Chapter 0308

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Chapter 0308: The Terrifying Vortex

“I also don’t know, before when we put you on the bed you were not yet awake, moreover I was also injured because of the cold as such had to sit down to heal myself. When I opened my eyes, I saw Yin Kongchan sitting beside you while looking at your hands. Seeing he like that, I immediately asked her what was wrong. But then I suddenly felt a sharp pain from behind, before I realized that someone sneaked up on me. Because I was already seriously injured because of the cold, I was unexpectedly not able to perceive it at all, and when I woke up again, the first thing I saw was you…”

As she spoke until here, Xu Yingdei’s face changed, apparently she finally became aware that Yin Kongchan might have encountered situations more unfortunate than fortunate.

“My ring is also gone.” Ning Cheng only then seemed to have realized that the ring on his hand had disappeared, as he spoke up in surprise.

“Ah….” Xu Yingdei hearing that Ning Cheng’s ring was gone seemed to be even more astonished than Ning Cheng was. She then immediately touched her hand, before she spoke in a somewhat mournful voice, “My ring is also gone.”

For a cultivator to lose their ring in this kind of place was truly not a good thing.

Ning Cheng inwardly sighed in his heart, as he thought if someone really attacked Xu Yingdei and took away Yin Kongchan, would that person really leave the two of them alive?

Ning Cheng suddenly felt that this scene was something he was very familiar with, when he was studying in Jiangzhou; he liked to read Jin Yong’s novels. This kind of scene, he had also read in one of his novels, at this time wasn’t Xu Yingdei’s situation not similar to that of the eldest daughter of the Zhao family? The only difference was that he was not the Elder Brother Zhang who was the schemer.

“Fortunately, my original ring was actually not taken away.” Ning Cheng felt a bit scared as he picked up a gold ring from the ground then wore the ring on his hand.

No one knew that he actually had two rings on his hand, which was because he had carved a Concealment Array Formation and Restriction on one of the rings, which was the ring that contained his miniature world. Moreover, this ring had a unique connection with him. It could only be sensed by him while being invisible to others. As for the other ring, it was just an ordinary ring.

Unless one was an expert on the path of arrays, or was a cultivator with an extremely formidable cultivation, only then they would be able to see his other concealed ring. Once his concealed ring was seen, it would also reveal his accomplishments in Array Formations.

However, although people capable of seeing through the Rank 6 Concealment Array Formation engraved on his ring were not many, but that did not mean that there was none. When Ning Cheng met Rui Baishan for the first time, Rui Baishan was able to instantly perceive his concealed ring, it was because of this ring that let Rui Baishan understand that Ning Cheng was also an expert in Array Formations, however Rui Baishan chose to not mention about it.

Moreover, because Ning Cheng did not lose his miniature world, as such even though Ning Cheng looked shocked, but in fact, he did not worry too much about it.

“It looks like someone has been scheming for a long time.” Ning Cheng spoke with a cold tone, as he put the ring back on, but the next moment that Ning Cheng put on the ring, he took it back out and spoke in surprise, “No, this ring is not mine.”

This time, Ning Cheng really was not pretending, as he really thought that the ring on the ground was his, unexpectedly this ring was really not his. At this moment he was really a bit scared in his heart, fortunately he chose to keep two rings, a real and a fake, on him. It was also because he had not used his fake ring before, because of which he was not able to find out about it the first time.

After a while, Xu Yingdei finally reacted. She quickly asked, “Are all your things inside the ring?”

Ning Cheng however did not answer. He was silent for a long time, before he suddenly spoke, “Could it be Yin Kongchan?”

Xu Yingdei immediately spoke with certainty, “No, when I was attacked at that time, Yin Kongchan was sitting by your bedside. It could not be her.”

“Doesn’t Yin Kongchan also have a puppet? When we rode her shuttle, wasn’t it her puppet that was controlling it.” Ning Cheng asked once again.

