Chapter 0321

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – Livewidsmile and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0321: Leaving Ya Lun City

Ning Cheng’s eyes narrowed, however he chose not to make a move. This Forsaken Land was somewhat eccentric; it was also absolutely not Princess Man who had blocked the dagger from stabbing into her eyes.

“Little Man, what’s wrong with you…..” A panicked voice arrived, which was then followed by a middle aged man who rushed in like a shadow.

The middle aged man’s speed was very fast, however Ning Cheng was still able to clearly observe him with his spiritual consciousness. This was definitely an expert, however from the looks of it he was a pure martial artist. Looking at his appearance that was somewhat similar to the Prince and also Princess Man it could be easily be guessed that this person was none other than the City Master.

The middle aged man rushed to Princess Man’s side, then raised his hand and immediately pressed a few acupuncture points on her body. It caused the wounds on Princess Man to immediately stop bleeding; then he took out a vial from his waistband and poured out some powder over Princess Man’s wounds.

It was only at this time that the several servants finally started reacting, as they hurriedly stepped forward to help Princess Man bandage the wounds.

Ning Cheng who was still sitting and observing from the side could make it out clearly, that this City Master really had a few tricks up his sleeves, and even his haemostatic method was quite powerful, while at the same time that powder also seemed to a top class medicinal salve.

[TL Note: ‘Haemostatic Method’ refers to methods for arresting the flow of blood.]

“Imperial Father, this man was trying to assassinate me…..” Princess Man finally managed to sober up and immediately pointed at Ning Cheng and cried out. The image that she portrayed was in complete contrast to the cold and detached yet fierce look she had when rode out of the Ya Lun City on her beast with her guards at that time.

Ning Cheng couldn’t help but laugh aloud at this, a City Master yet also being called as Imperial Father. However, even if both the prince and princess came out, coupled with this one ‘King’, it would mean nothing at all to him.

“Little Mei, are you alright……” It was not until this moment did the prince finally rushed in.

It was also not until this moment that the City Master finally had the chance to observe the Ning Cheng trio. He saw Ning Cheng’s calm face as he sat there motionless. He could not help but give a slight frown, but then he asked in a very gentle sounding voice, “You should be the guests Little Man invited, right? So why did you attack Little Man?”

Ning Cheng gave a faint smile, “You should be the City Master, right? Discarded rice can still be eaten, but one should never talk nonsense. You can ask any of the people here if I did anything. It would be better if you made your decision after that, or I’ll be angry.”

This middle aged man increasingly felt that something was wrong, whether or not the current situation was something orchestrated by the man in front of him or not, but this kind of calm attitude, combined with the tone and words directed at someone like him, the City Master, it made him increasingly feel that things were not right at all.

His eyes then swept across the dozen terrified guards, before he asked with a sinking voice, “What just happened here?”

The head of the guard unit hastily stepped forward and spoke that a moment ago the dagger, for no apparent reason at all, immediately shot up and stabbed Princess Man one time after another.

The middle aged man on hearing the words of the guard suddenly gave a bright smile and dismissed the guard. He then turned towards Ning Cheng and cupped his fists before speaking in a polite manner, “I was reckless a moment ago, I am called Yi Zonghuan, and am the City Master of Ya Lun City. Since you are Little Man’s guests, then it means that you are also this Yi Zonghuan’s distinguished guests.”

At this point, even Princess Man did not dare to talk any nonsense. She even stared at Ning Cheng with alarm in her eyes. She was very clear about her Imperial Father’s ruthlessness and relentlessness. With her earlier complaint, even if she was not injured, or even if the Ning Cheng trio had nothing to do with it, he would have immediately chopped the Ning Cheng trio into tiny pieces, before throwing them out to be fed to the beasts.

At this moment, her Imperial Father had not only not done such a thing, but had even offered a polite greeting. From this, it was clear that the three people in front of them were not ordinary people. Moreover, as she thought back to how she was injured a moment ago, it felt really strange to her.

The prince had also just come in; he also couldn’t help but stare at the Ning Cheng trio in front of him, not understanding what was going on. All he knew was that Ning Cheng had forced his Imperial Father to be polite to him in front of so many people, so he just swept a vague glance at Yin Kongchan d Xu Yingdei, but did not dare to speak out.

