Chapter 0157

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0157: Going to the Yi Xing Ocean

“Junior Apprentice Sister Jing Xiu, do you have something else to say?” Ning Cheng stopped and looked at Meng Jing Xiu with some doubt as he asked.

Meng Jing Xiu did not hesitate this time, and directly spoke, “Senior Apprentice Brother Xiao Cheng, I wanted to ask you to accompany me on a trip to the Yi Xing Ocean……”

Ning Cheng frowned, if he did not have anything else to do, then he would have definitely accepted the request of Meng Jing Xiu. Besides accompanying Meng Jing Xiu to the Yi Xing Ocean, was simply nothing to him. But at the moment he was already burning with impatience, and was anxious to fly back to the God Wind Academy in the Hua Continent.

Meng Jing Xiu carefully spoke, “Senior Apprentice Brother Xiao Cheng, my father is a cultivator in the Military Outposts in the Yi Xing Ocean, my mother had also gone to look for my father, but has not yet come back, so I am going to the Cultivator Army’s Outposts in the Yi Xing Ocean to have a look. The reason I wanted you to accompany me to the Yi Xing Ocean together, is so that you can cross the Lost Mountain Range.”

“No wonder you have prepared these many maps in advance, looks like you had already intended to come to the Jia Continent from early on.” Ning Cheng then understood why Meng Jing Xiu was so much clearer of the matters pertaining to the Jia Continent than he himself.

Meng Jing Xiu gave an ‘En’ sound and spoke, “With your strength, Senior Apprentice Brother Xiao Cheng, for you to be able to pass through the Lost Mountain Range, the possibility for that to happen is less than even 2%, this itself is already an extremely high estimate. Moreover, even if you, Senior Apprentice Brother Xiao Cheng, somehow managed to pass through the Lost Mountain Range, I estimate that it would still take you at least 2 years to do so……”

Ning Cheng stared at her foolishly, he wholeheartedly wanted to go and find Luo Fei, but had forgotten that with his strength he would not be able to cross the Lost Mountain Range by himself, and even if he could cross it, he would still need at least 1-2 years. Moreover, this was on the assumption that he did not encounter any dangerous situations, if he were to encounter any such situation, then maybe even in 2 years’ time he may not be able to pass through there.

Seeing Ning Cheng finally sober up, moreover even looking a bit helpless, Meng Jing Xiu suddenly felt very sad in her heart, she simply couldn’t wait to help Ning Cheng immediately cross the Lost Mountain Range, and see Ji Luo Fei. She and Ning Cheng had been together for a long time, as such she thought that she had now gained a certain understanding of Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng was a person that was firm and resolute, moreover he was a person who was also assertive in his opinions. Not only that, he always worked systematically, and in an extremely sensible but carefree manner, it gave the feeling that he was someone who they could rely on.

But seeing his vacant and dazed expression now, in addition to this unknown Lost Mountain Range and the Jia Continent that he was not familiar with, she knew that the more important reason for such a thing to happen to him was because he was simply too worried about Ji Luo Fei.

In fact, Meng Jing Xiu’s guess was right, Ning Cheng was truly worried about Ji Luo Fei. In his mind and heart, Ji Luo Fei and his younger sister Ning Ruo Lan did not have a much difference in status, and were his closest relatives. When he had arrived in this Yi Xing Mainland, it was equivalent to losing Ning Ruo Lan, as such he absolutely cannot lose even Ji Luo Fei.

If he could give the Mysterious Yellow Bead to that cultivator surnamed Kang, and if the opposite party could let him and Ji Luo Fei off, he would simply not care about the Mysterious Yellow Bead. Whether or not the Mysterious Yellow Bead was a heaven defying precious thing, he did not give a damn about it. As Ning Cheng came from Earth, there were things that were more precious to him that it. But he was very clear, that as long as that cultivator surnamed Kang knew about this thing, then he and Ji Luo Fei would have to die without a doubt. The opposite party would never allow a cultivator who knew about the existence of the Mysterious Yellow Bead to calmly and steadily live in this world.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Xiao Cheng. I actually have a way to help you get back to the Hua Continent…….”

As Meng Jing Xiu just finish speaking those words, Ning Cheng joyfully held Meng Jing Xiu’s shoulders as he spoke, “Junior Apprentice Sister Jing Xiu, do you really have a way? Quickly say it.”

Meng Jing Xiu did not push away Ning Cheng’s hand, but she tidied up her emotions and said, “Do you know about the war going on in the Yi Xing Ocean?”

