Chapter 0346

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0346: Shi Qionghua’s Parents

“Little Shi, this old slave was able to find a Natural Divinatory Porcelain in the Sifting Orchid Star and was able to divine the position of the City Master and the Principal Wife. You were not here when I came back, but this old slave knows that Little Shi would remain unharmed. Therefore, this old slave went ahead to look for City Master and the Principal Wife first. If Little Shi comes back, then you can use this Void Cleaving Talisman to head back, it would immediately bring you to the Qin Wu City. The sooner you can come the better it would be, your old slave Yu Xin.”

Ning Cheng put down the jade strip and asked in doubt, “Qionghua, is your father a city’s City master? On which continent is the Qin Wu City located in?”

Shi Qionghua gripped Ning Cheng’s hand and spoke, “I have not heard of Qin Wu City, but since it is something that can only be reached by using the Void Cleaving Talisman, then it should definitely not be in the Yi Xing Mainland. Because I only have a single Void Cleaving Talisman, I do not have any means to bring you together with me. Moreover, you cultivation is too low at this moment. Stay here and cultivate for a bit, I will certainly come back.”

Ning Cheng smiled and spoke, “Qionghua, did you forget that I have a Miniature World Ring? It can definitely bring people along.”

Shi Qionghua shook her head and spoke, “The Miniature World Ring contains a living space. Moreover, there is also the possibility that the grade of Void Cleaving Talisman that Uncle Yu left behind might be too low, as such it would be of no use in sustaining and even carrying a living space. If one tries to forcibly carry it, then it might even cause it to break open due to the interference and be permanently damaged by the Laws of Space. In that event, any kind of living space would be twisted into nihility.”

The smile on Ning Cheng’s face immediately froze, from the bottom of his heart, he honestly did not want Shi Qionghua to leave.

“My husband, when my parents were attacked in the past, I was just born. My parents had left me to the care of Uncle Yu, and it was Uncle Yu who had taken me and escaped. Over the years that I have been with Uncle Yu, he has been trying to extrapolate my parents’ location. Now that Uncle Yu had gone back, then it means he undoubtedly must have obtained some concrete evidence. My husband, you currently possess a Rank 2 Spiritual Body in regards to Body-Forging, when I come back, presumably you would also have cultivated to Rank 5.” Shi Qionghua continued to explain gently.

Ning Cheng wanted to speak a few words, but he forcibly swallowed them down, how could he not allow Shi Qionghua to look for her parents?

After a short while, he spoke up with some unwillingness, “Qionghua, how did your Uncle Yu bring you here?”

“Uncle Yu burned thousands of years of his life, and with the help of my parents was able to tear apart a rip in space. Then utilising innumerable Void Escaping Talismans and a High-Grade Flight Type True Artefact, it took nearly three years before we are able to reach this place.” Shi Qionghua explained.

Ning Cheng frowned, “Qionghua. Since there was a Void Cleaving Talisman, why didn’t your Uncle Yu use the Void Cleaving Talisman to take you away? Moreover, why didn’t your parents use the Void Cleaving Talisman to escape?”

Shi Qionghua also had never thought of these questions, but now that Ning Cheng asked them, she could only reply in doubt, “I really don’t know why.”

“Can you show me that Void Cleaving Talisman?” Ning Cheng’s tone was dignified, if the jade strip left behind by Uncle Yu were real, then Shi Qionghua would definitely want to find her parents. Moreover, even Ning Cheng would also not feel right in preventing such a thing. However, this matter was apparently somewhat strange, so he had to turn more cautious.

Shi Qionghua completely trusted Ning Cheng, and without any hesitation took out the talisman and placed it in Ning Cheng’s hands.

Ning Cheng was also a Tier 5 Talisman Grand Master, although he was not qualified to refine Void Cleaving Talismans yet, that did not mean that he was unable to sense any problems with the talisman. Just like a distinguished grandmaster, who might not be able to draw a masterpiece, but that would not mean that he could not appreciate a masterpiece of a painting.

Seeing Ning Cheng was carefully looking over the Void Cleaving Talisman in hand, Shi Qionghua asked with a somewhat worried voice, “My husband, this Void Cleaving Talisman…..”

Ning Cheng placed the Void Cleaving Talisman back into Shi Qionghua’s hand and spoke, “Qionghua, this Void Clearing Talisman contains strong spatial fluctuations. I guess that the Talisman itself does not have an issue with it, either that or I am not able to sense if it has any issues with it.”

