Chapter 0407

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Chapter 0407: Getting Rid Of Ning Cheng

“Will you come back today?” Ji Luofei still felt worried; she had the most understanding about the Gui Clan among the rest of them.

Ning Cheng hesitated for a moment before speaking, “I’m afraid not. Not only would I not be able to come back today, but it might even require at least a few days.”

Although Ning Cheng was at the 1st Level of Sea Opening Realm, he was confident that he would be able to destroy the Gui Clan without feeling arrogant about himself. Nevertheless, since it was an existence equivalent to a 9-Star Academy, as such, before he actually began, he must first get himself acquainted with the strengths and weaknesses of the other side. If the force concealed by the Gui Clan were too immense, like possessing a bunch of Crucible Transformation Cultivators, then he would not be stupid enough to head for his death.

He had dealt with the Severing Emotions Dao Sect before. However, only after pondering over it for a long time did he chalk out a plan to lead the main force away before secretly infiltrating the sect. Even then, he had almost gotten himself killed. If not for Shi Qionghua, he would have already died. This time, his cultivation was a lot stronger than what it was previously. Moreover, the Gui Yuan City was also not as amazing as the Severing Emotions Dao Sect. It stood for the reason that he should be currently better suited to deal with it.

However, Ning Cheng also knew that this time was different from the last time. The last time, he was able to secretly infiltrate the sect, but this time he wanted to deal with things in an above-board manner. Secretly infiltrating and sneak attacking the Gui Clan, it did not sit well with the style of revenge that he planned.

Seeing her big brother say that he would need a few days to just contemplate, Ning Ruolan hesitated, before biting her lip and speaking out, “Big Brother, why don’t we all go with you? Whether it is Sister Yuefang, Brother Yang along with Sisters Lian’e and Sister-in-law, none of us feels afraid. Even Little Pinghao is not afraid.”

“I’m not afraid.” Taishu Pinghao quickly stood up and spoke out with affirmation.

Ning Cheng understood the meaning of his little sister’s words; she meant that they were all people on the same side. Instead of plunging headfirst into danger alone, it would be better to let everyone into the Miniature World, that way it would save him from unnecessary worries.

“Well, so be it.” Ning Cheng finally made up his mind. He understood that if he ended up falling, then even if Ruolan and Luofei fled to the Yi Xing Ocean, the result for them would be very miserable. It would be better for everyone to stay together in the same place. He had the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds on his body; as such, if anyone wanted to chase him down, even if one was a Crucible Transformation Cultivator, they might not necessarily be able to catch up with him.

As for letting everyone into the Miniature World, as indicated by Ruolan, it was also quite reasonable. Everybody would be able to live together and die together. The Miniature World was also not the same as the Mysterious Yellow Bead. Moreover, he also had a certain amount of faith towards the people in front of him.


“Junior Apprentice Sister Xinlan, I’m truly sorry for calling you out from your seclusion. However, this matter is quite big; I also have no other way. You just have to mention as to who the person was who had given you those undergarments, as for the other things, our Dragon and Phoenix Academy need not be responsible for it……” Si Qishui on seeing Na Xinlan’s gloomy face could only use some kind words to try to persuade her. Although his status was higher than Na Xinlan as well as his cultivation, Na Xinlan was also the same as him, a Sea Opening Realm Cultivator.

Na Xinlan’s face sunk like a stone sinking in water. She just continued sitting there, not willing to speak out even a single character.

The few people sat there in such a manner for a full two hours, Gui Kuang finally was not able to bear it. He stood up and spoke out in a fierce tone, “My Gui Clan’s Elder Gui Feng ended up perishing if Junior Apprentice Sister thinks that such a thing is a trivial matter then my Gui Yan City would have no choice……”

Gui Kuang had not finished his words when he immediately pulled out a Communications Pearl. As his gaze fell onto the Communications Pearl, it caused his complexion to have a massive change before he suddenly rushed out. He did not even leave behind any parting words.

Na Xinlan and Si Qishui looked at each other in blank dismay. They could not make any heads or tails with Gui Kuang’s behaviour.

Just at this moment, Jia Lingwei rushed in and spoke out, “Master, someone exposed Gui Clan’s crime in the Blue Cloud City, saying that Gui Clan indulges in maiming and slaughtering female cultivators. Gui Yuhai and Gui Feng used those female cultivators to extract their Essence Blood and use it to cultivate the Power of Hope. They declared that innumerable female cultivators ended up dead in the hands of the Gui Clan, which also included Dragon and Phoenix Academy’s Senior Apprentice Sister Man’er. This cultivator said that he was the one who had killed Gui Yuhai and had obtained this incriminating evidence from his corpse. Because the Gui Clan had been chasing him all over the place, so he had no choice but to go into hiding to recover and was only able to come out today to expose the Gui Clan’s heinous crimes.”

