Chapter 0247

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0247: The Colourful Mirage Tree

Just as Ning Cheng arrived at the edge of this Mirage Ship Island, he could feel a bit of resistance that was intent on preventing him from entering. But this resistance was not too powerful, and just by circulating a bit of his True Essence, he was able to bypass it and break into the island.

An extremely formidable Spiritual Qi filled Ning Cheng’s surroundings, which made Ning Cheng feel that this Mirage Ship Island was a heavenly place to practice cultivation. The Spiritual Qi on this island was so strong, that even if a good quality Spiritual Grass appeared in this place, he would not feel strange about it.

A type of dreamy like yet imaginary feeling also started to well up in his heart, Ning Cheng felt that the place he was standing on was not the island, but rather a fairy tale world, as it felt somewhat unreal. Even when he used his Spiritual Consciousness to sweep out he could only observe just a few meters around him, even with his eyes, he was not able to see that far away. However, if one just used their eyes, one could at least be able to observe a 10 meter area around them. Anything that was farther than that, it would only be seen as something illusory.

This kind of illusionary world seemed to be almost similar to the place that he was just thinking about, one that was the Hua Continent’s Mo Ze Grand Plaza, where he and Luofei stood together, as they prepared for the challenge fights. Suddenly the world around him changed to him and Tian Muwan standing together, chatting in a soft voice.

However, at the same time, Ning Cheng’s mind suddenly turned clear, he could not afford to lose his mind in this kind of illusion. Ning Cheng immediately came to understand, that this was a result of his Spiritual Consciousness and vision being suppressed.

How could this place suppress his Spiritual Consciousness? Ning Cheng forcefully operated his Spiritual Consciousness and swept out once again. This time his Spiritual Consciousness was able to overcome the suppression from a moment ago as if it was something ordinary, and directly spread out to cover over a range of just over a kilometre. Although his Spiritual Consciousness stretched to this point, he still wanted to stretch it to an even farther range, but unfortunately, there was no way to do that for the moment.

At this moment, almost all the cultivators had rushed onto the Mirage Ship Island, as Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness’ sweep uncovered a three coloured tree. That’s right; it really was a three coloured tree. Ning Cheng once again reaffirmed it, as it was the first time that he saw such a three coloured tree.

On this coloured tree, there were three milky white fruits; was this the Mirage Tree that he had heard about? Was this milky white fruit the Mirage Stone?

Ning Cheng was just about to rush to pick up these milky white fruits, when in his Spiritual Consciousness detected several cultivators’ approach that three coloured Mirage Tree. Ning Cheng in desperation, wanted to change places to continue to find more trees. Since these many people came onto the Mirage Ship Island, then it was absolutely impossible for it to have just a single Mirage Tree to be on the Mirage Ship Island.

However, Ning Cheng quickly stopped in his footsteps, as he perceived that the several cultivators had actually rushed past that Mirage Tree with more than 10 meters to spare, and had not picked up the Mirage Stones as he had thought.

Was this tree not the Mirage Tree? Didn’t they not see the Mirage Stones? If yes, then why did the others not pick it? Ning Cheng couldn’t help but pull at his hair; he discovered that he really did not know how the Mirage Stone looked like in the end.

Just as Ning Cheng was going to find a person to ask about what it looked like, he once again saw two cultivators close in on the three coloured tree that he had just observed. Just as these two cultivators reached a distance of about 5-6 meters from the tree, they seemed to have been pleasantly surprised, and immediately rushed towards it, and with the fastest speed collected the three milky white fruits.

Ning Cheng suddenly came to understand, he had definitely not guessed wrong, this coloured tree was definitely the Mirage Tree and that milky white stones were none other than the Mirage Stones that he was looking for. Because his Spiritual Consciousness was tempered within the Chaotic Star Space, he Spiritual Consciousness was able to break through this dreamy like space and extend to almost a kilometre in range. But that did not mean that the others could also be able to do what he could.

Not to mention that there were mostly Profound Core Cultivators in this place, even if it was the Spiritual Consciousness of Soul Essence Cultivators, it did not mean that their Spiritual Consciousness would have been tempered like that of his, while at the same time extend to such a formidable distance on the Mirage Ship Island.

With large waves going off in his heart, Ning Cheng once again swept out with his Spiritual Consciousness. In his sweep this time, he found another three coloured Mirage Tree. However, this Mirage Tree was already besieged by several people, who had even brought out their magical weapons and were fighting tooth and nail amongst each other with all their might. This made Ning Cheng just give on this particular tree. It was not because he feared that he would not be able to beat the others in a fight, but simply because there were a lot more than a single Mirage Tree in this place. Since he did not have to time to think about robbing others, as such he might as well go find other trees.

