Chapter 0269

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0269: Cultivation Jade Card

“Senior Apprentice Sister Hanrui, I did not think that you would make a special trip to my place, quickly come in.” Ning Cheng quickly led the two people into his immortal cave.

Xun Hanrui had a good vision of her own, as such when she saw Ning Cheng arranging his array formation, she could not help but gasp in surprise, “Elder Brother Ning, I really did not think that you would also turn out to be an Array Formation Master, moreover you are even able to arrange this level of an array formation.”

“Senior Apprentice Sister Hanrui you really praise me too much.” Ning Cheng quickly put on a humble face, but the fact was, he was only arranging a Rank 3 array formation, although it was a high grade Rank 3 array formation, but ultimately it was still only a Rank 3 array formation. With his current ability, he could even arrange a Rank 6 array formation.

“Congratulations to Junior Apprentice Sister Liang, this time you and Senior Apprentice Sister Hanrui will be setting out together, surely it would bring about a great harvest your way. However, I still have no idea as to when Junior Apprentice Sister Liang and Senior Apprentice Sister Hanrui would be heading out?” Ning Cheng first greeted Xun Hanrui and then once again congratulated Liang Kexin a bit.

Liang Kexin spoke, “This time I came to look for you for something, moreover there is also a specific matter for which Senior Apprentice Sister Hanrui had come to seek you out specifically.”

“For me to have a place to live in, it is all thanks to Senior Apprentice Sister Hanrui, Senior Apprentice Sister all you have to do is simply give a command, I will do it as long as it is within my power.” Ning Cheng knew that since he had just joined the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, Xun Hanrui could not have any important assignments for him to do. As such, he was simply talking in a big way.

Xun Hanrui gave a sweet smile, “I really do have a matter that requires your help…..”

Ning Cheng was also somewhat surprised, no that’s not it, Xun Hanrui was a Soul Essence Cultivator while he was just a Profound Congealing Cultivator just what kind of help could he even provide the other side?

Seeing Ning Cheng’s slightly stupid look, Xun Hanrui covered her mouth as she showed a rare smile and spoke, “Do not worry, even if you are not able to achieve it, I will not dismiss you.”

“Senior Apprentice Sister Hanrui sure knows how to joke.” Ning Cheng spoke in embarrassment, not long ago he had used almost similar words to ridicule Wen Han. One had to know that both Xun Hanrui and Wen Han are Core Disciples.

Xun Hanrui restrained her smile, and spoke in a somewhat stern manner, “Elder Brother Ning, me and Kexin talked a lot of things related to you. I also am aware that you definitely are not an average person; moreover, I am also younger than you are. As such you can go ahead and directly call me Junior Apprentice Sister……”

Ning Cheng did not speak, talked a lot about things related to him? His matters, just how much even Liang Kexin knows about him?

Xun Hanrui did not care about Ning Cheng’s expression, and she continued on with her talks, “I am aware that you are in possession of a few Mirage Stones, I just want a Mirage Stone with more than seven colours. I know that the price of a Mirage Stone above seven colours is extremely high, and it is highly possible that I may not be able to afford that kind of price. And I originally should also not open my mouth regarding this…”

Ning Cheng saw the hesitant look on Xun Hanrui’s face, and immediately knew that it was definitely Liang Kexin who had told her a few things about him. Although Ning Cheng did not understand as to why Liang Kexin revealed such things about him to her, but since the other side knew that he was in possession of Mirage Stones, then he must consider whether or not there was a problem here, rather than considering whether or not there was no problem.

But why did Liang Kexin reveal this kind of thing to Xun Hanrui? It was reasonable to say that Liang Kexin and his relationship should be quite solid.

Ning Cheng looked at Liang Kexin and found that Liang Kexin was still smiling, seeing this, Ning Cheng did not wait for the hesitating Xun Hanrui to finish her words, before taking out an eight coloured Mirage Stone and handing it to Xun Hanrui. “Junior Apprentice Sister Hanrui, you do not need to speak any more words, it is but a single small Mirage Stone, and what’s this talk about price… Here, this is an eight coloured Mirage Stone, you can have it.”

It was only at this moment she came to understand as to why that Ning Cheng had brought out a Mirage Stone, it was because of his relationship with Liang Kexin. It was also because it was impossible for Liang Kexin to harm him. If she was not sure that he would give it to her, she would have never spoken about this matter to Xun Hanrui. Besides, with Xun Hanrui’s temperament, there was absolutely no reason that she would try to take advantage of him, moreover she would certainly repay this favour.

