Chapter 0344

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0345: The Irreconcilable Crucible Transformation Cultivator

As Ning Cheng rushed in, he simultaneously brought out his Cosmic True Devil Axe and his Everlasting Blue Thunder City’s shadow. At the same time, Qi Le also made the decision to first get rid of Ning Cheng under any circumstances.

The black banner dragon once again shot out many banner blade edges, at the same, an octagonally shaped copper hammer also shot out. Ning Cheng absolutely did not intend to fight against Qi Le at all. After bringing out his Everlasting Blue Thunder City, he immediately grabbed onto Shi Qionghua before stimulating his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds to cast a near-instantaneous teleport. The reason Ning Cheng was able to do such a thing, was not because of the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds that he possessed, but because of the Array Formations that he arranged.

Shi Qionghua only heard Ning Cheng say the word ‘go’ before she immediately understood Ning Cheng’s intent. Even so, she still forced a sword curtain to manifest behind the Everlasting Blue Thunder City.

“Boom…..” Innumerable banner blade edges and the octagonally shaped copper hammer descended upon Ning Cheng’s Cosmic True Devil Axe and the Thunder City. The Cosmic True Devil Axe was not able to resist the incoming torrent for even a single moment before it was blown away, the Thunder City’s shadow was also only able to last for a single moment before a ‘snap’ sound rang out and the shadow was blown to smithereens. If not for Shi Qionghua’s sword curtain, then even if Ning Cheng were able to block the attack with the help of the Everlasting Blue Thunder City’s shadow, he would still have lost a significant chunk of his life.

“Ka” A sound emerged, as Shi Qionghua’s sword curtain was once again broken through. The instant that the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds flashed, a hammer shadow from the octagonally shaped copper hammer slammed just above Ning Cheng’s vest.

Although Ning Cheng was able to move away almost instantaneously, he still got injured again.

“Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds?” Qi Le was able to clearly see how Ning Cheng was able to escape his killer attack. His eyes were almost on the brink of emitting golden light, as he thought, just how many treasures does this person even possess?

Qi Le did not wait and immediately chased after them, but at this moment, the space surrounding him seemed as if it was about to riot, while at the same time berserk cracking and exploding sounds started to ring out all around him.

Qi Le’s complexion immediately turned wrathful. These were just some trivial Rank 3 Entrapment Arrays, yet this brat still dared to detonate them in front of him? How could this person be so stupid, yet was able to obtain so many good things?

Almost at the same time that the explosions started off, Qi Le had already taken a step forward to bypass it. Even if he had to pay a huge price, he must kill these two cultivators and take away all their stuff for himself.

“Boom…..” An invisible barrier blocked Qi Le. Qi Le swept out with his Spiritual Consciousness causing him to make a shocking discovery. It was only at this moment did he realise that he was already in the middle of a Rank 6 Entrapment Array. Moreover, this Rank 6 Entrapment Array was actually hidden behind a Concealment Array Formation.

A Rank 6 Entrapment Array, even if he could come out of it, it would still take him a few breaths of time to do so.

But not waiting for him to react, the space around him once again started to go berserk.

Not good, this kid was about to blow up his Array Formations. The detonations of the Rank 3 Entrapment Arrays from before would not pose any threat to him, but once a Rank 6 Entrapment Array blew up, it would genuinely cause him to suffer some severe injuries.

At this moment, he finally came face to face against Ning Cheng cunningness. He had used the Rank 3 Array Formations to thoroughly confuse him, while at the same time used them as a cover to arrange Rank 6 Array Formations.

Even if he wanted to regret, it was already too late. He knew that at this moment, it was no use blaming himself. If someone had said that a cultivator so young could arrange a Rank 6 Array Formation, he absolutely would never believe it. Not to mention the fact about how someone could even organise a Rank 6 Array Formation in such a short span of time?

Qi Le knew that it would be impossible for him to rush out immediately, so rather than choosing to rush out; he decided that he could only protect himself. All to minimise the injuries.

“Boom boom….” The terrifying explosions rolled up into a frightening wave to the point that a significant depression, radiating outwards, formed in the centre due to the frantically raging True Essence.

A short while later, an incredibly terrifying sound of something rupturing spread out, even if Qi Le wanted to protect his body, he was still injured heavily. However, this was not the end, just as it ended; more explosions rang out one after another, which made Qi Le finally feel fear for the first time. He had never thought that this little Soul Essence Cultivator had even managed to arrange a Rank 6 Explosion Array Formation. At this moment, how would Qi Le find the time to ponder over how Ning Cheng managed to arrange these killing arrays in secret? At this moment, he could only focus his entire power on protecting himself.

