Chapter 0291

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Chapter 0291: The Chaos after the Truth

The Crucible Transformation Deacon continued, “As for the matter regarding Ning Cheng and Ding Liang, we have investigated it thoroughly, and found that it was Ding Liang who had taken the initiative to challenge Ning Cheng. However, his strength in the end was inferior to Ning Cheng causing him to end up with extremely serious injuries. Ultimately resulting in Ding Liang committing suicide by his own initiative. Because it was not Ning Cheng who took the initiative to issue the challenge, and coupled with the fact that Ding Liang’s cultivation was higher than Ning Cheng, as such Ning Cheng does not bear any responsibility for this matter……”

Once the verdict was announced, it suddenly caused an even bigger sensation. Some of the people couldn’t help but suspect that the Deacon was lying. Ning Cheng’s cultivation was not higher than Ding Liang? Moreover, can even defeat Ding Liang who was ranked within the top 40 in the Profound Core Realm Preliminaries? One had to know that these 100 cultivators, who passed through the preliminaries of the Profound Core Realm Group, could even be said to represent the strongest Profound Core Cultivators in the entire Tian Continent.

Although the others were feeling shocked regarding Ning Cheng’s cultivation, but Ning Cheng himself was shocked for some other reason. Fortunately, it was not he who had taken the initiative to challenge Ding Liang, if he had taken the initiative to challenge to challenge Ding Liang then wouldn’t it mean that even if he tried to explain things in a completely justified manner, he would still be punished?

As Ning Cheng thought about it, waves of discomfort raged around in his heart, ultimately his strength was not strong enough to have the final say among these people. He was well aware that the people here would not choose to hear reason; rather it was only the strong who had the right to speak about the law and order.

Ning Cheng was also aware that even if he did not feel comfortable about this, currently he had no right to speak here by virtue of his strength. But even then, with a belly full of discomfort, he couldn’t help but sweep his gaze towards Jiang Jun, before he suddenly gave a smile and spoke out, “Jiang Jun, didn’t you say something about me regretting my actions a few moments ago? However, I am still alive and well.”

After he finished saying this, Ning Cheng did not have intentions to leave this place, rather he intended to return to the place where the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect was stationed.

“I also hope that you are able to live well, if you ended up dying early, I will be quite disappointed, because at that time I would not know as to how I would repay you…..” Jiang Jun replied without any expression on his face, however only he was aware about the waves of anger bashing around in his heart.

Ning Cheng suddenly spoke up, “Jiang Jun, you still want to threaten me.”

“Although you are not worthy enough for me to threaten you. But you can definitely think of my words as a threat.” Jiang Jun replied with a completely disdain filled voice. How was a Profound Core ant worthy enough to receive a threat from him?

Ning Cheng simply gave a mysterious smile as he spoke up, “Well, I just happen to recall something that I said before, that I will let you know what a real threat feels like. If one issues a threat, they would still have to deal with the consequences before walking away.”

Hearing Ning Cheng’s tone, Jiang Jun couldn’t help but have a very bad feeling in his heart. How could he not feel that both Ning Cheng’s tone and expression was something very strange?

Ning Cheng simply ignored Jiang Jun, as he spoke in an extremely clear and loud voice, “Excuse me, is there anyone here who knows Tan Yushan, or has any good relations with Tan Yushan?”

Jiang Jun, on hearing Ning Cheng’s words, immediately turned deathly pale. He was now sure that it was definitely Ning Cheng who had seen them, at this moment he was inexplicably absolutely sure that he had seen the entire process of him killing Tan Yushan.

“Humph, a Profound Core ant and still so arrogant. I am Tan Yushan’s Elder Sister Tan Yun, do you think that you can get away easily after trying to provoke my Great Change Island.”

A disdainful voice arrived, Ning Cheng then saw a woman standing not far away from Jiang Jun, and from her tone, Ning Cheng could easily make out that this woman was intending to help Jiang Jun.

Ning Cheng once again spoke up, but this time with a tinge of contempt in his words, “You’re younger sister was killed by a particular person, and yet you still want to help defend that person with your words. Your Great Change Island’s logic is strong indeed.”

“You dare to bullshit about Yushan’s death. Go to hell…..” Jiang Jun spoke out, which was followed by him shooting out a shadowy blur that tore through the air and almost in an instant arrived in front of Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng gave a sneer, although he was not an opponent against Crucible Transformation Cultivators, but this Jiang Jun, who was just at the Soul Essence 9th Level, still dared to be arrogant in front of him. It looks like this person likes fighting with talismans a lot, as the thing that he had shot out was a peak level Rank 6 Shadowless Arrow Talisman.