“This cultivator also took out two boxes full of undergarments as evidence, all of which contained the auras of the killed female cultivators. That cultivator said that he was unwilling to disturb the spirits of the deceased; as such, he had no choice but to establish a tomb without their bodies but only their undergarments. Before doing this, he extracted a bit of the aura from each of those undergarments and planted then in the Main Public Square of the Blue Cloud City, saying that the various clans and Academies can take their own initiative to find their own disciples among those killed. For this matter, he especially constructed a temporary sacrificial altar in the middle of the Main Public Square……”

Na Xinlan suddenly stood up; she had not thought that Ning Cheng would be so bold and dare to take such a step.

Si Qishui also stood up in shock. He had apparently heard a bit about the matter regarding those undergarments, but he had not expected that this matter would have such a back-story attached to it.

“The Blue Cloud City is the domain of the Blue Cloud 8-Star Academy. Moreover, the Blue Cloud Public Square is also the Blue Cloud 8-Star Academy’s Public Square, how can the Blue Cloud Academy allow others to do such things….” Si Qishui mumbled to himself in surprise.

However, while mumbling to himself, he was able to understand as to what was going on.

If the Blue Cloud Academy tried to suppress this matter, then the Blue Cloud Academy would end up being held accountable first, causing its reputation to sink down drastically. Moreover, the Blue Cloud Academy now also possessed a Crucible Transformation Cultivator; in addition to this, because of the matter relating to Yan Ji, the relation between the Blue Cloud Academy and the Gui Yuan City was already somewhat stiff. At this time, with someone going out of his or her way to cause such trouble, it made the Blue Cloud Academy definitely happy. If the Gui Yuan City ended up falling, then the Blue Cloud Academy would be able to use that situation in the name of supporting justice to become the Le Continent’s new 9-Star Academy.

“I heard that some people were able to sense some of the auras of their dead or missing clansmen and disciples at the scene, while one of it even belonged to a member from the Blue Cloud Academy. This thing caused a huge stir, causing many people to rush towards the Blue Cloud City. Especially because in the recent years, many of the outstanding female disciples of various academies have gone missing, causing many of the concerned parties to rush to the Blue Cloud City. Even the Crucible Transformation Elder Taoist Gui Ba of the Gui Yuan City also went to the Blue Cloud City.” After Jia Lingwei reported the news, only then did she look at Si Qishui standing at the side.

“Wasn’t it someone by the name of Ning Cheng who killed Gui Yuhai? Is it really that Ning Cheng who went and declared all this in the Blue Cloud City?” Si Qishui asked in doubt. If it was really Ning Cheng, then his strength should be quite low to actually dare to do such a thing.

“I don’t know about this. The news that I obtained is not complete.” Jia Lingwei replied quickly.

Na Xinlan spoke out without hesitation, “I’m going to report this matter to the Dean.”

The Dragon and Phoenix Academy also held a part of the evidence, but the Dragon and Phoenix Academy was not willing to act alone against the current behemoth that was the Gui Yuan City. But now that someone came out and took the lead, combined with the news about the Gui Clan’s Crucible Transformation 7th Level Senior-most Elder Taoist, not at home. If they were not able to grasp this opportunity, then their Dragon and Phoenix Academy might not have the chance to raise its head in the future.

“I will also come.” Si Qishui quickly followed.

Na Xinlan wanted to find the Dean, besides getting revenge for her disciple, it was also to help Ning Cheng; as such, Si Qishui coming with them was almost equivalent to rubbing salt into their wounds.

The only thing that Na Xinlan and Jia Lingwei did not understand was that if Ning Cheng really was the one to start such a thing, why not chose the Gui Yuan City, rather than selecting the Blue Cloud City.


Ning Cheng was indeed not a fool. After Ning Cheng made his investigations, he found that the Gui Yuan City still had a Crucible Transformation Cultivator stationed there. Therefore, he immediately started preparing for a few days, only then did he choose to expose the crimes of the Gui Clan in the Blue Cloud City.

When Ning Cheng saw the Gui Yuan City’s Crucible Transformation Cultivator Gui Ba bring along two Sea Opening Realm Cultivators and rush towards the Blue Cloud City, only then did Ning Cheng appeared in the Gui Yuan City.

From the Blue Cloud City to the Gui Yuan City, it would still take a considerable amount of time. Even if it were a Crucible Transformation Cultivator, if they did not possess any flight type True Artefacts, then they would still need at least half a day to come back. This was also one of the main reasons for Ning Cheng to choose the Blue Cloud City. Of course, it was also for Yan Ji’s sake, as the Blue Cloud 8-Star Academy and the Gui Clan mutually hated each other, so if a battle erupted there, then it would be equivalent to bestowing favour onto Ning Cheng.

