Chapter 0415

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0415: Shocking News

“You sure have quite the courage, are you not afraid that this is only a delay tactic. If we waited for a while, then wouldn’t all the Crucible Transformation Cultivators of the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce arrive at this place?” After entering the premises of the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce once again, Yuan Qin’s expression once again turned indifferent.

Ning Cheng just glanced at the two Sea Opening Realm Cultivators, of whom he had severed an arm each, and spoke out with a faint yet calm voice, “I just showed mercy to you guys a moment ago and only cutaway two of your arms. Not killing the two of them is already me giving you enough face. If a Crucible Transformation Cultivator from your Profound Light Chamber of Commerce dares to come in and start a fight with me, then I can state it clearly and openly that the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce would cease to exist from that point forth. If the Tian Continent contains any property relating to the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce, as long as I find out about it, I will definitely smash it to smithereens.”

“Are you threatening me?” Yuan Qin suddenly stood up, while her chest also undulated uncontrollably. She just was not able to calm down. Just a trivial Sea Opening Realm Cultivator, yet unexpectedly dares to threaten a Crucible Transformation Cultivator. No, more accurately a trivial Sea Opening Realm Cultivator dared to threaten her Profound Light Chamber of Commerce.

“Threatening you? You think too highly of yourself. So be it, I am openly threatening your Profound Light Chamber of Commerce. If you do not believe it, then we can try it once again. I guarantee you that you would not be able to escape the Grand Peace City alive.” Ning Cheng snorted, how could he allow them to demand a mile when he gave them an inch?

Yuan Qin’s anger suddenly vanished, she unexpectedly gave a smile and spoke “I admit that you are very powerful, but I do not know where you are channelling this courage from. Alternatively, is it possible that you think that my Profound Light Chamber of Commerce is not equipped with dealing with a trivial Sea Opening Realm Cultivator? If I were in your shoes, I would definitely be fleeing as far away from this place as possible.”

Ning Cheng knew that Yuan Qin relied on the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce. However, he still stated it out in a calm manner, “You already seemed to recognise who I am and I am also aware as to how amazing the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce is; however, do you think that you would be able to outdo my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Your Profound Light Chamber of Commerce might have a few Crucible Transformation Cultivators, but my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect also has a lot of Crucible Transformation Cultivators.”

“Haha….” Yuan Qin suddenly laughed aloud before replying, “Rainbow Fall Sword Sect? Don’t tell me that you have not been to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect recently? If not, then let me share a piece of news that would surely surprise you. Seven days ago, unidentified powerhouses attacked the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect; the entire Mountain Protecting Grand Array also ended up smashed to smithereens. Most of the academy’s Crucible Transformation Cultivators ended up dead except for Rui Baishan and two others, rendered severely wounded. There were even many Sea Opening Realm Cultivators among the casualties. If I’m not mistaken, at this time, there should be innumerable rogue cultivators trying to fish in the troubled waters of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. As for the original disciples of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect…..”

Speaking until here, Yuan Qin looked at Ning Cheng with ridicule in her eyes.

Ning Cheng’s face also underwent a drastic change. Even his hands were shaking, seeing that, Yuan Qin once again added a barrel of oil onto it and spoke, “Not to mention the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, even the Rainbow Fall Sword Peak’s Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword that seemingly quelled the entire academy’s flow of destiny ended up taken away. It can easily be estimated that in a few more years, you would not even hear the name ‘Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’ again in the Tian Continent.”

“Crack…..” Ning Cheng’s palm instantly turned the table in front of him into powder as he spat out the words, “Xu Anzhen, it looks like I should have really gotten rid of you four days ago…..”

Ning Cheng’s entire body erupted with a monstrous, murderous aura. The two Sea Opening Realm Cultivators in the room, the ones still in one piece, subconsciously took a step back, Even Yuan Qin felt a formidable constraining force bear down on her.

Even though she possessed the highest cultivation among the people present in this place, Yuan Qin’s complexion still turned extremely ugly to look at. She had initially thought that Ning Cheng’s display of 36 Best Quality True Artefacts was already the limit of his dominant presentation. As such, she was willing to eat a bit of loss. Now it looked like, Ning Cheng had not used his full strength a moment ago. His talks about showing mercy, they really were not nonsense at all.

