Chapter 0359

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0359: The Vast Starry Sky

“Bang….” Ning Cheng felt as if he had fallen above a large boulder, accompanied by sounds of bones creaking.

He instantly swept out with his Spiritual Consciousness, the next moment he immediately realized that the skeleton at the bottom of the lake had not deceived him. He had indeed returned to the bottom of the Blood River, and not only that, even the skeleton was only a few dozen feet away from him.

The Blood River, about thirty feet wide, went around them as usual. However, unlike the last time, this time he was actually within the encirclement of the Blood River, while the last time, he was outside of this encirclement.

The sky above still contained the colossal golden colored talisman suspended high above. As its golden light fell onto Ning Cheng’s body, it gave an intense and incredibly comfortable feeling that started to well up inside of him. His body did not have anything dark inside it, but bathed by this golden light, Ning Cheng still felt the dark stuff inside him washing away.

Ning Cheng stood up, stretching his body a bit, he immediately felt pleasantly surprised as he found that his body had once again grown a lot stronger. This Heaven Opening Talisman was too wicked, to have this kind of an effect.

Just as Ning Cheng was preparing himself to call out to the skeleton, the skeleton under the giant talisman suddenly sat up once again.

“Hey, how did you come back so soon? I thought that you would need at least a hundred years before you would come back. I didn’t think that you would be able to crush the talisman with your strength.” The skeleton gave out a delighted cry.

Ning Cheng hurriedly took out a bottle of Geocentric 9 Yin Essence, and then took out a jade box before handing both of them to the skeleton. Only then did he speak up, “Senior, this junior was fortunate enough to obtain the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence and the Heavenly Cusp Flower.”

“Good, good, you truly are good.” The skeleton spoke the words ‘good’ three times one after another, as it lifted his skeletal hand and reached for Ning Cheng’s things from across the distance.

Ning Cheng also hastily spoke up, “This junior was only able to obtain two strains of the mature Heavenly Cusp Flowers; however I do have a bit more of the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence. If senior thinks that it’s not enough, then this junior will take it out.”

“Although your cultivation progress is not that fast, however, you are quite an honest person; I like this kind of disposition. Whether it is a bottle more or a bottle less, it would not have much difference on me.” The skeleton sent an appreciating glance at Ning Cheng. He had already seen that there was some more of it inside Ning Cheng’s ring. For Ning Cheng to come here, this had already pleasantly surprised him. Moreover, he had indeed not thought that he would also turn out to this honest.

Ning Cheng couldn’t help but speak out in trepidation, “Senior, you shower absurd praises on me, this junior simply had no choice to ask senior about it, and moreover, how could I dare to deceive you.”

It was not that Ning Cheng was someone honest; however, Ning Cheng was aware that he had some more of it inside his ring; yet, he was also cognizant that he would not be able to hide them from this skeleton. As such he might just say it aloud, lest he was seen a petty man. Initially, Rui Baishan was able to see his concealed ring, but this skeleton in front of him was god-knows how many times stronger than Rui Baishan.

This skeleton was perhaps a similar existence as Taishu Shi’s ancestor, in the presence of such an entity, as long as they still had a sliver of their consciousness, the opposite party would not be able to keep any secret.

However, Ning Cheng still believed that the opposite party would not be able to perceive that he also possessed the Everlasting Blue Thunder City and the Star River, especially since the Everlasting Blue Thunder City and the Star River did not have any kind of aura spill over.

“You can wait for a while on the side, you can even choose to cultivate under my Heaven Opening Talisman if you want to, this kind of opportunity, I guess, is tough for you to obtain.” As the skeleton spoke those words to Ning Cheng, it directly opened the jade bottle containing the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence. Then it instantly poured the icy cold Geocentric 9 Yin Essence over its skull, allowing it flow all over his body. At the same time, he took out the Heavenly Cusp Flower and placed it in its palm.

Ning Cheng did not choose to look at how the skeleton was recovering, he merely sat down in the same place and started cultivating, and he did not need the reminder from this skeletal frame as he had already realized that this giant talisman was definitely a good thing.

In just a few days’ time, Ning Cheng, who was cultivating under the golden light of the enormous talisman, suddenly opened his eyes. He had finally broken past the peak of Soul Sculpting 2nd Level. Ning Cheng was secretly shocked at this. This was his fastest breakthrough that he had experienced in his cultivating experience. Moreover, in just a short period, he had even reached the Third Level of the Soul Sculpting Realm.