The second and third killing arrays exploded, the explosion of these two killing arrays was several times more potent than the detonation of the Entrapment Array.

Ning Cheng had used his Rank 6 Exploding Array Formation once before, at the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, which was sealed up by a Rank 9 Grand Defensive Array. It was shaken up by it, to the point that it was almost close to being cracked open. So Qi Le, who was just a Crucible Transformation 7th Level Cultivator, would probably not be able to withstand it casually.

A cultivator at the Crucible Transformation 7th Level could be considered as a powerhouse. But whether in power or might, they still can’t be compared to the Mountain Protecting Grand Array of the Severing Emotions Dao Sect. With the three Array Formations’ chain explosions, Qi Le ended up severely injured in just a moment.

Ning Cheng was well aware that this Qi Le was hell-bent on taking his life. So even though he was still injured, he once again manifested that black long spear and thrust out with it without any hesitation.

Although Shi Qionghua and Ning Cheng had only been together for a short while, she was well aware that Ning Cheng was different from her; he was a person who refrained from being bullied around. When Ning Cheng had detonated the three Rank 6 Array Formations, she was very clear that Ning Cheng would sneak attack Qi Le once the explosions from the Array Formations were about to end.

Thus, she did not need Ning Cheng to remind her, as a cyan coloured sword light immediately erupted from the sword in her hand. This was a sword strike that Shi Qionghua had poured all her power in; it was terrifying to such an extent that even the surrounding space was being directly torn apart.

Qi Le crazily spurted out several mouthfuls of blood; even his True Essence was in complete chaos. He knew that if he wanted to make a move for Ning Cheng’s things once again, then he had to first escape from this place. This puny Soul Essence Cultivator was too treacherous and extremely cunning. Because of his carelessness, he unexpectedly ended up in such a miserable situation.

As long as these two were still in the Sifting Orchid Star, then he, Qi Le, would be able to massacre them. Next time, he definitely would make sure to not make such a low-level mistake.

Unfortunately, it was all a dream for him, not to mention that his and Shi Qionghua’s cultivation was almost similar. Even if the difference was huge, at this moment, when Shi Qionghua’s sword stabbed into him in its entirety, he was not able to resist at all.

The several tens of feet long, cyan coloured sword light had ripped apart everything in its path and had wholly focussed all its killing power in one single point. If Qi Le were still unharmed, then he definitely would have been able to do something to block this one sword strike. But at this moment, even if he were able to barely escape, even in that case, the formidable imposing aura of the sword light would have wholly sealed all of his escape routes.

“Poof” A flash of blood erupted, as a large scar emerged on Qi Le’s body as he directly started to pummel down. Not waiting for him to fall to the ground, Ning Cheng’s long spear immediately arrived in front of him.

The spear intent contained within it inspired an intense fear from the depths of his soul, as it brought along a must-kill slaughter aura. If Qi Le were not severely injured, then even if had to face such a spear, he would not care much about it. But at this moment, he just could not ignore it at all, not to say ignore it, even if he wanted to dodge this spear, it would be impossible for him.

“Bang” This spear directly shot through his glabella, causing a fist wide hole to blow open through his head, while at the same time, Ning Cheng also powerlessly sat down on the ground. At this moment, he was secretly horrified about the toughness of Qi Le’s head. If replaced with an ordinary cultivator, his spear strike would have been able to turn their head into nothingness, yet when stuck Qi Le, it only created a big hole.

Shi Qionghua once more immediately used the cyan sword in her hand. Even if Qi Le’s corporeal body was sturdy, it was not sturdy enough to block Shi Qionghua’s sword.

“Thump” A sound emerged, as a head fell to the ground, while at the same time Si Qionghua flicked her hand, throwing out a flame towards it.

“I don’t want to…..” A tearing cry emerged from Qi Le’s Life Essence, as the fireball consumed him. He really was not willing to accept this. He had been self-torturing himself on the Sifting Orchid Star for many years, it can even be said that he was a local tyrant of this place. But unexpectedly he was killed by two ants who had just arrived in this area. It would have genuinely been strange if he accepted such an outcome.

Shi Qionghua did not care about Qi Le, as she hurried and arrived at Ning Cheng’s side.

