Chapter 0317

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Chapter 0317: News Regarding the Heavenly Cusp Flower

Ning Cheng was aware that he should not push it any further, even if he made mincemeat out of every argument of this man surnamed Sen, he really would not be able to take him on in the end, let alone actually punishing this man surnamed Sen. That was because he really did not know if this person had any backing in the city. With his current strength, it would be best to not push ahead.

“Of course, Lord Sen has just arrived here, so not being able to understand the situation is quite normal, moreover it is also normal for some people to accuse others for evil. I believe that Lord Sen’s perspective would not leave out even the finest of details.” Ning Cheng gave a smile, while speaking with a somewhat leisure tone.

The man surnamed Sen who had cold sweat oozing out of his forehead suddenly sobered up, that’s right, he was an official from the Legal Tribunal Office, so how could he be threatened by a mere civilian? What would happen if the other person were speaking the truth? Was it even possible for someone like him to report on his superiors?

Understanding this point, the man surnamed Sen’s heart immediately calmed down, while his tone and demeanour also reverted back to what it was when he just arrived and spoke, “Rest assured, I will investigate this matter in detail, till the results are brought forth, you will remain at your residence……”

Although he was aware that Ning Cheng couldn’t take care of him by himself, but the man surnamed Sen also did not dare to continue banter with Ning Cheng. He had never seen a commoner who was this proficient with the laws of Ya Lun City. He was even sure that even he himself was not as familiar with the laws of the Ya Lun City as the commoner in front of him was.

Ning Cheng looked at him then cupped his fists and spoke, “In that case, then Lord Sen, I will be going back with my companions. I will always pay attention to the situation in the makeshift market, if there is any violation of laws, I will immediately report it to the Legal Tribunal Office.”

Before leaving, Ning Cheng left behind a few moderately threatening words. His meaning being that if the man surnamed Sen did not speak any further regarding this, then he would also not blame him for his rhetoric. As for that official surnamed Sen, he behaved as if he absolutely did not understand the underlying meaning.


“Ning Cheng, how did you become so proficient in the laws of Ya Lun City?” As the three of them left the makeshift market, Yin Kongchan asked in an astonished tone.

The first thing that Ning Cheng did before he found his residence was to buy a copy of the laws of the Ya Lun City. The laws of the Ya Lun City were not written in a book or two; rather it spanned several thick books, with each page filled with dense words in small prints. Even if one still had access to their spiritual consciousness in this place, they would still take a good amount of time to memorize it, so without spiritual consciousness, it would only be something impossible.

Ning Cheng gave a smile, “My memory is better than others, so I just memorized the things useful to me.”

Yin Kongchan obviously was not satisfied with Ning Cheng’s answer, she knew that Ning Cheng must have been lying, but she chose not to continue entangling with Ning Cheng’s memory at this moment, instead she asked about something else, “Then how did you know about how to skirt around the laws? Or was it that you could guess what was going to happen today?”

Ning Cheng spoke with a soft voice, “In my hometown, one has to rely heavily on the laws of the place, once you encounter something troubling, and had no money for a lawyer then at that moment you can only rely on our own memorizations of the law. Since I had previous experience regarding this, so the first thing that I did after coming here was to take a look at the laws, just in case something like this happened.”

When it came to talks about his hometown, Ning Cheng’s mood turned low, so Yin Kongchan also did not continue to ask.

The three of them turned silent once again until they reached the entrance of a Pill and Tools Shop. Seeing the shop, Ning Cheng also stopped and spoke, “Wait here, I want to go in and check something.”

“But we don’t have any gold coins, I heard that the cheapest things here also cost a few gold coins.” Yin Kongchan looked at the Pill and Tools Shop in front of them and spoke, she often had to pass by the entrance of the Pill and Tools Shop, so she was aware that the price of things inside was very high.

“We are just going in to have a look not to buy.” Ning Cheng spoke while walking into the shop.

There were all kinds of dazzling pills, weapons, medicinal herbs… Letting Ning Cheng believe that he had actually entered a real merchant house in a city.

