng showing proper etiquette as she spoke, “Many thanks to Brother Ning for delivering that pair of pearl hair clips, this Yue Yang had been a bit rude to you before.”

Seeing Yue Ying in this manner, Yue Yang Hua also grinned and said, “Ha Ha, Brother Ning, my younger sister is not very smart, as such sometimes she unexpectedly forgets to think.”

Ning Cheng was somewhat feeling funny in his heart, Yue Ying wasn’t smart? Does this elder brother really does not know just how many times smarter she was when compared to him?

“Yue Ying, Yue Yang Hua, this is currently the time for the tournament, hurry up and return back to our Academy’s stall together with me.” Ji Yao He spoke calling the two people back.

Yue Yuan Hua hastily said, “Brother Ning had brought my Little Ying a pair of pearl hair clips that your younger sister really liked, I will later bring Little Ying to thank you properly.”

Ji Yao He sneered and said, “I only know that in the Cang Le City, Ning Cheng was the only one who, oh, that’s right, there was that missing housekeeper. When did Ning Cheng even have a younger sister? I have never heard of such a thing. At the moment the tournament is very fierce, you have to hurry up and come with me back to stall.”

Ji Yao He obviously implied that Ning Cheng was lying, if not for the two sibling’s qualifications that went against the heavens, Ji Yao He would never speak in such an amiable manner as if they were her own relatives.

She also deliberately looked at Ji Luo Fei, to convey the intention that Ning Cheng was obviously lying. But Ji Luo Fei who was standing beside Ning Cheng, did not even have a single change in her eyes, it was obvious that the words spoken by her were simply like the air in front of Ji Luo Fei’s eyes.

Ji Yao He, as such, disgruntledly left with the two siblings, as the new fight on the platform was also coming to an end.

The Falling Star Academy’s True Condensation 9th Level Disciple Chi Zi Wen had defeated Lou Huo Academy’s True Condensation 9th Level Disciple Pu Li Xin. Chi Zi Wen’s score also went up to 30 points, as Pu Li Xin was eliminated from the tournament. Although this was the second consecutive fight on the platform, but still nobody had died yet since that time.

After several fights, the only person from the Luo Huo Academy left was Fang Xin, Fang Xin had 30 points on him, which was given to him by the other participants of the Luo Huo Academy.

This 3rd round among the 5 Star Academies was the worst round out of the 3 rounds, once a person lost, it was most likely that he would also lose their life, and besides in this round, there were masters as common as the clouds in the sky. Whether it was Clear Heart Academy’s Situ Yu or Thunder Academy’s Lian Hao, both of them had a really powerful presence. Even the most powerful True Condensation 9th Level disciple from the God Wind Academy, in front of Lian Hao, although he lasted for a long time, but was in the end directly killed off by him.

As for the rest participants who were weak, they simply gave their scores to the most powerful members of their respective Academies.

Finally, Fang Xin could not bear it, as he stepped onto the platform with his own initiative, as he cupped his fists in front of him and said loudly, “Luo Huo Academy’s Fang Xin, carrying 30 points, challenges Meng Jing Xiu from the God Wind Academy.”

Fang Xin had challenged Meng Jing Xiu. Almost everyone was expecting it. Of the eight people surviving till now, presumably Meng Jing Xiu’s cultivation was one of the lowest. Moreover, Meng Jing Yue had 20 points on her, the Luo Huo Academy urgently needed that score to maintain their honour. Moreover, Meng Jing Xiu’s first victory was against Luo Huo Academy’s Zu Jun Jie, and as a result ended in Luo Huo Academy losing 10 points, now that Fang Xin challenged Meng Jing Xiu it was simply a natural matter.

Hearing Fang Xin dare to challenge her, Meng Jing Xiu raised her eyebrows, she simply did not speak anything, as she directly jumped from the place she was standing and landed onto the platform.

“As you wish.” Meng Jing Xiu had just landed on the platform. When she immediately took out her halberd, while simultaneously casting out innumerable Halberd Shadows, creating a huge rumbling sound.

Although Meng Jing Xiu was the first cultivator to enter to start the challenge fights in his round, but she really was a dark horse who easily defeated the True Condensation 8th Level Cultivator Zu Jun Jie, who was two levels above her.

Now that she was fighting Fang Xin who was at True Condensation 9th Level, it was sure to catch the people’s eye.

Fang Xing was wielding a very simple Magic Weapon; it was an ordinary looking double edged sword. Although Meng Jing Xiu had casted out innumerable Halberd Shadows, but he was simply calmly waving about his sword.

Although he gave a simple flick to his sword, in just a twinkling of an eye, a terrible freezing cold spread above the tournament platform completely freezing it over.

The Halberd Shadows casted out by Meng Jing Xiu were also affected by the cold, as they immediately slowed down.

Suddenly a faint chirping like sound could be heard, as the surrounding ice immediately materialized as it was gathered completely, forming a vague and fuzzy sword shadow. As the sword of ice formed, it quickly moved towards her at an astonishing speed.

“Bang….” The Halberd Shadows that Meng Jing Xiu brought out and had covered the sky were completely shattered in an instant by that single simple sword of ice.

“Ding” a sound of something snapping resounded throughout. As the Halberd Shadows disappeared, revealing the halberd, which clashed against Fang Xin’s sword, it immediately sent out a heart shaking sound.

Fang Xin stood there motionless, but Meng Jing Xiu was sent flying upside down because of that clash, she flew all the way to the edge of the platform before she could barely stop herself. Even if that was the case, the powerful True Essence still made her chest heave endlessly.

Although Meng Jing Xiu was not injured, but her face was very ugly. In just a single move, in just a briefest of glimpses, she knew that there was an insurmountable gap between her and her opponent. For her to defeat Fang Xin, she knew that she could only have that kind of opportunity if she herself had also advanced to the True Condensation 9th Level.

Fang Xin also did not follow up and chase her down, if Fang Xin really wanted to chase her down and kill her to obtain victory, then he would have done so whole heartedly right from the start, other than Meng Jing Xiu dying, she could only grasp the opportunity and throw in the towel.

“I lost.” Meng Jing Xiu knew that Fang Xiu did not want to kill her, with a complexion somewhat decadent, she finally got down from the platform looking very desolate and lonely. Originally she had thought that with her abilities, even if she lost, she would not lose this badly. But now that she went up against a genuine master, she discovered that she had far overestimated herself.

Fang Xin also did not continue to challenge others, and similarly walked down the platform. But at this point of time there was nobody who looked down on him, even if Fang Xin was the only one left from the Luo Huo Academy, he would be a really strong opponent to fight against.

Because Fang Xin defeated Meng Jing Xun, his score also rose from 30 points to 50 points, while Meng Jing Xiu was eliminated from the tournament. At this time the score of the God Wind Academy also ended up in the bottom, besides God Wind Academy taking up the last place in the scoring, the only other person left from their side was Ning Cheng. Amongst the remaining participants, Ning Cheng’s cultivation was the lowest. It was simply not only the lowest, it was lower than the others by several notches.

At this moment, nobody had the dream of God Wind Academy to continue further, similarly no one was optimistic about the God Wind Academy. Regardless of the God Wind Academy, after Meng Jing Xiu from the God Wind Academy lost, they were beaten back to their original place.

The God Wind Academy had two dark horses, but it was proven, that the dark horse will only be black for just once. Now that Meng Jing Xiu was defeated, how long could that Ning Xiao Cheng be black?

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