The Gui Yuan City was the most famous city of the Le Continent and was always incomparably lively. Even the Dragon and Phoenix City was inferior to it in this regard.

However, the entire Gui Yuan City was under the control of the Gui Clan. Nevertheless, it did not mean that all the people inside the Gui Yuan City were from the Gui Clan. This was a complete city, one could take control of the City, but that did not mean that all the people living in the City belonged to the Gui Clan.

Currently, Ning Cheng was standing in the middle of the Gui Yuan City’s most significant Public Square, the Gui Yuan Public Square. He not only stood up straight there but also made a temporary sacrificial altar at that place.

Not waiting for Ning Cheng to yell out, the countless cultivators in the Gui Yuan City already had started to gather around hearing the rumours in the wind. Since even Jia Lingwei was able to hear about the matter of the Blue Cloud City, then how could the people in the Gui Yuan City not hear about it? While the countless cultivators were talking among themselves about the matter regarding the Gui Clan and the undergarments, another sizeable sacrificial altar silently appeared in the middle of the Gui Yuan City’s Public Square. Seeing this, even a fool would be able to realise that the matter from the Blue Cloud City was about to repeat itself.

Sure enough, after Ning Cheng finished constructing the sacrificial altar, he finally stood upon the platform and spoke out in a resonant voice, “Fellow friends, by this time you should all be aware that I just arrived from the Blue Cloud City. The Gui Clan dared to inflict such cruelty on virgin female cultivators, causing both humans and deities to feel extreme anger. Although I might have limited strength currently, I am also someone from the Yi Xing Mainland; as such, I just want to make some insignificant contributions to my Le Continent. Otherwise, I do not know how many innocent women would continue to suffer such cruelty at the hands of the Gui Clan…”

“Evildoer looking for death…..” Not waiting for Ning Cheng to finish his words, dozens of rushing wind sounds rushed towards Ning Cheng. This place was not the Blue Cloud City, where someone would dare to ruin Gui Clan’s reputation and expose Gui Clan’s scandals. Some of the people would never allow such a thing to transpire.

It was just a sneak attack from a dozen lower levelled cultivators, not enough to claim Ning Cheng’s life. However, he still brought out a shield to protect his entire body, before continuing to shout even more loudly, “So, the Gui Clan does not wish for me to reveal such a cruel thing, isn’t it? Want to silence the witness of your crimes, do you? You might be able to kill a single Ning Cheng, but there are thousands of such Ning Chengs. For the brothers and sisters of my Le Continent, to bring justice to the world of cultivators, I must expose the Gui Clan’s crimes, which are even worse than beasts. If there must be a cultivator who bleeds for such a thing, then let’s start with me……”

Ning Cheng stood high above the altar as he spread his propaganda, to the point that even his face turned red as he talked, but it was able to successfully cause a resonance among the crowd. Although most of the cultivators did not want to offend the Gui Clan, they also did not want to help the Gui Clan begin. However, as long as there was just one bloody incident, then everyone would start to lean to one side.

People will push forward when the walls collapse, this was even true for True Cultivator Civilisations.

True Cultivator Communities contained countless cold-blooded cultivators, but at the same time, there were also many warm-blooded people among them, whether one was cold-blooded or warm-blooded, they still had the same psychological tendencies of pushing around when the wall collapses.

As for Ning Cheng, he secretly killed off a Profound Core Cultivator who had initially sneak attacked him, causing the conflict in the public square to instantly flare up. As for the people at the back, since all they wanted was to prevent Ning Cheng from speaking, some of them immediately starting to move forward to begin. Some of the people wanted to use this opportunity to fish in troubled water, causing some of them to deliberately massacre innocent people.

In any event, the vast public square of the Gui Yuan City turned extremely chaotic in a few breaths.

However, this chaotic situation ended up quickly suppressed by two powerful auras. They belonged to two Sea Opening Realm Cultivators who had quickly rushed to the Gui Yuan Public Square. They did not speak anything but immediately moved to stop Ning Cheng.

Once the Sea Opening Realm Cultivators from the Gui Yuan City came out, some of the cultivators who wanted to fish in troubled water quickly started to make their escape. As for those cultivators who were already fighting, even they began making plans to quietly sneak away, not daring to look up.

Ning Cheng knew in his heart; he knew that the opportunity that he had been looking for had come. As long as he could kill these two Sea Opening Realm Cultivators in the shortest time, the Gui Clan of the Gui Yuan City would then be on the path of turning into dust and smoke.

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