In the case, his guess was wrong then he would only lose out on a good Mirage Stone. Moreover it would also let Liang Kexin see that not everyone would be worthy of making friends with, as such this Mirage Stone can also be regarded as Xun Hanrui owing a favour to her.

“Eight coloured Mirage Stone…..” As Xun Hanrui took the almost translucent looking Mirage Stone, she couldn’t help but speak up in a trembling voice, she had never thought that it would be such a simple matter. Moreover, the one she obtained was an eight coloured Mirage Stone.

“If this is not enough, then Junior Apprentice Sister Hanrui please say it.” Although he knew that Xun Hanrui did not want any more Mirage Stones, Ning Cheng still spoke up in a generous voice.

To be honest, he had a lot of Mirage Stones, and an eight coloured Mirage Stone, he really did not put it in his eyes.

“Many thanks Elder Brother Ning.” Xun Hanrui carefully put away the Mirage Stone, and spoke to Ning Cheng in a very polite manner.

She did not wait for Ning Cheng to reply, and took the initiative to bring out two jade cards as she handed them to Ning Cheng and said, “Elder Brother Ning, your cultivation is slightly lower than required, these are cultivation jade cards for the Small Spiritual Domain, I only have two with, you can keep it with you. With one of these jade cards, you would be able to cultivate in there for a full month. These will give you two months of cultivation time in there…..”

Ning Cheng on hearing until this point, finally understood Liang Kexin’s intent. Liang Kexin was aware that he was here only for the Small Spiritual Domain, and also knew that Xun Hanrui was in possession of cultivation jade cards pertaining to the Small Spiritual Domain, as such took the initiative on her own to tell Xun Hanrui about his Mirage Stones. Then let Xun Hanrui to initiate an exchange afterwards.

Although in many people’s eyes, the value of a Mirage Stone was higher, but in Ning Cheng’s eyes, the value of the cultivation jade card for the Small Spiritual Domain was actually a lot higher.

“Many thanks Junior Apprentice Sister Hanrui, then I will also not be polite.” Ning Cheng also unceremoniously stowed away the jade cards, this was exactly what he needed at the moment, if he could get such fruits from Xun Hanrui, then he really would not mind taking out another Mirage Stone.

“Elder Brother Ning, I know that these two jade cards are not as good as the value of the Mirage Stone you gave me, so once I come back, I will definitely make it up for the difference.” Xun Hanrui was someone who did not like to take advantage of other people, let alone the fact that she already confessed to the fact she truly hadn’t helped Ning Cheng enough.

Ning Cheng quickly waved his hands and spoke, “For me, this is more than enough, I now want to go to the Small Spiritual Domain to cultivate. You do not have to make it up to anything, treat it as a form of my thanks for Junior Apprentice Sister Hanrui’s help.”

Then Ning Cheng turned to Liang Kexin once again and spoke, “Many thanks to you too Junior Apprentice Sister Kexin, you already know how much I wanted this thing.”

Liang Kexin just gave a chuckle, at the same time also took out a jade card before handing it to Ning Cheng and spoke, “I also have one here, but it would be better for you to keep it.”

Although Ning Cheng liked the cultivation jade cards for the Small Spiritual Domain a lot, but he was also not a person without principals, as such he quickly blocked her advance, “Many thanks for showing such a noble sentiment Junior Apprentice Sister Kexin; however I cannot take your jade card. You are also like me in some ways, and had also joined the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect for the Small Spiritual Domain. Although I do need such jade cards, but how can I possibly ask for your jade card?”

However, Liang Kexin still delivered her jade card into Ning Cheng’s hands, “Big Brother Ning, initially I had obtained many advantages from you, without much benefit to you, because of which I feel that I already owe you a lot in my time here. This time although I was able to obtain a jade card, however there is simply no time to cultivate at present, tomorrow I will be leaving the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect along with Senior Apprentice Sister Hanrui, so this thing in my hands is just a waste.”

“Can’t you just cultivate here on coming back? You can always come back.” Ning Cheng asked in a puzzling manner.

Liang Kexin did not care about it and spoke up, “This time the reward is also quite heavy, when I come back, and there is still the reward of cultivation jade cards for the Small Spiritual Domain. As such, I still would be able to enter the Small Spiritual Domain to cultivate. You also do not have to worry about the fact that you offended two Core Disciples, you just focus on improving your own cultivation.”