“I am called Ning Cheng. However, I am not a distinguished guest of your daughter. More than a month ago, I was given a reward of three knives and six holes by your daughter. For than I am truly grateful. Today, because your son took a fancy to my women, he wanted to reward my help by taking away the two women by my side. So you see, I just came to your daughter’s, the Princess, mansion to repay the heartfelt gratitude, what do you say?” Ning Cheng spoke calmly.

Yi Zonghuan’s heart immediately went into shock, wasn’t his daughter’s injury before being wrapped up, three knives and six holes? Looks like the other party came here to collect their debts.

To be able to control the dagger with just air, at least he did not have the ability or skill to do such a thing. This showed that at present, comparing his internal vigour cultivation of the young man in front of him, the other party was actually stronger than he was.

Before he could even turn around the idea, Ning Cheng suddenly stood up, while at the same time erupted with a monstrous murderous aura.

Not good, the situation was turning for the worse. Yi Zonghuan’s experience was much better than his son’s was. He immediately decided to not clash with Ning Cheng. Especially for the time being, when he could feel that Ning Cheng’s strength might be even above him.

However, since Ning Cheng had taken the initiative to come here and settle scores, how could he continue and sit back? Although he was extremely reluctant to do such a thing, he immediately looked at the prince standing behind him before slapping his twice and spoke, “You truly have a lot of courage, my Ya Lun City is a city with established laws, and you actually dared to defy these laws? Somebody put him on death row this instant.”

“Slap slap.” two crisp slapping sounds resounded, even if the prince had an even fiercer aura, in front of Yi Zonghuan’s two slaps, he couldn’t help but feel his mouth overflowing with blood, while there was even a clear purple coloured handprint on both of his cheeks.

This scene completely terrified the guards, to the point that they were even afraid to breath in this kind of atmosphere. Everyone was aware that the City Master pampered his children to an insane level. It even reached to such an extent that he would not even give a light scold to their actions, not to mention show such a ruthless side towards them.

However, Ning Cheng realized that although Yi Zonghuan had struck fiercely, there was simply no weight behind his slaps. But he still just waved his hand and spoke, “You can put him in jail later, but for now I have something to ask him. Prince, please come forward.”

Even their Imperial Father was extremely courteous and polite towards Ning Cheng, so how the prince not be afraid of him. He quickly walked to Ning Cheng’s side without speaking anything.

“Is it true that you found the location of the Awakening Spiritual Door in the Abandoned Spiritual Mountain? Just tell me the location on the map.” Ning Cheng spoke out casually.

The prince immediately froze up for a moment, but before he could even find the time to answer, he heard Yi Zonghuan’s roar from behind, “Bring it out quickly!”

The prince, at this time, did not dare to speak even half a word of nonsense, before he quickly took out a detailed map from his body and passed it on to Ning Cheng. This map was of the Abandoned Spiritual Mountain, and the position of the Awakening Spiritual Door was also clearly marked on it.

Ning Cheng put away the detailed map and asked again, “How can one go to the Abandoned Spiritual Mountain from here?”

“Go get a map to the Abandoned Spiritual Mountain for Elder Brother Ning.” Yi Zonghuan waved his hand towards a nearby guard and spoke.

The guard was very quick, and in just a short while, he hurried over with a map and handed it to Yi Zonghuan.

Yi Zonghuan smiled and passed on the map to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng took the map, looked at Yi Zonghuan and smiled, “City Master Yi, you really are not a simple person. No wonder the Ya Lun City could be so prosperous, before I leave let me help City Master Yi by passing on a few words, you might think that it is appropriate to act calmly at present, but it would be inappropriate to act upon your thoughts right now. With that, City Master Yi, I bid my farewell. Take care of yourself.”

With that, Ning Cheng turned away and walked out of the princess’s garden with Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdei, before they unhurriedly disappeared into the distance.

“Imperial Father…..” After Ning Cheng left, both Princess Man and the Prince called out to him at the same time.

Yi Zonghuan had not yet spoken a word, when a guard came forward to report, “Your Majesty, the four generals are already waiting outside.”

“I see you can get down now.” Yi Zonghuan waved at the guard to draw back.

