Chapter 0319

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – Livewidsmile and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0319: The Might of the Mysterious Yellow Bead

This time Ning Cheng dreamt about Ji Luofei in his sleep, when he felt the sensation of a soft body sticking to him.

“Luofei” Ning Cheng called out her name in a trembling voice, while subconsciously hugging the soft body even more tightly.

A soft yet high pitched chirp emerged, making Ning Cheng feel that something was wrong. This was definitely not a dream at all; he was truly embracing a soft body in his bosom.

He immediately opened his eyes, immediately sniffing a faint yet delicate fragrance. At this time, the sky outside was completely bright, so he was able to clearly see every single detail of Xu Yingdei’s beautiful face. At this moment, Xu Yingdei’s face had a faint rosy blush to it, while her eyes were tightly closed, as if she did not dare to meet Ning Cheng’s gaze.

Ning Cheng’s hand subconsciously moved up a bit, resting on the Xu Yingdei’s smooth back, giving him a feeling that his hands were moving over soft cream. His hands easily slid across the arc of Xu Yingdei’s back before stopping at an even softer spot. There was just a thin girdle like clothing covering her bulging chest, which showed that other than that small piece of cloth, there was nothing else on her body.

“Take me…..” Xu Yingdei’s voice sounded as if it was coming from across the horizon. Although it was very light and also very low, but Ning Cheng could hear it as clear as the bright day outside.

Ning Cheng had cultivated in the Small Spiritual Domain, as such, there was still a trace of Yang Qi poison that had not been purged from his body. Coupled with him recently cultivating the Embracing Yang God Tactic, his blood was almost on the verge of going berserk. The only reason he was able to restrain himself from not going out to look for a woman to satisfy his exploding lust was solely due to his self-discipline.

But now that Xu Yingdei was embracing him with nothing but her underwear, while also showing such an emotional and soul stirring side, so how could he endure it any longer.

Xu Yingdei immediately felt Ning Cheng’s reaction. She closed her eyes and subconsciously tightened her grip on Ning Cheng.

Her entire body seemed to want to melt into Ning Cheng as she subconsciously arched towards him, while her hands restlessly scratched at Ning Cheng’s back.

Although Ning Cheng did not even have half a bit of experience in this field, but such a thing simply did not need any prior experience at all. He raised his hand and tore away Xu Yingdei’s underwear. Xu Yingdei gave a soft cry, while her soft and delicate looking lips seemed to have taken the initiative by themselves to meet his own.

“Bang” Ning Cheng’s door was once again violently opened

Ning Cheng suddenly woke up from his daze, while Xu Yingdei also panicked as she half sat up while quickly using the bed covers to partially cover up her exposed chest. It was just that her dazzlingly white skin tone could not be completely covered.

“You guys…..” Yin Kongchan looked at Ning Cheng and Xu Yingdei, who were apparently sleeping together with no clothes on their bodies, and was completely shocked. She was only able to blurt out two words, before her face turned red yet she forced herself to speak up, “You can continue with what you were doing after this, I have something urgent to speak right now.”

Although she usually did not care about these things, but seeing this kind of thing in person was a completely different matter.

Ning Cheng sighed; at the same moment, he was even thankful that Yin Kongchan interrupted them suddenly. Otherwise, once they continued uninterrupted, with his character, he really would not know as to how to treat Xu Yingdei. Would Xu Yingdei even allow Ji Luofei to exist? From what he knew about her character, it was absolutely impossible.

“I’ll go out first, you can get dressed.” Ning Cheng spoke while he dressed as fast as he could and dashed out of the door.

At this moment, the red blush on Yin Kongchan’s face was also starting to fade out. When she saw Ning Cheng closing the door behind him, she suddenly whispered, “Ning Cheng, have you and Xu Yingdei already done it? Was she really willing to give herself to you completely?”

Yin Kongchan’s tone seemed a little bizarre, but the fact was that she had seen it with her own eyes.

Ning Cheng interrupted Yin Kongchan’s words and spoke, “Not done it yet, what do you have?”

“Not done it? I saw you two kissing each other quite passionately. How many times have you done it last night?” Yin Kongchan seems to have forgotten about the urgent matter that she had come to tell Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng looked at Yin Kongchan and spoke up, “Kissing? The two of us also exchanged a few kisses with each other, have we done it?”

