Chapter 0245

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0245: Coming for the Mirage Stone

Ning Cheng discovered that the person who was thrown out just now was a Profound Congealing 9th Level Cultivator. As the cultivator saw Ning Cheng come over, Ning Cheng could see that his eyes were filled with raw hate, before he got up and rapidly moved away from that place.

Ning Cheng did not go to look for the cultivator who just left, he saw that the shop he was thrown out did not sell any kind of magical weapons or pills, it was not even a place for acquiring materials, but rather was a pawn shop, and outside this pawn shop were four characters written in a large font, ‘Maritime Pawn Shop’

“Friend, do you want to exchange magical weapons or something?” Ning Cheng had not yet entered the shop and was just looking at the outside when he heard a man giving him a polite greeting with cupped fists as he stood at the door.

Ning Cheng hesitated for a while before finally speaking up, “I want to exchange a magical weapon, but I do not know as to how much a medium grade attack type magical weapon could be exchanged for?”

In Ning Cheng’s ring, there were mostly Spiritual Artefacts, although there were not many high grade ones, but as for medium and low grade, there were a lot of them. Although he did not lack Spirit Stones, but he wanted to know about the specific situation in this kind of place. Of course, there was certainly another reason for him doing such a thing, and that was to not let others perceive him a rich cultivator.

On this ship, there were many people, and although the number was limited, people would always come and go as time flew past; as such keeping a low profile is always a good thing. Moreover, for him, not to mention about exchanging a medium grade artefact, even if it were lost, Ning Cheng would not even bat an eye for it.

Hearing that he wanted to exchange a medium grade Spiritual Artefact, the enthusiasm in that person’s voice also fell a lot, but even so he still spoke to Ning Cheng about the pawn shop in a polite manner, “The price of exchange for a medium grade Spiritual Artefact is five thousand high grade Spirit Stones, you can take it back anytime within three months with an additional cost of two thousand high grade Spirit Stones. But after three months, you will be unable to take it back.”

“So sinister ah.” Ning Cheng could not help but shout out in his heart. In the Le Continent, in general, even the worst kind of medium grade Spiritual Artefact could be exchanged for tens of thousands of Spirit Stones, if it was of a better quality then it could even be exchanged for hundreds of thousands of Spirit Stones. His own Profound Break Spear costed him 300,000 Spirit Stones. Moreover, this man had not even seen him take out his things, and still offered him a starting cost of a mere 5000 Spirit Stones immediately. Moreover, after three months, it simply could not be taken back. It was simply shameless to the extreme.

Even if Ning Cheng was richer than now, he did not want to waste things in such a manner, as he shook his head and spoke, “I will think about it.”

“I don’t mind. In this place, no matter what the situation, anyone is welcome to come here at any time.” Although he had completely lost his enthusiasm, but he still kept a smile on his face. Apparently, he was sure that Ning Cheng would come to this place eventually. In this ship, if one did not have Spirit Stones, then you would not be able to go on.


Ning Cheng had just turned away from the pawn shop, when he could feel that someone was tracking him. His Spiritual Consciousness was almost equivalent to that of a Soul Essence Cultivator at this point, and was incomparably concise. In this place, he had not yet encountered a Soul Essence Cultivator, as such if one wanted to track him inconspicuously, then it was simply impossible.

But still he was not able to figure out who would want to track him, he had definitely not revealed the wealth that he was carrying, and he also did not know any person here since he had only just arrived here.

“This friend, please wait.” A low yet deep voice hailed Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng relaxed, as the person who had called out to him also seemed to be the person who was tracking him. As long as he called out to him, he could explain the matter as to why he was tracking him, and was not a trick.

Ning Cheng turned back and saw a very emaciated middle aged looking male cultivator, with a cultivation at Profound Core 4th Level.

“This friend, I do not seem to know you, so why would you come looking for me?” Ning Cheng intentionally put on a doubt ridden frown as he asked.

The thin cultivator gave a slight smile and spoke up, “My name is Mu Xunlin, if you do not mind having a friend, then I have a few words that we friends could share with each other, there could also be an exchange if you are interested in a business.”

Although Ning Cheng was a bit confused as to what was going on here, but since this person was someone who took the initiative to call on him before arriving, it was only natural that he would not refuse him, as he hastily spoke up, “Well ah, so be it, I’ll pay for it. Let’s go to the Spiritual Tea Shop in front of us to sit down.”