Since there were already too many people here, he choose to go to a deeper place. Although this Mirage Ship Island was not small, but there were simply too many cultivators that had rushed up. Moreover, the time was also quite limited. They only had the time it took for an incense stick to burn. As such, he had to take full advantage of this time, and get his hands on more Mirage Stones.

Just as how a person using a honed knife cannot be compared to a worker skilled in chopping firewood, as such although there were certainly many cultivators on the outskirts of the Mirage Island, but they did not the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings as he did, as such they could only try their luck at the periphery. Now that he had the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, why would he not dare to enter the depths of the Mirage Ship Island to search for Mirage Stones? Thinking of this, Ning Cheng immediately stimulated his Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings and covered a huge amount of distance in almost an instant.

The Mirage Ship Island would only materialize for just the time it took for an incense stick to burn, as such Ning Cheng did not dare to use up too much of this time, fortunately his Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings were fast enough for this kind of place. Wielding the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings with all his strength, merely after a few breaths of time, Ning Cheng ended up rushing into the depths of the Mirage Ship Island.

Determining that the cultivators would not be able to enter this deep in just a short period of time, Ning Cheng fully powered up his Spiritual Consciousness. In his sweep, his Spiritual Consciousness was able to immediately uncover a five coloured Mirage Tree; moreover, this five coloured Mirage Tree had five Mirage Stones on it. Although the Mirage Stones on this tree were also white, but it was actually a lot purer than the ones on the three coloured Mirage Tree.

Ning Cheng instantly was able to make a conjecture, that the Mirage Trees on the Mirage Ship Island were classified according to their color. The more color it had, the more Mirage Stones would it contain. Moreover, the Mirage Stones would also have a purer white color to them.

Ning Cheng, with his fastest speed, rushed towards this Mirage Tree, and grabbed one of the Mirage Stones. The most profound of profound feelings, along with an even more intense illusory feeling welled up in his heart. Which made Ning Cheng feel that if he cultivated with this Mirage Stone in his hand, then he would be able to immediately advance.

However, he was also able to immediately determine that this was absolutely an illusion. Ning Cheng immediately was able to clear up his Sea of Consciousness, and with a wave of his hand, this Mirage Stone ended up in his hand. This Mirage Stone was extremely hard, and he could see that it was really different from what a fruit would look and feel like. As such, it was no wonder as to why it would be called as ‘Mirage Stone’.

Packing the Mirage Stone into a jade box, Ning Cheng quickly picked up the other four Mirage Stones and quickly put them away. Now that he was exposed to Mirage Stones, although Ning Cheng still did not know as to what uses did the Mirage Stones have, but he now understood that it really was a good thing.

Collecting the five Mirage Stones, Ning Cheng once again changed places, before once again sweeping out with his Spiritual Consciousness. He soon was able to find another Mirage Tree, but this one was a nine coloured Mirage Tree. This kind of Mirage Tree had nine Mirage Stones on it. Ning Cheng arrived next to this Mirage Tree, which was giving off a kind of smell that would let people feel as if they were floating in the clouds once they ended up smelling it. The nine fruits on this tree were almost completely transparent with a hint of white in them, and were not much different from the purest of quartz in appearance, no, rather it could be said that it was far more transparent than the purest of quartz. Although it couldn’t be considered white, but it had a transparent color to it.

There was even a Spiritual Charm flowing around it, it seemed as if this transparent Mirage Stone contained a certain type of thing that made other people long for it, it simply was something that could not be explained or spoken about.

Ning Cheng knew that time was limited, so without hesitating for even half a moment, he rapidly picked up the Mirage Stones, and put them into the jade box.

After picking up all the nine Mirage Stones, Ning Cheng was just about to change places once again to search for more Mirage Trees, when suddenly he thought, what if he could plant this Mirage Tree in his miniature world? As he thought about it, Ning Cheng instantly started circulating his True Essence, with the intention of pulling out this Mirage Tree.

But even though Ning Cheng’s True Essence was extremely powerful, it was not able to shake even half a leaf of this Mirage Tree.

This tree really grew up to be quite hard, yet Ning Cheng did not believe in such evil doctrines, as he brought out his True Cosmic Devil Axe.

“Bang….” The True Cosmic Devil Axe blasted out with an incomparably cruel Axe Intent at the soil under the Mirage Tree, but the soil merely showed just the slightest trace of a cut. Not to say about him digging out the Mirage Tree, even if he wanted to dig out just a piece of the earth, it seemed that it would not be easy.