However, just as Ning Cheng was just about to take action, he instantly stopped, as he felt Yin Kongchan move. A pair of white gloves, almost instantaneously, appeared over Yin Kongchan’s hands, before she immediately made a move to grab that Shadowless Arrow Talisman with her hands, causing the intense amount of killing intent to converge into nothingness in almost an instant.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Kongchan, why do you want to help this arrogant and shameless asshole?” Jiang Jun asked as he shot an unbelievable look at Yin Kongchan. He was confident that Yin Kongchan would support him, moreover combined with the fact that Yin Kongchan seldom spent time with other male cultivators, it meant that at least she did not have any antipathy towards him. Moreover, she had also accompanied him through a few dangerous paths, which replaced by any other male cultivator, would simply be something impossible.

Jiang Jun already had a furious hatred towards Ning Cheng before this, especially when he saw how Yin Kongchan responded to Ning Cheng’s attitude back then.

“If such a thing did not happen, then even if others create a hype for it, it should not even create even half an impact on you.” Yin Kongchan spoke calmly.

Jiang Jun, who a moment ago was completely overflowing with anger, instantly turned calm and spoke, “It is as Junior Apprentice Sister Kongchan said. It was because I unexpectedly had some ill-intentions towards this man that caused me to forget my manners.”

At this moment, Jiang Jun had once again restored himself to his previous young noble demeanour, with a calm tone, without even showing half a shred of anger.

Ning Cheng gave a dark sigh in his heart as he thought; this person is indeed a good actor.

“Ning Cheng, why did you, for no reason at all, say that my sister was killed? My sister has already condensed her Life Essence, so you have to take responsibility for what you speak. You are just a puny Inner Sect Disciple of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, so it would be better if you did not invoke too much hatred towards your own academy.” Tan Yun spoke in a stern manner, although she did not have disdain in her voice like before, but she still was a bit unhappy.

Ning Cheng simply sneered and spoke, “You sister has already been killed, and I have already informed you about it, whether you believe it or not, it is none of my concern, moreover I do not have any obligation as to make you believe in me.”

Tan Yun no longer paid any attention to Ning Cheng, she suddenly slapped her forehead, forcing out a drop of essence blood, while at the same time sent out numerous hand seal towards the drop of essence blood. After a few moments, her face suddenly changed as she roared, “Something really happened to Yushan. Who did it? Who was it?”

With the almost hysterical words of Tan Yun, several cultivators with powerful imposing auras descended to the side of Tan Yun. A black faced cultivator, seemingly unable to believe what was going on, cautiously asked, “What really happened to Junior Sister Yushan?”

Tan Yun had a very pale face, as she spoke word by word, “Yes, something truly happened to my sister, regardless of who killed my sister, I will draw out his soul and refine it. Jiang Jun, what the hell is going on? Why does it seem that Yushan ended up in a mishap?”

Originally, because of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Crucible Transformation Cultivators had come over, plus the Deacon who investigated Ning Cheng declaring that there was nothing wrong in the matter in which Ning Cheng had killed the Red Star Sword Faction’s Ding Liang, many people were already on the verge of leaving. However, none of them expected that news about the death of Tan Yushan of the Great Change Island would suddenly emerge here; it once again aroused the curiosity of the people all around in order to know the results of what would happen now.

The Great Change Island was also one of the academies ranked in the top ten of the Tian Continent; as such, it was not an existence that anyone could bully.

However, Jiang Jun suddenly spurt out a mouthful of blood, with his eyes going completely bloodshot, as he roared, “Who was it, who dared to kill my Yushan. If I Jiang Jun did not tear that bastard apart, then I Jiang Jun cannot be called as a human. Yushan, I will take revenge for you.”

“Ning Cheng, I had initially thought that you were spewing nonsense, but did not expect that your words would unexpectedly turn out to be true, you better speak up. Who in the end laid their hands on my Yushan? If you can say it, then it would help me avenge Yushan, for that I am even willing to become your cow or horse, and even willingly……” Jiang Jun did not even erase the trail of blood from his mouth, as he shouted like a dying convict on death row.

Jiang Jun was giving off an extremely sad and miserable feeling, even the onlookers were feeling a bit of compassion in their hearts towards him as they thought that this person simply had too deep of feelings towards Tan Yushan, to end up causing him this intense pain.