Ning Cheng pointed to the things on the ground and spoke, “Qionghua, collect everything, we will leave this place right away. This area just experienced a volcanic eruption, which led to the arrival of Qi Le and Yan De. Perhaps there might even be other people on their way here.

Shi Qionghua immediately understood Ning Cheng’s meaning, choosing between Qi Le and Yan De’s things, or a few refining materials brought out by the volcanic eruption, the selection would not be anything unusual.

On hearing Ning Cheng’s words, she at her fastest speed, collected all the things, then holding onto Ning Cheng, they quickly disappeared from that place.

Ning Cheng had indeed not spoken incorrectly. Shortly after he and Shi Qionghua had left, a person arrived at that place. This cultivator wore a grey robe, when he saw Qi Le’s corpse, he immediately issued a surprised cry “Some people can still kill Qi Le?”

Then, he merely turned around and walked away, without even caring about the Scarlet Brilliance Crystals brought up by the volcanic eruption.


Ning Cheng’s injury was not light at all, but for a Soul Essence Cultivator, as long as they were not injured on a fundamental level, they would be able to recover quickly.

An hour later, Shi Qionghua stopped. In front of her and Ning Cheng was a vast basin filled with flashing thunder lights. This made Ning Cheng think back to the Thunder Domain Marsh he had seen inside the Law’s Way. But the flashing thunder lights in front of them were much more potent than the thunder lights inside the Thunder Domain Marsh.

“After crossing this Thunder Domain Basin, space would turn turbulent to the point that you will find spacial turbulences almost everywhere. Just stay as close to me as possible, don’t stray away from me too far.” Shi Qionghua deliberately stopped and warned Ning Cheng specifically.

“Can this Thunder Domain Basin even be traversed? How about we take a detour?” Ning Cheng looked at the many thunder lights crisscrossing in the Thunder Domain Basin, and couldn’t help but feel a slight fear in his heart.

“Don’t worry, the lightning arcs inside the basin are very orderly, as long as we walk according to a certain path, there would be nothing to be afraid of. Besides, we also would not be able to bypass this place, as both sides of it are blocked off by mountain peaks that even Crucible Transformation Cultivators would not be able to tread. Moreover, just beyond the mountain peaks is a vast and almost endless volcanic lake. Even if we somehow manage to cross that volcanic lake, we would encounter another vast sea that simply knows no end. So in short, there is no way for us to take a detour. So for the moment, you just need to follow me tightly.” Just as Shi Qionghua finished, she flew into this basin filled with thunder lights.

Ning Cheng also hurriedly followed Shi Qionghua, and soon found out that the place Shi Qionghua stopped over each time was where the strength of the thunder lights was at the weakest. Even if there were a few traces of thunder lights that fell on her body, it was treated as irrelevant.

Shi Qionghua’s speed was also quite fast, merely in just half an hour, the two people had already crossed the Thunder Light Basin.

After crossing the Thunder Light Basin, Ning Cheng immediately felt a tearing force over his body. It was as if the area, where he was standing at, wanted to directly slice him apart, tearing his body into pieces. At this point, he could only focus his entire attention on himself and not ignore the situation.

“Space here is turbulent, so you must be careful, once you feel the turbulence turning berserk, you must hurry and move away to avoid it, but at the same time you cannot rush out randomly. When I was very young, I had once encountered a powerful body forging cultivator, but because of a major spacial turbulence, was immediately torn apart into nihility.” After arriving at this place, Shi Qionghua’s tone became somewhat cautious.

Ning Cheng also nodded showing he understood it. But as he looked at how Shi Qionghua was comfortably switching directions among the spacial turbulence, he somewhat suspected that Shi Qionghua might have also undergone some form of body forging. However, now was not the time to ask about it, once the two of them found a safe place to rest, only then would Ning Cheng ask about this matter to Shi Qionghua.

Shi Qionghua’s speed was quite fast while simultaneously helping Ning Cheng through the wear and tear of the spacial turbulences. In just a single day’s time, they arrived at the entrance to a narrow canyon. Intermittent bursts of hot air emerged from the mouth of the canyon, tinged with the smell of sulphur. It made people wonder if it was the beginning signs of a massive volcanic eruption.

If a person entered through the entrance of the narrow canyon, and once the volcano erupted, then they just would not even have enough time to escape.

But to the amazement of Ning Cheng, Shi Qionghua unexpectedly jumped down this canyon, and even called out to him, “We need to go down together.”

Although he suspected that it was hazardous in there, since Shi Qionghua chose to jump down, then Ning Cheng also did not hesitate, before he too dropped in following her.

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