Cultivating under this light gave the feeling that one would not encounter any kind of bottlenecks; one would be successful as long as they continued to absorb the Spiritual Qi.

However, not waiting to sigh in amazement towards the colossal talisman, he couldn’t help but feel shocked at the current degree of recovery of that skeleton.

At this moment, it would be inappropriate to call that skeleton as a skeleton; instead, he should be referring to it as an emaciated man. This man even had long hair; however, the skin covering his body was completely white. Moreover, it was also giving off a whitish glow.

As Ning Cheng kept observing, he became even more shocked. The seemingly endless Blood River was steadily turning into a red mist, while this red mist was continuously pouring into the man’s body. Ning Cheng could only watch as this man’s body was becoming more and more robust, while at the same time his skin was also growing more and more towards having a typical appearance. At the same time, he also observed that the water in the Blood River was also turning paler.

Unexpectedly, this Blood River was actually this man’s blood. Since this skeleton had chosen this place, then it looks like he had already planned to use this Blood River for his own purpose.

Ning Cheng did not dare to continue observing the skeleton’s restoration process. He had to make the best use of his time and once again start cultivating. The opportunity to develop under this colossal talisman, can it even be classified as rare?

If there were someone else observing this scene, they would have undoubtedly discovered that Ning Cheng’s bodily aura was getting more and more powerful. At the same time, the naked man was giving a more and more peaceful feeling, simultaneously his corporeal body was also getting closer and closer to the appearance of an average person.

Ning Cheng was suddenly jolted awake by a burst of joyous cry, as he found that he unexpectedly and unknowingly advanced to the Fourth Level of the Soul Sculpting Realm.

However, Ning Cheng actively restrained the surprise in his heart; he found that the skeleton in front of him, at this moment, had finally returned to a regular human-like appearance. His long hair floated around behind him. With a long and handsome looking face, he did not look much older than he did. This man was the one who had given out that joyous cry from before, showing that he was delighted to be able to recover.

Ning Cheng only then discovered that this skeleton was wearing one of his robes. He had kept many robes inside his ring, but this man had casually taken out a set of robes and donned it without him being aware of it.

Looking at the waters of the Blood River, at this time, he found that it had turned into a bright and clear river, where was there even half a trace of blood in it?

“I am called Cang Wei, many thanks for all your help, what is your name?” The man had not yet put away the suspended Heaven Opening Talisman. After his joyous shout, he arrived and sat across Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng immediately stood up to give a salute. However, Cang Wei waved his hand and spoke, “You have the graciousness of saving my life, and it would be a true honor for me to be able to interact with you as fellow friends. Don’t mind if I took a set of robed without asking, you don’t have to feel cautious about me. Moreover, you also possess the Mysterious Yellow Bead on your body so your future accomplishments would not be any less than mine own.”

Ning Cheng had come from Earth, as such treating everyone as equal was something ingrained in his bones. Although he had been cultivating in the Yi Xing Mainland for all these years, he was also aware that cultivators held the so-called statuses in very high regard. However, since Cang Wei himself said so, he did not think of it as improper.

“Then many thanks, Elder Brother Cang Wei, my name is Ning Cheng.” Ning Cheng was no longer hypocritical.

Cang Wei also nodded appreciatively, he was someone who liked when people spoke their mind and wholly abhorred people like those yes-men.

“The Geocentric 9 Yin Essence and The Heavenly Cusp Flowers, although they are not something particularly precious to me, however, it is not the case with the Yi Xing Mainland. It must have not been easy for you to be able to obtain these two things with your cultivation being this low. Unfortunately, my current cultivation has not completely restored; moreover, it is still too low. Except for the Heaven Opening Talisman that you see, I am not able to bring out any of my other things, as such I am unable to provide you with any more benefits.” Cang Wei spoke with a slightly regretful tone.

Ning Cheng immediately replied, “Many thanks for Elder Brother Cang Wei. For me, the most important thing is to go back and look at my home. I don’t expect anything else.”

He was feeling the extreme shock in his heart; he wasn’t able to sense Cang Wei’s cultivation. The only thing he could feel was a powerful aura emanating from him, so how could he say that his own strength was too low? If that were the case, then wouldn’t he just be an ant in front of an ant?

