Chapter 0361

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Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
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Chapter 0361: Three Years

Cang Wei smiled and spoke, “I’ve been wandering around all my life, and there is simply no fixed place for me. In the future, when you are capable of leaving this Planar Position, we might or might not meet again. Your Magical Weapon seems to be an Axe and a Long Spear. Let me give you a suggestion, from what I see you are quite suitable for a Long Spear type Magical Weapon. Your accomplishments in Array Formations are also quite good, so let me help you out a bit by refining your Axe into a Murderous Axe Array, it would provide you with some help even in the future.”

“Many thanks, Elder Brother; I was always worrying that my Cosmic True Devil Axe would have no way to become stronger.” Ning Cheng spoke with a pleasantly surprised voice. Since that one spear that he comprehended became his most powerful move, Ning Cheng was trying to think of a way to try to master his Axe Intent to a similarly powerful level. Ning Cheng thought of deconstructing the Cosmic True Devil Axe into a few smaller axes like a tomahawk but was not able to find anyone who could help him achieve it.

Previously, Elder Sister Shu had invited Grand Master Nong using a wooden plaque. However, he was only able to refine it into an unfinished product. Fortunately, as his cultivation continued to increase, the influence of the Devil Qi grew less and less, to the point that it almost had a negligible effect on him.

“Since you have already recognised me as your Elder Brother, then we both are brothers through and through. There is no need to mention any thanks, ha-ha.” Cang Wei spoke up in an excellent mood. If it were an ordinary person who had saved his life, then he would at most fulfil only the terms he had previously agreed. However, Ning Cheng was not an average person. Ning Cheng’s personality not only caused him to appreciate him very much, but it was also an extraordinary opportunity for him to interact with such a person.

The incomparably hard Cosmic True Devil Metal, in Cang Wei’s hands, turned into something akin to clay on just the first touch. In only a short time, the Cosmic True Devil Metal transformed into a set of 36 Small Axes, Ning Cheng also discovered that these Small Axes were of two different colours. There were 18 black-coloured Small Axes and 18 gold-coloured Small Axes.

“There were two kinds of materials in your unfinished Axe. I ended up separating them for you. I used the Cosmic True Gold within to create 18 Cosmic True Axes and then used the Extreme Devil True Gold to create 18 Extreme Devil True Axes. I think this should be enough for you.” Cang Wei handed the set of 36 Small Axes to Ning Cheng and spoke.

As Ning Cheng grabbed the thirty-six axes, he was almost left shocked. Of these thirty-six Small Axes, each particular axe was actually a best quality True Artefact. Elder Brother Cang Wei’s technique was truly too terrifying. It was just as simple as rising his hands for him.

“My strength is still limited; as such I can’t help you in refining that rod into a long spear. Moreover, that long spear material, even I am not completely sure about what it is. Anyways, before we part ways, let me bestow you with some Spiritual Techniques.” Cang Wei finished talking. He then raised his finger and grabbed an empty jade strip from inside of Ning Cheng’s ring. After a short while, the jade strip once again fell into Ning Cheng’s hands.

Since Ning Cheng was showing signs of wanting to read the jade strip, Cang We waved his hand and spoke, “You can study this jade strip in your spare time, I guess even if it were you, you would need at least a few years to just read through it. You can use the talisman to go back now. After I send you away, I would also be leaving this place.”

“Ok.” Ning Cheng put away the things and immediately stood up.

“I have already helped you in completely activating the Talisman; you just need to keep the Talisman hung around your chest. Once your Spiritual Sense enters the Talisman, you would immediately come to realise how to initiate the transfer.” Cang Wei on seeing Ning Cheng stand up immediately spoke.

Ning Cheng had already seen that the pale golden Talisman in his hand had a thin cyan coloured thread attached to it, which he used to hang the Talisman from his neck. As his Spiritual Consciousness swept into the Talisman, he was immediately able to sense a vast power inside it. He did not even need to take the trouble to establish a connection with the Talisman before that Talisman instantly created a golden glow that covered him up completely.

After a few breaths, Ning Cheng disappeared from that place without even a trace of him left behind.

Cang Wei sighed, “Ning Cheng, although we are brothers, I can only help you this much, you can only rely on yourself in the future. I have already stayed in this place for far too long, I should also leave……”

After saying that, the Heaven Opening Talisman in Cang Wei’s hand turned into a clump of golden lights that were brighter than the ones that covered Ning Cheng.

A few moments later, the light finally dissipated along with Cang Wei. There was nothing left behind except a long and winding stream of clear water.


As one of the three major cities in China, the Ocean City, no matter which street one picked up, it would never lack human traffic. So how could the Ocean City’s pedestrian streets be any less?

Even if today was the weekend, the Ocean City’s pedestrian streets were still quite lively. The autumn sunshine was also quite mild; coupled with the brisk autumn wind, more people were willing to take a walk outside their homes and offices.

Although the weather varied during the days of the autumn season, it was never as weird as it was today. The sky was completely clear a moment ago, but then winds suddenly started blowing while dark clouds covered up the sun. This kind of dark atmosphere indicated the arrival of heavy rains, but the fact was even when the sky turned dark, not a drop of rain fell, let alone a drizzle.

The formerly lively street was in a panic. When these people chose to come out, the weather was still pleasant, and nobody carried an umbrella. The sudden change in the weather caused all the people to rush into the major markets, or towards any place that could offer them shelter from the upcoming rain. Those relatively close to their homes immediately started running towards their homes.

“Aah, we finally managed to come out for a trip with great difficulties but ended up getting caught up in this kind of weather. It is really depressing.” The one who spoke was a shorthaired girl, with a beautiful appearance.

