Chapter 0301

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Chapter 0301: My scent is on your right hand

Ning Cheng was just about to leave that place, when he felt a strong burst of spacial fluctuations around him, followed by two shadows brushing by Ning Cheng’s side before these shadows disappeared without a trace. At the same time, he received a message from Yin Kongchan’s spiritual sense, escape quickly.

Before Ning Cheng could immediately act on it, a horrifying imposing aura immediately swept over him. Sensing this, Ning Cheng was greatly shocked in his heart, without thinking of anything else; he immediately stimulated the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, disappeared from that spot almost instantaneously.

“Bang.” An explosion sounded out, the place where Ning Cheng was just at a moment ago, turned to dust.

Ning Cheng was quite shocked with this; he absolutely did not have any way to contend against this kind of formidable expert. At the very least, it was a cultivator at the late stages of the Soul Sculpting Realm.

At this time, Ning Cheng couldn’t help but curse at Yin Kongchan, wielding the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds once again, in just a short span of time, was able to catch up with Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdei.

Just when Ning Cheng was about to move past the two of them, Yin Kongchan suddenly spoke up, “Take us with you, otherwise you will not be able to find that place…..”

Although Ning Cheng had a dark hate building up inside him towards Yin Kongchan for bringing such trouble towards him, but in the end he still chose to listen to Yin Kongchan’s words. Raising both his hands, he immediately grabbed Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdei from behind.

Both of them were aware what Ning Cheng wanted to do, but although they did not like Ning Cheng’s uncouth actions, however chose to not resist him.

Ning Cheng, carrying Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdei, once again quickly stimulated the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds for a few short bursts, allowing them to quickly lose that cultivator in the Soul Sculpting Realm as they disappeared without a trace. If the cultivator chasing them from before was a Crucible Transformation Cultivator, then he would definitely be a bit scared even if they would not be able to catch up to them, but because he now knew that he was just a cultivator in the Soul Sculpting Realm, although Ning Cheng might not be able to clash with him head on, he still did not care much about him.

As they reached flat ground, Ning Cheng immediately released the grip he had on Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdei. Both Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdei seemed to be immersed in their own thoughts, they simply did not think that Ning Cheng would suddenly release his grip, causing them to immediately stagger, if not for the two of them having a strong cultivation, perhaps they would have already fallen down.

Ning Cheng had initially thought that the two would ridicule him with words because of his actions, but contrary to Ning Cheng’s thoughts, the two of them did not speak any nonsense. Yin Kongchan still spoke as if nothing in this world surprised her, “I already knew that you possessed the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, so I chose to escape in your direction.”

“You don’t need to give needless explanations. It would not be the first time that I would be plotted against, initially when I rescued dozens of academy disciples, it only resulted in me being labelled as a devil cultivator and was hunted from all four directions. As such, I am already used to such kinds of things. You just lead the way, after our cooperation ends, you had better walk your way and I’ll walk my own path. Everything else is irrelevant.” Ning Cheng waved his hand, immediately stopping Yin Kongchan from speaking anymore.

Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdei on hearing Ning Cheng’s words, immediately knew that what Ning Cheng spoke about was definitely not related to what transpired in the ancient immortal cave.

“Do you often save people?” Yin Kongchan suddenly interjected with a question.

Ning Cheng replied in a plain manner, “If it is within my ability, then I will lend a hand to help. Although there are a lot of people who would bite the hand that fed them, however it also helps in making a few good friends.”

Ning Cheng then thought of Liang Kexin. Then shifted his thoughts towards Li Lingfan, although he and Li Lingfan were not familiar with each other, but he believed that he could be a worthy friend. Then there were also Taishu Shi, Yue Ying, Meng Jingxiu and the others that he had made friends with after coming to the Yi Xing Mainland.

“The reason why Jiang Jun was able to kill Tan Yushan at that time, was because you did not have the ability to interfere, right? If Jiang Jun killed your Dao Companion, then wouldn’t it mean that you would not even raise your hand?” Yin Kongchan’s words always carried a gentle tone to it, but this sentence clearly had a sarcastic and ridiculing flavour mixed it. Even if she cultivated her heart to a certain extent, it seems that because Ning Cheng had just casually thrown her down, it caused her to feel some slight injustice.

