Chapter 0418

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0418: The Red Star Sword Faction Is Finished

“Boom Boom…..” Intermittent bouts of dull roars resounded throughout the area.

“The Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Mountain Sealing Grand Array is opening…..” The cultivators around the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect immediately started backing away; everyone was aware as to what it meant.

The Mountain Protecting Grand Array had completely sealed off the mountain range; once a mountain range was sealed off, it meant that the grudges and gratitude would be put aside temporarily.

Once someone chose to attack the Grand Array that sealed off the mountain regions, it showed that they were determined to persist for a long time to offer an endless barrage of attacks. If the Rainbow Fall Sect did not want this kind of never-ending barrage of attacks, then they would have to send someone out to request for conditions; in other words, they would have to pinch their high noses down and bend their knees to kneel to others. At that time, they would have to agree to any condition put forward; otherwise, it would mean the eventual destruction of the sect’s Mountain Protecting Array Formation.

If no one came out even under the continuous barrage of attacks over the Grand Array that closed off the mountain area, and did not re-open the Array Entrance, then it meant that the two sides have officially become mortal enemies.

The instant that the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect sealed off Grand Array opened, the cultivators, both inside and outside, turned quiet. No one believed that the endless barrage of attacks would not create much of an effect, after all, the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect was currently akin to a sun setting over the hills; it was unable to show any resistance in the face of these many Crucible Transformation Cultivators.

Ning Cheng motioned to Zhang Qian and the others to not leave the Array Formation, and instead, stand near to the edge of the Array Entrance, ready to draw upon the power of the Array Formation for assistance if needed. Only then, did he came out of the Mountain Protecting Grand Array, sweeping his vision towards the cultivators in front of him.

This time, the cultivators that arrived numbered in several hundred; moreover, their cultivations were also a lot better when compared to those beside him. Apart from him, Li Yan was the only one from the side of Rainbow Fall Sword Sect with the highest cultivation.

“My Rainbow Fall Sword Sect had already closed off its mountain area, yet you lot still want to bully my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect; did you think that my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect is a soft persimmon that you can pinch at will?” After Ning Cheng’s gaze swept over the surrounding people, he spoke out in a calm tone.

Hearing this kind of quiet and calm tone, when all the people thought that Ning Cheng wanted to acquiesce, Ning Cheng suddenly spoke out in a fierce tone. “Which animal was it that attacked my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect when it already activated the Grand Array to close off its mountains, roll out for this father to have a look.”

The surrounding people immediately gawked, this was not right aah, this person is just a trivial Sea Opening Realm Cultivator, how could he speak in such an audacious manner, or was it only bark and no bite?

Seeing Ning Cheng’s gaze sweep over to them, the Profound Light Chamber of Commerce’s Yuan Qin quickly spoke up. “My Profound Light Chamber of Commerce heard that there were a lot of rogue cultivators on their way to attack the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect; therefore, we just came to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect to see if it needed our help.”

The Profound Light Chamber of Commerce had come with two Crucible Transformation Cultivators and three Sea Opening Realm Cultivators. Ning Cheng, of course, knew about Yuan Qin. Although she did not explicitly say that she came for harvest, but her words definitely implied it. In other words, using the excuse of rogue cultivators bullying the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, they indicated that although they were not the ones to attack the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Mountain Protecting Grand Array, they were also not afraid of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. If the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect was willing to come up with something, then they can choose to sit on the sideline and not interfere.

Ning Cheng’s gaze swept out again, besides Yuan Qin taking the initiative to explain, the people from the other factions were disinclined to speak any words. They were different from Yuan Qin, Yuan Qin had experienced Ning Cheng’s methods, causing her to somewhat dread Ning Cheng; however, the other factions did not have even half a shred of fear towards Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng did not speak a single word more to Yuan Qin or the people from the factions but instead locked his gaze towards the people from the Red Star Sword Faction. He had long since suspected that the person who attacked the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect was someone from the Red Star Sword Faction.

“Haha…..” A sickly looking cultivator belonging to the side of the Red Star Sword Faction suddenly gave a laugh, “It was this old man that attacked your Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Mountain Protecting Grand Array, so what do you want to do about it now? That Rui Baishan killed a lot of my Red Star Sword Faction’s Crucible Transformation Cultivators, you bastard even slandered my Red Star Sword Faction’s disciple Jiang Jun….”

Ning Cheng did not wait for the sickly looking man to finish his words. Just like a shadow, he immediately rushed out, “Such being the case, then you all can go to hell.”

