Chapter 0279

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Translated By – DemonKiller
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Chapter 0279: The Limits of Small Spiritual Domain

Although the major academies did not get any benefits, but at least the situation with the ancient immortal cave was finally resolved, moreover they also did not lose the elite disciples of their academy. At the same time, they also finally became aware of the existence of such an immortal cave, but this ancient immortal cave was not something to be taken casually, as not anyone could take away the things inside it.

Ning Cheng and the other disciples from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect followed the Crucible Transformation Elder Bei Youfa back to the academy. This time there were no Soul Essence Disciples that perished from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, but among the disciple below the Soul Essence Realm, there were only two remaining, Liang Kexin and Feng Zhen.

“Junior Apprentice Brother Ning, we were not able to get the chance to thank you properly before, this time we finally found the chance to come thank you. If not for your words back then, then let alone we True Inheriting Disciples and the Core Disciple, but rather none of the rest would have been able to come back.” Seeing Ning Cheng and Liang Kexin chat with each other along the way, Que Hongshui and Luo Ziyan deliberately spoke out in a loud voice and specifically thanked Ning Cheng in front of everyone there.

“We are all disciples of the same academy, it’s just a trivial matter nothing to speak about.” Ning Cheng quickly spoke up in a polite manner, he was well aware that he needed the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect for a long time for his cultivation, as such if he could make a few friends along the way, then of course he would not mind it.

Luo Ziyan smiled and spoke up, “It might be a trivial thing for you, but it is not a trivial matter for us. Anyways, in the future if you are in need of any kind of help within the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, you can always come to the Feiyan Sword Peak to find me.”

Just as Luo Ziyan finished speaking, she immediately came forward and handed a gold coloured jade card to Ning Cheng and spoke, “I had heard from Junior Apprentice Sister Hanrui that you want to spend time in the Small Spiritual Domain for cultivation. I have a cultivation jade card worth a month, you can have it.”

Ning Cheng had only spoken in a perfunctory manner, but now Luo Ziyan had come up with a cultivation jade card for the Small Spiritual Domain, he couldn’t help but feel surprised with it, but nevertheless he still quickly took the jade card and said, “Many thanks Senior Apprentice Sister Ziyan, I really was lacking in this kind of jade cards. Having a low cultivation truly is not a good thing……”

He would definitely not think that he should not take this jade card, being rewarded by a jade card for a life-saving grace would definitely not be excessive.

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On seeing this, Que Hongshui also quickly removed a cultivation jade card of the Small Spiritual Domain and handed it to Ning Cheng and spoke, “I have seen that you have quite a few good things, as such I really was raking my brains all along on how to thank you. I truly did not know that you liked these kinds of jade cards, I also have a gold one with me which is equivalent to a month’s…”

“I have one too…..”


In just a short period of time, Ning Cheng was able to gather four cultivation jade cards for the Small Spiritual Domain, although they were all for a month each, but all of them added up to a full four months. Ning Cheng couldn’t help but feel ecstatic in his heart, he had not yet gone to receive the rewards from the academy, when he had already acquired four jade cards as such once he finally went to collect the reward he knew that it definitely would be a hugely abundant harvest.

Because of being rewarded with the jade cards, Ning Cheng also couldn’t help but be impressed by the Senior Apprentice Brothers and Senior Apprentice Sisters who he had saved. At least these people were not like those crafty fellows from the Law’s Way. Moreover there was also a common language between each other, causing him to feel even more joy the more they talked.

At the same time, the more time Ning Cheng spent talking to these people from the same sect, the more information he was able to learn about the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.

Not only cultivating in the Small Spiritual Domain was much better than the outside, but also at the same time, the deeper one could go, the better it would prove for them. Moreover, you also had to find a place by yourself; Ning Cheng realized that these places were actually similar to the blue stone that he had selected initially. There was a variety of such stones in the Small Spiritual Domain. Once you found a stone that was most suitable for you in absorbing spiritual qi, then it might just end up as a huge blessing for you.

However, the cultivation jade card for the Small Spiritual Domain was also something very precious; as such only, a handful of the cultivators would spend much time on trying to find such stones. That was because even if you sat down in any place to cultivate, it would still turn out to be countless times faster than the outside.

However, the most important information that he was able to gleam was that one could not endlessly cultivate in the Small Spiritual Domain. That was because the spiritual qi in the Small Spiritual Domain was heavily yang oriented in nature, and once you ended up cultivating to a certain degree, you must stop your cultivation practice temporarily. Otherwise, the Yang Qi would burn your body from the inside out, killing you in the most miserable of manner.