Yin Kongchan’s eyes flashed with a hint of anger as she spoke, “Ning Cheng, when did I ever kiss you?”

Ning Cheng replied in a light tone, “Don’t say that you never used my toothbrush. It was not only you who used it, but rather you and Xu Yingdei often took turns using my toothbrush. Don’t think that I don’t know about it? That itself is an indirect kiss.”

When one had access to the powers of law, then one can automatically remove the dirt and grime on one’s body. One did not even have to use Water Cleansing Techniques or the Dust Removal Techniques on oneself to achieve that. But in the absence of such power, Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdei were simply akin to ordinary people. For ordinary people, it was only normal for them to rinse their mouths every day after eating meals.

What was better than Ning Cheng’s toothbrush to rinse their mouth? Therefore, the two of them secretly used it; however, Ning Cheng pretended to not know about it.

Yin Kongchan’s face once again turned red. She had never thought that Ning Cheng knew about it all along. According to this statement, she really had kissed Ning Cheng many times already. Thinking until here, she immediately diverted the topic to what she had originally came here for and spoke, “That Princess Man came back, and mentioned your name and spoke about you visiting her residence. I’m afraid that she wants to make a move on you, so you will have to think of a solution. One of her guards is waiting outside in the yard, if it was not because you and the prince seem to have some prior relationship, that person most likely would have barged straight into the house.”

Ning Cheng sneered, “If he really came in, then I simply would have killed him, as to the City Master’s Mansion, I would have also uprooted it completely.”

Although Yin Kongchan heard Ning Cheng’s words, but she simply hung her head down and was somewhat afraid to speak again. She had just broken into a private moment, and had even saw the ‘scene’. However, she misunderstood the meaning behind the word ‘kill’ spoken by Ning Cheng, as she thought that it was also directed at her.

Seeing Yin Kongchan lower her head, Ning Cheng did not know what she was thinking about, and immediately spoke, “You too, the next time you want to look for me, at least knock on the door first. That’s the most basic of courtesies.”

“I know that.” Yin Kongchan replied with a sigh of relief.

“Yin Kongchan, you said that Princess Man wants to call on Ning Cheng? For what reason?” Xu Yingdei’s still trembling voice arrived, there was even a lazy expression on her face as if she had just recently gotten up, combined with her somewhat panicky eyes, it casted an unspeakable demeanour, causing even Yin Kongchan to be somewhat mesmerized by it. No wonder Ning Cheng was captivated by her.

Ning Cheng looked at Yin Kongchan and asked, “What do you think?”

Yin Kongchan bit her lips before speaking, “I don’t think it’s because of you.”

Seeing Ning Cheng and Xu Yingdei’s looking at her with a puzzled look on their faces, Yin Kongchan directly went ahead and spoke, “If I have not guessed wrong, then you will be staying in the City Master’s Mansion for a few days, and then directly leave from the City Master’s Mansion for the Abandoned Spiritual Mountain. This Ya Lun City has a huge bird that can carry people at a much faster speed compared to a beast carriage.”

“You mean to say that once I leave from the City Master’s Mansion, someone would come to take you away?” Ning Cheng asked.

Yin Kongchan shook her head and spoke, “No, it should be that the moment you take even a step outside the front entrance, someone would come to take us out the back, and would only give an excuse that the two of us had gone out together with you.”

Ning Cheng gave a small smile before speaking, “It looks like the prince is quite infatuated with the two of you.”

Yin Kongchan sneered, however did not reply.

Ning Cheng stood up and spoke, “Have the two of you used up the gold coins?”

“They are completely used up, however we were not able to buy many spiritual grasses, although there are definitely a lot of good things here, however the price is simply too high.” Xu Yingdei replied.

“Just tell the errand boy outside that I’m unwell at the moment, so I will be resting for two days. Ask him to come back in two days. He certainly would not dare to disagree.” Ning Cheng just left a few sentences to Yin Kongchan, then once again went back into his room and once again began pounding his Sea of Consciousness. He did not want to be helpless inside the City Master’s Mansion, even if he had to go there, at least he should have the means to protect himself.

