Chapter 0299

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0299: Fear Breaks Nobody

Nei Xingxiang’s attack looked like it was filled with a formidable true essence as it rushed towards Ning Cheng. However, Ning Cheng did not dodge or even attempt to evade it, not to mention bringing out a defensive magical weapon to counter it. Rather he grabbed his Profound Break Spear, poured his true essence into it, before thrusting out with it with an exploding imposing aura.

Some of the cultivators with a higher cultivation could see that Ning Cheng seemed to want to exchange blow against blow with Nei Xingxian.

“Boom boom boom……” The moment the monk’s staff and the Profound Break Spear clashed, it immediately caused the terrifying vortex of true essence to erupt from the point of impact. This vortex formed from the true essence seemed as if it was capable of blowing apart the battle ring itself, as even the cultivators with poor cultivations could easily see the battle ring shaking to such an extent that it seemed it would collapse at any moment.

Some of cultivators who did not have a very high cultivation perceived Ning Cheng’s and Nei Xingxiang’s true essence to be on the same level, however only Nei Xingxian who had experienced the might with his own body knew that Ning Cheng’s true essence was much more powerful than his own. Ning Cheng’s Profound Break Spear was just a medium grade spiritual artefact; moreover, he could also feel that Ning Cheng had wrapped his Profound Break Spear in a layer of his true essence, as if he was afraid that the spear would end up damaged. Even if that was the case, it had not even resulted in half a point of drop in its power.

Nei Xingxian suddenly swung the Monk’s Staff in his hand, allowing him to instantly pull out from the terrifying vortex formed from the true essence collision, while at the same time shook his Monk’s Staff causing more than a dozen staff shadows to emerge from it. These staff shadows unexpectedly arranged themselves into an embryonic form of Entrapment Array.

Ning Cheng simply stopped continuing on with his attack, allowing Nei Xingxiang’s staff shadows to fully arrange themselves into an array formation that surrounded him in the next instant. The reason why he had done that was because he was curious to see the array formation formed by the staff shadows under the stimulation of this monk, in the end it all boiled down to him being curious about this trick.

Some of the major academies’ techniques were very formidable; as such, it wouldn’t hurt to be a bit more aware of them. Today it was Nei Xingxian who was controlling his staff shadows into forming an array formation, if he was replaced by a Soul Essence Cultivator, or even a Soul Sculpting Cultivator, it might not be something simple for him to deal with.

“Elder Brother Ning, why did you stop?” Seeing Ning Cheng holding the Profound Break Spear in his hands, as if he was quietly waiting for the staff shadows to form into an array formation, it caused Nei Xingxian to instead let the staff shadows to dissipate. After completely stopping his technique, he couldn’t help but ask in a doubtful manner.

At this moment, Ning Cheng really was not able to tell if this Nei Xingxian was someone really honest or someone really cunning. He was speechless for a while before he finally spoke up, “I’m just waiting for you to start. You don’t have to worry about it, just continue with what you were doing.”

“Okay.” Nei Xingxian answered in a single word before he suddenly decided to add in another sentence, “Elder Brother Ning, in that skill from a moment ago, how much power did you use?”

“20 percent.” Ning Cheng replied with a smile. He was sure that this monk would never believe his words.

“Just 20 percent true essence strength, yet unexpectedly was more than enough to not even allow me to advance an inch, formidable…..” Nei Xingxian muttered to himself, unexpectedly he actually believed Ning Cheng’s words.

After Nei Xingxian muttered some more words to himself, he then put away his Monk’s Staff and spoke. “I’m not an opponent of Elder Brother Ning, many thanks for Elder brother Ning for showing mercy.”

“Did you really believe it?” Ning Cheng looked at Nei Xingxian and voiced his doubt, in his opinion Nei Xingxian only showed honesty on the surface while being deceitful on the inside, so how could he believe his words?

Nei Xingxian quickened his pace as he walked down the battle ring, “Elder Brother Ning’s words, this little monk naturally believes.”

Seeing Nei Xingxian walking down the battle ring, many of the spectators were not able to react. They were originally expecting a showdown between a tiger and a dragon. But the first ranked in the preliminary round, Nei Xingxian, only exchanged a single move with Ning Cheng, before taking the initiative to step down. Or was he scared off by Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng was feeling somewhat dejected as he stood on the battle ring holding his Profound Break Spear. He was aware that there would not be anyone coming up onto the stage in the short run. However, he had already resolved his heart to not step down, since he wanted those things, then he will have to insist on it.

After Nei Xingxian went down, sure enough no one came up again. Although there were many cultivators from the preliminary round who had not yet had the chance to come up, but even so, not a single person dared to come up.