Hearing this news, Ning Cheng immediately asked, “But I had gone inside to cultivate for three months, how come I did not feel anything?”

Que Hongshui laughed and spoke, “It necessary to cultivate to a certain extent for such a phenomenon to manifest, your cultivation of Profound Core Realm is still not up to par. It is not just you but even we might not experience anything like this, only those at the Soul Sculpting Realm and above would be able to have a clear feeling about it.”

Ning Cheng finally came to understand, no wonder he did not see any of those powerful figures cultivating inside the Small Spiritual Domain. There was actually such an after effect that would come into play in the future.

“Then what is the solution for this?” Ning Cheng quickly asked. He had joined the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect only for the Small Spiritual Domain. Now that he found that cultivating in the Small Spiritual Domain was equivalent to risking one’s life, wasn’t it just awful?

“There are definitely a few ways, you can try and find a Dao Companion for dual cultivation as a way to reconcile and harmonize the Yin and Yang within your body. You can also try to find some extreme yin oriented spiritual medicines to abate the effects. But these methods are not the best way, and the effect it would have on you would also be limited.” Que Hongshui gave a somewhat detailed explanation.

Luo Ziyan suddenly interjected, “The best way to resolve this issue would be utilising the Floating Snow Palace’s Soul Refining Snow and Ice Domain. If you cultivate in the Small Spiritual Domain for a period of time, and then go spend some time in the cultivating in the Soul Refining Snow and Ice Domain, not only would it not remain a problem anymore, but at the same time it would also smoothen out your cultivation. Unfortunately, the Soul Refining Snow and Ice Domain is under the control of the Floating Snow Palace, outside people simply would not be able to get in.”


At this time in the main cabin of the airship type magical weapon, Bei Youfa was leisurely drinking tea, when a voice suddenly arrived from outside of the restriction on the entrance, “Disciple Wen Han requests an audience with Elder Bei.”

“Come in.” Bei Youfa waved his hand causing the restriction on the entrance to dissolve.

“What is the matter you wanted to talk about?” Bei Youfa looked at Wen Han and asked in puzzling manner.

Wen Han quickly gave a customary bow, and then cautiously spoke up, “Elder Bei, there must be a huge secret on Ning Cheng’s body. He is someone who even used the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar as a hand sanitizer, moreover even a nine-coloured Mirage Stone is just garbage in his eyes. Moreover the most important thing is that he was not even the slightest bit affected in the ancient immortal cave, not even with the numerous magical weapons strewn about…”

“What do you exactly want to say?” Elder Bei put down his cup, as he looked at Wen Han and asked in a faint voice.

Wen Han bit his lips and spoke, “I think that Junior Apprentice Brother Ning has definitely made great contributions this time, and the academy should also reward him appropriately, but Junior Apprentice Brother Ning should also report his secret to the academy in detail as a recompense for the graciousness the academy has shown in allowing him to cultivate in it.”

Elder Bei gave a sigh directed at Wen Han and spoke, “I have already heard that Ning Cheng had only joined the academy just three months ago, from which point does the grace of nurturing him come into play? Besides, my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect advocates disciples keeping their own secrets. Not to say about Ning Cheng, in my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, which Core Disciple or True Inheriting Disciple or even the Elders, which one of them does not have a secret or two of their own?”

“Wen Han, if I forced you to hand over you secrets to the academy, how would you react? I suggest that you do not walk in the footsteps of that Tang Guangxi from the Red Star Sword Faction. If you were able to learn to be grateful, then it would also enable you to climb to a higher peak. You have good qualifications yourself, do not harm yourself in going down this path, it is still not late for you to rectify your behaviour, otherwise once you feel it’s good, then only path available for you would be going down.”

Wen Han’s face just couldn’t help but alternate between red, blue and green, before he finally managed to speak in a respectful manner, “Yes, this junior understood the lesson.” Finished speaking, he cautiously backed away.

Elder Bei couldn’t help but shake his head and sigh at such a sight. He wanted to warn Wen Han of what he wasn’t seeing in Ning Cheng, but seeing what transpired, he was also well aware that Wen Han would definitely not stop because he said so. In the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, the disputes between disciples were something common; he could only try to mediate things from the sidelines, but cannot directly move to interfere in such matters.


If one was asked as to who was currently on the limelight in the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect recently, then it was absolutely Ning Cheng without any doubt.

