Chapter 0213

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0213: At the Bottom of the Blood River

Ning Cheng had heard from other people before that the waters of the Blood River had very strong corrosive powers, now that he had no place to escape, his first reaction was to enter the Mysterious Yellow Bead. But just at the instant the tide exploded onto him, Ning Cheng did not enter the Mysterious Yellow Bead, but rather used his True Essence to put up a shield around him.

Once the True Essence’s shield could not protect him from the tides comprised of the blood coloured waters, only then would he try to enter the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

But on this slice of the Blood River Mountains, there were already a lot of disciples from the big Academies that had already arrived, as such once the Mysterious Yellow Bead’s Aura was exposed, then he definitely would not need to guess as to what would happen to him. Moreover, he also had the reputation of being a Devil Cultivator which was simply not good at all. In the case of not having any relevant benefits to them, even though the situation would plunge downwards for him, but at the very least it would definitely not give rise to the situation of some mighty figures taking the initiative to chase him to death. However, he had the Mysterious Yellow Bead, once the Mysterious Yellow Origin Aura was exposed, then even if he managed to escape to the ends of this world, there would always be someone who would still hunt him down and kill him.

More importantly, he himself did not know if he could actually enter the Mysterious Yellow Bead, but at least he knew that at the moment his True Essence Shield could provide him with an ironclad support in here as long as he could keep it up.

What made Ning Cheng to let loose a sigh of relief, was that this Blood River’s water and the water from the ordinary rivers did not seem much different. Other than a bit of fishy smell, it could even be called as the same. Even when he was at the early stages of the Essence Building Realm he could still create a True Essence Shield in the water, now that his cultivation was hundreds of times much more powerful than at that time, as such how could it pose any problem for him at the moment? Although the True Essence Shield was being hit repeatedly by the waves of the bloody water, but these impacts did not pose much of a threat to him.

Feeling the flow of the blood red waters outside, Ning Cheng was thinking of something that was completely unrelated to this affair.

Crashing into this Blood River did not seem to be such a great matter that it was made out to be, even if the waters of the Blood River had strong corrosive powers, but just using one’s True Essence to form a shield, one could easily guard against the waters of the Blood River, then why did it pose such a threat to the cultivators inside the Law’s Waw? Why did Zhangsun Yan say that it was so fearful? According to her, once someone was whirled away by the Blood River, then even their skeleton would not remain behind.

At the moment he was surrounded on all sides by the waters from the Blood River, moreover there was nothing in here that could indicate that it could whittle away bones aah? One could even easily block this stuff with the help of a True Essence Shield. Ning Cheng believed that even if it was an ordinary cultivator, even they could easily achieve this.

The Blood River kept tumbling and surging downwards. Ning Cheng could only feel that he was also being brought downwards with the flow. But as soon as he tried to resist the flow, a strong suction force immediately got hold of him, moreover the force was so powerful that just a little more and it could have easily torn through shield guarding him. But he soon realized that if he followed the direction of the tumbling and surging, the force acting on his guarding shield was a lot lighter, at least it was not enough to break through it.

Ning Cheng was somewhat depressed in his heart, but at least he was able to to ascertain this fact early on. The suction force from the whirlpools inside the Blood River was still separated into strong and weak areas, if he had not collected the pair of Blood River Red Lotus, then he would have already been brought to the bottom of the Blood River.

He did not know for how long he had been suspended in such a situation, when Ning Cheng suddenly felt that the surroundings around him had seem to have suddenly become empty. Moreover, he could even feel dry ground underneath his feet. The suction force and even the Blood River waters had completely disappeared, while underneath his feet was sand granules that were completely pitch black in colour. The smallest of these sand granules were as big as the size of a pea while in contrast to it the largest was slightly bigger than a fist.

But what made Ning Cheng amazed was that this place was very huge, even when he deployed his Spiritual Consciousness to his maximum possible limit he still was not able to find the edge of this region, moreover what was even more terrible was that there was not even a scrap of Spiritual Qi in here. That’s right, it was not that the Spiritual Qi in here was thin, but rather this place did not even have a hint of Spiritual Qi, it was even inferior to cultivation practice environment back on Earth.

Moreover, the entire surrounding area all around was covered in a dark red light, it was as if it was reflecting the colour of the Blood River, making it seem completely lifeless and without any vigour.

Ning Cheng carefully walked a few steps forward. Before he found some bones underneath his feet, along with fragments of magical weapons. Seeing this Ning Cheng’s heart immediately sank. As his mind immediately conjured up the scene. If one fell into the Blood River then they would actually be transported to this place, but this place did not even have a scrap of Spiritual Qi, did not have any life, did not seem to have a way out, and did not even have the slightest sound. In this kind of place, other than dying, one would not have a second path to walk on. Even if one did not die, they would definitely go crazy if they stayed in such a place for a long while.