“Imperial Father, you are already ready.” Princess Man and the Prince immediately understood what was going on.

Yi Zonghuan sighed and spoke, “Little Man, you should have already guessed it that your injury was definitely inflicted upon you by Ning Cheng. You punished him with three knives and six holes, so now he also punished you with three knives and six holes. Before, I had assumed that this man’s strength was still slightly above me, so I held myself back in front of him, while I gave the order to assemble to army to kill him outside the city……”

Speaking until here, Yi Zonghuan’s eyes showed an intense fear for the first time before he continued, “But then he finally talked about that place in the Abandoned Spiritual Mountain, which made me completely afraid to make a move on him.”

“Why?” Princess Man spoke out with an unwilling tone, at the same time she even clenched her fists tightly.

Yi Zonghuan spoke with a sinking sound, “If it was for the people indigenous from here, who among them would know about the Abandoned Spiritual Mountain? If I have not guesses wrong, then this man must have come in from the outside. When he first came in, he must have been influenced by the laws in this place, causing his cultivation to be sealed up, otherwise how could Little Man easily be able to punish him with three knives and six holes. Now it seems that he has recovered a part of his cultivation, at least enough to not use his hands or feet yet still manage to injure Little Man in front of all.”

“Ah, if the people who come in from outside have their cultivations completely sealed up, doesn’t it mean that they can’t cultivate at all?” The prince asked in astonishment.

“This place should have been terrifying for this person; however he definitely is not an ordinary person. Otherwise, how could he be able to unseal his cultivation in this kind of place? If he really is a person who came from the outside, then even if I command all the troops inside the Ya Lun City to surround him, it would either cause rivers blood to start flowing, or he might just easily walk out of the encirclement without a trace of his shadow or even the slightest of sounds. Moreover, his last words were also a warning to me. If I truly dared to send the army assembled outside to intercept him, then the consequences of such a thing would absolutely be unimaginable.” As Yi Zonghuan spoke, his tone grew more and more grave.

Princess Man and the Prince behind her immediately broke out in cold sweat, especially Princess Man; she finally realized why the other party was so arrogant, to the extent that they did not even put her in their eyes.

“Then why did he spare us? Rather, why did he spare Little Mei? I heard those people who come from the outside world are completely ruthless, will never take the lives of ordinary people seriously. Not to mention them massacring a clan, even in the face of exterminating a country and wiping out their roots, they would not even blink.” The prince asked again.

Yi Zonghuan also frowned at this, “This is something that even I do not understand. I heard that those people on the outside who cultivate are called cultivators. Supposedly, once a cultivator comes into this place, it would absolutely not bode well for them.”

“Shall we send someone to give it a try?” Princess Man’s heart was still unwilling.

Yi Zonghuan immediately rebuked her with a harsh tone, “This matter will not be mentioned again, whether he is a cultivator from the outside or not, we are really lucky to be able to achieve such a narrow escape.”


The Ning Cheng trio simply walked out of the Ya Lun City through the middle gate, which immediately stunned all the people who looked at them. This was the door that directly led to the City Master’s mansion, yet three ordinary people dared to tread on it? Some of the people who wanted to make a fortune out of it immediately dashed to register a complaint.

“Your last remark was deliberate, wasn’t it?” After coming out of the city gate, Yin Kongchan glanced at Ning Cheng and spoke. She was very clear about the meaning of Ning Cheng’s last words. That is, if Yi Zonghuan really dared to bring out his troops to intercept them, Ning Cheng definitely would kill them all while washing the land with rivers of blood and fertilizing it with their flesh.

However, as a cultivator that came from a major academy, Yin Kongchan really did not understand why Ning Cheng just let go of the Ya Lun City’s City Master. With one’s strength recovered, one would pay particular attention to the feelings of elation in collecting the debt of gratitude coupled with the duty to avenge.

“Although Ya Lun City’s laws are a bit harsh, but it is actually much better than anywhere else, so I truly am not willing to start a slaughter in this place.”

Ning Cheng finished talking, then took out an airship type magical weapon and spoke, “Come on, once we get to the Abandoned Spiritual Mountain, we can then leave this Forsaken Land.”

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