“What do these esteemed guests require?” Although the Ning Cheng trio did not look like rich people, the waiters in the store still spoke with a smile on their face and politeness in their voice.

“I’d like to ask about the buying price of the Aquatic Essence Tendons, especially if it is a complete Aquatic Essence Tendon…..” Ning Cheng asked.

The salesperson immediately became excited and spoke, “Do you really have a complete Aquatic Essence Tendon? If you are willing to bring it to me here, I can give you 18 gold coins for it, no, 20 gold coins……”

Ning Cheng quickly replied, “I don’t have one right now. I just wanted to find the buying price. By the way, I also wanted to ask that if foreigners wanted to come and settle here, how much it would cost them to obtain a civilian identity. If you wanted to buy a small house in a remote place, how much money would one need?”

Hearing that Ning Cheng just came to enquire about the price, the man’s excitement immediately dropped. But still he replied in a polite manner, “For obtaining a civilian status, you just have to go to the Ya Lun City’s Population Registry Office. It would cost you about ten silver coins. If you want to buy a small courtyard, if it is in a remote location then it would start from around 50 gold coins, but if it is in a busy location, then putting a price on it would be difficult.”

Ning Cheng on hearing this man’s words, immediately calculated and understood how much had Ma Ang ripped them off. He had harvested a total of nearly ten full bundles of Aquatic Essence Tendons, and each bundle contained a minimum of 100 roots, so according to the man’s words, his ten bundles of Aquatic Essence Tendons could be sold for at least 20,000 gold coins, while Ma Ang only left them with about a fifty gold coins or so. Whether it was the 20,000 gold coins or the price quoted by the man, the market price for it would definitely be much higher than the buying price. This Ma Ang was really a bit too black hearted.

“Thanks a lot. If I am able to obtain any Aquatic Essence Tendons, I will definitely come to your store to sell it.” Ning Cheng thanked the man, and turned away along with Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdei.

“This Ma Ang really is too black hearted.” Once out of the shop, Yin Kongchan spoke out. Even if they had received one tenth of it, they would not have had the need to open up a stall.

Ning Cheng just smiled, “If you expect a businessman to have a conscience, then it would be better to stop dreaming.”

Although Ning Cheng did not feel ashamed in his heart, after all Ma Ang was only human, but that did not mean he wanted to be kind to him. Originally, the two of them did not even have half a point in common between them, however Ning Cheng had a clear and distinct line when it came to grudges and kindness, moreover the three of them were also in a sense saved by Ma Ang. Moreover, if it were not for Ma Ang, then they would never have found this Ya Lun City.

“You still want to go to that White Robed Ghost Lake to harvest Aquatic Essence Tendons?” After coming out from the Makeshift Market, Xu Yingdei who had not spoken a word until now suddenly spoke up with worry in her heart.

Ning Cheng shook his head and spoke, “If it does not come to the only option left, I will not spend a month to reach that place. By the way, what happened the last time, you said something about a ghost in the lake?”

If it hadn’t been for Xu Yingdei mentioning that name again, Ning Cheng would not have cared about it at all.

“That night, after you went to sleep. Yin Kongchan and I made an agreement to switch guard shifts at midnight. But then I saw a man wearing white robes, carrying a long spear walking around the lake. I called Yin Kongchan out, and Yin Kongchan also saw the white robed man carrying the long spear. We know that it was definitely not a real human being, but it was also nothing like spirit……” Xu Yingdei spoke with a lingering fear.

Even if they were Soul Essence Cultivators, in the absence of their cultivations, they were simply not much stronger than an ordinary person was.

Yin Kongchan immediately nodded and echoed the same words, apparently Xu Yingdei was telling the truth.

Ning Cheng suddenly asked, “Did you get a clear look at the long spear carried by the white robed man, is it the same one that I pulled out back then?”

