Chapter 0405

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0405: Gui Clan’s Anger

“Brother Gong, you command the respect of many people in this small place, yet unexpectedly someone actually used your own steward to burn down you Gong Mansion.” After escaping from the mansion, another man with a darkish skin gave a smile and spoke out a few words.

The one addressed ‘Brother Gong’ was the handsome looking youth, but currently killing intent flashed through his eyes, “I know that Ling Nu, she had intentionally hidden her appearance. It was only because I was about to attack the Essence Building Realm that I had no time to take care of her. This time, I will give this woman to Brother Guang.”

The dark skinned man gave a short laugh before speaking, “I am actually more interested in the other woman, which your steward claimed to be a kingdom toppling beauty. I really want to know what kind of a woman is she. As for Ling Nu, it would not be good that I take her, especially since Brother Gong is my good friend.”


Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness swept towards the burning Gong Mansion. Seeing the two youths in the Essence Building Realm walking towards him, he knew that they definitely had intentions to make him suffer before getting rid of him.

“Lian’e, who was that Steward Li?”

“Steward Li is the Gong Mansion’s Junior Steward. The Gong Mansion has a clansman by the name of Gong Yuqi in the Blue Flame 4-Star Academy. I heard that he recently advanced to the Essence Building Realm…..”

As Lian’e spoke until here, she gave a little pause. She knew that it would take some time for Gong Yuqi to come down from the Blue Flame 4-Star Academy; however, she also knew that she had to inform Ning Cheng about the Gong Clan’s inside situation. If Ning Cheng’s cultivation had not reached the Essence Building Realm, then he should really hurry out of this place.

“Not bad, you were even able to find out about my name and cultivation. But it doesn’t seem like you know about Brother Guang, who is at Essence Building 7th Level, coming with me, right?” Gong Yuqi’s sarcasm-filled voice arrived.

Lian’e expression turned pale as she looked at Gong Yuqi standing at the entrance along with Guang Pengkai. She did not think that Gong Yuqi would arrive this quickly. From what she knew, for Gong Yuqi to come here from the Blue Flame 4-Star Academy, it would take at least half a day. She immediately understood something. That Steward Li said that an honoured guest had arrived at the Gong Mansion. These two people should be the one he was mentioning.

She was already terrified of Gong Yuqi, him combined with Guang Pengkai, who was at the 7th Level of Essence Building Realm; Lian’e did not dare to even think for a moment. She guessed that even if Ning Cheng did not step into the Essence Building Realm, he should at least be at the late stages of True Condensation Realm. A late-stage True Condensation Cultivator resisting two cultivators in the Essence Building Realm, it would be a hopeless battle without a doubt.

“Oh, I really did not guess wrong, after restoring your appearance….” Gong Yuqi’s words suddenly came to an abrupt stop. His gaze fell on Luofei.

Moreover, that Guang Pengkai’s eyes did not even waver from Ji Luofei. At this time, Gong Yuqi was suddenly regretting bringing Guang Pengkai here, especially after seeing Ji Luofei’s appearance.

“Haha, it really is a kingdom toppling beauty….” Guang Pengkai gave a loud laugh. Taking a step forward, he directly made a motion to grab Ji Luofei’s hand.

Ning Cheng showed a faint smile. These little hicks had definitely not seen the world yet. Did they really think that they would be able to sweep away everything with their Essence Building Cultivations?

He lifted his hand and once again sent out two fireballs.

“Little animal, daring to use fireballs to deal with this grandpa….” Guang Pengkai gave a fiendish grin. He was just about to raise his hand and directly grab Ning Cheng’s fireballs, to crush it, when he found that he was not able to move at all. He could only watch as the two fireballs descended onto his palms.

That fiendish grin from before turned into panic. As an Essence Building Cultivator that came from a 4-Star Academy, how could Guang Pengkai not know what such a terrifying show implied? The opposite party was at least a cultivator in the Soul Essence Realm, if not higher. Otherwise, they would not be able to execute such a move.

Soul Essence Realm? Such a powerhouse could easily extinguish a hundred of such Blue Flame 4-Star Academy with complete ease…

Extreme fear started to well up in his heart, causing Guang Pengkai to desperately want to kneel down and beg for mercy. However, he immediately discovered that not only was he not able to kneel, but he was not even able to make a single sound. Dead, I’m going to die. I was crazy to actually provoke a Soul Essence Cultivator.