When there was a person whose cultivation was far stronger than the ones on the same level, moreover, this person chose to disregard the tacit understanding between the academies, it only served to show the glaring loophole in the rules at this moment.

It caused the cultivators wanting to spectate fights on the battle ring to immediately start booing, causing the surroundings to turn completely noisy, as they could see that nobody wanted to come up on the battle ring to compete with Ning Cheng.

The magnificent bloody battle that everyone was expecting did not happen; causing many of the cultivators present there to feel uncomfortable.

“Headmaster, should we send Liang Shi go on stage to call Ning Cheng down?” A Crucible Transformation Elder from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect finally couldn’t stand it anymore.

Rui Baishan shook his head and spoke, “Let him continue, Ning Cheng is already aware of the rules, written and unwritten, yet he still chooses to remain there without any intention of coming down, presumably he already has his own formulations. Elder Bei, you come with me.”

Elder Bei was also very worried about Ning Cheng, but now that the Headmaster had called for him, he immediately followed Rui Baishan to a secret chamber.

“Elder Bei, you are the one who had the most contact with Ning Cheng, how much do you know about Ning Cheng? Tell me all about it.” Rui Baishan immediately went straight to the point.

Elder Bei hesitated slightly, but then shook his head and spoke up, “The truth is, I myself do not know much about Ning Cheng, what I know is what I had obtained from Ning Cheng’s friends, only our Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s True Inheriting Disciple Liang Kexin might know a bit more about him than me. Later, I also went and investigated a few cases related to him, and concluded that Ning Cheng had gone to the Mirage Gazing Island, if I have not guessed wrong then Ning Cheng should have definitely stepped foot onto the Mirage Gazing Island. Since he has a Nine-Coloured Mirage Stone on him, then he must have gotten it from the Mirage Gazing Island.”

“On the Mirage Ship Island, there is definitely a big chance to find a Nine-Coloured Mirage Tree, and since he could get his hands on a Nine-Coloured Mirage Stone, then it is possible that he might also have the remaining eight Nine-Coloured Mirage Stones.” Rui Baishan concluded with a nod.

“Headmaster….” Elder Bei looked at the headmaster in surprise.

Rui Baishan beckoned with his hand, “Elder Bei, you do not have to worry, even if the Nine-Coloured Mirage Stone is something priceless, I will not covet something that was obtained by a disciple. Since Ning Cheng has been able to obtain so much at one time, as such he must have his own thoughts about it. If I did not guess wrong, then after this competition comes to an end, Ning Cheng would immediately try to go as far as possible from this place. It is precisely because he has already made up his mind on this decision, because of which he is determined to stand it out on top of the battle ring, all in order to force out the highest award.”

“Headmaster, please let me go up and persuade Ning Cheng, making him get down, then take him back to the academy into seclusion.” Elder Bei hesitated before he decisively spoke up.

Rui Baishan slightly shook his head and spoke, “If Ning Cheng had just obtained a single Nine-Coloured Mirage Stone then your approach would definitely be a good thing. However, if Ning Cheng obtained all the nine pieces of the Nine-Coloured Mirage Stones, then even if we sent Ning Cheng into seclusion, there would be countless people swarming towards our Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Although my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect is not afraid of being threatened by anyone, but it does not have the strength to fight against the combined might of the rest of the academies. For Ning Cheng choosing to leave the academy, it indeed is the right choice.”

“You are afraid that Ning Cheng might bring an untold disaster to the academy….” Elder Bei spoke up in worry.

Rui Baishan stood up, before giving a calm smile and said, “My Rainbow Fall Sword Sect has been standing tall for countless years, how many ups and downs has it seen, so how could we break because of some fear?”

Finished speaking, Rui Baishan took out a jade box and handed it to Elder Bei and spoke. There is an Escape Talisman in it, once Ning Cheng steps down from the battle rings, you can help me giving it to him. I can help him out, but this is the only way I can.”

“Do you want to convey anything else to Ning Cheng? Or do you want him to leave as soon as possible?” Elder Bei put away the jade box and asked.

Rui Baishan gave a smile, “He’ll know when to leave.”


Ning Cheng stood there on the battle ring for a full hour, however no one came up to challenge him, at this moment Ning Cheng even took out a chair before sitting down in the middle of the battle ring. The finals of the Profound Core Division was supposed to be a splendid show, but at this moment, it had completely degenerated into something akin to a farce.

No matter what direction, at this time one could hear a cacophony of noises, as people talked non-stop.

At this time, a black bearded yet elderly man flew over to the battle ring.

Ning Cheng on seeing him hurriedly put away his chair. He had already seen too many experts in these few days. This elderly man had a powerful aura, which made Ning Cheng immediately realize that it was not a whit inferior to Xiao Bisheng, such a strong aura if directed towards him, would be enough to reduce him to ashes in an instant.