“Ah yes I know about it. It’s the ‘War of the 3 Continents’, I did not think that you would also know about it.” Ning Cheng found himself to be too excited, and he immediately withdrew his hand. Fortunately, he and Meng Jing Xiu were already familiar with each other, so such a move was really not impolite. Moreover, when Ning Cheng came to the Cang Qin Province, he had come to know about the War of the 3 Continents within a few days, as for the specific situation, when he heard about it from Cang Shuo, he finally understood a few things about it.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Xiao Cheng, actually the Yi Xing Ocean’s War is not just the War of the 3 Continents. The War of the 3 Continents is just something that is spoke in the Hua Continent and the other lower class continents, moreover it is just a small part of the Yi Xing Ocean’s War. It’s just a battle between some small fishes and shrimps. My father was in the Battlefields belonging to the Intermediate Level Continents, and as such had to deal with some of the genuine masters.” Meng Jing Xiu corrected Ning Cheng’s view.

Ning Cheng had listened to what Cang Shuo had spoken, he had said that Hua Continent was only the rear end of the battlefield, as such the war was not very intense there. They were there to mainly provide some menial assistance in the war. Cang Shuo’s father was also there to provide some assistance when he was secretly plotted against by his own people.

“Your father’s cultivation should be very high, right?” Ning Cheng thought that since he could come to the Yi Xing Ocean’s battlefields of the Intermediate Level Continent, then his cultivation would definitely not be bad.

Meng Jing Xiu shook her head as she spoke, “That is not the case. My father’s cultivation is only at Profound Congealing Realm. Moreover, the reason why my father could advance to the Profound Congealing Realm, was mainly due to the harvests and the rewards that he had obtained on the Yi Xing Ocean’s Battlefield. When my father had just joined the Yi Xing Ocean’s War, he only had the cultivation of Late Stage True Condensation Realm. The rewards and harvest of the Yi Xing Ocean’s War were simply too generous and extremely rich, as not only my father, but even the rest of the cultivators that joined, as long as they did not die, their cultivation rapidly soared.”

“Are you a person originally from the Jia Continent?” Ning Cheng had previously guessed that Meng Jing Xiu might be a person from the Jia Continent, otherwise her father would not be able to participate in the Yi Xing Ocean’s War from the Jia Continent.

“That’s right, when I was four years old, the Yi Xing Ocean erupted in a war on an extremely large scale. I heard my mother say, that countless cultivators from the Yi Xing Ocean and the Monstrous Beast arrived at the coasts of the Yi Xing Mainland. My father was not optimistic in winning this fight, so he made me and my mother go to the Hua Continent along with a merchant caravan that went through the Yi Xing Ocean…….”

“Wait Wait……” Ning Cheng immediately grasped the focus of Meng Jing Xiu’s words, since Meng Jing Xiu and her mother had taken a merchant caravan through the Yi Xing Ocean from the Jia Continent to the Hua Continent, then could he also not do the same?

Meng Jing Xiu looked at Ning Cheng and spoke in an affirmative way, “Senior Apprentice Brother Xiao Cheng, you should be able to understand my meaning. To get to the Hua Continent from the Jia Continent, besides passing through the Lost Mountain Range, there is another way, that is to go from the Yi Xing Ocean. However, if you want to take the Yi Xing Ocean’s merchant caravans from the Yi Xing Ocean, it would generally be difficult to infiltrate the merchant caravan, as these merchant caravans and the thousands of Cultivator Army Battalions have an extremely intricate relationship with each other. Initially the reason why my mother was able to take me on the merchant caravan to the Hua Continent, was because the power that my father wielded at that time was not small, moreover he also knew the people of the merchant caravans, and as such he could make the appropriate arrangements.”

Ning Cheng was a little disappointed and said, “Since we do not know anyone from the merchant caravan, moreover we also do not have any relation with the cultivator army, wouldn’t it be too difficult to join the merchant caravan to return to the Hua Continent?”

“That’s not it, Senior Apprentice Brother Xiao Cheng, in fact, in addition to joining to the merchant caravan, there is another way, and that is to join the cultivator army. Then find a way to enter one of the patrol squads, the airships of the patrol squad are high level ones, moreover the speed of it is also very fast. Most importantly, besides being stopped by Monstrous Beast, the patrol squad would have an unimpeded flight all across the Yi Xing Ocean. As long as Senior Apprentice Brother Xiao Cheng is able to follow the patrol squad to the Hua Continent’s territory in the Yi Xing Ocean, then you can escape from the military service, and secretly enter the Hua Continent. Before I used to think of this way to enter the Jia Continent, but now it is simply irrelevant.”

Listening to the end of Meng Jing Xiu’s words, Ning Cheng did not reply immediately, he knew that although Meng Jing Xiu was clever, but her life experience is simply too poor.