Besides this shorthaired girl, there was another girl but with long hair. She had an ordinary appearance; her type of presence was one that could easily blend in with the crowd. At this moment, both of them were taking shelter under the eaves of an eyewear shop.

When this longhaired girl heard the words of the shorthaired girl, she smiled and spoke, “That’s true. When I came out, I happened to see the weather channel which said that there would not be any rain today.”

“Unfortunately, I also believed the weather forecast. I really did.” The shorthaired girl spoke out in frustration.

After she spoke those words, the sky grew even gloomier; the visibility was also inferior to during the evening under the moonlight. It looked as if a tornado was starting to take root on the ground, as scraps of papers lying on the ground began flying around in circles with the wind.

At this moment, a ‘bang’ sound resounded followed by a shadow smashing down from the sky, landing in the middle of a flowerbed on the side of the pedestrian street they were in, crushing the flowers in the flowerbed.

“Someone fell down from upstairs it seems, it was supposed to be redecorated. I don’t know if something happened there. Do you want to call 120…?” The shorthaired girl on seeing the fallen figure was not far from them, immediately started to panic.

The girl with the long hair actually stared at the flowerbed with wide eyes. Since her childhood, her eyesight was something incomparable to others. She was able to see many things that others could not see. Moreover, her visibility at night was also a lot more powerful compared to other average people. Just now, she had apparently seen with her own eyes that the fallen man was not someone who had dropped from upstairs but had actually dropped out of thin air.

However, nobody else noticed it, but she was also sure that she did not see it wrong, and that she was too sure about it. Moreover, there were no decorations hung here. Therefore, it was impossible to have any decoration workers to fall from upstairs. She had also personally seen that this man had actually fallen down from the black cloud before smashing into the flowerbed.

“Xu Liye, are you alright? Did you hear the words I spoke?” The shorthaired girl saw that the person’s figure was lying motionless in the flowerbed and hurriedly pulled on the longhaired girl next to her.

The longhaired girl called Xu Liye spoke, “Yuling, I’m fine. Let’s go take a look at that person.”

“Are you insane? Let’s just stay here, and not go there, if something happens, we simply would not know. Just calling 120 would be fine.” The shorthaired girl hurriedly spoke up.

However, Xu Liye acted as if she did not hear the shorthaired girl’s words, and already walked forwards. At this time, it seemed like rain would start descending at any moment, and that too with heavy intensity.

“Are you alright?” Xu Liye rushed to the edge of the flowerbed and anxiously asked.

When she looked at the person who had fallen from the sky, she found that he had an appearance of a twenty-year-old man, but completely covered in dust with a head full of white hair. Moreover, his clothes were utterly tattered, but the style was bizarre, it almost looked like a robe that completely covered one’s body but did not obstruct the body’s movement.

Looking at the familiar Chinese characters, Ning Cheng secretly gave out a sigh of relief. He then saw a young girl asking him a question, so he quickly replied, “I am all right, thank you. I was doing some repairs on the outer wall when I accidentally fell down.”

Xu Liye felt it even stranger; the young man who she had seen falling down from the sky seemed to be very familiar with this place or was it that she had imagined those things from before?

After Ning Cheng replied, he then immediately checked his own situation. Fortunately, the Talisman was still hanging over his chest unharmed, while although he was able to touch the Miniature World Ring, he was not able to see it. His clothes also looked like that of beggars, torn to pieces and barely hanging onto his body, but at least it was still able to cover his body.

However, at the same time, he couldn’t help but feel extremely weak all over because his current cultivation was only just a tiny fraction of what it was initially, while even his Spiritual Consciousness had trickled down to almost nothing. Ning Cheng gave out a sigh but did not worry too much about it. In this place, the Spiritual Qi was very weak, but he believed that as long as he spent some time, Ning Cheng would be able to restore his Spiritual Consciousness, and then he would be able to take out the Spirit Stones from his ring. Once he was able to bring out the Spirit Stones, he would be able to recover to his original Fourth Level of Soul Sculpting Realm in a few months’ time.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” Xu Liye saw Ning Cheng struggling to stand up and hurriedly came forward to support Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng doubtfully looked at this very ordinary looking young girl, but immediately understood that she was just a student. Since when were the students this helpful? If it were he in the past, if he encountered this kind of thing, then even if it were too late to hide, why would some person come forward to help someone like him?

“Thank you, I can still move. Right, what day is today?” In fact, Ning Cheng actually wanted to ask which year was it. What he feared the most was that the current point in time of his arrival might differ by many years from when he left. Unfortunately, Ning Cheng seems to have fallen onto a pedestrian-only street, unable to see any car in the surrounding. Otherwise, he would have been able to judge how many years had passed by from the surrounding vehicles.

“Today is Thursday…..” Xu Liye’s reply caused Ning Cheng to feel somewhat disappointed, but he was aware that this kind of answer was the usual. Then he immediately saw the cell phone in Xu Liye’s hand.

“I want to call my younger sister; can you lend me your cell phone for a bit?” Ning Cheng pointed at Xu Liye’s cell phone.

“Don’t do it.” Li Yuling finally came over, but then when she heard Ning Cheng asking for a cell phone, she quickly whispered into Xu Liye’s ear. She also suspected that Ning Cheng was not a renovation worker. Ning Cheng’s appearance, in her eyes, apparently was that of a beggar.

“Don’t mind her, you can use it.” Once again leaving Li Yuling surprised, Xu Liye passed on the phone in her hand to Ning Cheng.

October 27, 2017, Ning Cheng finally was able to see the date, allowing him to feel a bit comfortable in his heart. Only three years had passed. Fortunately, it was not too outrageous. Looking at the billboards on the streets, this place should be somewhere in the Ocean City. If he wanted to seek out Ruolan, then he must first go to Jiangzhou.

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