Seeing Ning Cheng pointing to a small Spiritual Tea Shop in front of them, Mu Xunlin nodded his head and spoke. “My friend, you really are quite an open minded person who is definitely worth becoming friends with. Nevertheless since you have invited me, so let’s go to the Spiritual Tea Shop immediately.”

Seeing this person agree to the invite, Ning Cheng also did not refuse. This Mu Xunlin had kept track of him since he had come out of the pawn shop. Perhaps it was because he had what he wanted, a medium grade Spiritual Artefact, at least which was what he had come up with.

Mu Xunlin was not stingy, as he found a small private room, couple with two cups of good Spiritual Tea.

Ning Cheng saw that Mu Xunlin wanted to speak, so he quickly spoke up before he could, “Many thanks to Elder Brother Mu for showing such politeness, but I still do not know where does Elder Brother Mu comes from? How long have you been on the ocean?”

After so many years of extensive travelling, Ning Cheng’s mind had long since grown from that of a youth when he had first arrived in this world. This ship definitely was a place that only recognized Spirit Stones, and because of this, the two Profound Core Cultivators from before did not care about asking him of his name or background or where had he come from.

But since this Mu Xunlin wanted to gain a favour from him, and had even mentioned his own name first, as such it was quite necessary to ask him about where he was going, and what his name was.

Moreover, he himself did not know where at present he was at, as such Ning Cheng really did not want to reveal his real name. In the case of if he had ended up returning back to the periphery of the Le Continent after going through a huge circle in the Chaotic Star Space, it would be completely nonsensical to report his real name, and it would only be him courting death.

“Haha, I have been in the Yi Xing Ocean for over twenty years, and have no idea as to how to get back home, this time if I can earn enough Spirit Stones, then I could use the Transmission Array on the Mirage Gazing Island to return back to the Formless Academy. After all these years, my cultivation had barely progressed, after all there are just too few opportunities here, ai…”

Mu Xunlin gave out a self-deprecating laugh, and after he spoke gave out a long yet deep sigh, it was apparent as to how much of a toll has these years taken on him.

“Formless Academy?” Ning Cheng intentionally repeated the words with a questioning tone, while he thought in his mind, that this Formless Academy should not have any connection with his own cultivation method that was named Mysterious Yellow Formless.

Mu Xunlin once again gave a self-ridiculing laugh as he spoke, “This friend not hearing about the Formless Academy is quite normal. My Academy is only a four Star Academy. On the Tian Continent, a 4 Star Academy is simply a humble existence.”

Ning Cheng slowly let out a breath, as he finally was able to find his bearings. While in his heart, he couldn’t help but be shocked, as he had never thought that he would be able to arrive near to the Tian Continent with the True Brahma Buddha Fire Wheel. If it were before, he would have never thought such a thing could even be possible.

Travelling from the nine continents of the mainland to the Tian Continent, even if one was a Crucible Transformation Cultivator it would be almost next to impossible, and yet here he was but merely using around 2 years to arrive. If this was spoken to someone else, it could be easily guessed that there would simply be no one who would believe it.

Now that he was aware that he was near to the Tian Continent, he now felt completely relieved as he spoke, “So originally Elder Brother Mu was a disciple from the Formless Academy, at least it is much better when compared with me. I am called Ning Cheng, and am only a rogue cultivator, and have also been living in the ocean for over many years.”

Hearing Ning Cheng say that he was a rogue cultivator, Mu Xunlin did not feel surprised, and continued, “It seems Elder Brother Ning misunderstood something, I am not a disciple of the Formless Academy rather I am the Academy Head of the Formless Academy. It was roughly about 20 years ago that I advanced to the Profound Core Realm, and coincidentally was able to advance to the Profound Core 2nd Level again in just three years. After another year, I was able to advance to the Profound Core 3rd Level. The Formless Academy because of finding a secret stash of resources was able to undergo a huge expansion, which resulted in me being bursting with confidence, which ended up with me making a decision that I bitterly regret now, and that was to go to the Mirage Gazing City to seek out the Mirage Ship Island.”

This was the second person from who Ning Cheng had heard about the name ‘Mirage Ship Island’, and so he once again asked in a puzzled manner, “A lot of people seem to be looking for the Mirage Ship Island aah; I am also here because I wanted to look for the Mirage Ship Island. So what’s wrong in it?”

