Chapter 0360

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Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
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Chapter 0360: Talisman for ripping through to planar position

Seeing that Ning Cheng did not seem to follow his words, Cang Wei once again offered an explanation, “Don’t think that tearing through to a planar position is very simple. Although many powerhouses want to sweep through to the planar positions. However, they are not necessarily able to actually pass through the planar positions. Although it is possible for the Dark Void Spaceship to fly between the planar positions, but to be able to pass through the infinite Void, it would require clear and precise positional coordinates. You can’t simply move around in circles and try to enter another planar position. Moreover, there is also the issue of the flight time; it is something that I’m afraid you can’t even imagine.”

“Whether it is within planes or in-between planes, both contain a nearly infinite space of Dark Void, but if you can cross this by yourself, then you would be able to pass through without the need of tearing through the Void. I have been to other planar positions before, but I’ve always been flying on my own, causing a lot of time to pass by cumulatively. Of course, if I chose to go to a normal planar position, then it would also be relatively simple. However, there are also some planar positions that cannot be entered, and as such, you would have no choice but to take a detour around it.”

“Elder Brother Cang Wei, I heard that the Yi Xing Mainland’s laws are not complete, yet I also heard that there is something called ‘Heaven’s Way’ on the Yi Xing Mainland from where one would be able to leave, is that not the planar boundary?” This was the first time for Ning Cheng to hear about these many things that he had never even heard before, causing him to become aware of his own insignificance.

Cang Wei nodded before continuing, “You’re right about that, in fact, every planetary domain boundary has a limit to its laws. Once your abilities surpass the laws of the planets, the planet’s planar boundary laws would not allow you to exist, rather it will force you to ascend to another high-leveled planar boundary. The laws of the Yi Xing Mainland are indeed broken, as such one cannot simply cultivate to the highest point. Therefore, some of the cultivators, to seek out higher realms, can only choose to break through some of the Planar Boundary’s weaker channels, for example, the Heaven’s Way, which is also called as the planar boundary’s boundary point.”

Seeing Ning Cheng about to ask something, Cang Wei waved his hand and spoke, “You will come to automatically understand these things in the future. Now I’ll talk about how to cross through to the planar position, you must listen to it carefully.”

“Please speak Elder Brother Cang Wei.” Ning Cheng also gave a prudent reply.

Cang Wei’s expression also turned dignified, “It is extremely dangerous to cross through to the planar positions. Even if you have the help of the Heaven Opening Talisman, there would still be a lot of dangers…..”

Ning Cheng felt his heart tighten, “Elder Brother Cang Wei’s severe injuries; were they caused because of passing through the planar positions?”

This thought had genuinely disturbed him in his heart. If it were hard for even Cang Wei with his cultivation and the aid of the Heaven Opening Talisman, then whether or not he would be able to keep his small life, was something uncertain.

Cang Wei gave a proud smile and spoke, “Even if there were no Heaven Opening Talisman, I would still be able to reach other planar positions. If I got myself injured in the process even with the Heaven Opening Talisman, then wouldn’t I be equivalent to garbage? I ended up injured while fighting others when I was trying to snatch away the Heaven Opening Talisman. At that time, the Heaven Opening Talisman had not only brought just me here there was also another group of people. However, whether those people were able to keep their small lives, I don’t know about it.”

Ning Cheng felt an unceasing shock in his heart; Cang Wei was the person with the most potent cultivation that he had seen until today, if even this kind of a person can get this seriously injured, then how many powerhouses were there on the outside?

“You are thinking about how I ended up this seriously hurt even with my formidable cultivation right? Ning Cheng, although I acknowledged you as my brother, but only in the future will you be able to understand as to how vast the universe is. Your ‘genius’ talent, to be honest, is not worth mentioning in the vast universe. Although you are able to defeat opponents of higher realms, in the vast universe, there are still cultivators who would be able to overcome you with ease. The numbers are simply uncountable. Although you possess the Mysterious Yellow Bead, you should never think that you are infallible. Otherwise, you would not be far from your death.” Cang Wei easily saw through Ning Cheng’s thoughts, before giving out a very patient warning.

Ning Cheng clenched his fists, he had the Mysterious Yellow Bead, and as such, he had indeed thought himself to be several times more formidable compared to the other people who did not possess it. However, when looking at the people in the Void, he was much weaker than they were, causing him to feel genuinely disappointed.