“Quite hard.” Ning Cheng gave out a dark sigh, no wonder there was nobody willing to cut down the Mirage Tree. With this kind of hardness, who would be able to dig out the Mirage Tree? Moreover, with just the time it took for an incense stick to burn at hand, let alone trying to dig the Mirage Tree, the time would just pass by in just trying to dig up just a part of the soil beneath it.

“Even if that is the case, I will still try it.” Ning Cheng resolutely thought as he brought out his True Brahma Sword.

This time he had already completely refined the True Brahma Sword, but he did not plan to stimulate it completely. He did not cultivate any sort of Buddhist Cultivation Method; as such, he was simply unable to stimulate the True Brahma Swords to its most formidable condition. But still he could use the Power of Hope to stimulate it.

Injecting the True Brahma Swords with the Power of Hope, four indistinct Arhats vaguely appeared on the True Brahma Sword. These four Arhats took full control of the great sword as it forcefully stabbed into the soil beneath the Mirage Tree.

This time it was much simpler than before, and the Mirage Tree was quickly scooped up by Ning Cheng and under the circulation of Ning Cheng’s True Essence, this nine coloured Mirage Tree was directly brought into the Miniature World by him.

This Power of Hope was really quite a good thing aah, but unfortunately, the amount of the Power of Hope inside the Imperial Jade Seal was limited. If he ended up using it all up, then not to mention about using the True Brahma Sword, even if it was in the form of the True Brahma Buddha Fire Wheel, he would not be able to wield it.

Ning Cheng sighed, as his Spiritual Consciousness fell into his miniature world. He was feeling very proud of himself, after all, the others were simply unable to dig up the Mirage Tree, and yet here he was, having already obtained one. Although it took a bit of time, but it was still a Mirage Tree aah.

However just as Ning Cheng’s vision fell onto the Mirage Tree in his miniature world, his face immediately turned ugly to look at. He had just sent the nine coloured Mirage Tree into his miniature world, but it had immediately begun to wither. Moreover, the withering was happening at such a speed that it could be easily seen with naked eyes, as it turned into a dead tree.

“Fuck.” Ning Cheng helplessly slapped his head as he suddenly thought, if the Mirage Tree could be transplanted with such ease; the others would have already started doing this the moment they arrived, why would they wait like him? He ended up wasting so much time, and even wasted a bit of the Power of Hope to dig up the Mirage Tree, it he wasn’t a fool, then what? He had to hurry up and find more Mirage Stones.

Ning Cheng knew that time was running out, as such he no longer paid any attention to the Mirage Tree in his ring, and with a flicker, moved out once more, as he crazily blitzed around looking for Mirage Stones.

Knowing that time was of the essence here, Ning Cheng moved about with his fastest speed as he picked up 39 Mirage Stones. The surroundings were already turning fuzzing, it obviously was the sign that the Mirage Ship Island was about to vanish soon.

Although Ning Cheng was acting in quite a greedy manner, but seeing what was happening around him, he no longer allowed greed to take over him. Since he already was able to obtain so many Mirage Stones, he was very satisfied. Waving the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, he immediately moved outwards.

Ning Cheng had not yet completely left the Mirage Ship Island, when his Spiritual Consciousness turned up Mu Xunlin in its sweep. Mu Xunlin had fallen to the ground, and his entire body was covered in blood twitching nonstop.

Whether good or evil, Mu Xunlin was a person that he had befriended; as such, Ning Cheng quickly rushed towards him, and was ready to take away Mu Xunlin.

Mu Xunlin opened his already fading eyes, and was able to make out Ning Cheng’s silhouette. At this moment in his soulless eyes, there was actually a trace of surprise. Struggling with intense pain, he quickly brought out a token and immediately threw it towards Ning Cheng, while simultaneously speaking in an extremely shaky voice, “Elder Brother Ning, thank you, but I know that I would not be able to go on. Please help me out one last time in bringing this to my son Mu Nan. You must hurry; the Mirage Ship Island will soon disappear……”

Mu Xunlin, after saying those words immediately fell down, and no longer made even the slightest of sound.

Ning Cheng knew that Mu Xunlin had fallen, and was just about to take Mu Xunlin’s body away when he saw Mu Xunlin’s body almost instantaneously vanish, as if what he had seen was nothing but an illusion.

Ning Cheng touched the Academy Head Token in his hands, and knew that what he had seen was definitely not an illusion, but the real scene, but this scene was simply too terrifying.

As a feeling of everything around him turning to nothingness transmitted towards him, Ning Cheng also did not dare to delay any longer, as he went all out to wield the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings to rush out.

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