Mu Xunlin gave a bitter smile, “I know why you came here for, in fact all the cultivators here are for the same reason, other than a few who truly came here in order to hunt sea beasts, who would come here to collect herbs and other materials from the ocean? Almost 90 percent of the people here have come for the Mirage Ship Island. For more than 20 years, I have used up all of the resources at my disposal, and yet my cultivation had only advanced to the Profound Core 4th level at present. But even then, I could not even get a glimpse of the Mirage Ship Island, let alone the Mirage Stone. ”

So originally, he wanted to go look for the Mirage Ship Island to search for Mirage Stones, it seems that this Mirage Stone is not just any material; rather it is something extremely precious, which is the reason why there were these many people who want to find it. Ning Cheng finally understood a little bit of context, he felt that a huge weight had been lifted from his heart. At least now, if someone asked him as to what reason he was here for, he would be able to answer it.

“Elder Brother Mu, to be frank, I am not a person looking for the Mirage Ship Island. Moreover, I am also not from this ship, rather I was on another ship. But our ship suffered an attack from a sea beast, and I ended up escaping here using an Escaping Talisman. But listening to what Elder Brother Mu spoke a few moments ago, about you using up your savings, didn’t it mean that this is a black ship?” Ning Cheng asked.

Towards Ning Cheng’s words, Mu Xunlin did not feel surprised, he simply waved his hands and spoke, “Elder Brother Ning seems to have misunderstood something. This ship is actually quite a famous ship of the Mirage Gazing Conglomerate of the Mirage Gazing Island. It is absolutely not a black ship, moreover, the shops on the ship are also well mannered, and will absolutely not do business through force. For example, take the pawn shop you just went to, although they offer very low prices, if you do not agree, they will also not force you. However, if in the end you are not able to pay the passage fare, then you will eventually wind up at that place.”

Speaking until here, Mu Xunlin showed a faint smile, “I think that Elder Brother Ning, by now, you should have realized why I had decided to approach you. Although the pawn shop does not use compulsion to exchange goods, but the exchange price is simply too low. You have also seen it yourself, for your medium grade Spiritual Artefact, they will only exchange it for five thousand high grade Spirit Stones. I suggest that you do not go there, I have also ended up going there to exchange my magical weapon, and now, at present, I do not own even a single magical weapon to strike back.”

“Did you look at the cultivator that was kicked out of the shop? He was also such a person, who had ended up putting his magical weapon in the hands of the pawn shop. Even if you do not have magical weapon, you can come to the pawn shop for help. But the pawn shops only recognizes Spirit Stones and not people, as a result you would only end up being kicked out. Elder Brother Ning, if you have a magical weapon, you will finally end up falling to the same level as us. Moreover do not think that you would be able to redeem the magical weapon, it is something that is extremely difficult.”

“So for Elder Brother Mu to look for me, does it mean that you want to buy the medium grade Spiritual Artefact from my hands?” Ning Cheng asked.

Mu Xunlin spoke with an embarrassed voice, “I really do want to buy the medium grade Spiritual Artefact from Elder Brother Ning’s hands, but unfortunately I do not have any Spirit Stones. But since Elder Brother Ning has brought out a Spiritual Artefact for exchange, then presumably, you should be having more than one Spiritual Artefact with you. As such, I would like to request Elder Brother Ning to lend me this Spiritual Artefact for my use, as in order to survive on this ship; I had ended up selling all my magical weapons. Without any magical weapons, I cannot go into the ocean, and if I cannot go into the ocean, then I would not be able to gather materials. Without gathering materials, I would not be able to exchange them for Spirit Stones. It is just an endless loop, sigh…..”

This was one deep sigh.

Ning Cheng already was able to somewhat understand the predicament this person was in, and also was able to very much sympathise with this Mu Xunlin. But just because of hearing a few words, he would not allow a stranger to borrow a magical weapon from him.

“Elder Brother Mu……”

Ning Cheng had just spoke two words, when he was interrupted by Mu Xunlin, “I am not just simply borrowing your magical weapon I also have something to give you as a mortgage. The reason why the Mirage Gazing Conglomerate’s ship had come here was mainly that some people had seen the Mirage Ship Island nearby. As long as the Mirage Ship Island is found, then even if I could get my hands on just a single Mirage Stone, it would be more than enough…”

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