He was a competitive person by nature; the only reason why he did not work hard during studies was that he knew that it would become too simple for him to obtain the first place. He had even seen those nerds at his university, but they were also not an opponent for him.

Seeing Ning Cheng’s expression, Cang Wei nodded. Without a heart that was firm, without an aggressive pursuit to outdo others, elimination would be the only option before they even get the chance to enter the Void. Although Ning Cheng was still very weak currently, he was optimistic that Ning Cheng would be able to carve out a place for himself in the future. Moreover, the Mysterious Yellow Bead would also not casually recognize some random person as its master.

“You do not need to think about it, for now, that point is still far away for you. Let’s talk about the dangers of using the Heaven Opening Talisman to tear through the Planar Position. Within the Dark Void, there are countless Worldly Laws. Once the Heaven Opening Talisman encounters a Worldly Law, that’s when it becomes dangerous. However, the most frightening things are the Worldly Laws of Time. Once the Heaven Opening Talisman encounters this kind of Worldly Law then even if you manage to reach your Earth, you might end up going back either eons into the past or reach the location countless years into the future of your intended location in time.”

As he spoke, Cang Wei’s expression turned more and more solemn, “If the time displacement ended up being hundreds of thousands of years, then you might not be able to see the person that you want to see. Therefore, because of this, you need to be prepared mentally. However, my understanding regarding the Laws of Time and the Laws of Space is still quite good, so even if you end up encountering this Worldly Law, the Heaven Opening Talisman should be able to evade it. But if it really ends up enveloped, then there is no alternative.”

“As to how many such Worldly Laws are there, I don’t know? But I don’t believe that my luck would be so bad.” Ning Cheng spoke with some worry.

“Haha, why do you think it is ‘bad luck’? Do you know the value of such kinds of Worldly Laws? They are priceless treasures. Some of the perennial wanderers in the Dark Void always keep a lookout for these Worldly Laws. Once found, it would become a priceless treasure for them. If you ended up finding the Worldly Laws of time in the Dark Void, you could even choose to sell it to the large ancestral sects or significant powers, or you can also use it to arrange a sacred land for cultivating the Laws of Time. Can you now say whether these things are precious or not? However, these kinds of things are not something one could encounter casually.”

Ning Cheng on hearing Cang Wei say that encountering the Worldly Laws of Time would not be ‘bad luck’ but a stroke of good fortune, couldn’t help but feet speechless.

“What is this sacred ground for cultivating the Laws of Time?” Ning Cheng really did not know anything about the laws.

“A sacred ground is a place where you would be able to cultivate the laws over a long period inside, while only a short time would have passed outside of it. You don’t need to pay any attention to this currently, although you have to try to comprehend the laws, it is still a step very distant for you.” Cang Wei explained.

Then Cang Wei raised his hand once more, before grabbing a pot of Spiritual Wine brewed in the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar from inside of Ning Cheng’s ring. Taking a few swigs from it, he continued, “Alas, it is too difficult to get some good wine to drink in this place, this wine tastes just like water. Anyways, the second thing that I wanted to tell you is that with your present abilities, you would not be able to take any kind of life through to the Planar Position. Inside your life-sustaining Miniature World, there is nice little thing, but if you want to bring along this little thing, then it would be complicated. The fluctuations of life will turn your Miniature World into dust……”

Ning Cheng felt utterly shocked by this; he was initially planning to use this ring to bring his younger sister Ruolan to the Yi Xing Mainland. His younger sister was alone on Earth, without any family. If he could not bring along any life with him, then what was the point of coming back?

“Elder Brother Cang Wei, I wanted to bring my younger sister here, but you said I can’t bring along any life aah.” Ning Cheng quickly spoke what he was thinking.

Cang Wei frowned, before he spoke up again after some time, “Let me think about it.”

After a long time, Cang Wei finally spoke up, “I can engrave a Life Sustaining Array Formation outside of your Miniature World, but this Array Formation would need the support from your longevity. After you return to Earth, your cultivation would drop to almost zero. You will have to wait for some time for your cultivation to recover to what it was originally before being able to use the talisman to return. Remember, in addition to the little thing in your ring, you can only bring back your sister at most. Otherwise, even if you completely burn away your longevity, it would be insufficient for you to return, let alone sustain.”

