Chapter 0336

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0336: Dependence

Floating Snow Palace.

The Grand Palace Master had a look even colder on her face than previously, this time even though the Floating Snow Palace were aided by other academies, ending up causing heavy losses to the Severing Emotions Dao Sect. An entity that was stronger compared to the Floating Snow Palace and also their mortal enemy. It should have been a joyous occasion. However, because it also ended in losing three Crucible Transformation Elders, it caused a dark shadow to loom over the originally happy occasion.

“Eldest Sister, I think we might have been played around by our nose this time. If I have not guessed wrong, the Severing Emotions Dao Sect should not have obtained Ning Cheng’s things.” Sang Jiezhu finally broke the silence and spoke.

The Grand Palace Master, wearing black from head to toe, still spoke in a tranquil and calm manner, “From the Moment I saw Xu Anzhen, I knew that it was a plan concocted by someone else, however it was a plan that I still chose to jump in.”

Saying that, she then looked at Yin Kongchan sitting at her side and spoke, “Kongchan, do you know why I did that?”

Yin Kongchan stood up and spoke, “If Xu Anzhen had already obtained Ning Cheng’s things, then she definitely would never come out with her heavily injured body. She would definitely first use those things to restore her cultivation and corporeal body before doing anything else. However, the fact is that Xu Anzhen has still not recovered from her injuries; therefore, she definitely has not obtained Ning Cheng’s things. Moreover, this is only one point.”

“The second point is that Floating Snow Palace’s strength is indeed weaker than the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, but now that we have the support from the other academies, we should take this opportunity to try our best to attack the Severing Emotions Dao Sect. It would help us avoid a huge disaster coming for our Floating Snow Palace in the future. Moreover, we would also be able to use this opportunity to win over the other academies, as we all share hatred towards a common enemy.”

The Grand Palace Master nodded, “What Kongchan has spoken about is true indeed, especially since Xu Anzhen has an overly arrogant disposition. After obtaining anything even remotely beneficial for her, she would definitely use it first to recover her cultivation and her injured body at the earliest possible time. Combined with the powerful means at her disposal, she would definitely make a move to completely exterminate our Floating Snow Palace. She simply would never take such a roundabout route like participating in such an auction.”

“From all this, it looks like we were all dragged into someone else’s plans. Although, my Floating Snow Palace ended up with a loss of three Crucible Transformation Elders, but this person’s plans also helped my Floating Snow Palace to overcome a temporarily crisis.”

“So, we should really thank this person.” A Crucible Transformation Elder echoed out a sentence.

The black robed Grand Palace Master gave a sneer and spoke, “Thank him? This person used our Floating Snow Palace in his plan, in the future who knows if this person would turn his sights on us. My Floating Snow Palace must be the first to kill this person. The Severing Emotions Dao Sect have sealed off their mountains, it is definitely because of something happening inside. Currently, the Severing Emotions Dao Sect is not a threat to us, so our Floating Snow Palace must investigate who had planned all of this. Nobody drags my Floating Snow Palace into their plan without our permission, and yet still stand safely away on the side-lines. Right now……”

The black robed Grand Palace Master swept her gaze over the others present there before continuing to speak, “Right now we will continue towards the Grand Peace City to attend the auction. In any event, we must obtain the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence. Moreover, the person who planned this entire war strategy is certainly not simple. Although our Floating Snow Palace will be regarding this person as its archenemy from now on, but we absolutely cannot make a move without being completely certain about it, lest we end up alerting the enemy. To deal with this kind of person, we have to extinguish them in one fell swoop; otherwise, there would be no end to troubles in the future. The Severing Emotions Dao Sect is the best example.”

Similar scenes occurred in all the major academies. Although all the major academies were aware that it was all planned out by someone. But apart from the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, no one was sure as to who was the person behind the scene. But at this moment, all the major academies treated this matter from before as something slightly above ordinary, and once more gathered in the Grand Peace City, in order to compete for the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence and the Nine-Coloured Mirage Tree.


When Ning Cheng finally gained consciousness, he was hit by a very pungent smell of blood. However, he felt a somewhat familiar and soft bosom, letting Ning Cheng immediately remember the previous matter.

He was besieged by the Severing Emotions Dao Sect and was about to be killed when Shi Qionghua arrived. At that point, he was already at the point where he was not be able to resist anything, however Shi Qionghua rushed in and ended up rescuing him.