Yin Kongchan glanced at Xu Yingdei, before she went out before she turned around and soon returned. She did not think that what Ning Cheng spoke would turn out to be true, the errand boy on hearing that Ning Cheng needed two days of rest, immediately left without even saying a single word. If she had known that it would be so simple, she really would not have disturbed Ning Cheng and Xu Yingdei.

“Are you jealous of me?” Xu Yingdei saw Yin Kongchan come in and immediately asked the first question.

Yin Kongchan frowned and spoke, “Why should I feel jealous of you?”

“Since you are not jealous of me, then why did you choose to barge in at the most critical time? If you had not come in, I would have been entirely Big Brother Ning’s wife at this time.” Xu Yingdei’s tone was very cold and indifferent at this moment.

Yin Kongchan replied with disdain, “Entirely Big Brother Ning’s? Just go on in and get undressed now, it seems that this kind of thing is your specialty. However, I am a bit surprised; don’t you want to be truly in love? For you to use this kind of method to fall in love is just like you, if I had known it earlier that you were about to dedicate your own pure yin to Ning Cheng, I would have certainly waited a little longer to go in.”

Xu Yingdei stared at Yin Kongchan for a good while, but did not answer Yin Kongchan’s words; rather she just turned around and entered her room before closing the door.

Yin Kongchan frowned, she was truly puzzled about this situation. Xu Yingdei would never give up her body, was she real, or did she really forget the doctrine of the Severing Emotions Dao Sect?

But she also knew that, if she had not opened the door and interrupted the two people, then the two people would have formally entered Dual Cultivation. Yin Kongchan stood there thinking for a long time, however she was not able to think of any reason. She only shook her head and headed back to her own room.

Ning Cheng on coming back to his room simply locked the room and immediately continued pounding on his Sea of Consciousness. Now that his spiritual consciousness could extend to about three meters, he could feel his sealed Sea of Consciousness loosening up, combined with repeatedly impacts from Ning Cheng, after a full day, he finally was able to once again sense the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

The Mysterious Yellow Bead on sensing Ning Cheng’s proximity immediately started shaking violently. An extremely overbearing and powerful Mysterious Yellow Origin Aura directly rushed out. Causing the layer that seemed to have virtually imprisoned it to dissipate like scattered and scared chicken the moment it came in contact with the Mysterious Yellow Origin Aura.

Once the shackles that surrounded his Sea of Consciousness was dissolved by the Mysterious Yellow Bead’s Origin Aura, Ning Cheng immediately made a complete recovery. With just a slight poke from his now completely restored and extremely powerful spiritual consciousness, the invisible force that imprisoned his Core Lake also completely dissipated in just an instant.

With his true essence and spiritual consciousness being restored at almost the same time, a long lost feeling of power immediately welled up inside him, causing Ning Cheng to almost stand up and shout out in pure joy. Originally, he had intended to enhance his spiritual consciousness just a tiny bit more, at least just enough to be able to open his ring. Then use the pills inside his ring to restore his true essence. Unexpectedly, he was once again able to sense the Mysterious Yellow Bead. Those seemingly invisible yet extremely powerful shackles were simply like clouds floating in the sky in front of the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

The Mysterious Yellow Bead was indeed an extraordinary thing; if his cultivation were higher, then this so called Forsaken Land simply would not have been able to hold him back. On the contrary, if he did not have the Mysterious Yellow Bead, then even if was not injured and in peak shape, he would never be able to dissolve the power that had sealed up his strength.

Ning Cheng immediately swept out with his spiritual consciousness and saw Xu Yingdei sitting in her room while seemingly in a daze. Yin Kongchan was also in her room and had stripped off all her clothes. Ning Cheng saw a faint spiritual qi light on her waist. Did this woman conceal a magical weapon on her waist?

Ning Cheng did not have the time to continue and observe when Yin Kongchan suddenly covered her chest and lower abdomen with her hands, while she cautiously looked around.

Knowing that Yin Kongchan might have noticed someone peeping at her, Ning Cheng quickly withdrew his spiritual consciousness and left his room at the same time. Before leaving this Forsaken Land, he wanted to go to the White Robed Ghost Lake to have a look. He wanted to know as to what exactly was the long spear that the white robed ghost carried was; moreover, he also wanted to see if the purple coloured long spear was still in the lake?

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