Although Meng Jing Xiu’s approach seemed to be very good, moreover it was even workable, but Ning Cheng knew that there was loophole in there that was not small.

Not to mention that a patrol squad would not patrol such a large distance, the cultivators stationed in the Yi Xing Ocean and mainland that have already joined the military, would have certainly formed a certain system and restraint mechanisms. For a patrol squad of the cultivator army to casually go out, although it looked easy, it fact, it was not easy at all.

However, compared to passing through the Lost Mountain Range, this approach was actually much better.

Seeing Ning Cheng silent, Meng Jing Xiu once again spoke, “Senior Apprentice Brother Xiao Cheng, if you can join the cultivator army, then find an opportunity to join the patrol, you could even get to the Hua Continent in as long as six months or even less. At most it would not take more than a year, as such it is definitely much more worthwhile than crossing the Lost Mountain Range.”

“Then that’s good, Junior Apprentice Sister Jing Xiu, then this the thing that we will do. First we will go the coast of the Yi Xing Ocean, if we can join the merchant caravan then that would be the best, if we cannot join the merchant caravan then we can join the cultivator army. From here to the Yi Xing Ocean’s coast, how long would it take?” Ning Cheng spoke as he quickly made up his mind.

When Meng Jing Xiu saw that Ning Cheng had agreed, she immediately spoke with joy, “Senior Apprentice Brother Xiao Cheng, this is the Mo La River. From here we have to go to the Jia Continent’s Chang Mo City, it will take us about five days. After we reach Chang Mo City, we can then take the Transfer Array, and directly teleport to Xi Hai City that is closest to the Yi Xing Ocean. Xi Hai City has a recruitment station for recruiting cultivator soldiers, moreover there is a lot of caravan activity there, so we can try our luck in the Xi Hai City.”

“When you reach the Xi Hai City, what would you do?” Ning Cheng knew that Meng Jing Xiu wanted to seek out her parents, but just how many cultivators were there in the Jia Continent’s Garrison? It was simply innumerable; just where would she look? Besides, who knows if after all these years, her father was still in the Jia Continent’s territory of the Yi Xing Ocean?

“When I was nine years old, my mother came back alone to the Jia Continent to seek out my father. I believe that they must have stayed in Xi Hai City, I will slowly look around the Xi Hai City.” Meng Jing Xiu spoke in a resolute manner.

Seeing that Meng Jing Xiu had already decided, Ning Cheng also did not say much, but still spoke in a cushioned manner, “It is possible for us to go to the Xi Hai City, but we will have to disguise ourselves, if by chance we were discovered by that cultivator surnamed Kang, then that would be the death for us.”


The Jia Continent was sparsely populated, even walking for hundreds of miles, it was normal to not meet even a single human soul.

At this time in the Jia Continent, on the edge of a narrow mountain path, there was a middle aged couple walking rapidly. The man’s hair was somewhat disorderly, and there was even a faint scar on his face, while he carried a long twin bladed sword on his back that looked very heavy. The rough hands along with the knife scar on his face, made people feel a ferocious aura emanating from this middle aged man.

On the side of this middle aged man was a middle aged woman wearing a blue woman’s robe, this woman’s looks could not be considered ugly, but it also did not have the look of a delicate skin that indicated that she was a refined lady. It was obvious, that this couple was actually a mercenary couple.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Xiao Cheng, somehow I feel that there is something not right here, this feeling is something indescribable.” The speaker was the woman in the blue robe.

These two people were none other than Ning Cheng and Meng Jing Xiu, both of them had decided to disguise themselves as a mercenary couple. Such kinds of mercenary couples, no matter which continent it was, they were innumerable numbers of them, and as such were simply unremarkable.

More importantly, Ning Cheng did not dare to fly, or even use a flight type Magic Weapon. At this time, if he took out his flying sword to fly, it would be really showing off himself as a target.

Ning Cheng spoke in an extremely low voice, “There is something truly wrong with this place, I can feel that there is not even a single sound here. Not even a tiny little voice, or even the sounds of animals and birds moving around.”

“Senior Apprentice Brother Xiao Cheng, can you use your flying sword to fly now? I really do not like this place.” Meng Jing Xiu asked in a low voice.

Ning Cheng shook his head, “I have already tried, there is a huge magnetic field here, that is creating a naturally occurring Spatial Restriction, one cannot simply fly high, or even fly quickly, moreover even one’s Spiritual Consciousness is limited here. Once we fly, we would be completely exposed. Let’s put that thought away for now, we have to pick up our speed.”

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