Xu Yingdei’s face finally changed, as she finally remembered about the puppet. However, after a while, she shook her head, “It’s not her. If it was her, then with her already having successfully completed her objective, why would she leave the two of us alive?”

Speaking until here, Xu Yingdei suddenly stopped, as she looked at Ning Cheng in shock. She did not speak it out, but she already understood what Ning Cheng meant, that there was a fourth person here.

Ning Cheng also did not speak up, although Xu Yingdei said it with certainty that it wasn’t Yin Kongchan, but her words indirectly were directed at Yin Kongchan. The only thing that did not make sense was that why would Yin Kongchan leave the two of them alive. Unless there was truly a fourth person among them, but if there was a fourth person, the same thing also would not be justified.

On the contrary, it was highly possible that it was indeed Yin Kongchan who did it. Yin Kongchan took away Ning Cheng’s ring, but left him alive because he had saved her several times before. At least she knew about gratitude, because of which she left Ning Cheng alive. Even if she thought she obtained the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence, she did not take away Ning Cheng’s Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds.

“Did Yin Kongchan really leave this place using a talisman?” Ning Cheng asked again, without mentioning about the ring.

Although Ning Cheng asked this to Xu Yingdei, but in his heart he was very clear that it was definitely Yin Kongchan. Xu Yingdei’s serious injury was definitely a result of being sneak attacked by a puppet. But Yin Kongchan spared Xu Yingdei, this was a point that he could not figure out. Yin Kongchan might have left Ning Cheng alive, but according to logic, she would not leave Xu Yingdei alive.

Moreover, Ning Cheng was also clearly aware as to how he was able to wake up; it seems that it was Yin Kongchan who had caught him when he fell down at that time. Because he still was barely conscious at that time, and in that instant he also remembered Rui Baishan’s words. When necessary, you must trust the friends around you that is the only thing that can help you. Because of which he chose not to struggle at that time, moreover at that time whether he struggled or not, it would not have made much of a difference to him in that situation, so he chose to believe in Yin Kongchan.

In fact, he did not chose wrong. The reason why he was able to recover from these injuries was that he received conditioning from Yin Kongchan’s true essence. That is to say, Yin Kongchan had truly helped him. Since Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdei have been in contact with him, as such he was well aware that the two of them had completely different true essences.

“I just hope that Yin Kongchan has nothing to do with it.” Xu Yingdei sighed. She not only put aside the loss of her ring but also even expressed her concern about Yin Kongchan.

Ning Cheng looked at Xu Yingdei with suspicion, “You’re relationship with Yin Kongchan didn’t seem to be very good before.”

Xu Yingdei bowed her head, and spoke up after a long time, “It was because I truly was not aware that I am actually related to her until recently. She and I share the same ancestor, because of which I hope that she does not have any relations to this matter.”

After listening to Xu Yingdei’s words, Ning Cheng nodded, but did not continue to cross-examine her words. Xu Yingdei’s words implied that she was not much concerned about Yin Kongchan, as if she was not interested in finding a good reason as to why Yin Kongchan had not killed her.

Ning Cheng simply replied, “My injuries are beginning to heal, so we should be thinking of ways to leave this place. We have to leave this place as soon as possible.”

Regardless of whether Xu Yingdei had anything to do with Yin Kongchan, or even the loss of his fake ring, Ning Cheng couldn’t do anything about Xu Yingdei. A few days ago, if not for Xu Yingdei burning her longevity to save him, he would have fallen into the dark lake.

That Transfer Talisman was his only lifeline, who knows if it could really be useful?

No matter what Xu Yingdei thought at that time, she had almost paid with her life to save him. Ning Cheng also was a person who clearly distinguished kindness and hatred in his heart. In any case, he would help Xu Yingdei to restore her life, or help Xu Yingdei find a way to advance to the Soul Sculpting Realm.