After he sobered up a bit more, he was completely sure that the bosom he was in was really Shi Qionghua’s. However, at this moment Shi Qionghua was unconscious. Her injuries were also more serious than his were.

Ning Cheng calmed down; unexpectedly they ended up in an open-air field, and were not very far away from the location of his last Transmission Array. From this, it was visible that it was Shi Qionghua who had brought them here, but was no longer able to hold on, before she fainted.

Luckily, nobody passed through this place, what was even more fortunate was that there were no monstrous beasts around this place; otherwise, he and Shi Qionghua would have been already finished. But even if that was the case, Ning Cheng was perplexed as to why the people from the Severing Emotions Dao Sect did not continue chasing them.

Ning Cheng swallowed several pills, then taking out several more pills; he fed them into Shi Qionghua’s mouth. After waiting for a few more moments, until his true essence was somewhat recovered, he quickly picked up Shi Qionghua and wielding his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, he instantly left the place.

He had used the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence as a lure to let the many academies compete for it, if his plan truly succeeded then at this moment he would turn into the prime enemy of the public. Even if it were the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, he would not be able to go back.

Two hours later, the exhausted Ning Cheng finally managed to dig out an immortal cave in a very secluded mountain valley, then arranging several Concealment Array Formations; he completely hid the immortal cave. All the while, he let Shi Qionghua rest inside the immortal cave to heal. He first helped Shi Qionghua clean the bloodstains visible on her body, then took out the Essence Birthing Bamboo Pith and poured some of it into Shi Qionghua’s mouth.

Although this thing was precious, but he only had a few advanced level Healing Pills. In order to allow them an early recovery from their injuries, after settling down Shi Qionghua, Ning Cheng once again operated his cultivation method, allowing him to automatically trigger the Mysterious Yellow Formless cultivation method.

When Ning Cheng opened his eyes once again, he found Shi Qionghua sitting in front of him as she stared at his face. Shi Qionghua had already changed her clothes, apart from her slightly whitish complexion; she did not look as if she was severely wounded.

“Senior Apprentice Sister Qionghua, your injuries….” Ning Cheng asked in a pleasantly surprised tone.

Shi Qionghua was not good at expressing her feelings, she just quietly looked at Ning Cheng, only after a good long while did she softly spoke up, “I was already a dead person walking, why did you take such a big risk to go to the Severing Emotions Dao Sect? Moreover, did so without telling me.”

Ning Cheng opened his mouth, but he actually did not know how to reply to Shi Qionghua’s words. In his heart, Shi Qionghua was his woman; he helping his woman to take back her things was something perfectly justified and natural. But when it came to what people thought in the depths of their hearts, he simply did not know.

He did not think that the two of them even had a substantive relationship, nor did he ever thought that Shi Qionghua had to marry him. Back on Earth, not to say about substantive relations, even if they ended up having a child, if other women wished to walk away, then who could blame them for walking away? Not to mention a substantive relation between them, there were rather a lot of questions between them.

Shi Qionghua did not urge Ning Cheng; rather she just carefully looked at Ning Cheng’s face, and found that Ning Cheng’s face had a few changes compared to before. She seemed to want to clearly see every change of Ning Cheng’s body, and had a look of concern and seriousness on her face.

Ning Cheng felt a bit embarrassed at being looked at Shi Qionghua in such a manner, so he just took out a crystal ball and said, “Senior Apprentice Sister Qionghua, this is what I was able to obtain from Xu Anzhen’s lair. Once you fuse with the contents inside, you would never have to submit to that old woman.”

Shi Qionghua looked at the crystal ball in Ning Cheng’s hand, causing a warm and comfortable feeling to well up in her heart. If she had been able to get this crystal ball before, then it would have been the most exciting thing for her. But now, although she was excited, but her heart was also somewhat scared. Ning Cheng had almost died in the Severing Emotions Dao Sect.

If she had entered the Heaven’s Way, then it would have definitely resulted in Ning Cheng’s death and she would have never come to know about it. She would have never realized that in this world, there was a person who had ended up dying for her. Since her birth, there was never even a single person who looked at her life as being more important than his or her own.

She reached out for the crystal ball that Ning Cheng brought out for her, while her other hand slowly caressed Ning Cheng’s face, with her eyes a bit red, she spoke, “Don’t call me Senior Apprentice Sister from now, just call me by my name, Qionghua.”