Ning Cheng coldly looked at Yin Kongchan and spoke, “I’m sorry, I let the weak heart of your boyfriend get hurt. I truly saw the process of that scumbag killing Tan Yushan, but it was already too late to help her out, even if it was any other individual I would have still tried to help out. However, it would be too much for me to kill someone like Jiang Jun.”

“You did not answer my second question.” Yin Kongchan was still calmly watching Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng just gave a smile before speaking, “I do not need to answer you, you can lead the way now.”

Yin Kongchan unexpectedly gave a nod, while bringing out a best quality shuttle type spiritual artefact, as she spoke, “I understand, just board my flight type magical weapon. I’ll take you all there.”

Then she once again deliberately looked at Ning Cheng and spoke, “You spoke a word wrong back then, Jiang Jun is not my boyfriend. I just appreciate him a bit, as he had something worthy to be appreciated.”

Ning Cheng’s eyes immediately flashed with an undeniable and unconcealed killing intent. It immediately allowed Yin Kongchan to understand Ning Cheng’s meaning from back then. If someone dared to kill his Dao Companion in front of him, then even if he were not an opponent of that person, he would never hesitate to go all out against him or her.

Moreover, the reason Ning Cheng disdained to answer Yin Kongchan’s question, was that he was very clear that he and Yin Kongchan were not people from the same world. Rather, even the environment in which the two of them were raised were completely different, irrespective of the world, as such it also represented that the worldly views of the two would always be radically different.

Yin Kongchan asked about his Dao Companion, but for Ning Cheng, not to mention about his Dao Companion, even if it was one of his friends, replaced in Tan Yushan’s position, he would definitely not hesitate to rush out lend his help. This was the main crux where their worldly views differed, Ning Cheng simply did not need to ask, but he already knew that Yin Kongchan was definitely not a person who would do such a thing.

Taking a step back, at that moment if Tan Yushan was able to hold on for even a moment more, then perhaps Ning Cheng would have been able to help her out, because at that time, he truly had wanted to help.


Ning Cheng and Xu Yingdei boarded the shuttle, as Yin Kongchan led the two of them to her cabin.

Yin Kongchan’s shuttle was decorated in a very exquisite, having a tipped front end and a rendered ellipse at the back. There was only a single cabin inside the shuttle, and even the controls of the shuttle could be found in her cabin. This showed that this girl had always been a loner. In other words, there were extremely few outsiders who have come into her shuttle.

Moreover, Yin Kongchan always appeared calm, with a quite semblance to her temperament and appearance, combined with her cabin having a touch of fragrance and the dress she wore, it gave others a feeling of a quiet elegance.

Ning Cheng, however had some doubts, as he took a sniff of his hands, he had felt that Yin Kongchan did not have such a distinct aroma on her before. However, her cabin had this fragrance, which Ning Cheng become a little more vigilant. He was already on guard against Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdei; moreover, Yin Kongchan was also Jiang Jun’s friend, since Jiang Jun was able to poison Tan Yushan, who knows if Yin Kongchan also had that skill? What would happen if this fragrance were the poison?

Yin Kongchan spoke up in a soft voice, “Your left hand had Xu Yingdei’s scent, not mine. You used your right hand to grab onto me, if you want to smell the fragrance on my body then just sniff your right hand.”

Yin Kongchan was so meticulously detailed, that Ning Cheng felt himself going red in his face out of embarrassment; her words made it look like he was some kind of pervert. He gave a slight cough as he stood up and spoke, “I’m not used to staying in a woman’s room, so I’ll be going to the front of the shuttle to have a look.”

“Why did he want to sniff your fragrance?” After Ning Cheng went out, Xu Yingdei suddenly looked at Yin Kongchan and asked a question.

Yin Kongchan’s face suddenly turned a bit red as she spoke, “I do not know, I think that he wanted to know a bit more about me, isn’t that right?”

Xu Yingdei looked at Yin Kongchan thoughtfully, then looked at the cabin, before she spoke, “Ning Cheng is someone very careful, maybe he wanted to know if the faint fragrance in your cabin was poisonous or not.”