Hearing Liang Kexin speak those words, Ning Cheng also did not remain polite any longer, as he put away that jade card and gave a deep bow to the two of them as a thanks, “Many thanks Junior Apprentice Sister Kexin, in the future if I am able to get my hands on another cultivation jade card, I will double back to Junior Apprentice Sister Kexin.”

“Then let me thank you in advance.” Liang Kexin smiled and spoke, suddenly she saw Grey Toottoot running around outside, and couldn’t help but speak, “Huh, are you also raising a beast pet?”

“It’s just a dog who only know how to eat, with the name of Grey Toottoot.” Ning Cheng spoke up without hesitation.

Xun Hanrui stared at Grey Toottoot and spoke only after a long while, “I feel that this beast pet is somewhat unusual, but I can’t place my finger on it.”

Ning Cheng in his heart couldn’t help but think as to how could it be ordinary? Not only did this beast did not have a rank, but even had its own storage ring, and all day he did nothing but eat spiritual growth pills.

“Elder Brother Ning, thank you very much, I and Junior Apprentice Sister Kexin will be leaving now. Although you are living here now, you should still be a bit more careful.” Her last sentence was to remind Ning Cheng to pay attention to Wen Han’s people, but since Wen Han and Fu Shengnan could also be considered as her friends, as such she also could not say too much.


Ning Cheng spent only three days in his residence, after which he took the three jade cards and made his way to the Academy’s Small Spiritual Domain’s entrance to cultivate.

At this time, more than 20 people had long since left for the Great Liang True Country Assignment, and Ning Cheng certainly would not wait anymore. At least Rainbow Fall Sword Sect was a nice place, and Ning Cheng was also somewhat tired of constantly running around, moreover once he was able to improve his cultivation, that Fu Shengnan would also not be a threat to him.

“You want to enter the Small Spiritual Domain to cultivate? Take out your disciple identity card.” An old man at the entrance of the Small Spiritual Domain’s cultivation grounds stared at Ning Cheng with puzzle in his eyes, this Ning Cheng only had the cultivation of Profound Congealing Realm. In general, a cultivator with a cultivation of Profound Congealing Realm basically did not have any background within the academy; as such, it was extremely difficult for them to obtain a place to enter the Small Spiritual Domain’s cultivation grounds.

Ning Cheng also did not dare to offend the old man guarding the entrance to the Small Spiritual Domain, as he quickly took out his identity token and handing it to the old man, before he gave a bow with cupped fists, “Here is my disciple identity card, I want to enter the cultivation grounds for the time of three months.”

“You only joined the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect three days ago, and want to cultivate in the Small Spiritual Domain for three months?” The old man silently looked at Ning Cheng, he was certain that this disciple did not know that cultivation jade cards were required to enter the Small Spiritual Domain, and was probably thinking that as long as he could join the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect he would then be able to enter the Small Spiritual Domain to cultivate. He even thought that he could cultivate in there for however long he wanted, just how long has this person even been cultivating.

“Haha…..” The several cultivators standing near to the entrance of the Small Spiritual Domain laughed, it was apparent that they were also thinking of the same thing as that old man.

Ning Cheng was quite surprised in his heart with all this, was there a time limit on when a person would be able to enter the Small Spiritual Domain to cultivate after they joined the academy? But then why didn’t Xun Hanrui say anything about it aah?

Thinking of this, Ning Cheng quickly took out the three jade cards and handed it to the old man as he spoke, “Elder Deacon, I have three months’ worth of cultivation jade cards…..”

“You really have the cultivation jade card?” This old man had initially thought that Ning Cheng did not understand the rules, and had only thought this to be a joke, but he really did not expect that Ning Cheng not only would have the jade card, but had even unexpectedly took out three.

The several laughing cultivators also had their laughs cut abruptly, a Profound Congealing Cultivator taking out three months’ worth of cultivation jade cards for the Small Spiritual Domain, just what kind of logic was this?

A cultivator at the Profound Core 8th Level couldn’t help but stare with heat in his eyes at the jade cards in Ning Cheng’s hand, before he was finally able to compose himself as he came forward and cupped his fists towards Ning Cheng and spoke up, “This Junior Apprentice Brother looks quite familiar, can I ask on which mountain peak do you live on?”

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