How could Ning Cheng now know who this sickly looking man was; it was the Red Star Sword Faction’s Tang Guangxi, with the cultivation of Crucible Transformation 3rd Level. Today, he actually dared to make a move on the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Mountain Protecting Grand Array, so Ning Cheng had already determined to kill him finally to establish his might.

“Courting death…..” Ning Cheng, just a trivial Sea Opening Cultivator, actually dared to attack him, who possessed the cultivation of Crucible Transformation 3rd Level, on his own. It caused Tang Guangxi’s face to turn from white to red in anger. Without any warning, seven faintly discernible fire beads shot out from him towards Ning Cheng; turning the surroundings into a world of fire in just a blink of an eye.

For the people nearby, it looked like Ning Cheng, and Tang Guangxi had disappeared entirely, replaced by a single giant burning fireball. This burning hot fireball gave people the illusion that it could even burn away the piece of space it was in; of course, it was only an illusion.

“Oh…..” a beautiful looking woman from the Star Gathering Mansion gave a sigh, “Elder Tang is too petty. Just to deal with a Sea Opening Realm Cultivator, he even brought out his seven treasured South Fire Beads.”

She knew that this Sea Opening Realm Cultivator was none other than Ning Cheng, causing her to feel somewhat guilty in her heart. After all, Ning Cheng had saved the people from her Star Gathering Mansion, but currently, her Star Gathering Mansion had come along here with her to actually take advantage of the situation. However, whether or not she felt guilty about it, she wasn’t the one in charge in the Star Gathering Mansion.

When those seven South Fire Seeds enveloped Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng instantaneously felt his body burning from top to bottom. It was not until this moment, that Ning Cheng finally brought forth his long spear, to block those South Fire Beads.

The long spear transformed into a Black Spear Dragon, entangling the seven South Fire Beads. Even so, Ning Cheng still could not help but gasp; it was as if the South Fire Bead’s scorching aura was starting to become unbearable for him.

“Just a little animal from an almost fallen sect, an ant who just advanced to the Sea Opening Realm yet assuming to be the best in the world. Today, this old man will let you see, there will always be a person above a person……” Although Tang Guangxi spoke those words from his own mouth, he was actually shocked in his heart. He could not think that Ning Cheng, with just his trivial Sea Opening Realm Cultivation, would actually be able to block his seven South Fire Beads. It was just too shocking.

Thinking of the time from all those years ago, when Ning Cheng was still just a Profound Core Cultivator, but now was a Sea Opening Realm Cultivator, Tang Guangxi felt even more urgency to completely destroy Ning Cheng. After he killed Ning Cheng, he had to take away Ning Cheng’s corpse. This cultivator definitely had a huge secret on him, if he did not have a huge secret, then he would never possess such a ridiculous cultivation speed, even if he spent countless years in the Tian Continent.

The flames of the seven South Fire Beads suddenly skyrocketed; it was as if someone suddenly poured fuel onto the burning sun. The flashes of fire were incomparably dazzling. The Spiritual Consciousness of people with lower cultivations was just unable to reach inside it.

Under this kind of fire, Ning Cheng’s aura fell more and more dispirited. The Black Dragon manifested from the Spear Intent using his long spear, was finally unable to keep the seven South Fire Beads at bay. As the Black Dragon’s aura weakened, it caused the Aura of Ning Cheng to also turn even more dispirited.

Sensing the dispirited aura from Ning Cheng though the seven South Fire Beads, Tang Guangxi showed a fiendish grin, before a red light shot out of him. As this red light shot out, it split into two red lights, these two red lights then once again divided into four red lights as they rushed towards Ning Cheng.

This Magical Weapon was the one that allowed him to rise to fame, the Independent Flame Spectral Sword. His Main Spiritual Root was actually a flame-attributed one, so not only did his Magical Weapon possessed the characteristics of flames, even his attack methods primarily focussed on the attribute of fire.

Ning Cheng seemed to feel that he had to exert himself to the fullest, so he once again raised his hand, bringing out 12 Axe Lights. Of these 12 Axe Lights, five of them immediately shot out to block the Independent Flame Spectral Swords, while the other seven combined with the dispirited Black Dragon formed from the long spear to once again prevent the attack from Tang Guangxi reaching him.

Tang Guangxi was immediately surprised in his heart; initially, he wanted to conclude this fight quickly. He did not expect Ning Cheng to be so resilient that he would actually be able to block his Independent Flame Spectral Swords. These things were definitely not something that a Sea Opening Realm Cultivator could accomplish. However, when he saw Ning Cheng soaked with drops of sweat the size of soybeans, his heart slightly relaxed. Evidently, Ning Cheng was almost at the end of his ropes, as long as he attacks again, Ning Cheng definitely would die.

