Chapter 0211

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and MissLucifer
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0211: Wanting to form a team with Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng

Jia Lingwei was the first to react, once a one of a kind masculine aura hit her she immediately realized that she was caught in the arms of a man and was pressed to his bosom, subconsciously she reached up with her hand and was about to clip Ning Cheng. But then she immediately realized that the move she was going to make was definitely wrong, it was because she finally was able to clear her head and realize that this person had saved her once again.

She had not yet taken back her hand, when Yan Ji extended her hand and blocked Jia Lingwei this once. She and Ning Cheng had fought back-to-back before, as such the moment Ning Cheng had grabbed onto her and pressed her to his bosom, she instantly realized that this person was Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng had just saved her, how could she let Jia Lingwei start attacking him?

“Elder Sister Lingwei, Senior Apprentice Sister Ji, what are you doing?” Zhangsun Yan looked at Jia Lingwei’s and Yan Ji’s actions and immediately called out in bewilderment. Just now when the two of them blocked each other’s hands, she had seen their actions clearly. These two people who were still tucked under Ning Cheng’s arms close to his bosom were about to punch their saviour? But because of the multicolour rays of light flashing behind Ning Cheng’s back she had forgot to inquire further about it.

At this moment, Jia Lingwei and Yan Ji were already put down by Ning Cheng, since the two people were all quite accomplished Profound Congealing Cultivators, as such even though they were fighting till now and their True Essence was almost depleted, they were still able to stand up by themselves.

Jia Lingwei was deeply embarrassed and with a face full of red, she hastily cupped her fists towards Ning Cheng and spoke, “Thank you Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, for specifically coming to our rescue.”

Ning Cheng just nodded his head, indicating that he had already accepted her gratitude. For Jia Lingwei to thank him in such a manner, he thought it was as it should be, as he had really specifically come here to rescue them. Although he also had some thoughts on obtaining the Blood River Red Lotus, but if it was only for the Blood River Red Lotus, then he absolutely would not be in a rush to come here.

“Thank you Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng……” Yan Ji also quickly cupped her fists and thanked him, but in her mind she was still shocked as to how Ning Cheng was able to escape from the Blood River with the two of them in tow. It was as if he had teleported right to their location and then teleported out almost instantaneously, but then what kind of cultivation level was required to be able to actually teleport? Moreover, even if it was due to him cultivating an extremely abstruse Teleportation Cultivation Method, it was not something that anyone could get their hands on. If it was not teleportation, then the only possible option left was that Ning Cheng cultivated some sort of extreme flight type cultivation method.

Once must also know that the suction force produced by the eddy currents inside the Blood River was simply too frightening. Moreover, the suction force produced by them was even a number of times much more powerful than the whirlpools in the marshes usually found inside the Law’s Way. It was precisely because of this that for a person to reach all the way to the Blood River Peak, they could only accomplish this by climbing through the narrow paths between the Blood River tributaries, but they absolutely can’t use flight type magical weapon or even try to ride flying swords to reach up. Even if Ning Cheng spent considerable time in cultivating a flight type cultivation method, how could he be not sucked in by the Blood River?

Ning Cheng spoke with a smile, “Since everybody now already knows that I am called Ning Cheng, then Junior Apprentice Sister Ji can also go ahead and call me as Ning Cheng.”

At this moment the veil covering Yan Ji’s face had already disappeared, so when Ning Cheng was speaking, he was also secretly scared at Yan Ji’s beauty and paused for a short moment, moreover at this time because of perspiration on Yan Ji’s face, it made it look like she was a bit embarrassed and distressed at the same time. Even so it did not affect her beauty even in the slightest, on the contrary it made her look even more beautiful.

Originally there was no need to hide such a perfectly beautiful face but because of the smoke and fire along with her sweat and perspiration, a few strands of her hair ended sticking to her cheek, in combination with her perfectly oval shaped face, it added a somewhat earthy feel to her. Although Ning Cheng had also seen a similarly beautiful face with an earthly feel before, but Ning Cheng could feel that this Yan Ji when compared to that Nalan Ruxue had a bit of tenderness and soft heartedness in her aura that she did not have.

This was absolutely not because Nalan Ruxue had a bad attitude towards him, but because when he had seen Nalan Ruxue for the first time, Nalan Ruxue’s eyes were tightly closed. It was another peerlessly beautiful face, but with her eyes closed, it was also as if she was without a source of vitality. While Yan Ji not only had flashing big eyes, there were even several wisps of her hair sticking to her cheeks, which made a person feel that it was a bit surreal. At the time when he saw Nalan Ruxue open her eyes, he was faced with the intent to kill and was almost chased out of his life, so how could he have the leisure to enjoy and appreciate such a beautiful woman?

No wonder she and Nalan Ruxue were called as the ‘Twin Lotus Flowers On A Stock’. It really was the case.