Ning Cheng and Xu Yingdei left the place, while his spiritual consciousness was already extended out to its full capacity from the time he got out of the bed. He wanted to find out if there was any other exit from this place. Whether he could go out or not, he was temporarily unable to return to the Hidden Mist Graveyard for the time being. The Hidden Mist Cemetery was filled with a poisonous mist field, while they were currently out of Obstruction Dispelling Pills.

The two people only walked for the time it took for half an incense stick to burn before Ning Cheng stopped. Within the outer edges of his spiritual consciousness’ range, a familiar figure appeared unexpectedly. Yin Kongchan?

The next moment Ning Cheng confirmed that this familiar figure was indeed Yin Kongchan. But seeing Yin Kongchan sprawled across the ground, Ning Cheng immediately sped towards her.

“It’s Yin Kongchan.” After approaching Yin Kongchan, Xu Yingdei spoke with a quiver.

Yin Kongchan’s face was incomparably pale while blood stained her body. Her injuries seemed to be even more serious than Xu Yingdei’s injury.

Ning Cheng did not hesitate to lift up Yin Kongchan, before he put a pill into Yin Kongchan’s mouth.

Ning Cheng had refined these Healing Pills by himself, as such although the grade of the pills were not high, but their quality was much better than other pills of the same grade, in fact it was several times more potent than others.

Just a dozen breaths later, Yin Kongchan finally opened her eyes. When she saw Ning Cheng, she breathed a sigh of relief, before she closed her eyes and continued to heal herself.

After saving Yin Kongchan, Ning Cheng sensed that Xu Yingdei did not panic much. Suddenly he was suspicious of his own judgement, was it really not Xu Yingdei who did it?

After another hour passed, Yin Kongchan finally stood up and nodded towards Ning Cheng and spoke, “Thank you for saving me once again. I’ll be changing my clothes first.”

After that, Yin Kongchan casually arranged a simple Concealment Restriction. Through this restriction, Ning Cheng could still vaguely see the situation inside. However, Ning Cheng turned his head, as he had no intention of peeping at Ying Kongchan.

However, Ning Cheng finally became aware that Yin Kongchan’s injuries were not caused by Xu Yingdei’s green sword, causing him to grow even more confused in his heart.

After the time it took for another half-an-incense stick to burn, Yin Kongchan cleared away the restriction, at this moment she had changed into a set of clean light yellow robes.

“I met an indigenous monstrous beast, moreover this monstrous beast can come and go without a trace because of which I was not able to notice it and unexpectedly ended up getting seriously injured by the monstrous beast’s sneak attack.” Yin Kongchan voluntarily offered an explanation, however she did not say why she was here alone.

Ning Cheng suddenly spoke, “Yin Kongchan, I’m sorry, I have no way to give you any Geocentric 9 Yin Essence because my ring was taken away.”

Yin Kongchan’s facial expression turned gloomy, before she finally spoke up, “I am really unlucky to have not lost my life. Now that I had the chance to get my life back, I’ve lost it yet again. It seems that I’m doomed to not possess a complete soul essence.”

“What were you doing here?” Ning Cheng did not ask if Yin Kongchan had taken his ring or not, but rather asked why was Yin Kongchan thousands of meters away from their original place. If it were not for his spiritual consciousness being powerful, they would have never found Yin Kongchan.

“I was helping you with my true essence to recuperate…..” Yin Kongchan had said only a few words, when a roar that seemed to completely suppress even the heart itself swept out.

The next moment the three people simultaneously saw a black coloured inverted vortex spanning hundreds of feet wide appear in the sky. The vortex gave out terrifying fluctuations and was spinning very fast, and in less than a breath arrived in front of the three people.

“Hurry up and escape…” Ning Cheng shouted, immediately wielding his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, but even before his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds could unfold, in just a fraction of a moment the three people, he along with Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdei, were swept away by the terrifying inverted funnel shaped vortex, before all of them vanished from that place without even a trace.

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