“No, the long spear in the white robed man’s hand was purple in color, because he was wearing a full white robe, so the purple spear was quite eye catching. Moreover, that purple spear is also much longer than your long spear. It’s definitely a top notch magical weapon, something that would not be tainted by rust.” Yin Kongchan immediately denied it; she was a Soul Essence Cultivator so she still possessed a powerful eyesight.

Ning Cheng was aware that the materials used to craft the long spear that he pulled out was not general, but he still could not help but feel that his long spear had some connection to the long spear that the white robed man carried.

Was it originally that? Ning Cheng pondered for a long while; he suddenly felt the urge to go to the White Robed Ghost Lake to investigate more closely.

“Ning Cheng, I saw a lot of good thing on sale in this place, moreover there is even a Rank 9 Spiritual Grass. It’s just that it is poorly kept and the price is also ridiculously high.” Yin Kongchan on seeing Ning Cheng’s pondering expression took the initiative to speak up.

“Did you by chance see if it was the Heavenly Cusp Flower?” Ning Cheng almost blurted it out, he currently possessed the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence, so now he had to concentrate his efforts on the obtaining the Heavenly Cusp Flower.

“What is this Heavenly Cusp Flower?” Yin Kongchan asked in a puzzling manner. Although she did not study Alchemy, but she was very familiar with most of the spiritual grasses. However, she had never heard of the Heavenly Cusp Flower before.

Ning Cheng quickly squatted down and drew out the shape of the Heavenly Cusp Flower on the ground, while patiently explaining the features, scents and the various other details of the Heavenly Cusp Flower.

Yin Kongchan shook her head and spoke, “I have never seen anything even remotely like it, and it’s actually the first time that I am hearing about it.”

Xu Yingdei who was standing on one side suddenly spoke, “I have seen this kind of flower….”

Ning Cheng did not wait for Xu Yingdei to finish speaking, before he reached out and grabbed Xu Yingdei’s shoulder in excitement and asked, “Hurry up and tell me, where did you see this kind of a flower.”

Xu Yingdei could also feel the heat of excitement from Ning Cheng’s trembling hands, causing her heart to flutter a bit, before she replied in a whisper, “In our Severing Emotions Dao Sect’s medicinal garden, there is a plant that looks very much like this flower, and is the focus of protection for the entire sect, evidently it is something very precious…..”

Severing Emotions Dao Sect, I definitely am going to head there to get it. Ning Cheng put his hand down and secretly promised to himself as he clenched his fists.

Ning Cheng did not pay attention to Xu Yingdei’s demeanour, but Yin Kongchan kept watching the two of the,. Xu Yingdei’s tone was soft; her eyes were hazy and watery with anxiousness, showing that she wanted nothing else other than Ning Cheng to take her into her arms.

“Ning Cheng, I have been inquiring about how to get out of this place…..” Yin Kongchan was very uncomfortable with Xu Yingdei’s current appearance, so she immediately took the initiative to change the subject.

“You found a way to get out of this place?” Ning Cheng once again asked out with a pleasantly surprised voice.

This time, Yin Kongchan was just about to answer, when a clatter of animal hooves interrupted the words between the three of them. Soon a line of guards arrived and stood before the Ning Cheng trio.

“Was it you who dared to look up at Little Mei outside the city?” A cold voice arrived from a tall and sturdy looking man sitting atop a one horned beast.

Xu Yingdei and Yin Kongchan hurriedly bowed their heads; however, Ning Cheng once again looked up and into the eyes of the man riding atop the one horned beast. His facial features was somewhat similar to the Princess Mei whom he had encountered earlier, however he was surrounded by a bloody aura, with a swift and fierce look in his eyes.

“You’re right, that’s definitely me.” Ning Cheng calmly replied.

“Good courage, even daring to look up to this prince, your just courting death…..” A soldier in his consort immediately grabbed a bullwhip while preparing to strike at Ning Cheng.

However before he could begin, the man riding the one horned beast waved his hand and spoke, “Indeed, your courage truly is not small at all. The two behind you should be your women right; I will allow them to raise their heads.”

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