“Elder Brother Cang Wei, I will do it.” Ning Cheng spoke without hesitation.

Cang Wei nodded and spoke, “You really are very good to your younger sister, and as such I will definitely do my utmost to help you this time. You will have to give me a wisp of your Life Essence, though after you arrive at Earth, your Life Essence in the Talisman would be automatically restored to you.”

Ning Cheng felt his mind stir; unexpectedly he did not pay attention to Cang Wei say that he was very good to his younger sister Ruolan but instead focussed on the thing left unmentioned, that is, he was also very good to Grey Toottoot. It seemed as if burning his longevity for Grey Toottoot, in his opinion was a very regular thing.

As he proceeded to split apart a strand from his Life Essence, it caused Ning Cheng to almost faint as the pain was just unimaginable. It was as if he was digging out his own heart and lungs. Splitting a Life Essence was extremely painful; Ning Cheng finally realized it for himself. It caused him to give birth to an increasing desire to massacre that Xu Anzhen. This woman had forcibly sheared away Qionghua’s Life Essence when she was just 10 years old; this was something utterly unforgivable to him.

Cang Wei raised his hand to receive the wisp of Life Essence that Ning Cheng handed to him, while simultaneously sending an appreciative gaze towards Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng was extremely decisive in his workings, to the point that there was not even a shred of hesitation in his actions. For ordinary cultivators, if asked to split their Life Essence, they would definitely show some uncertainty. After all, it would mean that you were practically delivering their own small life into someone else’s hand.

As Cang Wei received Ning Cheng’s Life Essence, he suddenly lifted his hand and made a small gesture. The dozens of feet wide golden colored talisman suspended in the sky above them suddenly turned smaller before finally falling onto Cang Wei’s palm. Cang Wei opened his mouth and spit out a mouthful of his essence blood. At the same time, the Heaven Opening Talisman in his hand absorbed the blood spit out by him.

An hour later, the Heaven Opening Talisman suddenly split into another palm-sized pale golden talisman. Cang Wei then put the wisp of Ning Cheng’s Life Essence into this Talisman, before continually engraving all kinds of Array Formations onto it.

A day later, Cang Wei, with a pale white face, finally handed the talisman to Ning Cheng and spoke, “This talisman is something derived from the Heaven Opening Talisman. You can use it only twice, go back once, then in the future, you would be transmitted back to this place.”

“Elder Brother Cang Wei, you derived this Talisman from the Heaven Opening Talisman, would it not affect you using the Heaven Opening Talisman?” Ning Cheng was aware Cang Wei had only recently restored his corporeal body, yet he still helped him with this kind of enormous favor. Moreover, he had even used his own Heaven Opening Talisman, causing Ning Cheng to feel somewhat apologetic in his heart.

“You don’t have to be worried about it, once this Talisman is used up, you can keep it with you. In the future, when we meet again, you can give this talisman back to me.” Cang Wei gave a smile and spoke. From what he saw, Ning Cheng was almost similar in character to him; as such, he was aware that Ning Cheng was also a person who knew about being grateful.

Ning Cheng carefully grasped the pale golden jade talisman in his hand. It was needless to speak the words of thanks as he had already decided that in the future, he would definitely return this small talisman to Elder Brother Cang Wei.

After an hour later, Cang Wei finished engraving a Life Preserving Array Formation onto Ning Cheng’s ring and spoke, “This is all I can do to help you right now, as far as success is concerned, it would all depend on your luck and chance.”

After Ning Cheng took back his ring, Cang Wei spoke again, “Your cultivation method is already self-contained, and as such, I do not need to give you any cultivation methods. As for sensing the laws in the future, you will have to depend on yourself, only then would you be able to walk forward. I will have to soon leave this place to restore my cultivation, as staying in this place would not be of any help to me.”

“I do not know whether I would find Elder Brother Cang Wei in the future or not, but I believe that eventually one day, I will definitely set foot into the vast starry sky.” Ning Cheng spoke out. His first thought was to make sure to hand over this talisman back to Cang Wei in the future so that it would not affect Cang Wei’s Heaven Opening Talisman.

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