Chapter 0353

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Chapter 0353: Two Weak Life Essences

“This Void Cleaving Talisman was something that this old servant had obtained in the Sifting Orchid Star, this old servant has also not gone back to the Qin Wu City, and this Void Cleaving Talisman was also something left behind by a powerhouse from the past. This star is not a safe place, if in the future Little Shi was able to find this old servant’s jade strip, it would be more than self-explanatory. If I am not able to leave, then as long as Little Shi can leave this place, this old servant would be able to die without any regrets……”

Only after a long time, did Ning Cheng finally put down the jade strip that he was reading, while also turning completely silent. He had finally figured out what had transpired. This Uncle Yu was somehow able to obtain the information that the Sifting Orchid Star was about to blow up, as such had turned utterly anxious to let Shi Qionghua leave this place as soon as possible. However, Shi Qionghua was temporarily outside her residence at that time, while Uncle Yu was approaching the end of his lifespan. He wanted to use the Fiery Wind Crag’s hundreds of strains of the True Polar Bamboo Sprout to break through a bottleneck but unfortunately was not able to succeed and eventually failed.

Helpless, Uncle Yu could only leave behind a Void Cleaving Talisman that he had obtained to allow Shi Qionghua to escape. In any case, the loyalty of this Uncle Yu to the master of the family was beyond doubt, which allowed Ning Cheng to feel slightly relieved in his heart. Currently, he was fully aware that he did not possess the ability to look for Shi Qionghua; as such, he could only put these thoughts away for the time being.

After putting away the jade strip, Ning Cheng then picked up Uncle Yu’s ring. The restriction on the ring was more straightforward, but the inside only contained a few thousands of high-grade spirit stones, along with a few other jade strips, while there were not any particular magical weapons inside. He was also able to figure out from this that the genuinely good things, this Uncle Yu had already left behind for Shi Qionghua. As to where he had put them, only Shi Qionghua can find it once she reaches the Qin Wu City.

Then to Ning Cheng’s shock, he saw a flying saucer in a remote corner of the ring devoid of any Spiritual Power Fluctuations. This flying saucer had a completely black body. However, it gave the feeling that it was made of metal. Ning Cheng on seeing this object immediately knew that it was not a product of any kind of refining techniques. Instead, it was something constructed by a scientifically and technologically advanced civilization.

Ning Cheng had been living in the Yi Xing Mainland for not a short time. Moreover, after cultivating for over such a long time, considering him as one of the stronger powerhouses was also not farfetched. However, in his mind, Technological Civilisations and True Cultivator Civilisation were two entirely different concepts. According to him, there wholly cannot exist a place where there were True Cultivators, while at the same time also develop in the field of science and technology.

Even if he looked at the entire Yi Xing Mainland, when it came to things remotely based on science and technology, the only things that he could think of were the Sound Jade Tablets that the True Cultivators used and the few Array Formation display screens that he had seen. Nevertheless, without a single exception, these ‘scientific technologies’ were created on the core practices of the True Cultivators, moreover every one of these needed to be integrated or at least be partially dependent on Array Formations.

Now when he suddenly discovered a flying saucer in Uncle Yu’s ring, he was utterly shocked.

Ning Cheng first entered his Miniature World, mainly since the room he was sitting in was quite small; as such, he would not be able to examine this flying saucer’s condition.

Inside the Miniature World, Ning Cheng gave a wave with his hand causing the black flying saucer to come out.

This black flying saucer was about 30 meters in diameter, and when put down on the ground, it was almost equivalent in size to one-third of a soccer field. The flying saucer did not seem to have any kind of entrance anywhere over its body. Moreover, it appeared shrouded with at least one layer of material that blocked probing from Spiritual Consciousness. Even if it was Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness, he was still unable to use it as a probe.

Grey Toottoot, for the first time, excitedly rushed out by its own, arrived next to the flying saucer, and began yipping at the flying saucer, while he kept swinging his tail wildly, without any indication of stopping, in front of Ning Cheng.

“Do you know what this thing is?” Ning Cheng asked in a puzzled manner to Grey Toottoot.

Grey Toottoot kept shaking its head. It was unfortunate that it could not speak, and as such, it had no way to communicate with Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng approached the flying saucer, then reached out and touched it with his hand. This flying saucer’s entire body was ice cold, further cementing his initial conclusion that this was definitely a metallic construction. Moreover, it was indeed something that was factory-built. A cultivator definitely had not something refined it. Ning Cheng, whether for good or for evil, was also a university student from a science and technology-based civilization, however even he was not able to understand even the slightest bit about this flying saucer.