Yin Kongchan’s lie was immediately exposed by Xu Yingdei, even her slightly red face returned to normal almost instantaneously.


Ning Cheng truly did not want to stay in the room with the two of them chirping about, the two women truly were a lot of effort for him, and moreover each of them had their own ideas on him. Their scheming might be as good as their looks; however, it was definitely not easy to take advantage of him to obtain benefits.

The speed of the shuttle was also quite fast, Ning Cheng was already a Tier 6 Array Formation Grand Master, so when he saw the array formations around the shuttle, he knew that there was at least a Rank 6 Defensive Array Formation protecting it. This showed that a disciple from a major academy coming out for adventures, were definitely different from the rest.

As Ning Cheng stood on the prow of the shuttle, he took out the jade box that was given to him by the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Headmaster Rui Baishan. The jade box contained an escape talisman inside, so now that he had some time, he intended to refine this talisman. Since his cultivation was still relatively low, as such, if he wanted to quickly activate this advanced level talisman, then he had to first refine it.

When Ning Cheng started to refine the talisman, he couldn’t help but suddenly turned dumbfounded, this was not even an escaping talisman, rather it was just an ordinary message talisman in disguise.

“Ning Cheng, when you start to refine my talisman, it means that you are at least safe for now. The reason I left this escape talisman for you, was so that you could leave this place as early as possible. Since you already understood what I meant, then that’s good. An escape talisman can only save you once, but there will innumerable dangers that you would have to face by yourself, sometimes even having an escape talisman would not guarantee your safety, as such I simply opted to not give you an escape talisman……..”

This old bastard Rui actually was a pest, fortunately, he originally did not place his hopes on his escape talisman, if he had relied on his escape talisman, then maybe his life would have become extremely miserable.

“What you can get out of this is an opportunity for yourself; hope you can make good use of it. I have also been a fugitive in the past; therefore, I will not send you an escape talisman, but rather share a few of my experiences. The first one, it is necessary that you do not fully trust your friends, because they might make a move on you the next moment. The second one, it is also necessary that you must have belief in your friends, because they are the only one who can help you…”

Ning Cheng was simply dumbfounded, how were these deceptive lines an advice from experience? So should he believe or do not believe?

“Third one, at any time, you must have a guarantee for yourself relating to your survival, at least you should not starve to death. Well, these are all of my experiences; in any case, you are now an exiled disciple of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. If you truly have no place to back to, then you can just come back to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Rui Baishan.”

Ning Cheng scratched his head, just what did this Old Rui meant with his last words, aah, aren’t these three so called advices just nonsense within nonsense. After one broke through the Essence Building Realm, one simply did not need to eat food, not to mention that currently he was about to step into the Soul Essence Realm. Even if he did not eat for a few years, his true essence would automatically circulate through the heavenly cycles. If it was used up during the cultivation, then it was still possible to absorb the spiritual qi from the outside to operate the heavenly cycle. As such, how could someone like him starve to death? A Profound Core Cultivator starving to death? It would simply be a huge joke.

However, Ning Cheng’s thoughts suddenly stopped. As long as he could operate the heavenly cycle? If the heavenly cycle can’t operate, then didn’t it mean that he simply wouldn’t be able to cultivate, what would he do then? Although Ning Cheng was from Earth, he was very clear that cultivating could help in abstaining from food. That was because the true essence would automatically circulate through the heavenly cycle, as such, it was something that would replace the body’s natural metabolism while at the same time would also help in transforming one’s body to an even purer state.

Once again looking at the third point on the jade strip in his hand, Ning Cheng suddenly felt that these words were no more nonsense. In the case where he no longer was able to cultivate, then he would definitely have to eat something, only then would he be able to keep his life. Who can say for sure, if this kind of thing would happen or not? A few years ago when he was at the bottom of the Blood River, did he not see all those famished and skinny cultivators?

At the bottom of the Blood River, at least one was still able to utilize their own true essence and spiritual consciousness to survive, moreover there were still a few places where there at least was a bit of spiritual qi, in case these things were not present, then what would he do?

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