No wonder Zhangsun Yan had said that the Blood River was very corrosive, maybe it was because once a person fell into the Blood River they would be transferred here, in a place with no Spiritual Qi and seemingly no way to come out, it would only lead to a slow death, without allowing anyone to come out.

Ning Cheng looked up at the sky, it was still a dark red in colour, one could simply not even know what was behind the dark red cover that covered the entire world. It gave a feeling of not being able to breath, which made Ning Cheng feel oppressed and irritable. He must exit this place, otherwise staying in this place was equivalent to a living death sentence.


“Aaaah……” Zhangsun Yan blankly was still watching the distant thunderous sounds coming from the Blood River and was crying non-stop, and was mumbling on to herself for a good long while, “Big Brother Ning gone…… Elder Sister … Elder Sister Ji was also unable to make it out……”

Nalan Ruxue and Yan Ji’s relation was just one of acquaintances, as such when Yan Ji disappeared into the Blood River, she was not as sad as Zhangsun Yan, instead she asked in a doubtful tone, “Big Brother Ning? Isn’t he Cheng Xiaoning?”

She had realized that Yan Ji had made a move to try and save someone, because of which she had asked out about it, however just as she asked about it, she felt that something was wrong.

Sure enough Jia Lingwei spoke with a sigh, “Cheng Xiaoning is Ning Cheng and Ning Cheng is Cheng Xiaoning, he was the one who had saved you people.”

“WHAT?” Nalan Ruxue screamed out in alarm, and then spoke, “How is that possible? Ning Cheng only had the cultivation of Essence Building Realm, but Cheng Xiaoning, he was able to……”

Nalan Ruxue did not continue, as her thoughts finally struck upon the link between Ning Cheng and Cheng Xiaoning. Previously she did not know if that Cheng Xiaoning was Ning Cheng, moreover she simply did not even think about it, but now that she heard that Cheng Xiaoning was Ning Cheng, she immediately perceived the things that were common between them.

If Cheng Xiaoning truly was Ning Cheng, then when he spoke that he had rescued her from the hands of two Profound Congealing Cultivators, it would really not seem too strange at all. Thinking back to the time when Cheng Xiaoning, a single person, was able to easily take on dozens of Profound Core Cultivators all by himself, and could still leave in a safe and sound manner in both body and spirit, then even if he had the cultivation of Essence Building Realm, how could he fear two small Profound Congealing Cultivators?

Thinking back to the time when Ning Cheng had spoken to her in an extremely dull tone, Nalan Ruxue simply did not dare to believe it to be true as she subconsciously spoke, “If he truly was being treated unjustly, then he should have gone all out to explain it correctly to me, why was his tone and expression too mild to the point that he was not even bothered by it, moreover why did he show it as if he did not care whether I believed it or not?”

Zhangsun Yan’s eyes immediately turned red, as she mercilessly spoke out, “Big Brother Ning simply does not care about your gratitude, did you think that he would threaten you to repay the grace he bestowed upon you? If so, then you truly made an enormous error in judging him. Do you think that you will forever be a peerless beauty? Elder Sister Ji is many times more beautiful than you. If Elder Brother Ning wanted to take a liking to someone, then he would have definitely taken a liking to Elder Sister Ji.”

Jia Lingwei immediately beckoned with her hand, motioning Zhangsun Yan to stop talking as she spoke up, “Yan Yan, you should not say something like that. Ruxue had not done it intentionally, moreover it is completely normal to be misunderstood in that sort of situation. Ruxue, you will have to speak out clearly about that situation, so that we all can have a look into what was the matter?”

At this time, Nalan Ruxue’s mind was roaring with thunderous explosions, if Ning Cheng was really the person who had saved her at that time, then it was just as Ning Cheng had spoken about her being just ungrateful was really something too light of a word for her. This was the reason, that only she could understand. At that time when Ning Cheng had said that she was ungrateful because he had ended up using a life protecting magical weapon. Now that she thought about it, Ning Cheng’s life protecting magical weapon was definitely that Escaping Talisman that he had used to escape. What if a moment ago Ning Cheng still had this Talisman, would he have been swept away by the waves from the Blood River?

At this moment Nalan Ruxue no longer had the kind of calm and self-confident feel to her from a moment ago, and was feeling completely helpless and was even somewhat frightened into inaction as she spoke up, “At that time there was an accident in the Angry Axe Valley. I was transferred out from the Angry Axe Valley and had just fell to the ground when I was sneak attacked by a person. As to who made the sneak attack on me, I was not able to see. I guess, that they should also have been an acquaintance that had entered the Angry Axe Valley…… Afterwards at the time when I woke up, I saw Ning Cheng pressing his hand over my chest, I ……”

Afterwards what happened, Nalan Ruxue did not need to speak about it, as Jia Lingwei and Zhangsun Yan already knew about it.

