Chapter 0342

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0342: A Spear to Rule the Fates

“Bang pop crack boom” A series of various noises erupted, as the thousands of black and white wheel blade shadows tore through the air but were unexpectedly blocked by the flickering projection of the Thunder City.

However, although the Thunder City’s flickering shadow turned slightly dim, under Ning Cheng’s stimulation, it once again brightened up.

“What kind of Magical Weapon is that?” Qi Le was shocked as he stared at the flickering shadow of the Thunder City while muttering to himself. A Soul Essence Cultivator used a Magical Weapon to block an all-out attack from a Soul Sculpting Realm Cultivator. So how could such a Magical Weapon be simple? Moreover, wasn’t this only a flickering shadow projection?

Thinking of these, he then focussed his gaze on the thunder lights flickering over the Thunder City’s flickering shadow, causing his eyes to immediately flare up with greed. This Magical Weapon, he must definitely get his hands on it.

His insight was much stronger than Ning Cheng was so when he saw the Everlasting Blue Thunder City, he immediately understood that it was a supreme Magical Weapon. Just the shadow of this Magical Weapon was already this powerful, once he was able to actually bring out this Thunder City, he would definitely be able to control the innumerable lightning arc within it to bombard the enemy. At that time, who would even be his, Qi Le’s, opponent?

One had to say that Qi Le’s insight was indeed better than Ning Cheng’s, Ning Cheng only was aware that this Thunder City was definitely a good thing, but he was currently limited to using the Everlasting Blue Thunder City defensively. As for the manipulating the lightning arcs of the Everlasting Blue Thunder City, he honestly did not have any idea on how to accomplish it.

Qi Le felt his heart fire up for Ning Cheng’s Thunder City, at this moment why would he care about Yan De and Ning Cheng’s battle. This body flashed, as he moved while raising his hand to grab Ning Cheng.

Although Shi Qionghua was paying attention to Ning Cheng, at the same time she was also keeping an eye on this Qi Le’s movements. Now that Qi Le dared to take the initiative to make a move on Ning Cheng, how could she agree to it? She merely lifted her hand, causing a cyan coloured sword light to emerge; it instantly turned into a cyan coloured semi-circular sword arc.

Qi Le did not pay any attention to Shi Qionghua; it was because of his conceited pride that he chose to do such a thing, especially since he had experienced many life and death experiences during his hundreds of years on the Sifting Orchid Star. He had also obtained many inheritances and benefits in the Sifting Orchid Star. In addition to his cultivation being higher than Shi Qionghua’s, why would he pay any attention to Shi Qionghua?

Qi Le’s claw-like hand instantly turned into a gigantic fist-shadow. The fist-shadow did not even have the slightest intention of avoidance, as it struck Shi Qionghua’s cyan coloured sword arc.

“Bang” A sound emerged, as the sword light dispersed into the four directions, causing the cyan coloured sword light to disappear. At the same time, Qi Le also was also forcibly pushed back dozens of meters away. With a face full of shock, he looked at the back of his hand and unexpectedly found a few bloodstains over it.

He then glanced at Shi Qionghua, who was also pushed back similarly. He had only regarded Shi Qionghua with a cultivation at Crucible Transformation 3rd Level to be completely ordinary. But it turns out that this beautiful white-robed woman in front of him was unexpectedly not weaker when compared to him.

Qi Le was well aware of himself; his present strength was a result of being tempered under the harsh and extreme environment of the Sifting Orchid Star. Moreover, with all kinds of inheritances, although he did not dare claim himself to be invincible, he definitely believed that there were not many Crucible Transformation Cultivators stronger than he was.

But now this white-robed female cultivator in front of him although was apparently inferior to him in cultivation, her strength was definitely not weaker than his current power. The only thing that could explain this matter was that the other party’s inheritance was much more potent than the cultivation method that he was cultivating.

Coupled with that Thunder City’s shadow, Qi Le did not know if he would be able to encounter such a good harvest in the future. A supreme Magical Weapon and a supreme cultivation method seemed to be just waiting for him in front.

Thinking until here, Qi Le calmed down. He raised his hand and brought out a black flag.


Ning Cheng could see that Shi Qionghua did not seem to be weaker than the red-haired man was. Causing him to immediately feel relief. As soon as he was able to get rid of this Yan De, he would them be able to help Shi Qionghua.