Although he said that, Ning Cheng still had a nagging feeling that there was something strange with this Uncle Yu’s words. But as to where this issue lied, he was not able to figure out.

Shi Qionghua sighed and spoke, “Without Uncle Yu, I would have perished a long time ago. Uncle Yu is like my grandfather, he will not hurt me. Moreover, there is also the aura of Uncle Yu’s spiritual sense on this talisman, it is something that I can feel extremely clearly, even that jade strip is something that was definitely left behind by Uncle Yu.”

Seeing Ning Cheng silent, Shi Qionghua suddenly took the initiative to hug Ning Cheng into her bosom. Even she felt that although she and Ning Cheng were considered to be newly married, her leaving Ning Cheng in such an abrupt manner was also unfair towards him, her husband.

Ning Cheng could feel the heat rising in Shi Qionghua’s body, he was well aware that Shi Qionghua had to go back, otherwise, if she always stayed with him in the same place with this knowledge, it would never be happy for either of them.

Ning Cheng tightly hugged Shi Qionghua, before he took out a rusty copper coin and placed it in her hand and said, “Qionghua, I see that you do not have any special treasures of your own. This is my Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin, you can keep it with you.”

Shi Qionghua hurriedly pushed it back and spoke, “My cultivation is higher than you, you can keep it with you I do not need it.”

Ning Cheng gave a smile and spoke, “I have many more things on me, things that you still do not know about. Plus, I also have the Thunder City, and the banner we obtained from Qi Le, this banner is also a good thing. For me, this copper coin is still a bit difficult for use currently.”

If not for Ning Cheng unable to pass on the Everlasting Blue Thunder City, he would have definitely given the Everlasting Blue Thunder City to Shi Qionghua. However, he also knew that even if he chose to provide the Everlasting Blue Thunder City to Shi Qionghua, Shi Qionghua would not take it, so he might as well give the Treasure Fall Copper Coin to Shi Qionghua.

Seeing that Shi Qionghua was about to refuse, Ning Cheng clenched his hand tightly and spoke, “If you push it back again, then I will not allow you to walk out of this place.”

Shi Qionghua’s eyes immediately turned red, she was aware of what level of treasure was Ning Cheng’s Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin. If she possessed the Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin, then her strength would definitely increase by a considerable level. Yet this kind of treasure Ning Cheng still chose to give to her, from this it could be seen that Ning Cheng really cared about her very much.

This time she did not push it back, instead she once again tightly hugged Ning Cheng as she covered Ning Cheng’s lips with her own. This was the first time for her to take the initiative, as it was always Ning Cheng who had been active in this regard.

Ning Cheng found himself instantly lost under this kind of fiery tenderness, he did not even remember if he was the one who held Shi Qionghua as they made their way to the bed, or if Shi Qionghua had carried him to the bed.


Shi Qionghua carefully sat from Ning Cheng’s side, she lowered her head and once again gently kissed Ning Cheng’s face repeatedly. From the bottom of her heart, she honestly did not want to and even hated the idea of leaving Ning Cheng. But because of the matter at hand, she had to put Ning Cheng into a deep sleep. Otherwise, she would never be able to decide or even become determined to leave Ning Cheng temporarily.

With every moment she spent with Ning Cheng, it made her satisfied and content. From the depths of her heart, no one could or would replace Ning Cheng. However, it was clear that her parents had their own difficulties, if she did not go back, then she would never be able to feel at ease. At this moment, she already made up her mind, that as long as she found that her parents were all right, she would immediately come back, forever accompanying Ning Cheng. She loved this kind of peace, love and the pleasant feelings that came from being together with Ning Cheng.

After Ning Cheng woke up, he did not move away from the bed. There was still the fragrance of Shi Qionghua from his side, with a bitter and astringent taste lingering at the corners of his mouth. He realised that these were tears left behind by Shi Qionghua. Even that soft feeling in the palm of his hand was still there, but Shi Qionghua was already gone.

Before Shi Qionghua put him into a deep sleep, Ning Cheng was already aware of it, but he chose not to resist. If he was sober, then perhaps he might have changed his mind about it and would not have let Shi Qionghua go. He understood Shi Qionghua, if Shi Qionghua was replaced by him, then matters relating to his own parents, he most probably would have done the same thing.