Gong Yuqi on seeing Guang Pengkai grab at the two fireballs, spoke with a slight smile, “You can have this woman as a present. Moreover, for someone like you to be unexpectedly able to reel in your anger, I finally understand why I am so inferior to Brother Guang. However, Brother Guan, let’s not waste our time playing around, just give that fireball back to him……”

Gong Yuqi’s words did not finish when he perceived that something was wrong. Guang Pengkai did not seem to be playing around; instead, Guang Pengkai’s face was currently full of fear.

At this moment, two more fireballs flew towards Gong Yuqi’s hands; simultaneously, he heard Ning Cheng’s gentle sounding words “I truly did not know that an Essence Building 7th Level Senior came for a visit…..”

Gong Yuqi suddenly started to panic in his heart. He could perceive that the matter at hand was not the same as he imagined. Unfortunately, before he was able to show even half a shred of resistance, those two fireballs landed on his two palms and started to silently consume it.

“Senior spare me, this junior had eyes but failed to see…..” Guang Pengkai was finally able to find his voice, as he struggled to kneel down and beg for mercy.

Gong Yuqi, with the fireball silently consuming him, uttered a scream. He instantly understood as to what was going on and was quicker to kneel compared to Guang Pengkai.

“Elder Brother….” Lian’e was utterly shocked as she stared at Gong Yuqi and Guang Pengkai as the fireballs consumed their bodies.

Ning Cheng did not care to look at them as he turned to Lian’e and asked, “Lian’e, do you know who Xun Shun’s master is? Who was the person who chased down Shi?”

“I only know that he is called Song Tong, but I don’t know where he is.” Lian’e quickly answered.

“I know about Song Tong, please Lord show some mercy….” Guang Pengkai gave out a mournful scream. Not waiting for Ning Cheng to speak, he answered, “Song Tong went to the Hua Continent. He said that he had to go to the Le Continent…..”

Ning Cheng raised his hand, the flames covering Gong Yuqi and Guang Pengkai suddenly soared up and in just a blink of an eye completely consumed the two of them.

Taishu Pinghao looked at Ning Cheng, who only had to raise his hand to burn two powerful cultivators to ashes, and couldn’t help but swallow his spit. His eyes were currently full of worship.

Ning Cheng then once again looked at Lian’e and asked, “Lian’e, I must go to the Tian Continent, and I am also sure that Shi is not on the Yuan Continent. I think that it would be better for you and Pinghao to come to the Tian Continent together with me. It would not be beneficial for you to stay in this place for a long time.”

Lian’e immediately fell to her knees, but Ji Luofei quickly pulled her up.

Ning Cheng spoke out, “Lian’e, Shi and I are good friends. You don’t have to take something like this to heart.”

“Elder Brother, I want to ask you to take Pinghao as your disciple,” Lian’e spoke with a voice filled with hope. She had already understood that Ning Cheng’s cultivation was definitely a lot higher than the Essence Building Realm. Taishu Pinghao was also looking at Ning Cheng with an earnest look in his eyes. He also wanted to pay obeisance to Ning Cheng as his teacher.

Ning Cheng gave a smile before speaking, “Don’t worry about it, although I would not be able to take Pinghao as my disciple, I certainly would be able to find a better master for Pinghao.”

Ning Cheng knew that his own cultivation method was not suitable to take in a disciple. His cultivation method was the Mysterious Yellow Formless, how would he be able to pass it to others even if he wanted to? However, as long as he went back to the Tian Continent’s Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, he would definitely be able to find an excellent teacher for him.

“Are we going to the Le Continent?” Lian’e thought that Ning Cheng might have spoken incorrectly, taking the initiative to ask about it.

“Not the Le Continent, but the Tian Continent. After going to the Le Continent, we would have to cross the Yi Xing Ocean before reaching it.” Ning Cheng explained. He guessed that Lian’e certainly did not know about the Tian Continent.

Across the Yi Xing Ocean? Lian’e immediately turned a bit scared in her heart but did not dare to continue asking any more questions.

After getting onto the airship only then did Lian’e learn that Ning Cheng had left his Airship suspended in the sky. Sensing the airship’s rapid speed, Lian’e finally understood why Ning Cheng had the confidence to go to the Tian Continent.


Le Continent, Gui Yuan City.

Although it might be a city, it would be a lot more appropriate to call it a huge clan. The Gui Yuan City was the 9-Star-like aristocratic family stronghold of the Gui Clan.

Because it had such a formidable background, it allowed the Gui Clan to rank among the three 9-Star Academies of the Le Continent. Moreover, their strength was also not the least bit weaker compared to the Dragon and Phoenix Academy.