Ning Cheng whether for good or for evil had heard talks about love for over several years. Shi Qionghua’s eyes were tinged with red, while she actively took the initiative to stoke his face, with eyes full of tenderness and worry. Even if he was retarded, he knew that at this moment Shi Qionghua had wholeheartedly regarded him as her man.

“Qionghua…..” Ning Cheng unconsciously pulled at Shi Qionghua’s hand. At this moment, Shi Qionghua was absolutely not acting like a powerful Crucible Transformation Cultivator. As such was easily pulled over by Ning Cheng.

A sweet scented and soft body gently drew into his bosom, even if Ning Cheng’s injury had not recovered, he still chose to close his eyes. Although, he and Shi Qionghua had touched each other rather intimately before, but this was the first time he realized how soft Shi Qionghua’s body was. When he and Shi Qionghua were together the last time, he simply had not thought of anything else.

However, Ning Cheng sobered up quickly. Shi Qionghua had obviously not recovered fully; this was something that he could feel clearly.

“You should heal yourself first, once you finish healing up then you must first fuse your separate parts of life essence. Then we can talk about a few things that I have to share with you.” Ning Cheng held Shi Qionghua’s shoulder and spoke.


Ning Cheng felt that time passed by too quickly, together with Shi Qionghua, one month unexpectedly passed by in a flash. Today was the day that Shi Qionghua would fuse with her separated life essence. Ning Cheng had early on added a lot more array formations around their immortal cave, while simultaneously helped Shi Qionghua by becoming her Dharma Protector.

With the crystal ball in Shi Qionghua’s hands, that single trace of life essence inside it flowed out and mixed with a dozen drops of Geocentric 9 Yin Essence, before it drilled into Shi Qionghua’s body, fusing inside.

Merely an hour later, Ning Cheng could feel a change in Shi Qionghua. He could feel that there seemed to be something more to Shi Qionghua, however he was not able to pinpoint as to what was more in her. Shi Qionghua’s entire body lit up, no longer having that sinking gloomy feeling from before.

After half an incense stick worth of time passed by, Shi Qionghua opened her eyes. On the originally matchless and absolutely beautiful face, there was a few more points of immortal rhyme. Ning Cheng couldn’t help but blankly stare at Shi Qionghua, as a feeling of inferiority unexpectedly emerged in his heart. Even if it was Elder Sister Shu, at this time, even she could not compare to this Shi Qionghua. She was elegant yet simple to behold.

Two line of tears flowed down, Shi Qionghua had never thought that she would not only recover and restore her soul, but would also end up finding her man. At this moment, nothing else in the entire world could compare to the excitement and satisfaction filling up every corner of her heart, moreover there was also nothing in the entire world that would be more important in her heart than Ning Cheng was.

This suppressed trace of her life essence was something that Ning Cheng had truly risked his life to bring back. Without Ning Cheng, she would have died, and would have died quite pitifully. With her life essence suppressed by Xu Anzhen, she simply had no chance to retrieve it back.

“Ning Cheng…..” A soft cry emerged from the deepest parts of Shi Qionghua’s heart, with a hint of twittering and liveliness. She gently leaned onto Ning Cheng’s body, compared to Ning Cheng, she was a few years older, and her cultivation was also far superior to Ning Cheng. But at this moment, in her heart, Ning Cheng was her heaven and her earth.

Her life essence had been suppressed for many years, causing her to feel helpless. Yet Ning Cheng had used only a few months to take back the suppressed life essence and deliver it into her hands. Not only that, but he had even took out the incomparably precious Geocentric 9 Yin Essence for her.

Ning Cheng had also recovered, as he tightly embraced Shi Qionghua. At this moment, he was completely healed from her injuries, in addition to Shi Qionghua acting without any reservations with him, combined with Shi Qionghua’s soft and somewhat plump body, it once again stirred up Ning Cheng’s blood and vigour. This was not because of any remnant burning fires of lustful desires, or any remnant Yang Qi toxins, but rather an unconditional bodily reflex that Ning Cheng could not help with.

Shi Qionghua could immediately feel Ning Cheng turning hot, allowing her to realize what Ning Cheng wanted to do. So she simply chose to not move away, rather she drew even closer to Ning Cheng. At this moment, she even had some expectations of her own regarding what was about to happen.

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