At the same time, Yan De was also just as shocked as the red-haired man was. He had only just sobered up from Ning Cheng having blocked his black and white wheel edges and was also aware that Qi Le had tried to make a move on Ning Cheng. He instantly was able to realise that Qi Le was coveting Ning Cheng’s shadow of Thunder City; as such, this Thunder City’s shadow was something good.

At this moment, not to mention Qi Le, but even he felt quite moved in his mind. However, he was aware that his cultivation was inferior to Qi Le, so although if he had such thoughts, he cannot display it openly. But now that Qi Le was unexpectedly blocked by that female cultivator, those ideas immediately once again surfaced in his heart. In the face of such kind of riches, what use was trying to hold onto honour? As long as he can kill this Soul Essence Kid, he could then grab his things and immediately escape. Moreover, it would not be easy to find him in the Sifting Orchid Star.

As Yan De’s thoughts reached this point, he immediately erupted with an incomparably wild slaughter aura. His wheel blade shadows under his influence did not manifest more wheel blades, but rather condensed everything into a single wheel blade storm, while at the same time fusing with this slaughter aura.

The incomparably wild wheel blade storm immediately exploded onto Ning Cheng’s Everlasting Blue Thunder City, causing Ning Cheng to feel a terrible discomfort. It was as if his organs and viscera were about to be torn apart by this kind of fearful slaughter storm. Not only that, even his mind seemed to have been filled with all sorts of sounds relating to violent killing attacks. It caused the shadow of the Everlasting Blue Thunder City to suddenly crack apart before it gradually dissipated in the twinkling of an eye.

Ning Cheng was capable of blocking the besiegement from the many Soul Essence and Soul Sculpting Cultivators in the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, but that did not represent that he undoubtedly could emerge victorious against an intermediate stage Soul Sculpting Cultivator, this was not as simple as calculating one plus one.

Although previously he was able to block so many Soul Essence Cultivators of the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, it was all because he relied on the Everlasting Blue Thunder City. But Yan De’s cultivation in regards to the path of slaughter, on the Sifting Orchid Star, was much stronger than ordinary intermediate stage Soul Sculpting Cultivators.

“Lord Husband, you should be careful about being sneak attacked by this person. He cultivates laws relating to the path of slaughter. Once his imposing slaughter aura invades your mind, and then life would be no different from death……” Shi Qionghua’s voice reached Ning Cheng’s ears just in time.

Ning Cheng was immediately surprised in his heart, causing him to sober up instantly. His cultivation, when compared to Yan De, was not just one or two level worse. However, his Magical Weapon was a lot more formidable than Yan De’s, so even though his cultivation was not up to par, he would still be able to crush this bastard with his Magical Weapon.

Feeling that Ning Cheng was being suppressed by his slaughter aura, Yan De sneered in his heart as he thought that he was indeed just a small Soul Essence Realm Cultivator. He opened his mouth wide and uttered an intermittent shrill yet grating to the ears killing sound wave causing a circular wave of invisible slaughter aura burst out from his body.

If one had a weaker cultivation, this attack would easily disrupt the mind causing fear to take root.

But after Ning Cheng received the reminder from Shi Qionghua, he was already vigilant. At this moment, when Yan De sent out that killing sound wave attack, Ning Cheng was also not willing to wait for another minute. Urgently stimulating his Spiritual Consciousness and True Essence, Ning Cheng once again brought out the Everlasting Blue Thunder City’s shadow.

Yan De on seeing the shadow of the Everlasting Blue Thunder City coming out once again sneered in his heart. He was confident that it was difficult for Ning Cheng to control this Blue Thunder City. As long as his many slaughter wheel blade shadows repeatedly struck it, Ning Cheng would entirely be unable to bring out this Thunder City’s projection for the third time.

His slaughter sound wave was something that he had cultivated amongst the unpredictable hurricanes and spacial turbulences of the Sifting Orchid Star, how could a little Soul Essence Cultivator who had just arrived at the Sifting Orchid Star be able to resist it?

Yan De suddenly raised the scale of his slaughter sound wave by a notch, at the same time he also urged hundreds of wheel blade edges to go berserk simultaneously.

“Kaka….” breaking sounds emerged, as Ning Cheng’s Everlasting Blue Thunder City shadow was once again cracked apart. While at the same time, Ning Cheng also turned even paler. Seeing this, Yan De felt like he had already captured Ning Cheng.

Unfortunately, he just did not understand Ning Cheng, if replaced by Yin Kongchan then he would have already known that it was all within Ning Cheng’s calculation and prediction.