The reason for this was that the Gui Clan had produced three Crucible Transformation Cultivators; at the same time, it had several people in the Sea Opening Realm. The most potent factor in measuring the strength of a 9-Star faction was how many Crucible Transformation Cultivators it had. At the same time, these few Crucible Transformation Cultivators were more like the totems of their respective camps, as such a 9-Star Academy’s Sea Opening Realm and Soul Sculpting Realm Cultivators represented the dominant wing and also the primary foundation of a 9-Star Faction’s strength and heritage.

The Gui Clan, as a 9-Star Faction, had 11 cultivators in the Sea Opening Realm. However, even though today’s atmosphere of the entire Gui Yuan City felt somewhat dignified; however, only the core personnel of the Gui Clan knew that their most formidable cultivator in the Sea Opening Realm, Gui Feng, ended up perishing.

Although Gui Feng only had the cultivation of 1st Level of Sea Opening Realm, making him somewhat unremarkable among the other Sea Opening Realm Cultivators of the Gui Clan. However, his personal strength had vastly outstripped his cultivation. Even if it were the Sea Opening 8th Level Cultivator of the Gui Clan, he would not dare to claim that he could gain the slightest advantage over Gui Feng in a battle. That was because Gui Feng possessed an extremely formidable weapon, the Virgin Hope Pagoda.

Thus, people believed that Gui Feng had a bright future ahead of him. Moreover, Gui Feng was also the younger brother of the Gui Yuan City’s City Master Gui Zong. This relation made Gui Feng’s status in the Gui Yuan City even more special.

Yet this kind of powerful Sea Opening Realm Cultivator unexpectedly died, without any indication. After the fall of the Gui Yuan City’s premier genius, Gui Yuhai, he was the second most crucial personage from the clan that ended up dead.

It was indeed a pity that at this time, Gui Zong was not in the Le Continent. Moreover, even the most terrifying Crucible Transformation Elder of the Gui Clan was also not in the Gui Yuan City. The only Crucible Transformation Cultivator left behind in the Gui Yuan City was Gui Ba, who had only recently advanced.

Today, the Gui Clan’s meeting was presided over by Gui Ba. When he heard that Gui Feng had fallen, he just did not believe it. Whether in the Le Continent, or even the entire area of the Nine Continents, who would dare kill Gui Feng? Moreover, who could massacre that Gui Feng?

Nevertheless, the fact was that Gui Feng definitely died at the hands of someone, as his Spiritual Soul Card had already shattered and turned to slag.

Gui Ba was a cultivation lunatic; as such, he did not like such meetings. However, currently in the Gui Yuan City, his status and cultivation were also the highest; as such, he had no choice but to preside over this meeting.

“No matter who killed my Gui Clan’s Gui Feng, my Gui Clan would definitely crush their bones to powder. Since the opposite party could massacre Gui Feng, then they absolutely are not ordinary cultivators. It is highly likely that it was a Crucible Transformation Cultivator; at worse, someone at the peak of Sea Opening Realm.” Gui Ba spoke out while sitting in the seat of honour. Although his tone seemed gentle on the surface, his heart was almost on the verge of bursting from anger.

“Elder Ba, I don’t think that it was a Crucible Transformation Cultivator that killed Elder Gui Feng. The Thoughtless Academy and the Dragon and Phoenix Academy have Crucible Transformation Cultivators among their ranks. Other than them, only the Blue Cloud 8-Star Academy has recently added a Crucible Transformation Cultivator to their ranks. However, I don’t think they would start anything with our Gui Yuan City, let alone kill Elder Gui Feng.” A middle-aged man with a completely white face stood up and spoke out at a moderate pace.

Seeing all the eyes now focussed on him, this middle-aged man then continued with his words, “I don’t know if you all know about a matter from a while ago when Duan Zhang was killed by someone else? Duan Zhang was an expert at the 1st Level of Sea Opening Realm. How could ordinary people kill him? I suspect that the one who killed Duan Zhang and the one who massacred Gui Feng might possibly be the same person.”

“Elder Gui Kuang, why don’t you hurry up and speak who it is?” Gui Ba suddenly stood up. He did not like to ponder over a problem. The best way to deal with such an issue, for him, was to directly shoot down the murderer once he knew who it was.

The middle-aged man called Gui Kuang showed a faint smile and spoke, “As to who it was, even I don’t know. However, if we want to know, then it would be quite effortless. Just find Na Xinlan from the Dragon and Phoenix Academy and ask her.”

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