Before listening to Ning Cheng’s words, although Tan Yun had some suspicions towards Jiang Jun, but she was unable to determine the authenticity of them as such she couldn’t help but focus her attention entirely on Ning Cheng. Moreover, there seemed to exist some past enmity between Ning Cheng and Jiang Jun, as such splashing dirty water onto Jiang Jun in such a situation could also be considered as normal.

“Ning Cheng, if you are indeed telling the truth, then I promise you that no one here would dare to make a move on you. Although my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect is not counted amongst the top ten academies, but it is not an existence that would let others bully us.” Seeing the several Crucible Transformation Cultivators from the Great Change Island stare at Ning Cheng, with anxiety written on their faces, Elder Bei suddenly took the initiative to smooth things out a bit.

Even the Deacons from the Heavenly Dao Academy and other major academies, at this moment were attentively focussing on Ning Cheng. This matter was not at all small to them; the Great Change Island and Rainbow Fall Sword Sect were seemingly on the verge of breaking into a fight, with the Red Star Sword Faction in the centre of it. If such a thing were allowed to happen, it would only lead to the complete destruction of the Great Meet of the Academies. Moreover, none of these three academies was something to be trifled with.

Ning Cheng suddenly gave a sigh and spoke, “Jiang Jun, I really thought that you were quite a good actor, but it looks like I was wrong, however it would be a huge loss if you did not take home the Best Actor Award.”

“Ning Cheng, in order to help avenge Yushan, you can say whatever you want and I will endure it without a word, but please tell me, in the end who harmed Yushan. Please tell me, please…..” The only thing missing from the act was Jiang Jun bleeding tears of blood; however, his extremely sad expression caused many people to sympathise with him.

“If I said that I will not say it……” As Ning Cheng’s words came out, it caused innumerable amount of killing forces to envelop him, as if they wanted to tear apart Ning Cheng into a million pieces.

“You’re courting death……” Whether it was the Great Change Island or the Red Star Sword Faction’s Crucible Transformation Cultivators, all of their killing forces swarmed towards Ning Cheng’s side. Ning Cheng only had Elder Bei and Deputy Academy Head Tantei Fei by his side, causing them to be dwarfed.

“If you don’t say it today, I will make you die the most miserable of deaths possible……” Tan Yun’s entire body was overflowing with murderous aura, and seemed as if she would turn into a lioness at any moment and swallow Ning Cheng.

However, Ning Cheng still gave a disdainful glance at Tan Yun and spoke, “If it was not for me feeling sorry for Tan Yushan, I would have actually demanded at least a billion spirit stones from you for this.”

Saying that, Ning Cheng no longer paid any attention to Tan Yun, before he turned towards the others and spoke, “Friends, although I will not say who the one responsible for it was, rather I would just let everyone see who did it.”

As Ning Cheng finished his words, Ning Cheng threw out a crystal ball, the crystal ball in just a blink of an eye transformed into a huge crystal array formation screen…

On the crystal array formation screen, the battle between Jiang Jun and Tan Yushan was shown in a clear manner, one could even see the expressions on their faces with their naked eyes.

“Jiang Jun, you son-of-a-bitch, I Tan Yushan was truly blind to even take a fancy to someone like you, you are worse than even pigs and dogs. I finally understand how my master died….” Tan Yushan’s words immediately let all the others present there to finally realize as to who was the person responsible for all this.

Tan Yun gave an extremely enraged shout, “Beast, Yushan even dug out her heart and soul for you, and you still killed Yushan… Even killed Yushan’s master, I’m going to rip your soul out…”

Tan Yun’s face, at present, was streaked with tears. While she had already pounced towards Jiang Jun as she spoke. The Red Star Sword Faction’s two Crucible Transformation Cultivators hurriedly stepped forward to the front; however, the Great Change Island’s Crucible Transformation Cultivators were also not to be underestimated, as they immediately brought out their magical weapons as they sensed that a great battle was something unavoidable at this point.

“It was not me, it certainly was not me. This crystal ball is false…..” Jiang Jun’s face no longer had that sadness from before, only endless panic.

However, no one present there heeded the words of Jiang Jun, even a fool knew that the images imprinted on the crystal ball couldn’t be faked. At this moment, all the people were only concerned about that great battle that was about to erupt, the Great Change Island and the Red Star Sword Faction were counted among the top ten major academies. Once the battle between them finally erupts, it would truly be earth shattering.

Some of the cultivators with weaker cultivations immediately chose to retreat from that place as fast as possible, as they knew that once the battle started, they would not even have the opportunity to retreat at all.

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