Originally they had also regarded Ning Cheng as a lecher, as such Nalan Ruxue simply did not think of any other reason. But now it was completely different as she herself was starting to doubt herself. She suddenly felt that this matter suddenly had a lot of suspicious points in it.

Jia Lingwei sighed and spoke, “I already know about the matter with the Angry Axe Valley, as after the accident, all the people were transmitted out in a random manner and at random exits. What I want to ask you is that at the time when you woke up, how far away were you from the Angry Axe Valley and how long were you out?”

“It seemed to have been for several days….” Nalan Ruxue spoke as her face immediately turned pale.

Jia Lingwei did not speak again, but Nalan Ruxue had already understood. If Ning Cheng really wanted to do those kinds of things with her, then would he have waited for the time she woke up? She was in the middle of a coma for several days, even if he wanted to do more than a hundred perverted acts on her, she could not have resisted it at all. But the fact was that she was completely safe and sound, and her body had not been violated at all.

“Senior Apprentice Sister Lingwei…….” Nalan Ruxue’s words were somewhat dry. She suddenly felt that she was the one who was extremely shameless. It could clearly be imagined as to why Ning Cheng had spoken to her like that at time. Even she was despising herself in her heart for being this kind of woman. Fortunately, Master Shu had not ended up in killing Ning Cheng, but thinking that Ning Cheng was forced to use his Escaping Talisman at that time, leading to him being swallowed by the Blood River, it was the same as indicating that Ning Cheng was killed by her own hands.

Jia Lingwei patted Nalan Ruxue’s arm and spoke, “Junior Apprentice Sister Ruxue, for the thing that you owe Ning Cheng, there is no use for guilt. Ning Cheng had saved you from the hands of two Profound Congealing Cultivators, if you are able to recall their names, then we can definitely look for those two Profound Congealing Cultivators and see if Ning Cheng had killed them. If not, then you can definitely help in killing them in future. As to the matters that Ning Cheng has not yet finished, in the future you can help him accomplish it, it would definitely make it up for you not losing your innocence. In fact, it is not only you who owe him, don’t we all owe it to Ning Cheng?”

“I only know of a person called Sikong Kai….” Just as Nalan Ruxue spoke till here, her mind immediately went blank, she suddenly did not know what steps should be taken next.

“Sikong Kai? I know this person.” Cheng Yixiao’s hearty voice immediately arrived, he was in a good mood, as he had already collected a pair of Blood River Red Lotuses.

“Yi, Junior Apprentice Sister Zhangsun Yan, what is the matter with you? Where is Junior Apprentice Sister Ji?” Cheng Yixiao quickly realized that the atmosphere all around did not feel right, Zhangsun Yan’s eye were red, and Yan Ji had also disappeared.

Jia Lingwei spoke in a gloomy voice, “Junior Apprentice Sister Ji has been swept away by the Blood River……”

“…..” Cheng Yixiao’s mouth dropped open, and only after a good long while did he manage to speak, “What the hell went on here?”

Jia Lingwei once again recounted all the things that happened till the point that Yan Ji moved to save Ning Cheng.

Hearing that Ning Cheng and Yan Ji both were swept away by the Blood River, Cheng Yixiao gave out a deep sigh, as he turned towards the Blood River Peak from which Ning Cheng was swept away and gave a deep bow and spoke, “Elder Brother Cheng, whether or not you are a Devil Cultivator, you action and behaviour have made you this Cheng Yixiao’s role model. Please accept this Cheng Yixiao’s salute.”

Seeing Cheng Yixiao offer a salute from the bottom of his heart, the two cultivators behind Cheng Yixiao, also followed suite as they cupped their fists and gave a deep bow. Their lives were saved by Ning Cheng, now that Ning Cheng had fallen, it was only right and proper to offer a respectful salute to Ning Cheng.

Jia Lingwei and Zhangsun Yan also followed suite as they bowed towards the Blood River Peak from where Ning Cheng was swept away, only Nalan Ruxue did not move as she was completely frozen over and was feeling completely helpless.

Jia Lingwei saw this and darkly sighed in her heart, she knew that at this time Nalan Ruxue’s heart was tied in a knot, in the future it was highly likely that she would not even be able to exceed the Profound Congealing Realm. Seeing the other three people collecting the Blood River Red Lotuses in a distance, Jia Lingwei was just about to make the proposal to leave this place, when suddenly she heard Nalan Ruxue speak, “Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng, I want to ask you, how do you know that Sikong Kai? Just who is that Sikong Kai?”

Cheng Yixiao pondered for a moment before finally answering, “I know Sikong Kai from an auction that I attended, at that time he was accompanied by a companion. His companion at that time was Hang Jiaojiao who had come together with us on the airship, at that time I was only in the Intermediate Stages of the Profound Congealing Realm, as to his origins I am not clear about it……”

Hearing that Hang Jiaojiao was Sikong Kai’s companion, Nalan Ruxue’s face completely turned stagnant, she finally thoroughly came to understand what had happened.

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