“Ka….” With a final cracking sound, Ning Cheng’s Everlasting Blue Thunder City shadow once again disappeared.

Almost in the instance that the Everlasting Blue Thunder City’s shadow disappeared, a motley-looking large copper coin emerged suspended in mid-air, this copper coin instantly expanded once again becoming even more massive. It gave the feeling that the vaults of heaven were about to fall, producing an exceptionally suppressive sense amongst those below.

But Ning Cheng’s complexion turned even paler. As his cultivation kept advancing, bringing out the Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin was becoming more and more difficult. But at the same time, he brought out the Five Elements Treasure Fall Coin provided him with better and more significant effects.

Every time he managed to refine one of the restrictions on the Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin, it would then require several times the True Essence, and Spiritual Consciousness previously needed to bring it out, which was why Ning Cheng rarely used the Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin in battle.

Yan De, at this moment, felt its suppressive effects, the next minute, he realised that this own hundred wheel blade Magical Weapon had lost its connection with him.

“Is that the Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin?” The one who made the surprised shout was not Yan De, but rather Qi Le. Qi Li was being held back by Shi Qionghua’s cyan sword light, even though he had many methods on him, but he was unable to deploy them at this moment.

He had never thought that Ning Cheng would not only possess that Thunder City shadow, but even the Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin. The Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin was an incredibly precious Magical Weapon from the ancient times. Moreover, many of the Crucible Transformation Cultivators did not know about the existence of this Magical Weapon.

Qi Le’s gaze turned searing hot, while at the same time, Yan De’s was also feeling an extreme shock in his mind.

When Ning Cheng brought out the Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin, he had already taken into account Yan De’s response. With their Magical Weapon being whirled away for no apparent reason at all, no matter who it was, they would definitely go into a brief period of shock. He was waiting for such a moment, so how could he waste such a great opportunity.

However, Ning Cheng also knew that he would only be able to stimulate the Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin just once, only by taking a long rest would he be able to use it for the second time. This thing was different from the blue Thunder City, wherein he could not bring out its shadow.

Immediately bringing out his Cosmic True Devil Axe, countless Angry Axe Traces erupted like fallen leaves in the autumn wind, while completely trapping Yan De within it. At the same time, a long black spear seemed to have locked onto him from across the horizon as it bore down on him tearing through the empty air.

Although Yan De wanted to react, he no longer could control his hundred wheel blades, nor could he continue to erupt with his imposing slaughtering aura to crush Ning Cheng. At this moment, the most important thing for him was to escape from this disaster, as long as he was able to escape from this tragedy, then he could undoubtedly slaughter Ning Cheng. He had the impression that this was Ning Cheng’s final trump card.

Although his surroundings were sealed up by many extremely powerful and dense Angry Axe Traces, Yan De chose not to pay any attention to them. Yan De wanted to escape from the Axe Traces surrounding him, so he curled up his body into a sphere using a sail-like cloth. Ning Cheng’s Angry Axe Killing Traces immediately bombarded onto Yan De’s sail-like material, causing sounds of leather being beaten to emerge. At best, the sail was suppressed to a small extent. However, it was not enough to tear though Yan De’s sails.

Yan De, with his sails, stimulated, quickly rushed out of Ning Cheng’s dense killing lights of his Axe Traces. Although the Axe Intent seemed to be quite formidable, to Yan De, it only felt like a decoration, not enough to even cause half a bit of distraction in his mind.

The instant Yan De ran out of Ning Cheng’s Ace Trace’s killing lights, the shadow of that sky shattering long spear appeared in front of Yan De.

Just like a silent dragon, having an aura of a monarch that rules the world, this kind of character instantly made Yan De feel an intense suffocation, to the point that he had even fallen into despair. At this moment, he discovered that regardless of which direction he choose currently, he would definitely be torn asunder by that spear. This was not just a simply spear, but rather a spear that ruled over his fate. Under the influence of the spear’s formidable aura, he was not even able to make a choice. Instead, the only option he could make was to be wholly suppressed by it.

“Such strong spear intent……” Yan De had of expression of utter despair on his face; he had never seen such a formidable spear intent in his life. This was not an ordinary spear intent. Instead, he felt that this was a spear intent that ruled over the fates. At this moment, he finally understood that the reason why the opposite party had chosen to take away his hundred edged wheel blade was to make him try his best to entirely avoid the killing lights of the Axe Traces, all for this one spear.

“Puff” A bloody fog erupted, as Yan De’s head was turned into nothingness by this spear.

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