Seeing Ning Cheng staring at her, Yan Ji’s face turned slightly red, if it was any other person she would have already gone into action, but she was quite delighted that it was Ning Cheng as she had a very favourable impression of him. It was also precisely because she was aware of herself being too beautiful, because of which she was used to wearing a veil on her face. Since it was Ning Cheng’s first time seeing her facial appearance, it was quite normal for him to stupidly stare at her.

Ning Cheng was indeed slightly stunned for a moment, but it was only for a short while, before he bounced back. In his life he had already seen many beautiful women. Even those on the level of Yan Ji, he had seen three such women, as such he would definitely not drool over it and be rude. When he stared at Yan Ji and did not speak, it was not because he was overawed by Yan Ji’s beauty, but because he was subconsciously making a comparison between Nalan Ruxue and Yan Ji.

Ning Cheng soon realized that it would really be impolite if he continued to behave in such manner, so he quickly spoke up, “At the beginning it was Junior Apprentice Sister Ji who had helped me, so repaying this favour was not something that would give me any extra trouble.”

“Me and Junior Apprentice Sister Ji should change our clothes, Yan Yan you should also change your clothes quickly….” Jia Lingwei had already noticed that the piece of clothing covering Zhangsun Yan’s belly was missing, exposing her pure white skin, but it seemed that she had unexpectedly failed to notice it till now.

“I know……” Although Zhangsun Yan gave an offhanded reply, but she did not know where she should go to change her clothes. Her lower belly that was exposed was originally ash grey in colour, but because she was held to Ning Cheng’s bosom as he carried her, all the dust and grime covering that part had been cleaned off by Ning Cheng’s clothes and had once again become somewhat white and clean, and had instead become somewhat conspicuous.

Ning Cheng glanced at Jia Lingwei’s and Yan Ji’s clothes that were now not covering much of their bodies and said, “You can change your clothes here, I will go and look for that Cheng Yixiao.”

Back on earth, a dress that did not cover or obstruct one’s body was all too normal. Some of the young girls intentionally used to dress up in torn up jeans, or even deliberately wore clothes with lots of exposure that not only exposed their bellies but also a lot more other things, moreover there were even many young girls who liked exposing and swaggering their navel rings and even showing off their toned bellies, as such it could be said that he was even accustomed to seeing such things.

Although he was near to the Blood River Mountain peaks, and although it was impossible for Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness to sweep a wider area, but at least his scope and range was much farther than Yan Ji and the others. At this point he saw Cheng Yixiao being surrounded by a pack of Blood River Otters, moreover Cheng Yixiao still had not reached the Blood River Peak. He was located at the start of the same continuous long winded narrow path that led to base of the Blood River Peak, while the place Ning Cheng’s trio were currently standing was on the same path but were much nearer to the base of the peak.

The place they were at did not have any Blood River Otters at the moment, but the area Cheng Yixiao was in was blocked by swarms of Blood River Otters.

“Aaaah, Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng did they already come over?” Zhangsun Yan exclaimed, but then discovered that Ning Cheng had already disappeared from the spot he was standing and had gone far away.

“What are you being so freaked out about? A moment ago didn’t you just come together with Ning Cheng, I didn’t see you this nervous back then?” Jia Lingwei rolled her eyes at Zhangsun Yan, while simultaneously arranged the simplest of Concealing Array Formations.

Zhangsun Yan opened her mouth, but couldn’t find the words to refute her. The fact was, Ning Cheng was still seen as a Devil Cultivator from other people’s perspective.

After the three people changed their clothes and came out, they saw that Ning Cheng had still not returned.

“Yi! Is Big Brother Ning not yet back?” Zhangsun Yan asked in a doubtful voice.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng is coming over.” Jia Lingwei suddenly spoke up.

Sure enough, just as her words finished, Cheng Yixiao had already appeared in the sights of the three people.

Yan Ji took out a veil and once again covered her face, by this tis time Cheng Yixiao had already arrived in front of the three people.

“You three clearly walked away in another direction, so how were you able to arrive here before us?” Once Cheng Yixiao saw that it really was Yan Ji and the trio, as such he couldn’t help but voice out his doubts.

“Greetings to Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng, it is because the three of us had taken a different route.” Yan Ji quickly cupped her fists and gave out an answer.

Zhangsun Yan was extremely anxious and immediately asked, “Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng, have you seen Ning…. Oh Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng Xiaoning.”

Just as she had involuntarily spoke out the word ‘Ning’ she was immediately rebuked by a serious glare from Jia Lingwei, and reacted in an instant, and hurriedly corrected her previous statement.

Cheng Yixiao originally did not know Ning Cheng, now that he heard Zhangsun Yan asked about Ning Cheng, he quickly spoke up, “You see aah, I was able to find you here because Elder Brother Cheng told me that I would find you here. To tell you the truth, Elder Brother Cheng’s broad view really makes me feel ashamed of myself. We had escaped while leaving him alone, even then when Elder Brother Cheng saw me, he did not ridicule or even blame me, on the contrary he even told me you were also here. Thank god, that Elder Brother Cheng is still safe and sound.”