Ning Cheng had only completed a few months since the time he had joined the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, yet he still dared to risk his life by taking up the 17th assignment of the academy. Not only that, he had only just entered the academy as an Inner Sect Disciple yet he was able to perfectly complete the 17th assignment, allowing him to not only save more than a dozen disciples from his own academy but also more than 100 elite disciples from other academies. This was equivalent to putting half the Tian Continent in debt to him, allowing him to earn a heaven shaking reputation.

At this moment, there were legends of Ning Cheng circulating around each corner of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.

“You know, Senior Apprentice Brother Ning had broken into the ancient immortal cave all by himself, and saved more than a 100 elite disciples of the major academies. Elder Bei had also personally accompanied Senior Apprentice Brother Ning to help him receive his rewards. Even the Deputy Academy Head Tantei had come out to meet Ning Cheng…..”

“Of course I know this thing, but I heard that not only are the major academies utterly grateful towards Senior Apprentice Brother Ning Cheng, I also heard that he was going to be promoted to a True Inheriting Disciple.”

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning Cheng was originally a Soul Essence Cultivator, had had forcefully regressed his cultivation, so of course it was just a matter of time that he would he promoted to become a True Inheriting Disciple.”

“Come on, I heard that Senior Apprentice Brother Ning Cheng was a rogue cultivator in the Soul Sculpting Realm, when he was inside the ancient immortal cave, he suddenly released the seal he placed on his cultivation by himself, while at the same time sealing and killing the nefarious cultivator that had trapped the other elite disciples……”

“You can’t just say anything; cultivators above the Soul Essence Realm simply cannot enter the ancient immortal cave.”

“Better not pull a fast one on me, that Ning Cheng is only a Profound Core 1st Level Cultivator, the only reason he was able to accomplish all that was because he was able to resist the temptations within the immortal cave. I will give you a real piece of news to open your eyes, people from the Severing Emotions Dao Sect and the Floating Snow Palace have come to meet the people from our Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. I heard that they want to act as matchmakers so that their own elite True Inheriting Disciples could marry Ning Cheng…..”

“Bullshit, as you said that Ning Cheng is only at the Profound Core 1st Level, while the Severing Emotions Dao Sect and Floating Snow Palace’s elite True Inheriting Disciples are all at least at the late stages of the Soul Essence Realm, why would those people take the initiative to propose a marriage alliance between the sects?”

“Hehe, do you even realize how rich Ning Cheng is? He has the things most needed by the Severing Emotions Dao Sect and Floating Snow Palaces, forget it, you shouldn’t speak about things that you don’t understand…..”

The cultivator, who had laughed, simply turned around and no longer participated in the discussion, and soon left the area.


As the talks about Ning Cheng were raging outside like a storm, at this time, Ning Cheng had already arrived at the Small Spiritual Domain. Elder Bei was quite good to Ning Cheng, not only did he personally accompany him to receive his rewards, he was also aware that Ning Cheng was very much in need of cultivation jade cards for the Small Spiritual Domain, as such he himself took the initiative to bestow upon Ning Cheng an additional three months’ worth of jade cards.

Ning Cheng also reciprocated in kind, and gave Elder Bei three full bottles of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar. Although the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar was finally exposed, Ning Cheng still felt that he must not bring out this big volume more than once.

At this point, Ning Cheng, even if he did not have to use the one million contribution points that he was rewarded with, he still had nineteen months’ worth of cultivation time in the Small Spiritual Domain. Although the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect did not obtain any benefits from this Academy Assignment to the Great Liang True Country, but it still undoubtedly revealed the heroic spirit of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Not only Ning Cheng was rewarded for his efforts, but even all the cultivators who had participated in this assignment were also rewarded with a month’s’ worth of cultivation time in the Small Spiritual Domain.

Liang Kexin also had received a month’s worth of cultivation time in the Small Spiritual Domain, even if Liang Kexin repeatedly said that one month of time was more than enough for her, Ning Cheng still gave her back a jade card that he owed Liang Kexin.

Ning Cheng, who now still had eighteen months of cultivation time with him, did not rush to immediately start cultivating in the Small Spiritual Domain, rather he took his time in searching for a place where the spiritual qi was the most abundant.

After wasting four days, Ning Cheng finally was able to zero in on a piece of white stone.

Once he found the location for his cultivation, Ning Cheng then proceeded to calmly arrange a variety of array formations. He decided that he would cultivate at this spot until he reached the Great Circle of the Profound Core Realm before he went out. If not for the fact that the Small Spiritual Domain was not suitable for crossing the tribulation, he had actually planned to use up all eighteen months of time inside this place.

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