“Ah.” Cang We on hearing Ning Cheng’s words spoke after a short pause, “The place that you refer to as ‘Earth’ is something that I have only heard from you and have never heard it before, however with my current ability, I should be barely able to help you. Presumably, you do not know which plane your Earth belongs to, or what galaxy……”

“What galaxy?” Ning Cheng froze for a moment before he quickly reacted. He had the Rank 5 Battle Disc, which had provided him with an explanation of the universe. He found that there were definitely many technological civilizations and true cultivator civilizations within it. As such, it would not be strange if Elder Brother Cang Wei came from a mixed Technological and True Cultivation civilization.

Understanding this point, Ning Cheng quickly spoke up, “Elder Brother Cang Wei, I know the Earth is within the Milky Way Galaxy.”

“What is this Milky Way Star System? I have never heard of it. However, it does not matter. My Heaven Opening Talisman is not very demanding of galactic coordinates. The Heaven Opening Talisman is very different from those Cosmic Flying Saucers and the Dark Void Spaceships. As long as the Heaven Opening Talisman links with your Soul Essence, it would be able to help you in finding the place where you were born. Fortunately, your Soul Essence is still in your own body, as such your Soul Essence remained unchanged……” Cang Wei nodded.

Ning Cheng on hearing this, asked in an extremely shocked voice, “Elder Brother Cang Wei, did you also come from a technological civilization? What is this Dark Void Spaceship? Can this Dark Void Spaceship take me back to Earth?”

Cang Wei showed a faint smile, “If you get the chance to enter the Void later, you will come to understand how vast and boundless the starry sky is. Although technological civilizations are good, I don’t think they are on the same level as the True Cultivation Civilisations. Truthfully, I’m actually not someone from a technological civilization, but from a real True Cultivation Planet. As for the Dark Void, I will explain it to you. The Void exists both within the planes and in between the different planes. This Void between the different planes is the Dark Void. However, the Void present within the planes is the Bright Void. Some people also refer this simply as the Void.”

“But when it comes to tearing the planar boundaries to step into the Void and also crossing the Void to reach the intended planar positions, it can only be feasible through the vast energies of the True Cultivators. I have never seen any product from a technological civilization that can even tear into the Void. As for the Dark Void, it is even more impossible. Although the Dark Void Spaceships can truly help one in shuttling back and forth between the planar positions, it still does not have the capabilities of tearing into the Void.”

As if fearing that Ning Cheng would be unable to understand such things, Cang Wei supplemented a few more words, “For example, take the flying saucers from the technological civilizations. If one wishes to travel from one planet to another, then you must provide it with clear coordinates, and have a clear line of transit to reach it. But because of the huge energies inherent to a real True Cultivator, even if they were unarmed, they would be able to tear through the Void between these two planets, and reach their destination with just a single step.”

“Think of the Void as if it was a wall. If you want to go from one side of the wall to another, then technological civilizations would have to bypass the wall to reach the other side. However, the True Cultivators would only need to break through this wall. Can you understand this analogy?”

Ning Cheng nodded. Cang Wei’s explanation was quite in-depth. Moreover, Ning Cheng was also from a technological civilization. Although Earth was still a backward technological civilization, it was still a technical civilization in the end. The people of Earth regardless of flying to the moon or wanting to reach Mars had to fly systematically.

“You already possess a Rank 5 Battle Disc; I have seen this kind of things before. In the Void, there are many such Battle Discs. However, in the Yi Xing Mainland, the True Cultivators are far too lacking, as such you would be able to use it here with ease.” Cang Wei apparently knew everything inside Ning Cheng’s ring.

“Can Elder Brother Cang Wei tear through to the intended planar position?” Ning Cheng was more concerned about whether Cang Wei would be able to tear through to the planar position or not. If one cultivated to a certain degree, then they would be able to tear through to the intended planar location, it was what drove him until now.

Cang Wei’s expression turned dignified, “Although I can currently tear through to the planar position, I will have to draw support from the Heaven Opening Talisman. I had once heard that there was one person by the name of Fu Lie, who is able to refine talismans capable of ripping through to the intended planar positions. This person’s cultivation is not only incomparably powerful, but he is also simply unparalleled when it comes to refining talismans.”

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