“What happened to the others?” Yan Ji hurriedly asked.

Cheng Yixiao’s eyes immediately turned gloomy and spoke as if he did not here the question, “He seemed somewhat disdained to be a companion with us, so he chose to walk alone. But before leaving, he said to lend a hand to Junior Apprentice Sister Zhangsun Yan as the replacement to the favour. He said that if not for Junior Apprentice Sister Zhangsun Yan leading the way, he would not have been able to find this place. I guess he should also be looking for the Blood River Red Lotus.”

Speaking till this point Cheng Yixiao seemed to have suddenly thought of the question that he was asked and quickly added, “That’s right, as for the people that arrived together with me, everyone dispersed to find their own Blood River Red Lotuses. I discovered that the Blood River Otter’s flocks tend to be quite huge, as such it would be very difficult for a single person to succeed by themselves, because of which it would be better for us to team up once again.”

Jia Lingwei’s thoughts were quite exquisite, she had already realized that what Cheng Yixiao had spoken was also very correct. They had already tried this before, if there were more people with them, then they would have been able to keep a check on the Blood River Otters for a period of time, while they sent another person to collect the Blood River Red Lotus. Otherwise, if they delayed for a long time, the high tide of the Blood River tributaries would once again rise, at that time let alone trying to get their hands on the Blood River Red Lotus, even if they laboured as hard as they could it would end up in vain, and would only propping themselves for death.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, what do you think?” Jia Lingwei took a glance at Yan Ji.

Yan Ji also did not hesitate even for a moment and spoke, “I want to go find Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng to talk it over with him, if he also thinks that it’s ok, then I would definitely want to team up with Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng.”

“I would also like to be on the team of Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng.” Zhangsun Yan quickly replied, although she was not afraid but she feared that Jia Lingwei would show some disagreement to forming a team with Ning Cheng.

Jia Lingwei on seeing this, knew that there was no other way and spoke with an apologetic tone to Cheng Yixiao, “Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng, Senior Apprentice Brother Xiaoning had saved us twice, as such my viewpoint is also similar to that of Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, we are going to look for Senior Apprentice Brother Xiaoning to form a team.”

Cheng Yixiao sighed and spoke, “Actually, even I would like to form a team with Elder Brother Cheng aah, whether he is with us or not are two completely different things, but what is the critical factor here is that he is a Devil Cultivator, as such I’m afraid that it would affect the Wu Nian Academy.”

Yan Ji sneered and spoke, “If a 9 Star Academy is afraid of being destroyed by such a thing, then the existence of such a 9 Star Academy simply doesn’t have any meaning.”

After hearing Yan Ji’s words, Cheng Yixiao spoke with a lamenting sigh, “Junior Apprentice Ji’s words are definitely justified, an Academy that has been standing tall for such a long time would definitely not fall so easily. But it is different now, at the moment the war between the 9 Continents of the Yi Xing Mainland and the Yi Xing Ocean is in a ceasefire mode. Not only that, the two sides even have a bit of cooperation amongst them. If some of the enemies of an Academy found an excuse, no matter how weak it is, then it would inadvertently draw in the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators to attack them.”

“Moreover if not for me being Cheng Yishui’s son, I would have not only preferred to leave the Wu Nian Academy, but would have done everything possible in my hands to make this Cheng Xiaoning into a heroic figure.”


At the moment Ning Cheng was in a good mood, he had already found out where the Blood River Red Lotus was growing. The Blood River Red Lotus grew on the Blood River Peak’s summit, as such if one wanted to collect the Blood River Red Lotus, then one had to climb to the top of the Blood River Peak. But because of the Blood River tributaries immense suction force, flying in the sky over the Blood River was almost next to impossible, if one was even a tiny bit careless they would be sucked into the Blood River. Although this posed many difficulties to other people, but Ning Cheng was not worried about this at all, he had the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings that helped him solve this problem.

If Yan Ji had known that Ning Cheng had intended to use the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings to collect the Blood River Red Lotus, then she would have certainly come out to stop it. But it was really a pity that they did not know about this, moreover Ning Cheng with the help of the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings had already collected the first pair Blood River Red Lotus.

The Blood River Red Lotus actually came in pairs, and was matchlessly beautiful in appearance. The lotus leaves were as red as the maple leaves, and the lotus itself was the colour of a dark red rose, and was exuding a faint enticing aroma.

But at the same time, Ning Cheng was also surrounded by a group of Blood River Otters at the Blood River Peak’s edge. But these Blood River Otters were different from the ones that had surrounded Jia Lingwei and Yan Ji, the Blood River Otters surrounding Ning Cheng had begun to grow a pair of wings, and had locked in Ning Cheng from all directions.

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