“Grey Toottoot. You better study this thing well, if there are any means to open it, then immediately tell me.” Ning Cheng patted Grey Toottoot’s head.

After saying that, Ning Cheng then withdrew from the Miniature World, while at the same time he also took out the few other pieces of jade strips that he had seen earlier. As for whether Grey Toottoot would be able to open it or not, Ning Cheng did not care about it currently. He just wanted to find something to do for Grey Toottoot, he did not wish for this fellow to saunter all day around the several strains of Spiritual Grasses that he was growing inside the Miniature World.

The first jade strip contained Uncle Yu’s Cultivation Method that he had left behind, although it was a very high-level one, Ning Cheng did not have any interest in it. The second jade strip was a memo-like jade strip and contained many fuzzy and vague words. After Ning Cheng used his Spiritual Consciousness to carefully identify, only then was he able to look at some of the contents.

The general meaning of the words that he could glean was that an enemy had besieged the Qin Wu City. The City Master was aware that the battle was as good as lost; therefore, he wanted his principal wife to take Little Shi and escape. However, the primary wife was adamant on accompanying the City Master through life and death, so after collaborating with several other loyal subjects of theirs, they were able to open up a Spacial Rift, and then ordered an old servant to escape with Little Shi far away from that place.

Ning Cheng guessed that this City Master was presumably Shi Qionghua’s father, and the principal wife should be Shi Qionghua’s mother, while the old servant should be Uncle Yu.

No wonder Shi Qionghua’s mother did not come with her. Initially, she chose to stay together with Shi Qionghua’s father. This showed that this woman was incomparably faithful to her husband, causing Ning Cheng to have a much higher favorable impression about his mother-in-law in his heart.

Ning Cheng then placed the jade strip down, before picking up another jade strip. The jade strip that Ning Cheng picked up felt a bit unusual, as this jade strip was unexpectedly giving off faint fluctuations that were unique to a Spiritual Soul.

Ning Cheng had already experienced the situation with Fang Jiyan; as such, he was quickly able to discover that the fluctuations were genuinely coming from a growing Spiritual Soul. He promptly investigated the jade strip and found that this jade strip contained a piece of Soul Nourishing Wood. However, he could feel that there were actually two distinct but unstable Spiritual Soul Fluctuations coming from inside it.

“Who are you?” A feeble voice sounded out in Ning Cheng’s consciousness.

“I am, of course, the one who was able to obtain this jade strip. However, I am truly surprised, who are the two of you?” Ning Cheng really did not understand how these two wisps of Soul Essences were coexisting in that single small piece of Soul Nourishing Wood.

These two Soul Essence were very weak, as such Ning Cheng also did not have any fear if these two people had any designs on him.

From the far left corner of the Soul Nourishing Wood, came an immediate reply, “I’m old man Xin Zimo.”

Then another voice came from the rightmost corner, which was a bit weaker, “Mou Family’s Yu Xin.”

“Aren’t you Uncle Yu, did you not die?” Ning Cheng asked in a shocked voice.

Immediately, the weak voice from the right corner bolstered up and asked in surprise, “Why did you call me Uncle Yu? What … Wait this is Little Shi’s immortal cave, what’s wrong with Qionghua? What did you do with Little Shi?”

The tone of the voice betrayed its extreme anxiousness as it heard the different title, if not for it being weak and completely disoriented, then perhaps it would have already grabbed at Ning Cheng’s clothes in anxiousness.

“Uncle Yu doesn’t need to be worried about it, if I had any malicious intentions towards you, then I would not have called you ‘Uncle Yu.’ Although the two of you are only weak Life Essences at the moment, I am genuinely not looking down on you.” Ning Cheng tried to console him with words, towards the loyalty and protection displayed by this Uncle Yu, Ning Cheng was still very respectful towards him.

It also felt that Ning Cheng’s words were right at least partially. If Ning Cheng indeed had any evil intentions, then as he stated it, he was indeed only a weak Soul Essence currently, as such was utterly irrelevant to the overall situation.

“Then let me ask this friend, how is Little Shi doing now?” Uncle Yu’s tone also calmed down a bit, but it was still a bit urgent.

“I am Qionghua’s husband, and we’ve been married for a while now. However, after she received your message, he used the Void Cleaving Talisman to leave…..” Ning Cheng quickly explained.

“Little Shi married?” Uncle Yu, after a moment of astonishment, laughed aloud and spoke, “This son-in-law is still a bit weak, but as long as Little Shi is happy, it’s all good, good…..”