Then she recalled Ning Cheng mention Xu Anzhen, causing her heart to stir a bit. Was it really Xu Anzhen? Not to mention that Xu Anzhen had used a Forbidden Technique that caused her to suffer even more severe injuries; moreover, hadn’t the Severing Emotions Dao Sect sealed itself off from the world? So how could she possibly come out to participate in the destruction of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect?

“How many Spirit Stones was the 9-Colored Mirage Tree branch sold for?” Hearing that the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect suffered an attack, Ning Cheng did not feel the mood to stay back and extract more Spirit Stones.

Not to mention the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, but Rui Baishan and Bei Youfa had even stood up for him and saved his life. He had also heard that Rui Baishan was extremely formidable, so why would the already severely wounded Xu Anzhen go there?

The 9-Colored Mirage Tree branch undoubtedly was with the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce, but the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce would definitely not take out the piece for the time being. Seeing Ning Cheng filled with anxiety, Yuan Qin knew that she had already achieved her purpose, so she merely fabricated a number and spoke, “2 Billion Spirit Stones.”

The 9-Colored Mirage Stone was definitely worth a lot more than 2 Billion Spirit Stones, but Yuan Qin would certainly not say that out loud. She knew that Ning Cheng undoubtedly was not in the mood to discuss at length about this matter with her.

“I’ll ask you one last question; do you know who attacked the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect?” Ning Cheng’s expression and the tone were no longer casual as it was before.

Yuan Qin replied, “I heard that it was two people, a man, and a woman. As for the specific details, I can’t be sure of it.”

“Just give me my 2 Billion Spirit Stones. We’ll not owe each other anything after today, if not because I don’t have those Spirit Stones right now, I would have already left.” Ning Cheng spoke out categorically. He suspected that Xu Anzhen and another person must have sneak attacked the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect together, which caused severe injuries to Rui Baishan; however, they did not seem to take into account the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.

Yuan Qin, on hearing Ning Cheng’s words, did not wait at all. She took out a ring and placed it in front of Ning Cheng without hesitation, “Here are the 2 Billion Spirit Stones, use it however you wish. The two of us don’t owe each other anything anymore.”

As Yuan Qin’s words ended, she found that the ring had already disappeared. At the same time, Ning Cheng had also withdrawn. In its place, there were only two crystal balls on the table.

What terrifying speed, Yuan Qin was secretly startled in her heart. Even with her Crucible Transformation Cultivation, she could only vaguely perceive the shadow of Ning Cheng disappear outside of the Grand Peace City.

“Little Miss Qin, who dares to be so bold, ruining my Profound Light Chamber of Commerce’s Merchant House?” An angry voice arrived, immediately followed by a berserk aura rushing in. An old man with grey hair suddenly materialised, standing at the entrance of the room.

“Deacon Lou, I have already dealt with this matter, at least temporarily.”

Yuan Qin then turned towards Song Yi and spoke, “Storekeeper Song, you should immediately start rebuilding the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce. I will go see the Master immediately with Deacon Lou. Also, you were too reckless with today’s matter. If I had not come today, the four of you would have definitely died.”

“Yes, Little Miss.” Song Yu quickly gave a reply after bowing. He really was scared in his heart. He never seen or even heard about any Sea Opening Realm Cultivator as powerful as Ning Cheng.


When Ning Cheng saw the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, he almost could not believe it. The original magnificent looking Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, at this time, only contained billowing smoke wherever he looked. The Academy’s Mountain Protecting Array Formation had already disappeared, causing many rogue cultivators to play around with the leftover disciples of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect over the Rainbow Fall Sword Stone. Not only on the Rainbow Fall Sword Stone, even when one looked at the inside of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, one could see many rogue cultivators roaming around inside.

Ning Cheng quickly found that the highest cultivation among them was only at the Soul Essence Realm, as for cultivators above the Soul Essence Realm, none of them existed in this place. However, at the periphery of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, there were dozens of mighty Spiritual Consciousnesses sweeping into the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, but none of those cultivators’ strength was below the Soul Essence Realm.

In a flash, Ning Cheng understood what the matter was. The Rainbow Fall Sword Sect was sneak attacked by an expert, while the cultivators with high cultivations within the academy had either run away or killed off. All those remaining were disciples were the ones who did not want to leave the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, in other words, the die-hard loyalists.