Out of the hundreds of millions of spirit stones, Shi Qionghua only took away 10 million with her. From this Ning Cheng speculated that Shi Qionghua had taken them to stimulate the Void Cleaving Talisman. The Void Cleaving Talisman was entirely different from ordinary talismans. Not only would the Talisman need to be activated as usual, but at the same time, it would also require the assistance of massive quantities of Spiritual Qi.

When he realised that Shi Qionghua had indeed walked away, Ning Cheng suddenly felt utterly empty.

Before having not met Shi Qionghua, he still was able to live a good life by himself. But now, he was actually unable to adapt to such a feeling of loss, to the impression that Shi Qionghua was not by his side.

For a long time, Ning Cheng just sat there in a daze. He discovered that he had forgotten to ask Shi Qionghua about a matter. In the jade strip, her Uncle Yu had mentioned that he had divined the location of Shi Qionghua’s parents through a Natural Divinatory Porcelain. But what was this Natural Divinatory Porcelain? Moreover, just how heaven-defying was this Uncle Yu, to be able to divine the location? Even though he was also aware that Shi Qionghua would have also been able to figure it out eventually with her abilities, but wasn’t this kind of accurate prediction something that went too far?

Another thing that he suddenly remembered was that Shi Qionghua’s parents and this Uncle Yu had collaborated to tear open a rip in space, so why would they not let Shi Qionghua’s mother escape along with Shi Qionghua, instead why did they allow Uncle Yu to leave with Shi Qionghua?

Ning Cheng was coming up with countless questions, but he just had no way to answer any of them.

He could only wait for Shi Qionghua to come back, so for the time being, he decided to cultivate for a bit in here as per her wishes. Moreover, whether it was for cultivation or for Body-Forging, this place was definitely an excellent place.


Only after Ning Cheng experienced cultivating on the inside, did he finally realise as to why Shi Qionghua’s cultivation was so fast. The Spiritual Qi inside this place was more abundant than that found in the Small Spiritual Domain. Moreover, it did not even have half a shred of toxins in it like the Yang Qi poison. With Shi Qionghua’s inheritance, coupled with the vibrant Spiritual Qi in here, it would genuinely be strange if her cultivation was not able to rise quickly.

With the rapid absorption of the Spiritual Qi and the rapid progress, it made Ning Cheng forget about Body-Forging, as he immersed himself wholeheartedly in the middle of this pleasurable cultivation.

Two months later, Ning Cheng broke through from the Soul Essence 3rd Level and advanced to the Soul Essence 4th Level. After another four months, Ning Cheng once again advanced to the Soul Essence 5th Level.

But at this moment, Ning Cheng’s cultivation speed once again slowed down. But Ning Cheng was actually not willing to stop, he took out that broken crystal stone, and continued his crazy cultivation.

The Spiritual Qi in this place was already very rich, now that Ning Cheng pulled out that perverted crystal stone, his cultivation speed once again started to soar again. Two months later, Ning Cheng broke through from the Soul Essence 6th Level and advanced to the Soul Essence 7th Level.

After feeling he had almost entirely used up the broken crystal stone, the Mysterious Yellow Origin Aura automatically began flowing but in a much smoother manner, causing Ning Cheng to once again think of the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

If he entered the Mysterious Yellow Bead in this kind of place, then nobody would know about it, as such he did not think much about it and immediately dived into the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

This was the first time for Ning Cheng to enter the Mysterious Yellow Bead in the most real sense. Inside the Mysterious Yellow Bead, in addition to that desolate yellowish scenery, there was also a thin layer of moisture. However, there was nothing else inside. He threw in a few things inside as an experiment before, but everything disappeared inside without even a trace.

Ning Cheng swept out with his Spiritual Consciousness, causing large clumps of yellow light to emerge as if they were suspended in the middle of a room. It caused Ning Cheng to become scared and quickly rush out from the Mysterious Yellow Bead. This was the Mysterious Yellow Aura, once it leaked out, it would not be a good thing.

According to what that skeleton had said, this Mysterious Yellow Bead was an Origin Treasure. If he wanted to transform it into an actual independent world, then he needed to gather the five most essential Origins. Among the diverse worldly Origins available, the most basic of Origins was obviously the Origins of the five elements. Currently, he has already found the Water Origin; as such, he had to continue to look for the remaining four Origins.

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