The voice was growing weaker, but it looked like it was finally able to free itself from its worries before it eventually dissipated without even a trace.

Ning Cheng was immediately shocked as he thought, “Did he just die?”

“You can be assured that he did not die. However, his consciousness has already started sinking into oblivion. Death is just a matter of time for him…..” That Xin Zimo spoke out in a weak voice.

“Who are you?” Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness then finally landed onto the Life Essence on the left.

Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness was incomparably formidable, causing this weak Life Essence to shudder uncontrollably. It even thought about how good it would be to possess this kind of a body. However, sadly, it can only think about it.

“Yu Xin had found my remains, obtained my things, even that Void Cleaving Talisman is mine. I wanted to take possession of this Yu Xin; unfortunately, my original essence of the cosmos was a bit weaker. This fellow is also not bad himself. As a result, the two of us ended up in a deadlock until we reached the point that neither of us could do anything to either of us. Now, that Yu Xin’s corporeal body is simply useless, as such the two of us can only hide in here……” Xi Zimo sighed, as his words also grew weaker.

Ning Cheng shook his head, Yu Xin’s corporeal body had already withered and turned extremely old, to the point that even a mortal who did not cultivate would be in a stronger physical shape than him, so why would any person in their right mind try to seize such a useless body?

“Let’s make a deal, you can seal up this jade strip containing the Life Essence of the two of us, me and Yu Xin, in a Soul Nourishing Wooden Seal. In the future, if you can go to the Qin Wu City if this Xin’s Life Essence has not perished by then, please help me find a home for me, I am even willing to give you that Rank 5 Battle Disc as a gift……” Xin Zimo managed to speak out a few more words. However, Ning Cheng was almost not able to hear the last few words.

“Rank 5 Battle Disc?” Ning Cheng had never heard of this kind of thing before, but still asked, “What kind of city is the Qin Wu City? Is there any danger?”

Compared to the scientific and technological civilization that constructed this flying saucer, Ning Cheng was more concerned about the safety of Shi Qionghua. In Ning Cheng’s view, even if the things from a scientific and technological civilization might be powerful, they can’t compare to the stuff from the True Cultivator Civilisations.

It looks like Xin Zimo had already consumed all his strength in those words, although there were still some fluctuations from his Soul Essence, he was no longer able to speak words with meanings.

Ning Cheng waited for nearly half an hour, before he helplessly spoke out, “All right, I will help you with this. As long as I can reach the Qin Wu City, I’ll help you out. But you will have to tell me if the Qin Wu City is safe or not, as well as where is it located and how that Battle Disc you gave me could take me there.”

Ning Cheng’s words had just finished, when a palm-sized densely and exquisitely engraved rune jade card fell in front of Ning Cheng. However, at this moment Xin Zimo’s Soul Essence had also sunk into unconsciousness just like Uncle Yu’s from before.

The two old Soul Essences had fought for a long while to gain possession, but at the same time, the two of them had also almost perished together. Ning Cheng shook his head, then took out a piece of Soul Nourishing Wood and refined it into a seal then placing the jade strip in the center of it, before sealing it up.

Fortunately, he was not only a Talisman Master, but he also possessed a few pieces of Soul Nourishing Wood. These fragments of Soul Nourishing Wood was what he had managed to obtain in the Mingot Sea Area and had never thought that he would be using one of them today.

Ning Cheng picked up the palm-sized rune jade card, swept it with his Spiritual Consciousness, and soon understood what its use was. This was the flying saucer’s control jade card; his Spiritual Consciousness was able to erase the original Spiritual Sense Mark with ease, before supplanting it with his own Spiritual Sense.

At the same time, Ning Cheng confirmed from this jade card that this Rank 5 Battle Disc was really the product of a technologically advanced civilization, while simultaneously could also fire Spirit Stone-powered Canons.

However, Ning Cheng quickly lost his interest in this thing. This thing was just a construct from the assembly line; at best, it was only slightly more powerful compared to the fighter jets that he knew from Earth. Rather than wasting time on such a thing, he might as well utilize this time for cultivation and Body-Forging.

Currently, he possessed more than fifty strains of True Polar Bamboo Sprouts; as such, he should start attacking the boundary to the Soul Sculpting Realm as soon as possible. As for what Uncle Yu said that this place would explode at any time, Ning Cheng also did not care much about it at present. Uncle Yu’s words were more than a decade old, and this place has still not exploded. Moreover, he was also aware that he had no other place to go right now.

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