As for the cultivators at the periphery, the ones using their Spiritual Consciousness to examine the internal situation, it was in preparation to gain some opportunities for themselves. These people were likely people from the other Major Academies. The disciples from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect had not wholly disappeared, but they were also not powerful enough to seize back their Rainbow Fall Sword Sect in a fair and above-board manner; as such, they could only hold back their tongues in front of the crowd. These people could just wait for these rogue cultivators to force the disciples of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect out, and then with the pretext of no one from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect being there, they would be able to openly get rid of the rogue cultivators before seizing the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.

The disciples of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect were currently at a disadvantage. Combined with the cultivators from other academies secretly plotting against them, it was only a matter of time before the die-hard loyal disciples of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect would end up driven away and killed.

Even if there was more smoke covering the skies, when an immensely huge Battle Disc appeared over the skies of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, all the people immediately noticed it.

Some of the fighting cultivators couldn’t help but pay more attention towards this black Battle Disc, while many of the people did not even know as to what this thing was.

Ning Cheng stood at the entrance of the Battle Disc and shouted out in a clear and resonant voice, “Anyone who is not a member of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, get out of my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect right now; otherwise, I will start killing without absolution. All the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect Disciples take out your identity badges….”

“What kind of green onion are you, you think having such a flight type Magical Weapon on you makes you amazing?” A rogue cultivator immediately called out. Some of the rogue cultivators even brought out their own flight type Magical Weapons before directly shooting towards Ning Cheng’s Battle Disc.

“Sifting Orchid, commence Spirit Stone Cannon Bombardment, don’t be afraid of friendly fire.” Ning Cheng felt utterly disinclined to pay any attention to these cursing rogue cultivators and directly commanded the Battle Disc to launch the Spirit Stone Cannons. He believed that once the Spirit Stone Cannons started shelling out shots, those Rainbow Fall Sword Sect Disciples would undoubtedly bring out their identity badges at the earliest possible time. With the Rank 5 Battle Disc’s scanning system, it would definitely be able to distinguish it.

“Hong-Hong-Hong…” The Black Battle Disc immediately started shooting out with its Spirit Stone Cannons. Those shells were just like beautiful white meteor showers as they completely shrouded the Rainbow Fall Sword Stone.

The Rank 5 Battle Disc could easily dispatch Soul Essence Cultivators, not to mention some ordinary rogue cultivators who were trying to fish in troubled waters.

Pitiful yells erupted almost instantaneously, as a rain of blood descended. No matter what the cultivators did, wherever they chose to hide, under the mass bombardment from the Battle Disc Sifting Orchid’s Spirit Stone Cannons, they all turned to blood and gore, if not ashes.

The surviving Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Disciples immediately understood what was going on, causing almost all the disciples to quickly take out their identity badges.

The identity badges of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s disciples all contained a unique insignia and an aura trace, using Ning Cheng’s identity jade card as a reference, the Battle Disc Sifting Orchid was immediately able to scan and identify them. In just an incense stick worth of time, everyone unrelated to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect ended up slaughtered in just a single move, turning this piece of land into a Shura Hell.

The remaining rogue cultivators who wanted to fish in troubled waters immediately started fleeing like scared mice. Unfortunately, the cultivators who managed to escape the Battle Disc’s sweep were just a few.

“A beast that kills the innocent; die for me.” Two shadows passed through the Battle Disc Sifting Orchid’s Spirit Stone Cannon hail, heading towards Ning Cheng. The Spirit Stone Cannons that could turn ordinary cultivators to ashes did not have any effect on these two shadows who behaved as if it was just light rain in general.

They were two cultivators in the early stages of the Sea Opening Realm. However, Ning Cheng did not wait for the two of them to arrive at the front of his Sifting Orchid and rushed out on his own initiative. At the same time, 12 Axes immediately rumbled out.

These two Sea Opening Realm Cultivators were just about to rush towards Ning Cheng before them when they felt the surrounding space coagulating under Ning Cheng’s imposing aura. Not waiting for them to bring out their Magical Weapons, the 12 Axes immediately divided into two Axe Traces before they arrived in front of them.

“Not good, it’s a Crucible Transformation Cultivator….” One of the Sea Opening Realm Cultivators could only manage to utter a few words when one group of Axe Shadows passed through him. Slicing apart his body into different sections as they dropped from the sky, killing him on the spot.

As for the other Sea Opening Realm Cultivator, he did not even get the chance to speak out before the other six Axe Shadows diced him apart, killing him instantly.

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