“Ning Cheng greets senior.” Ning Cheng quickly bowed towards the old man.

The black bearded elderly man looked towards Ning Cheng, and gave a meaningful smile, before nodding, seeing this the audience almost instantaneously quieted down allowing him to speak, “I am the Heaven Alliance’s Dao Master Mu Ziming, and also one of the evaluators of the Tian Continent’s Great Meet of the Academies. From this competition of the Profound Core Division, it can be seen that there are some loopholes in the rules for the Tian Continent’s Great Meet of the Academies. As such, once this year’s Great Meet concludes, we will be re-formulating the rules for the Great Meet…”

These words immediately caused a sensation among the audience. Even if there were not interesting fights to watch, this matter in itself was exciting enough. Because it was just a single Profound Core Cultivator who had ended up forcing this change in rules for the Great Meet of the Academies.

Mu Ziming raised his hand, causing a heavy pressure to descend which forcibly cut off the noisy disturbances, before he continued to speak, “Now, I will announce that for this times Tian Continent’s Great Meet of the Academies, Ning Cheng takes home the first place for the Profound Core Division, are there any cultivators here who object to this decision? If there are any objections then please step up to the ring and challenge him, if no objections, then it will be as decided.”

Ning Cheng taking the first place, of course none of the cultivators competing had any objections about it. Ning Cheng had easily defeated one powerful expert after another, while sporting a very relaxed expression, without even a hint of having gone all out, who in their right minds would be willing to go up against such a monster?

All the people at this moment realized that the current Tian Continent’s Great Meet of the Academies would end up creating a legend that no one would be able to surpass. That was because the rules of the competition were actually forced to change because of a single cultivator, the ones that had never been broken before. Moreover, in just the first half of the Great Meet, they were actually forced to decide on the first place. While at the same time, no one could even object to that person taking up the first place, this was something that was unprecedented; perhaps there would never be anyone absurd as him in the future.

The public square had just quieted down, when it once again erupted in loud noises because of this matter.

“Although we have set the first place, but the following rounds will still be carried out, as the rest of the competition rankings also have to be determined.” Mu Ziming’s voice completely the entire noisy public square once again, once he finished speaking he then gave a smile as he looked at Ning Cheng and spoke, “What do you think?”

Ning Cheng quickly bowed again as he spoke, “This Ning Cheng naturally would not have any objections to the decision taken by the Dao Master, however I originally wanted to win that bottle of Essence Birthing Bamboo Pith…..”

“Very well, just tell me what you need.” Mu Ziming replied in a simple manner.

Seeing this, Ning Cheng also no longer remained polite, “senior, this junior only wants a supreme grade Soul Condensing Pill, plus a bottle of Essence Birthing Bamboo Pith, nothing else.”

Although Ning Cheng was aware that he was facing a Dao Master, as such, the words he spoke could very well spell danger for him, but he had to do this if he wanted to escape from here in the future.

“Just these two things?” Mu Ziming asked with some doubt. He had initially thought that Ning Cheng would definitely ask for a lion’s share of things, although Ning Cheng asking for the Essence Birthing Bamboo Pith could be considered as asking for a lion’s share, but it was still much better than what he had expected, allowing him to form a much more favourable impression in his heart towards Ning Cheng.

“Just these two things.” Ning Cheng spoke with affirmation.

Mu Ziming also nodded and spoke, “I’ll give you the two of them.”

Finished speaking, Mu Ziming took out two jade bottles before he sent them towards Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng also did not hesitate to put them away as he spoke, “Many thanks senior, if I have the ability to help you out in the future, then I will surely repay today’s grace.”

Ning Cheng was obviously not a fool, he could already sense the meaning behind Mu Ziming’s words, as these two things were not something that were provided to him on behalf of the Tian Continent’s competition, but rather was given to him from Mu Ziming’s personal effects. Besides, even if the competition decided to award him, it was certain that he would not receive these awards.

“You can get down now, and make sure to look out for yourself.”


Ning Cheng cupped his fists, before he quickly stepped down from the battle stage.

Ning Cheng had actually managed to change the rules of the competition that were being passed down for countless years, and had even caused a Dao Master to personally come up on stage to ask him to step down. It was something that was more than enough to stir the entire Tian Continent.

Because Ning Cheng finally stepped down, the competition between the Profound Core Division was once again started on the battle stage. Being ranked as one of the top ten academies of the Tian Continent meant gaining a lot of resources, as such who would be willing to fall behind. Moreover, with the continuation of the battle rounds, the competition only became more and more exciting.


As Ning Cheng stepped down from the battle stage, he immediately started making preparations to leave this place as soon as possible, as to whether Yin Kongchan or Xu Yingdei would come after him or not, he currently did not care about it.

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