It was not only Tang Guangxi, even the other powerful cultivators looking in from the outside, but all of their eyes also flashed with evil glints. Ning Cheng’s cultivation progress was quite swift, if there was no secret on his body, then such achievements were impossible. If they waited for Tang Guangxi to kill Ning Cheng, then they might not even get the opportunity to drink the leftover soup.

Do not look at these people for not seizing the opportunity to attack the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect; it was because they knew that as long as Tang Guangxi killed Ning Cheng, it would become something set in stone. Doing this kind of offensive thing, the Red Star Sword Faction should be the one to do it. After all, Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Rui Baishan was not yet dead; as such, it might turn even more advantageous for them to currently restrain themselves from taking the advantage.

Now that Ning Cheng and Tang Guangxi had already exchanged a dozen blows, yet unable to kill Ning Cheng, it caused some of the people to begin thinking of such things.

Feeling the rising killing intent of the surrounding people, an expert like Tang Guangxi easily could sense it. He realised that he must kill off Ning Cheng in the shortest possible time.

Just as Tang Guangxi was about to bring out his killer attack, suddenly six more Axe Lights immediately materialised right in front of him.

These six Axe Lights took form from six different Axe Traces; these Axe Traces brought forth a horrifying aura, causing the surrounding to split apart before they fused together while shooting towards Tang Guangxi.

Not good, this little animal used trickery, not going all out. Tang Guangxi instantaneously understood as he quickly moved to bring out a big bronze bell. At this moment, he realised that Ning Cheng’s cultivation did not look any worse compared to him.

“Dong-Dong-Dong…..” The Axe Traces and the giant bronze bell finally collided, sending out a tragic desolation-like death knell. The two Crucible Transformation Cultivators who wanted to take the opportunity to shoot forward suddenly came to a stop.

A moment later, a berserk wave of True Essence rolled over, as if it wanted nothing more than tearing apart the meridians of anyone that bared its path, followed by Tang Guangxi spurting several mouthfuls of blood one after another. At this moment, he finally understood that Ning Cheng’s strength was not inferior to him, but actually stronger compared to his own; in fact, this gap in their power was not small at all.

Tang Guangxi only had one thought in his mind at this moment, to immediately withdraw and then lay siege to this beast with the help of others. He was now somewhat regretting that he brought out his Independent Flame Spectral Swords; if Tang Guangxi had not brought out his Independent Flame Spectral Swords, then he would have definitely been able to withdraw from this battle space with the Independent Flame Spectral Swords.

Even if that was the case, Tang Guangxi believed that he would still be able to retreat from this place. Tang Guangxi had just thought of this idea when the Nirvana Spear entangled with his seven South Fire Beads suddenly once again transformed from its previous dispirited appearance. It turned into a Black Dragon that was remarkably lifelike, which then immediately shot out as it tore through the space between the two before it finally appeared in front of Tang Guangxi’s glabella.

The formidable oppressive force combined with the murderous killing intent erupted out from within the spear intent. Tang Guangxi discovered in horror that even with his Crucible Transformation 3rd Level Cultivation, he unexpectedly felt utterly helpless in front of the killing intent concealed with the spear intent.

It was a potent spear strike, causing Tang Guangxi’s heart to crack apart. He did everything he could to crazily twist his body to escape from the spear intent that had locked onto his body.

“Puff…..” Even if Tang Guangxi distorted his body’s physique to evade this attack, the Nirvana Spear still managed to shoot through his neck, bringing up a trail of blood as it exited.

Tang Guangxi couldn’t help but sigh in his heart; he knew that although he barely managed to escape with his life, the pride in his heart unexpectedly did not allow him to accept it. This kind of frightful spear intent, although he actually escaped from it, he did not let this long spear to pierce through his glabella, something definitely worthy of some pride. He affirmed that he definitely had never seen such a terrifying spear intent in his life until now.

“Puff-Puff-Puff……” Another six bloody lights erupted from the body of Tang Guangxi one after another, causing Tang Guangxi’s moment of pride and joy to immediately stagnate. He could only helplessly watch his body diced apart in seven sections by the six small axes. From this, it was clear that Ning Cheng did not possess just 18 axes, but 24 axes in reality. At the same time, he understood that Ning Cheng had actually not planned to pierce through his glabella with his spear a moment ago.

The Red Star Sword Faction is finished; this was his last thought.

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